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How to fix DR3:
- remove all DR1 characters
- remove all DR2 characters

Shh...be still now danganronpa threads. Sleep now.

Everyone is over at

Yea and nobody can find it because the op is trying to kill the threads by not putting in a name

Migrate to this one or the shitposting will die.


Remember when we had this theory?

It was much better than what we got desu.

I miss Chisa

I miss Chisa too. She didn't deserve to go out like that. She deserved to be saved by her Class.

They didn't even ask about her or anything. I would even take Despair Chisa if that means she's alive.

Hell if she were the mastermind you'd get the following things:
A) You'd get the explanation of her entire plan
B) You'd get the emotional connection Kodaka was trying to do with Class 77 (however instead of everyone from Class 77 I'd have just included the survivors at the end for that wham shot)
C) Munakata good end - he'd stay with his waifu until she became undespaired

Can we please rewrite DR3 with Chisa being the mastermind? If we ask Kodaka can he do it? And then we can consider Mirai-hen non-canon.


Just your daily reminder that Chihiro is best husband and best cute

>Be Class-77
>Go through the emotional turmoil of the Jabberwock Island killing game. Including the fact that you and your friends are responsible for the world getting fubar'd
>Stay on the island until the incredibly unlikely event that all the victims of the killing game wake up
>Said miracle happens and your comatose classmates are revived
>Save the day and make a new friend in the process
>Learn that the teacher you and your friends made a deep bond with not only died, but was brainwashed and did horrible things as well
>Unlike your friends, she never recovered
>Your new friend is partially responsible for said events in the first place too

How much of their happiness is real?

It's true though. I might start liking the new guys if they weren't just accessories to the old

all of that shit happened in the past so it doesn't matter


Komaeda is cute!

I want to get locked in an airtight school and fix her with hope. She would try anything and everything to make me feel despair, but I would just laugh it off, because as long as I'm helping her, no despair is strong enough to enter my heart. I'd show her that no matter what she has done, I'd always forgive her. I'd make her food and clean her secret lair, and drag her out to bed if she stays up late. When the nights get so cold that we have no choice but to cuddle together at night for warmth, I'd feel her breath going from shallow to deep as her form relaxes and she falls asleep in my arms. I'd feel her cling to me in the night when she wakes up from a despair nightmare and feel her sob into my chest, first seeds of hope sprouting in her traumatized mind. I'd softly kiss her hair and tell her everything will be okay. I'd take care of her when she gets sick, read all the books from the library and hold her hand so that she can fall asleep. I'd make shitty homemade pizza for her and stay up late with her watching dumb movies, and feel her cuddle up to me when she can't stay awake anymore. I'd teach her retarded drinking games and show her how to play pool in the rec room.

One night, she silently sneaks over to the kitchen. A shining sliver of a blade extends from her clenched fist when she walks into my room. But her hand stops, centimeters away from my chest, and begins to shake violently. Something is wrong. One by one, her trembling fingers let go of the hilt, and with a soft thud, the knife falls onto the carpet. She throws herself on me and buries her face right where the knife should have gone, Clutching at the fabric of my clothes. Her whole body shakes feverishly and I scoop her body into my arms and tell her that everything will be okay, just like usual. Her silent sobbing turns to wailing that echoes out into the dimly lit corridors beyond the door.

She would finally be cured of despair. Because the only thing she can't analyze is love

Horrible idea

He's right though. The DR1&2 characters shouldn't have been brought back, their stories are done. Through FTEs & School/Island Mode everyone's personality is fleshed out enough too.

Hell the DR1 characters shouldn't have shown up again in DR2 either really.

I know a better way
Make it so that the mind control anime only works on normies and not on SHSLs

Is not fucking fair

>tfw browsing through Pixiv and seeing all that Class 74 shit

It's just so sad, they deserved better.

>Munakata lose his waifu
>Hajime waifu is a tulpa
>Naegi waifu is alive and well

Luck at its finest.Can anyone even compete?

No, that's why he's SHSL Luck.

>you don't need talent
What did they mean by this?

Agree for Future (literally all the good stuff came from the new characters), but not so much for Despair.

Hajime have Luck too

But his luck is based on what they knew about Nagito's from a few months of study at best. Naegi and his different form of lucc only arrived at HPA after Izuru had been created.

I can't decide if I like Juzo better with glasses or not. He always looks good.

Hiyoko is cute.

Komaeda is for cuddling!!

I can't imagine what's going on here.

DR3 was merely a stepping stone

Sakakura and Komaeda mourning their incompetence.
Munakata and Hinata having enough and going in for a hug.

Ohhhhhh my god. Thanks user, that's revoltingly charming.


The second paragraph is always so nice to read.

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.


You're grown woman Kirigiri-san, please stop wetting yourself.

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are on fire

use a fucking diaper already

DR2 cast made it out alive, hey Wow wooo thats awes---
>realise everyone else worth wanting alive is dead
>yfw it hits you

Kyoko's still alive though

alright these threads are dead now, goodbye everyone it was nice knowing you

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

Feels bad that the ride ended with such a horrible anime

I don't have a cap of the stabbing itself, but judging by where the slash on Juzo's jacket is, what organs (if any) did Munakata's sword likely hit?

Original stabbing was at his spine which should have at least paralyzed him

I see. So say it's one of those miracle stories where it misses severing the cord by millimeters - what else would be there?


I swear, she's going to have to rape the manlet.



He coughed up a lot of blood so lungs or stomach perhaps? (and symbolically right in the kokoro)
He's a fucking tank either way though.

>The second paragraph is always so nice to read.
It makes a purified Junko sound like a good idea.

Juzo was practically the only worthwhile part of DR3

Gotcha. The common writer interpretation seems to be "stomach", but gastrectomies result in so many restrictions to the patient afterwards that I want to figure out if I can get away with writing something else.

Would damaged lungs be comparatively less of a burden on someone than a stomach that can barely eat any food and would cause Juzo weightloss? My medical knowledge is limited and specific.


Not true. The anime added a lot to Hajime/Izuru character. Also the killing game in the future arc wasn't really bad it's just the mastermind's motive was too retarded, it ruined everything.
Also I don't know about you guys, but human Chiaki was really cute. She didn't deserve this shit.

>The anime added a lot to Hajime/Izuru character.
That made me like him a lot less, actually. I liked Hajime in the game, but I really disliked him in DR3. And Izuru, as a whole, is a terrible idea for a character. He exists solely as a plot device.

