Tenshi no 3P!

Ro-Kyu-Bu! light novel author Sagu Aoyama and illustrator Tinkle's Tenshi no 3P! (Here comes the three angels) light novel series is getting a television anime adaptation that will premiere in 2017.

The "loli pop comedy" light novel series follows Kyō Mekui, a high school student who tends to skip school due to a trauma in his past. Kyō secretly creates songs using vocal song synthesis software as his hobby. Three girls who just entered fifth grade — the crybaby Jun "Jun-tan" Gotō, the strong-willed Nozomi "Zomi" Momijidani, and the somewhat sleepy Sora "Kū" Kaneshiro who takes life at her own pace — email Kyō. These three girls, who were raised together like sisters since childhood, want Kyō to help them break into music in this "loli & pop symphony" story.


Yūki Inoue as Kyō Mekui
Yuko Ono as Jun Gotō (nickname Jun-tan)
Yurika Endō as Nozomi Momijidani (nickname Zomi)
Aoi Koga as Sora Kaneshiro (nickname Kuu)
Rina Hidaka as Kurumi Mekui

Director: Shinsuke Yanagi
Studio: Project No.9
Character Design: Takayuki Noguchi
Script: Go Zappa


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>Rina Hidaka in the cast
>Series is about angels
Miki is playing 4D chess.

>Loli band
My body is ready.

LNfags have noted that the novels are pretty heavy in musical and instrumental technical details. I hope that will make it in the anime.

>The "loli pop comedy" light novel series follows Kyō Mekui, a high school student who tends to skip school due to a trauma in his past. Kyō secretly creates songs using vocal song synthesis software as his hobby. Three girls who just entered fifth grade — the crybaby Jun "Jun-tan" Gotō, the strong-willed Nozomi "Zomi" Momijidani, and the somewhat sleepy Sora "Kū" Kaneshiro who takes life at her own pace — email Kyō. These three girls, who were raised together like sisters since childhood, want Kyō to help them break into music in this "loli & pop symphony" story.
This is why I love anime. Where else am I going to get a cute yet ocassionally serious drama comedy with lolis and music symphony story? And vocal song synthesis software being used to make music? MC making real life loli vocaloids.

It's the same author as RYB, so I'm sold and can expect actual music-making happening in the story. I'm also expecting competition from other lolis which is something the author loves to do to challenge the charscters, so it should be interesting and cute.

>new loli harem



how did rokyubu end. I never get an answer to this.

I'm wonder too, but we don't have spoilers. At least I can't find them.

Gods be praise. Another loli harem from RKB's author, I fucking hope this band doesn't fail every major tournaments though.

>more elementary schoolers anime
This was what I was waiting for. Little girls are great.

>More loli anime

How do we stop this?

>Wanting the one thing in life that's worth living to stop

You transform every single woman in a loli, that way the definition of loli is irrelevant since everyone is one and it slowly disappears from the vocabulary with time.

We don't

Why are their uniforms so lewd?

Oh great, loli playing music, might be pretty go-
>male MC
Into the trash


Those are elementary schoolers for you. Lewd as fuck.

male MC is needed to fully trigger the lolihaters

For self-insert purposes

I can self-insert without the faggot MC just fine

There are good male MCs once in a while.

>more loli anime
We hardly have any as it is.
>make lolicon LN adaptation
>anime won't be lolicon because that's how anime is
What is the fucking point?

There's nothing lewd about that uniform at all, you just have a dirty mind.

So will this be like RKB too?
A harem that nobody really shows interest in the protag, aside from the main girl, but even she never goes close to confessing, not even a kiss or anything that wouldn't be considered "morally alright", then she loses all her matches versus FUCKING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL level opponents, and it all ends with status quo preserved, nothing romantic going on, and the lolis already entering middle school = not loli territory?
Please tell me it's not.

I'm really happy it's the same studio, director and character designer as RKB.

>same studio, director
>RKB 2 had only one explicit closeup, and it was of the cowtit high school classmate
Good bye, lolicon fanservice hopes.

5th graders don't have hips like that

They do. They ACTUALLY, real-lifely do.

Nice designs, I wonder how well they'll translate into anime form.

>LRD is lurking and posting
Friendly reminder. Do not reply to him.

There is literally no point in making this adaptation.
They won't go lewd, and lolicons know this, so nobody will buy it and nobody will be happy about it.
Poor devils.