Very true.
All the anime did was tarnish old DR characters by removing the mystery and wrapping it with nonsense, while spitting on the new really interesting cast in the future Arc.

Juzo felt like the only character who actually progressed, wasn't one dimensional and had dramatic impact.

Kyoko was on on the worth list

Imagine, Munakata and Chisa sailing away with everybody from class 77 plus Hinata. Imagine.

I think a non-Despair Junko would be somewhere in between Asahina and Saionji personality-wise. She would probably be really nice, but would at the same time make fun of and bully people she knows also.

Not plot device for Nanami. Literally, this would of been the best way to show his God like talent, not cutting in and out of him instantly defeating a swarm of enemies and would of redeem Izuru as a useful, batman like character and made hope arc ending so much more fitting.

SHSL Best Friend!


Yeah, used to be a Hinatafag but Sakakura was much more interesting.
Still salty they killed off one of the best characters the franchise had to offer.

You want to know why I didn't give RL Chiaki closure? I didn't need to.
Why I didn't need to? You never saw her ghost in the death theater with Junko and Chisa, right?
It's not just because I ran out of money to pay HanaKana, but maybe because I kept her alive somehow.
Maybe that's why he never mention her "death" directly, but is guilt-ridden over his act of betrayal from him and his classmates instead.
Maybe that's why you didn't see her ghost alongside her Hinata-kun.
Maybe Izuru dropped off her comatose body at her parent house and went off being boring somewhere else in the world, keeping her hairpin as memorabilia.
Maybe she wasn't with the despairs because they didn't want to drag her down into fugitive status and let the world be her oyster, not just Jabberwock island.
Maybe that miracle did happen, but I couldn't show it to you because we were only given 24 minutes.
Maybe you should buy limited edition DRv3 with OAV to find out the rest.

>yfw you realize there'll be no new series on Monday

What a sad pic.
The lonely anime otaku hugging himself.

It may have been a disappointing two arcs, but it was a hell of a lot of fun speculating and tossing theories around here

>tfw you realize most of the crossboarders will fuck off back to /vg/

Gonna be fantastic

I visited once. Got, the incessant amount of shitposting.

Jesus, move on already fags

It's kinda sad.
But seeing how Kodaka loves to milk this franchise, we will get another series in a few years. And hopefully it will be as memetastic as DR3.

Even if we go to /drg/ and forget about what transpired here... it will still have meaning, right?

Komaeda Cameo's always welcome.

Yeah, sure it will. Go and colonize /drg/ and cleanse it of its undesirables or whatever, I don't care. Just stop coming here. Please. It's clear that it's running out of steam.

Why does every character in this series have a distinct look in their eyes of mind broken cocklust? I feel like I'm playing a game illustrated by Mizuryu Kei.

Are there any Mizuryu Kei DR doujins?
Can Junko open her own version of Mizuryu Kei Land?

No. The closest to a school setting would be MC Gakuen, I guess.

>Can Junko open her own version of Mizuryu Kei Land?
That's pretty much what she was trying to do at the end of SDR2.

It's that lack of glimmer of 'life' in them, isn't it?

Oh well
Stil any DR doujins from Mizuryu?
The man made the coolest doujin name I've ever seen
Blade Forged in Everlasting Chaos, it sounds like some jrpg ultimate weapon
>I'm supposed to root for the guys that stopped her
Fucking monsters the lot of them
Junkoland was gonna be a paradise

I'm watching an English dub of UDG. Why is Shirokuma's voice so good and yet so bad at the same time?

P.S. Sayakashitters are the worst

SHIT I meant Kurokuma.

What does this have to do with anime and manga?

The concentric circles and small pupils are what drive the resemblance

Both Shirokuma and Kurokuma's dub voices are fine. The former sounds like the right amount of annoying cuteness, so I don't mind.

I'm watching a English dub of UGD too currently.
Who are you watching, I picked this 'R3D' guy since it seemed the best at a glance: youtube.com/watch?v=G7Zuum9hGAg

But holy fuckkk, this guy has some serious brain problems or never plays video games. The amount of times he outright gets lost in what is linear as fuck things, takes 7+ break bullets to kill a single Monokuma regularly AND BOUGHT ALL THE GUN UPGRADES BUT NEVER SLOTTED THEM IN DESPITE GOING TO THAT MENU PART FOUR TIMES SINCE.

This is just getting really painful to watch, help me dear god.


This is your Junko for today

I'm watching the 11 hour movie. The gameplay looks boring as hell.

I think they're good too, Kurokuma's voice is intentionally bad but it's hilarious. Shirokuma is fine, I just confuse the two namewise.

11 hour movie? What like just a compilation of all the UDG text and cut-scenes or something? Got a link? I just want to watch it for the story, even though Komaru as a main protagonist is so difficult to enjoy.

It was obvious Sunday was going to be the last day of these threads, and they already are pretty much already dead.
Maybe we'll get a couple of more days here when the OVA comes out, depending on its content...

I know there's some that don't want to move on or go to /drg, but it's only a matter of time before the mods come for us, I'm afraid.

Can I have the usual instead?

God the new game can't come soon enough. Need the to overwrite the bad taste the anime has left in my mind.

I still can't believe how utterly fucking decimated Munakata's existence is now.

Like I can't believe how much better this show would've been if Chisa had been the mastermind the entire time, and the RoD wanted to come help out their teacher. This would've flowed so much better.

God dammit. Munakata, Chisa, Juzo, Seiko should've lived. Fuck DR1 characters, fuck DR2 characters. DR3 characters born into existence simply to be stepping stones for the previous characters. God dammit all

>what is evangelion

This series is as theorycrafting-heavy as eva, I'm sure threads will be up here once in a while.

I doubt anyone will care about the OVA since it's bundled with V3, which will get way more attention.

Soudas daughter can't be evil

>DR3 is for the fans
>You're a fan of a DR3 character that isn't Mitarai?
>Fuck you
Fucking Kodaka.

Can I have both?

Who give a fck about new characters who arent even part of the previous games? Did you cried over Bandais death, little faggot?


>DR2 characters had least development in the anime than characters like Juzo and Munakata
>they just get to chill on a island for the rest of their life
>meanwhile Naegi gets his waifu back while Munakata has to live with the fact that his waifu died as a despair and that he basically killed his best friend
Life is simply unfair

> you will never cry on shsl man tits

Fuck off.



I'm confused.... WHAT did they mean by this?

Please stop these attempts at bumping the thread up.

I still wonder what SLEEPING PILLS means

Its a shit anime, let it die with the thread

>implying she's not Usami

>/drg/ is more active than the Cred Forums thread

You know this isn't working out. Let it die with some scraps of dignity.


Just move to Cred Forums Its the same kind of threads we got on Cred Forums when the show was airing. And since V3 is now a relevant topic you can just post your Cred Forums memes there.

Its still better than /drg/ cancer. I almost threw up a little when i came to visit that shithole. 1 week at reddit wont fuck you up as much as one hour on /drg/

Image dumping to try and keep the thread afloat like this is not a viable tactic. Migrate to the proper thread for your kind, on the proper board.

>Son, it seems my Reserve Course is running dry.

That's like wondering why people care about DR2 characters dying when they weren't a part of DR1. Or wondering why people care about V3 characters when they have DR1, DR2, DR3, UDG, and spinoff characters to care about.

TN: "reserve course" means "anal rectum"


you have to go back

And yet you're still here

I'm but a shepherd leading the flock

What is the difference between Cred Forums and /vg/? What the fuck is a "general"? Why isnt there just one board for video games?

ps t. 4chin oldfag here since 2007

go to /qa/

Yeah, because we clearly need to show just how more special you are for having a talent, and being admitted into a prestigious school for it, even though the game shows quite clearly that the students are still simply humans.

>replying to a post made over 5 hours ago
Cred Forums's fine, baby, it has most of your favorite posters in it

A "general" is a recurring thread of a particular game/series. /vg/ was formed because these recurring generals were dominating the front page instead of other video game discussion.

Why not just make the board 10-15 pages longer?

>literally bumping this with shitty off-topic meta
Get out.

Peko Pekoyama murdered a woman
Peko Pekoyama later murdered the red haired best friend of said woman by ruthlessly caving her skull in a premeditated murder.
Peko Pekoyama would then attempt to frame another friend of her victim in the hopes that she would be blamed for her crime which in turn would lead to every one of her classmates being executed.

Peko Pekoyama did this all without being brainwashed.

Upon waking up from a coma

So it's Kazuichi who fucked Junko's uterus. Now it finaly comes together.


Could you use sage and fuck off?


But I do. I'm trying to help you folks find your kind instead of staying around here.

>being this mad over text on a singaporean roof thatching emporeum

I'm just here to help.

>replies within 30 seconds

Really? You can't reply to a post quickly? I never meant to imply that you were angry either, my friend! All I'm trying to do is guide you to a place with activity instead of floundering around in a dead land.

>literally being this much assdestroyed

Keep calm and carry on... on Cred Forums!


It's the truth.


It's all too appropriate that one of the only remaining people here is a fan of Junko, I suppose.

Can you two please stop?
I don't want these threads to end too, but we're the only ones left, you're ruining what's left of these threads.
We'll be back when 2.5 is subbed, but in the meantime, it's time to move on.
Or did you guys already left and I'm just bumping this thread

You are all alone in this thread.

>didn't notice we were both saging and the thread was coasting down to page 6
You manaic! You blew it all up!

Great taste OP.

Very cute. I wish OVA would come to us sooner.

One last qt till 2.5, it's been a blast. Later

Just let the threads die, we'll meet in January.

Cause the english dubs to the games are actually quite good. Only frothing weebs will say otherwise.

it's ok. it still doesn't top Megumi Ogata's voice tho

I respect your opinion, I like both, for Makoto anyway. I prefer the english smug and condescending Komaeda however.

kill yourself

What did he mean by this?

Why was Hajime the only one to press F for sensei?

What's happening?


we're over in Cred Forums

The best part of being a bully, is to give to the targets that little bit of hope, before annhilating it. An experienced bully such as Kodaka can do the same trick over and over yet the Targets would eat his baits up and demand more!

Besides, I want to bully Saionji so much. I want to scold her to tears and throw her into pool. I want to take her gummies and eat them in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with lemon-flavored gummies, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to going commando for the rest of the trip. I want to mock her inability to put her kimono by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling what one day, she'll be glad to be able to dress up herself. Also, I'll take her kitty hairpins, making her long blonde hair cover her private parts. And when I'll give kimono back to her, I'll make sure to put Mr. Ants in every single pleat and Mr. Crab in her panties.

And when finally she snaps and try to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of everyone until she'll like it. And when she'll come to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing on her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.


oh... i guess it's that time now...

I'll miss you guys. Maybe we can meet again for 2.5.

I stumbled across this and suffered. Now I want you to suffer too.

What a fitting title.

Jesus christ, what a way to go.

i'll miss these threads

I guess this really is goodbye for now. If anyone gets some good scans of the artbook or the anthology or the OST comes out, don't be scared to make a new thread but until then. I actually enjoyed DR3 and I'm glad DR1 cast got good end. It was fun memeing with you guys.

Rip in peace dangan threads on Cred Forums, it will always be superior than Cred Forums or /drg/

Goodbye, threads. Until we meet again.

>posting hajimemes

Patrician taste

I really want to know what happened to Munakata now.

I imagine he still has to be leader of FF and is more focused on building up society over tearing down despairs.

He killed himself, user.

Nagito x Monaka = THE BEST

Why do you think? Though it would perfectly fit Juzo's sacrifice and Juzo's character.

Why does Touko look like Jade from Homestuck?

I just finished Chapter 4 in DR2.

I'm still upset Peko died

I'm upset Gundam died

He went back to Inaba.

Seen this on someone's van today so I took a picture.

>Tfw this is 16 hour Kun's van

Oops forgot pic.



Fucking worthless fatass, shut the fuck up with your worthless blogging and get out.

Nothing keeps him in this world anymore. Woman he loved and his best friend are dead, the organization he cared about too. He almost literally made Naegi his successor in the last dialogue. Falling sakura petals are the symbol of suicide in Japan. Not too hard to guess why.

Shut up and don't spoil user's fun.

>that fat body

Really? Wow. Pretty depressing.

>Juzo's last thought is how despite what Munakta's done he still wants him to live
>Munakata later kills himself

Any of you guys got the 'no consent' image?