I'm hyped.

Silver > Gold > Black

Implying you will ever be right at something as much as he is.

Shut up, LRD.

>Loli basketball
>Loli symphony band
I hope the next work after T3P! by the same author will involve lolis with superpowers. Something like Zettai Karen Children would be awesome.

Shut up about what?
You know the anime won't be lolicon, at least not lewd, not in 2017.
RKB SS was already pretty underwhelming in that aspect.

Indirectly responding to him is still a mistake, user. Please don't continue.

Being this much of a faggot is more of a mistake actually.
You don't care about them removing lewd? Fine. Still, there ARE people who do.

I hope it'll be loli and swimming club.
>That slit
There's no way that's not edited in, right.

MUH dick.

I hope the RYB girls will have guest appearance and maybe even swap lolis for a day situation.

Loli nudist club

I was going to say lolis and cafe, but then I remembered Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka already did that. Moving past that, I would love to see lolis and drama theatre, bring it on style.

It was more loli and cofe, not lolis. At least until when ChiMaMe became more regular in the second season.
Even then, Chino was already middle school, so I would watch a show with elementary school girls and café.

>Chino was already middle school
Yes, but have you seen the girls?
The middle school thing only exist in name, everything else, even their backpacks, is of an elementary school girl.



Don't think the shows budget will allow for that. The lolis VAs from RKB have all gone on to become big shots

>taking LRD's bait

Which one wins the MCbowl?

But how are you going to add a coach character into that? A guy who just drive them around and help them survey spot for exhibitionist activities?


MC is a girl. Problem solved. Yuri harem is the new thing.


Hidaka Rina's in the cast already though

I didn't reply to you-know-who for a reason. I got it right the first time with "lolis" since there was more than one in the main cast and it should be obvious as to who the other one is. Suffice to say, the two most popular Gochuumon are them (the lolis).

That stocking, 2017 can't come soon enough.

Now you lost me, two lolis? I'm pretty sure they are a trio.
I can't agree if you are talking about Sharo, she is on the teenager girls section.

He meant Sharo, and he replied to me, because he thinks everyone is LRD for some reason.
I also don't completely disagree of Sharo being a loli, but it's not the same as elementary school lolis, she feels like a high school girl, not a child, and that's what I was referring to with wanting to see an elementary school girl café too, but he is too retarded and has to go defensive and call me LRD instead.

>no genki loli

You had ONE job author.

As much as I love Maho, a genki loli would be out of place in a calm symphonic group.

Is there a point for having one?


After a year Subaru and Tomoka are closer but Hina oftenly gets into his pants in front of everyone but they can't say shit because they don't know if she is unaware of what she does.
Ahomaho, Saki and Airi(oniichan thinks she is going out with Subaru) join because they're not giving on him either.

Turns out Hina knows the shit she does.
Loli harem.end

Seem like there's a manga already but i couldn't find the raw.
Only this dm5.com/manhua-tianshide-3-p/

This is Imouto.

Brocon that takes baths with Oniichan in most of the chapters.

Expect fanservice.

[citation needed]

>in anime
Chances are nothing visual.

Actually they're 6.

3 mains, then 2 more join to complete the band a miko and a web blogger (?).
6th is Imouto.

All of them range from 11 to 13.

We already have gold Loli who is a kuudere version of Hinata aka she gets into MC's pants as often as she can.

There is an old hag who goes to the same school as MC but let's ignore her.

Every novel. Check manga or ln illustrations.

She also is jealous of other girls taking him away.

I was talking about Gochiusa though.

>All of them range from 11 to 13.
Do they all look like that as well or are they like in Ro-Kyu-Bu where everyone had different bodies regardless of the age? And even more important, is there an angel such as Hina in this?

Because Tinkle draws them that way.
Real elementary uniforms aren't made of figure-clinging silk georgette, just normal cotton.

We see them bath together in the manga.
Look for chapter 3.

Isn't this a rock group? A genki loli is absolutely required.

I haven't touched this for a while because of my huge backlog and shitty job.

But I'll try some.

Also I know shit about music bands so expect some fuck ups.
Also expect pantyhose service often.
Jun Gotou. Not the hentai artist.

This is the main heroine, she contacted MC into coaching her band.
To describe her character, I think she would fit the loli milf type. She justs lacks her ara ara though.