I know that feel. Peko was a sweetheart... I wish she survived and her chibi Gangster dies. I like Peko more.

How's the dub?

We can discuss video games on Cred Forums now?

He resolved to let no one feel the despair he's felt. I'm sure he's somewhere aiding people

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

Got a version without Monokuma stickers?

Can someone post all these edits? I forgot to save them while the show was going.

If you mean the anime, Cred Forums doesn't like it. Some lines are a little cringeworthy, but you should tell if it's worth watching over again dubbed from the very first episode.

Is it wrong to wish that the show actually told us what happened to one its main characters, instead of us just guessing at his fate?

I want Junko to freak Naegi out with her mixed personalities.

Yes. That's why real Chiaki got no proper closure.

Nope, but I wish they left class 77 status open. Prefer if most of it was open, assume how they live their lives based on their actions and conclusions in the anime. Sure things could go bad or maybe they quit their dreams but it's nice thinking on what they'd go on to achieve. I reckon we'll see something related to Hope vs Despair arcs in V3 anyway

The manga's still going.

It's your own damn fault.

So what the remnants of despair all got cured and are living in some ship? Who's banging who?




Listening to youtube.com/watch?v=jD4qhJvrnKM

and feeling sentimental, will post some pics while I'm arsed

Only TTGL and SDR2 got to shed hope tears
screw the anime ending btw

>You are hereby under arrest for treason.
>Go for it big guy.
>Dear boy.
>Kamukura Kamukura yas queen!

It's part of the art style and it looks fine. Your head would explode if you ever played Steins;Gate with its eyes.

I didn't go there. Tumblr pops up all the time in Google image searches, you should know.

At least listen to a DR track


The popular theory is 16 people orgies

I've always thought there was something different about Ibuki's face in DR3 compared to her face in SDR2...
Everyone else is quite identical to their SDR2 counterpart, but there's something about Ibuki's face that makes her seem quite different, but i can't tell what it is...at first i thought it was her hair, but it's not that.

She's a bit more pale in the anime. Also, needlenose Ibuki is best.

Is ibuki supposed to be some mlp styled character

But nothing invokes feels like the TTGL OST, but BD gives it a good run for it's money. Best class


Alternative punk fashion was a thing before MLP


G-good she's too pure for that furr shit



No it's not her paleness...

I liked Zero. Wish we could've gotten a couple more cameos.


fug, my heart Nia a BEST


You need to go back.

Would you let Sonia eat you in times of starvation?


Only if I could eat some of her in a romantic sense.


Finally I can use this image.



>First page
>No Danganronpa thread
>Current one isn't 500 replies
I am literally having a panic attack.

Is the ride... finished?

these two are great together

Yeah,good fun while it lastead

On this board, probably. DR fanbase went back to its root board.

Top qts

I always see these all over was this a real thing? Holy shit that looks fucking awful yet comical.

Yes and people should just let the thread die.

Why even live.

A lot of the Sonia posters are shy, due to not much appreciation to Sonia!


>sonia didn't speak like a drunk sailor even once in the anime

This thread has been up since 4 am and people are struggling to keep it bumped up. It's time you all went back to the place you belonged.


These are from the 2014/2015 stage plays of 1 and 2 respectively. If you're into theatre you'll see they're actually pretty well done.
Even if you end up not liking them they provide and unbelievable amount of satiating screencaps.


>tomorrow is Monday
>but it doesn't matter anymore

Pretty much. Slower threads will pop up every so often, but the main run is done.

It's better this way, otherwise you're just begging anime onlys, wiki readers and general shitposters.

Mondays and Thursdays feel a lot less special

Post the Pepsi ones

DR3 was a mindhack video.
We are Remnants of Despair.

What a sweet name, Peko Peko~yama chaan~


I liked Ibuki's reaction when Peko acted crazy in her trial

Just finished DR2. I never knew how Chiakifags felt till the end of chapter 5.

Holy shit, why did they feel the need to kill her twice? It hurts to live


Ibuki secretly wanted Peko's Pekos.

It's like they just couldn't find anyone that looked like him so they gave some random a wig.

2.5 months with you guys were fun as hell. I wish it never ended.

Yeah, a lot of Chiakifans ended up falling into despair.


The emotes were great

Fluffy is pure, fluffy is good

Barely getting through dr1 game can't wair to start dr2, which is better? I'm enjoying dr1 it's well put together.

DR2 is widely regarded as an improvement over DR1.

Depends on what you liked about the first game. SDR2 is widely considered the better by most people though.

General opinion is that SDR2 is better.
Objectively it is, better characterization of better characters and a slighly better gameplay, but personally i still prefer DR1.

Naegi tell them

DR1, I prefer the claustraphobic darker setting and the characters. While DR2 are a more wacky and stylist class, DR1's felt more realistic, and I could sympathise with their motives more so than DR2



>DR1's felt more realistic
No shit, SDR2 was literally non real, it's obvious it felt less realistic, that's how it was meant to feel.



Yes, on /e/. But the drawthread is already dead. If you want I can make a re-upload in the current drawthread on /e/.

>Komaru is this easy to trick and fuck
Why is she so lewd


This is kinda fucked now that you think about it.

Why is Komaru so silly?

Makoto groomed her to be that way.

It was a simulation but you should still expect class 77 in the same universe as class 78 to be more realistic than they were in DR2 and anime. Only 1 year between them, I bet your juniors aren't borderline-despair nurses or an extremely perverted cook. Doesn't mean I don't like class 77, I really like them just prefer 78/spoiler]


>class 77

That's wrong.


Holy shit, why is this so true?

is there actually any japanese person that looks like him though

She's so great

My bad, doesn't change the point tho'

Might as well post Komaru lewds, whats there left to discuss now anyways.


Ok, check out the new drawthread on /e/. I do also a request on the same time. More sexy Peko is never wrong. I think she needs more ecchi/hentai art.


Naegi-kun, it appears my panties are alive.

You're a good lad.

Ding Bong Bing Piano

It exist one really nice doujin where is Komaru the sex toy by the Warriors of Hope.

You betcha'

I hope you like it.
You can do a Danganronpa request too. I remember somebody want Junko and/or Ibuki.

Nope, Komaru is a silly fuck.

Hope bless Kodaka

So I know Danganronpa is done, but if they made a new game, what setting/protag would you want?

I'd have it take place in like a Juvenile Hall and have it star a Banchou Dude, like Mondo but smart

Not Mikan?


>he doesn't know

Mikan is already forever redeemed. And Seiko died for our sins.

But we're... already getting a new game, setting, and protag. Set in a prison school.

Anyone got the 4koma or comic with Ibuki complaining about not getting a thigh shot in the opening of dangan island?

He's going all out.

Look my son: This is the way how you created.

Oh really?! Sweet.

The protag looks pretty cool. Bit girly, but still pretty sweet.

>protag title
That's what you get for raping Kaede-chan, it seems.

That's not the protagonist.

This is Still a bit girly and sweet though so you were right about that.

>He didn't check ahoge status
Filthy casual

That's not the protag, the girl in here is

Release her this instant.



Can you even carry a child in the space?

Make me.

Get your hands off my waifu you son of a bitch.

Nobody knows but everybody thinks it's a bad idea.

So of course it would work out perfectly for Nagito's son.

Stop right there, Komaeda-kun.

>trying to hold Komaeda hostage.

>330 posts in 13.5 hours

RIP /dr3/

see you niggers on Cred Forums or /vg/ whenever V3 comes out

What you doing?! He is your son!

Monaka wouldn't tell Nagito about his son.

Why don't we make a trade? You give me that waifu, I'll give you this one. She has huge boobs and is gamer jesus. Sound fair?

It seems you are all mistaken.

I am the real protagonist.

Yeah you guys, Keebo's the REAL protagonist!

Komaeda will always be my husbando.

I hope someone will make a thread on Cred Forums if they release more info about the OVA because I don't go to Cred Forums. But, for now, goodbye. I haven't had as much fun on Cred Forums for years as I did on DR threads.

How could the creator kill his franchise so hard?

when he just wanted to leave things ambiguous but sdr2fags clamored for a "perfect" ending and he caved

>killed off Chiakers twice
What a goddamn dick. He can go to hell.

This anime was a mistake despite it's great characters. He should have just done V3 and left the HPA saga alone if he didn't care enough to put the effort into it.

>Your face when Nidai doesn't have a heart defect anymore because Izuru cured him

>Your face when Nagito also had his cancer cured by Izuru.

>Your face when Class 77 gets blessed with good health and happiness for the rest of their lives and they won't even get PTSD or require alcohol to get through life daily.

>Your face when even Monaca gets to enjoy being a Space NEET without consequences

Before Side:Hope i kinda disliked chiaki, but now that her execution feels like a tradeoff for her classmates waking up i feel bad for her. She didn't do anything wrong

Is Ibuki beautiful? If so, why is that the case?

Theoretically shouldn't it be ridiculously easy for an SHSL Magician or SHSL Inventor to escape any killing game? One can merely disappear from the "closed room" using a trick and the other can make something using whatever material's around to escape the "closed room".

Oh well. It's basically Class 77 vs Chiaki, and frankly while I pick Chiaki it's not hard to see why others would be against you.

If you think about it, Sakura should have been able to break out of the building back in DR1.

She was so strong that she easily screwed in the metal bolts to the sheets of steel that lined the windows and walls of Hope Peak's Academy.

Yet in DR1 she says she tried to unscrew them but that even with her strenght she couldn't

Well, I recall in Sakura's FTEs that she was disappointed in herself because she had grown weak from lack of training.

That's because she was the traitor.

Just think of how Munakata must have felt that day. He woke up, as has been the case for the past years, into a despair-filled world. Nonetheless he walks with utter confidence and determination to the meeting with his Future Foundation colleagues to discuss Makoto's punishment, fully believing that his principles are the correct way to hope.

The day passes by. His values got completely wrecked, found out his waifu got DESPAIRED, fatally injured his best bro. He deserves better than this yet he keeps on moving. Favorite male DR character

We better get new purevanilla Naegiri doujins soon.

>he keeps on moving
It's heavily implied he commits suicide afterwards.

>DR3 was one day
Really made me think.

She died for your sins, user. Pray to her, and she will rise again.

It's possible she didn't screw them on all the way, maybe they used a tool to finish tightening them just enough that she couldn't remove them.

Post SDR2 4koma.

No. No, it doesn't. Go away, edgemasters.

You don't talk about carrying a burden, then kill yourself. Also the new principled changed man that Munakata has become would never shit on Juzo/Chisa's memory like that, who did their best to protect him and further his goal.

Watching him strut across the table like an asshole was truly the beginning of something beautiful.

even though the threads will end i still feel confident from the bonds of hope we all created through memes in these threads its been a wild ride boys ill miss it

>no more Cred Forums dangling grandpa threads until komaeda ova
Try to survive out there guys

Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

All I want from v3 is that the final antagonist is a cute girl.

It's one of the better things that DR1 did because it's rare for that to happen.

>That shot framed through Juzo's strands of hair

wtf i love keebo now

Now that the series is over, let's round up all the theories that were better than what we got.

I think it'd be easier to list what theories were worse than "shifty eyed manlet and his suspicious old man superior are the bad guys and the manlet gets away with everything at the end without so much as a punch"


Wow despair sucks now


Chiakizuru, Venom Junko, 13th Branch making a power play, Aoi taking revenge, literally anything that isn't "Ryouta I want you to use your hope anime, and I've decided the only way to make you do this is to start a killing game."

It's hard to list any theories worse than what we got.

he finally got all he ever wanted


perfection doesn't exi-

on Cred Forums my friend

I doubt that it's even possible to make god out of corpse.

I've seen plenty of anime that say otherwise, it'd be easy to make it happen via a miracle.

I have killed two people since midnight (robots not included), I haven't slept in over 24 hours. So maybe… maybe you should be a little more afraid of me than you are right now.

Best end.

It was profoundly retarded. I wasn't sure what he was thinking. There are no indications that Route would even be close to a good successor. And if not, he literally could of just asked it from Mitarai nicely and get the damn video. He could of also used it on all of FF and make them into his loyal servants. Hell, mindhack was a fine plot device DR1, but mindhack is not a good twist to introduce, considering it was done all over zetsubou, for Mirai. Great job Kodaka, but it's gonna be a bit difficult to consider this cannon up to Mirai 11.

Literally standing next to anime Jesus.

I liked the idea that Chisa was the Monokuma Maid.

He was still alive before lobotomy.

Anything Izuru.