Is it? I thought it was a pop group.

Her instrument seems to be a a Fender Duo Sonic.

Nozomi Momijidani.
Can't say much about her.
She reminds me of Kotegawa Yui, polite but less strict.

Her instrument is a Hofner 500/1 Bass.

Sora Kaneshiro.
The kuudere loli of the group and the youngest among them.
Like I said she would take Hina's role.
She is in charge of the drums and percussion.
Yeah no kidding here.

Kurumi Nukui.

Brocon. Her relationship with MC is like that of Mikan and Rito. Meaning there are accidents when they're taking baths together.

Does she play any instrument or plan to play anything?

So i wasn't the only one reminded of Mikan and Rito.

She isn't part of the band afaik but becomes friend with them.

She also gets enough screentime so don't worry.

Forgot pic

>but becomes friend with them.
Oh, that's good, I was afraid that she was going to be one of those character that become very antagonistic toward the other girls. Nice to know that she can be friend with them while being a brocon.

Nukui Kyou is the MC. Big Brother of Kurumi.

He is Subaru tier. So you guys will like him.
She had problems at first to approach them because they're orphans and was shy, then they naturally talked and got along.

The orphanage the girls live in is called Little Wing. The church is next door and connected to it.

The band the girls formed is Lien de Famille.
It's supposed to be french but google corrects me to Liens de Famille. It means Members of Family.

They're on elementary school btw.

To add some more bits to the band.

Jun is the vocalist and writes songs. Is a crybaby but determined.
Birthday: August 8th
Favorite Instrumente is a Fender USA Duo-Sonic. (thanks wikipedia)

Forgot to put that Jun's blood type is A.

Nozomi is half british which is why she has a good body compared to other girls of the same age. Expect Kongou-dess.
Birth date is October 8th.
Blood type AB.

Favorite instrument is a Hofner 500/1.

Hofner bass is pic related.

Sora is in charage of the drum and often does some crazy shit like exhibitionism or just goes commando.
She is pretty good with her job in the band, perhaps a genius.
Birth date is December 1st.
Blood Type is AB.
Favorite instrument is a Gretsch bop kit.

Oldhag is Toruiumi Sakura. See manga for her. Not gonna post about her much because I don't bother with her.

She goes to the same highschool as MC. Gives off the impression of a cool gyaru type girl except she isn't.

Fuck yeah, I was wondering when this shit was going to get an anime.

Oh, glad that there's a vocalist. I hope we get to listen to her singing in the anime.
>crazy shit like exhibitionism or just goes commando.
Intentionally or unintentionally?

Oh shit I forgot the seiyuus.

Yūki Inoue as Kyō Nukui the retards on ANN put Mekui instead. Fuck them
Yuko Ono as Jun Goto
Yurika Endō as Nozomi Momijidani
Aoi Koga as Sora Kaneshiro
Rina Hidaka as Kurumi Nukui

There is a rival band too named Dragon≒Nuts (kek)


Nukui Kurumi.

Yeah, she forms her own band.

Her instrument is a Yamaha P95

Can't tell to be honest. But she doesn't gives a shit if she is scolded. So maybe she goes on her own pace.

Kurumi's birthday is November 19th.
Her bloodtype is A so she can breed with Onii-chan.

Ogi Koume
Is a popular web artist known as Kiriyume. She is friends with Yuzuha.
It seems Yuzuha's family has been servant of the Ogi for generations.
Koume is the dragon Miko but she moved to the city.
There is some fantasy elements involved with her birth.
BD: July 7th1
Aigae Yuzuha. Moved to the city to take care of Koume. Being Yuzuha is suffering.
BD: June 10th, Blood type AB.
She is good at singing and her favorite instrument is the guitar, no detail here so far.

Shit, I'm tired and I'm sure I missed a lot of shit but whatever I doubt the first season will even adapt Dragon Nuts' formation.


>loli harem 2


Shut the fuck up LRD

The LN and the anime ended the same way.

in prison

Why isn't LRD perm banned yet?

My dick is hard

Oh cool, I read volume 1.

It felt finished enough, so I moved onto other series. But I guess they might change it a bit for the anime.

MC's imouto was best girl.

Are there piss scenes?

She sounds like best girl already

Can't deny that.

I want this shit now.