>think "there's no way they'll just have Izuru solve everything, they'll have somebody to challenge him"
>they don't
I don't appreciate having my expectations subverted by playing them totally straight.

Her perfect hair, her lovely well-placed piercings, her breathtaking eyes, that cute nose, those painted nails, and her wonderful smile with that angelic voice.

Is that not still a possibility considering 0 was contained to it's novel and was skipped over in the anime?

You're making the dangerous assumption that they won't be the first ones to die.

Assuming she immediately died when she fell and couldn't of been operated on and resuscitated when he could instantly cured cancer and a heart condition. Juzo arguably bled a significant amount more than her and still lived to pull a lever and was impaled by a large sword. Chiaki had multiple small puncture wounds throughout her body and could still move and talk. It was still very possible to save her which is why Chiakizuru was considered a respectable theory. If she had died, it would of been from blood loss. And she would of fell unconscious before she died, which she didul before Izuru. I'm just arguing on the plausibility of the theory. Just letting you know.

Yes, it's still a possibility, especially since brainwashed Chisa had a somehow relevant role in the plot(suggesting Munakata that they had to wipe out Despair off the world, thus kicking the start of FF), but since it's all over, unless the drama CD's, Nagito's OVA, or Kirigiri's Audio Game give us some extra details that confirm this, it doesn't matter how much it's still possible, it remains headcanon.

Does it being headcanon or not really matter at this point? Let's face it, DR3 didn't exactly have the best writing so you might as well go hog wild with whatever you want instead of letting yourself be chained by Kodaka.

I'd say it's safe to assume in this case. Even without Kodaka outright telling it to our faces he likely expects us to easily put 2 and 2 together.

>Queen Junko is from Sonia
>Moe Junko is from Hiyoko

Wait I thought izuru developed the neo world program, not chihiro

Dat robo arm! Is Nagito now the new Tetsuo?
He would scream: HINATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want a fanart with Nagito dressed up as Tetsuo. Hajime (with one Izuru eye) can be dressed up as Kaneda.

Matsuda, Chihiro and Miaya are technically the creators

The NWP was created by the Future Foundation, Miaya headed the project and used work from Matsuda and Chihiro to create it.

then what was the deal with izuru's "I want to see whether despair or hope is more difficult to predict" and then plays the neo world program scene. wasn't the neo world program his test, creation?




who knows honestly, it's pretty hard to interpret correctly

He wanted to test if Hope or Despair was harder to predict, if by some chance class 77 was able to become undespaired then technically hope would be more difficult because it would need a miracle.

When Makoto was rounding up the ROD Izuru took the chance to put his test into action, he told the remnants to go with Makoto and uploaded AI Junko into the NWP.

I'm so glad the "Izuru created AI Chiaki" people got BTFO

How come none of the RoD tried to kill Naegi when they first met him?

Duping him was part of the plan, if they killed him the rest of the FF would come down on them and they wouldn't be able to pull it off.

I hope that the OAV will clear up a lot of RL Chiaki. I really liked her.

Izuru told them to go quietly, he was their acting leader at the time (at least in their eyes).

Yes, the problem is that he knew he would do this even before Junko started DR1 killing game.
When he was on the roof with Junko and Mukuro, he literally asked Junko to erase himself from SDR2 kids memory because "I will meet them again soon, it won't be the same if they knew me already".

Him knowing that he will meet them again means he somehow knew about NWP, or he somehow made it so it was created in the first place.

It has already been stated that it will be about Komaeda's journey into the "afterlife"(possibly during the comatose state he was after SDR2) where he will meet a "peculiar" character(possibly Junko, since The Destroyer of The World).

There's nothing wrong with Tengan being the mastermind, with Ryota being semi-used by him. It had some foreshadowing.

Please do tell me your ending. Here it comes, Cred Forums. Prepare to laugh.

Fuck off. No one liked this theory in the threads.

>Venom Junko
The fuck? That one didn't make sense. No way Junko could have imitated Chisa that closely and fooled everyone for years. Even after Junko holed herself up with Class 78 people STILL believed that Chisa could have switched places with her. But h-hey the writers are the dumb ones, right?

>13th Branch making a power play
This is a decent suggestion. With more foreshadowing this could be a good choice as well. The 13th head missing was indeed suspicious.

>Aoi taking revenge
Completely goes against her character. Shits on Aoi/DR1 fans. Plus she's not smart enough to be the mastermind unless she had someone helping her.

>Why didn't Tengan steal the video
Even Munakata implied he would have, speedwatcher. And forcing someone to create a hope video under stress/duress would create a failed product.

Sorry, buddy, it'll be all Nagito all the time. Even though he probably had a boner for RL Chiaki and it might make sense to talk about her, they won't because it'll just be pandering. More specifically, Komahina pandering.

It's about the lamest thing possible and not over the top at all, that's the problem.

> No one liked this theory in the threads.
Full of it.

>Best Girl's Birthday is this Thursday
I hope you're all ready boyos

>And if not, he literally could of just asked it from Mitarai nicely and get the damn video.
It's implied they already had a discussion with each other about the hope video. These are my arguments. 1) Tengan's message and Ryota recognizing it was directed towards him. Clearly Tengan was encouraging Ryota to do something. 2) Ryota agonized over whether he should use the Hope Video or not. This is something he said. Tengan was aware of this, hence this push.

A couple possibilities

1. SHSL bullshit (i.e. analysis)

2. He was being vague, he didn't specifically mean the NWP we only think that because we know that's what happens. In reality he was simply biding his time and waiting for an opportunity which the NWP happened to present.

Best girl's birthday was about a month ago though.

so shes for sure the mastermind right?
>one of the first characters revealed
>huge on the promo art with finger over mouth
>main theme of game is truth and lies
>shes the shsl day care
>monokuma kids

If anything, 1. is more plausible.
He asking Junkow to erase their memories of him and saying he WILL meet them all again SOON are pretty strong indicators that he is pretty sure about what he's saying.
Also, I doubt he simply took the opportunity NWP presented: he prepared AI Junko and knew how to hijack NWP even before he was "captired" by FF, which implies he knew all about it before.


I 100% agree user.
Preferably they just bring Junko back!

Fuck off, junkocuck.

All I wanted was you.
What is it, my four devas?
Good bye everyone.

But why are we not talking about her amazing tits.


I would prefer this, user. Because BROKEN means STRONGAH

Despair was fun n good tho

Without Monomi would be the image so much better... Monomi a shit!

Being certain was just because he was planning on taking the first chance he got, whether it was the NWP or something else didn't matter but the NWP was the first one to come along.

As for the AI it's likely he was monitoring the FF which is why he knew about their plan to debrainwash the remnants and grabbed Junko in advance.

chiakitard detected
Junko has the best jugs

>the ending wasn't Naegi/Hajizuru broing up and me getting naejime pics

It's all over, why are we still here? Just to suffer?

You're a syllable too long

until it removed all accountability from the remnants of despair and turned junko into even more of a joke than she already was. goddamn this show sucked so bad

Sittin' in the back seat suckin' on a switchblade

look on the bright side, friend, it was only three months long instead of six

>Fuck off. No one liked this theory in the threads.
Chiakizuru would have been fun as fuck

I don't like Chiakifags either. But your literally just as bad for wanting Junko back yet again in V3 after how much she ruined Despair arc.

>mfw we didn't get this ending

>mfw we would've had 3 new threads come and go by now

It'd be fucking hysterical if she got cucked at some point in the game.

I guess we really are dead

I'm sad.

That's what people said about Kyoko, and look at her now.

Blame Kodoka. I honestly thought we were going to have a movie announcement for the final episode.

Something like after Despair ended the world, the Illuminati finally make their appearance on the stage after all the world's political structures were destroyed by the RoD.

And now Naegi have to deal with the survivors of the CIA and Illuminati dogs.

It doesn't even have to have America involved.

Maybe the Vatican decides to kidnap Naegi and claim Naegi is Jesus.

And Kirigiri has to infiltrate Rome to save Naegi.

And then we end up having a Trial Event right inside St. Peter's Basilica.

Looks like VAs recording done.

It was the animu brainwashing that ruined Despair.

And I'll tell you why they look like this

>tfw there are almost no doujins of ibuki

Sonia is still waifu tier
Now tell me you nigger

Ibukis appeal is very niche considering her appearance, you'd be surprised by how many are turned off just from the piercings alone.

That said, the one doujin we do have of Ibuki is fucking amazing.

As if no one knew what Dangan Lab is already

Experiment #17 = Banshee Replica

Description of Experiment: Subject has been made into a banshee replica, her skin around her jaw has been softened so she can open her mouth wider, though it seems to be ripping. Insides have been moved about to give her similar movements to a banshee, she has been given over and over chemicals that has resulted her eyes to glow and her hair to grow quite fast and turn white, side effects is bleeding from the eyes and internal poisoning which she slowly seems to become immune to. Also has been brain washed for approx 16 hours so she thinks she’s able to tell when someone will die, it has been quite useful to us we must say. Voice power has been incredibly enforced.

History: We had tried to attempt and kidnap the subject, unfortunately we had been found by project #18, Gundam Tanaka and he protected our target, he was incredibly frustrating to deal with, but a blow to the head and both of them were out. We both dragged them to the lab and locked them up, we decided to experiment on Sonia has she would be easier to deal with, we did a little research and we found a banshee would fit her. So we did the operation. Right after it, she went berserk, trashing the place, screaming incredibly loud, she even assaulted Professor Junko, we were able to pry her off and put her into her cell again. Now she becomes incredibly violent to us 3 scientist and anybody that might seem a threat to her and project #18, whose cell is situated next to her, she’s often trying to calm him down and comfort him.

Ibuki, i'm looking forward to your explanation.

Post that mf link

Experiment #26 = Megaphone Adaptation/Hearing Enhancement

Description of Experiment: Subject seems to have incredibly good hearing, so we enhanced it to 100% capacity, hearing so sensitive that she apparently can hear somebodies heart beating even if completely quite and at the other side of cell, side effects, when too loud, her ears and nose will start to bleed. Voice has been enhanced too so she’s the loudest out of all the experiment when needed to be. To enhance abilities like this, her eyes had to be stitched shut, closing her off eyesight from her 5 senses, they have also numbed her sense of touch.

History: Subject was incredibly tricky to get as she heard Monokuma coming for her, so she was able to run away countless times, also she was incredibly loud when was caught and almost raised suspicions, but Monokuma was able to knock her unconscious and carry her to the lab.After the operation, Ibuki found herself in her cell, though the room was a lot denser than most so the sounds outside her cells aren’t damaging her ears too much. She usually stands or sits completely still in the middle of the room, to afraid to say anything and her ears ringing, she does speak on occasions with project #27, the SHSL Imposter. But she only whispers.

>grimdark garbage AND shipping
It's like so many cancers in one

Ahh, Dangan Lab. Truly, the last bastion to weirdo Danganronpa Autists.

Do all of them. Why bother making you sum it up with one or two characters? Do all 32, then at least you won't embarrass yourself too much.

I googled these descriptions and apparently they're from some edgy tumblr AU (that the creator of left and deleted his tumblr). What's up with Tumblr and making shitty Aus for everything?

is this what this fanbase has reduced to?

Franken Junko?

how do you organize your DR folder?

Nah, this shit is deader than Chiaki.

Nigga those came out pretty much as soon as SDR2 was out and the sprites were available

By posting all your fucking lewds.


Care to upload this wonder folder for us who lost all of their DR related stuff due to a harddrive failure?

I'm so annoyed right now

Any photo's relating to DR go into the main folder, OP Eyecatches go into a subfolder (since there was 16 of them), and 150+ images of Kyouko-chan in a different subfolder

I just found this shit today you guys. I honestly can't believe it exists. It just so cringy, edgy, and meant to appeal to fetishes.

Role: The Professor of the Lab and leader of this entire operation

First Experiment: Project #00, Monokuma

History: Miss Junko had originally put all of the students in a school for mutual killing fun, but it turns out the plan was being foiled as they wouldn’t kill each other no matter what. So as she was wondering in underground areas of the school she was able to identify an unused lab, a thought of a mad man struck into her head. With the help of her sister, they cleaned up the place and was able to get it into motion, they’re first project was making Monokuma, a robot, a human. Which they were successful in doing so, even if sometimes some of his limbs fall off. After being able to do this, they slowly kidnapped each student and made them into their personal toys. Junko is mostly the one who researches and take tests of each experiment, if they start getting fired up, Junko is easily able to make them calm with her words filled with utter despair.

Additional Info: Around her neck, there are stitches going all the way around, nobody but Junko knows why she has them. Also her personality still changes, but is mostly stuck in her calculative mode.

Hajime just got caught masturbating by Mikan, what should he do in this situation?

Where are you finding the full experiment descriptions?

>turned off just from the piercings alone.
>Not loving her beautiful piercings

Why are such filthy mongrels allowed to live?

Neutralize her before she can compromise him.

It's the only way.

>Do... I kill her?

>Dead Chiaki folder

I made the horrible mistake of searching nekomaru nidai on deviantart, leading me to find his, then finding the rest


Oh...oh god. I just use danbooru or zerochan if I want to look for fan art. There's a much lower chance of running across monstrosities like this.

What are some little details they could've done but skipped out on that proved to you that they just didn't care?
>not so much as a shot of all the dead people (or at least all the dead DR3 people) in the theater

>implying that this is not old

Holy shit.

Exist too less...

This one is really great! Cute, good drawings and pretty hot! I like it!

Mikan! You can have all my semen!

tfw these threads are finally dead
like my waifu

do you mind uploading user

Yeah, there isn't enough dead Chiakis to require a folder.
I just save them to my main DR folder. I do have a folder for cute Chiakis though, as well as folders for Mikan, Komaru, Sonia, Kyoko, Sayaka, and Mukuro.

In real-life I don't like piercings but in 2D is this really nice.

Make fun of the manlet all you want.
Meanwhile, he's fucking his waifu while the other one is masturbating to his tulpa.

What we never realized was that Junko was actually a chameleon in disguise.

>that the creator of left and deleted his tumblr

>still with this meme

delete - > empty recycle bin

My fucking dick

The Ruruka actually isn't bad, but holy fuck Izayoi sounds awful.

I would still fuck scaly Mikan

Found some new pics of DRv3 benefits. My impression/thoughts based on what we've got so far and their sprites

>Tsumugi: Someone who's antsy & nervous, sweats and cowers a lot. Yet her profile picture makes her look quite confident so that could be a facade considering this is a lying game.
>Tenko: Similar to Hiyoko, quite cheeky-like in nature but when she gets backed down with words she retreats disgracefully. Physically she's capable and her being an Aikido master implies she's prideful in some way.
>Kaede: A mix of end-game Komaru and Mahiru. Inserts her opinion without self-doubt, confident, can be nonchalant/breezy at times as seen in the first picture
>Miu: Speaks her mind, onee-san of the group, based on her profile picture likes dirty talk
>Himeno: Indifferent. Kind of like AI Chiaki but not sleepy
>Angie: Quirky girl, similar to Ibuki. Hopefully she has more of a personality beyond random-ness
>Maki: Aloof with an unintentionally cute pouty personality
>Kirumi: Serious but not unemotional. Speaks up loud & clear, not a quiet monotone character

Picture 2 has Monotarou + Maki/Tenko/Ryoma.
Picture 3 has Monodam + Tsumugi/Kirumi/Korekiyo
(You think these are the characters central to a case?)

There's nothing I hate more than post-series depression. What am I evne supposed to do with my life on mondays and thursdays now?

>Naegi cant even carry Kirigiri
He really is a herbivore man

That Peko is extremely fuckable.

It's Monday
No new episode. Oh the despair.

She'll just trip over herself and cause her puffy vulva to be completely exposed. Hajime must know what to do then.

kill her

Can't wait for this stealth general to die. To page 10 you go!

Watch Vivid Strike like I am.

It's shit

2D is better than 3D.

By the way... post the Imposter Sonia please! Many western Danganronpa cosplayers make often characters as the Imposter version.

>Miu trying to flip you off
>Doesn't know how to do it

That Peko is perfection, eat shit.

Protect the Kirigiri


Kirigiri is cute! CUTE!

>this dead thread shambled all the way to 500 from multiple meta-bumps whining about how dead it was
let this one be the last, please, stop trying to cling to what was once there


I'm so happy they ended up together

I've resolved to continue my backlog but it just won't feel the same as sharing the experience with others.

I'm actually a filthy binge watcher, DR3 is the first show I've watched like this because I love the series.

Try and find the show that will make the biggest memes. I'm pretty sure Danganronpa: Magical Girls will produce the most memes.

Where did you find these?

I'll miss these threads. See you guys on Cred Forums.

I am 2D-sexual.3D/real is not so my taste.
2D Peko is better than some 3D/real girl.

Are we really going to have to go to /drg/ now?

>not having a hajimeme folder

>You will never be this autistic

Just make regular threads on Cred Forums. Wean yourself off slowly. Thdn, when those finally die out, move on. Then try to find the next meme show of the season and wait for V3.

I don't even think Cred Forums cares anymore. Last thread didn't even hit bump limit.

the survivor's count at the beginning of each episode made no sense, I still don't get why it had one extra person since the beginning, it would make sense to have one extra person alive after kirigiri 'died' but juuzo survived as well by that point, it's inconsistent as fuck

It never had any real meaning and was intended to mislead the viewers.

It was always counting Weedman.

It was Hagakure acting as a fake out. If the show were better written he would have come along with Togami and we could have had at least one more FF survivor.

Cause the Cred Forums thread is filled with shitposters, any game that gains any kind of traction has people in it that clearly never played the game, falseflagging and flinging shit. It's awful.

I get it was counting weedman, but how the fuck was it not counting juzo or kirigiri then?

It wasn't counting Kirigiri because her bracelet went off.
Which still makes no sense because Weedman never had a bracelet. It's just another thing you can add to the list of plot holes and shitty writing.

But he's right 3D of any form is trash

Reckon if we pester Kodaka enough he can rewrite DR3?

Since we get over 500 replies, lets begin a


Maybe he can do it as a proper game this time rather than shafting long time fans like this.

I believe DR3 was written so horribly so nobody would be sad when DRV3 comes out and has nothing to do with Hope's Peak or its characters.

Then we rewrite it so Chisa is the mastermind

>mfw Chisa FTEs
I can just imagine her facade just breaking every now and then as you talk to her

Maybe, but speaking of DR3 related things, we've still got the massive event for DR3 that's taking place next year. Maybe we'll get some sort of announcement relating to side materials then?

One folder for hopeman
One folder for hajimemes
Everything else runs free

Here's hoping for a standalone foundation mode or something. I want those FTEs as much as you do.