Hibike Euphonium

Ep 1: 3d 49m

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What are the chances Kyoani will actually remain somewhat faithful to the source material and sink the yuriship this season?

Fuck, we're down to 3 days already? I need to hurry up and rewatch S1.

Is this a somewhat satirical response to that background tracing meme.

Same here, gotta marathon it.

Is the side-content good?

It's time.

Holy shit, I've been thinking about this all month. I can't believe we're so close.

for you to start shitposting.

0%. Cry more hetfag.

>watching Hibike Ewwphonium

the best I tell you...THE BEST

I want to FUCK Reina.

>not watching for those sexy brass instruments and cool jams

>not taking the wrapping off your chocobar before eating it

Learn some self-restraint, Kumiko.

>' bike 'phonium

>gravitate together
>love and respect
Have you ever consider Ayano is a closeted homosexual and by oppressively denying her sexuality created an elaborate lie that homoeroticism is adolescence?

Not that user, but I've been quietly suspecting Ayano might be closeted. You don't write about how a woman's body feels against another woman the way she does and not have some underlying interest there.

Has anyone read any of her other stuff, does it have stuff like this in it? I think she wrote a romance story that won an award, then we have the Rikka spinoff.

>he doesn't know that all woman are bi to some extent

Unfortunately, I have not.

They might try to avoid Shuichi x Kumiko but they can't avoid Reina x Taki. Reina's character development in vol.2 in mainly about her love with Taki-sensei.

Do we really needed another season of this kyoani boring crap?

They are fucking desperate after that Musaigen abortion I guess

That's honestly really boring crappy development.

At least there's the side characters.


Eupho 2 ep 2:
Script: Jukki Hanada
Storyboards: Yasuhiro Takemoto
Director: Taichi Ishidate

>Ishidate will fuck up yet another franchise
WHY? KyoAni should let him go at this point.


He's a solid episode director.

if you read the material you'd know that the 2nd volume is literally "yuri" the volume

this gonna be good

Animation director: Nobuaki Maruki

Does megax browse Cred Forums?
Because if he got the staff list from the book or weibo, he should know who's the animation director is.

my closes K-market was out of ES because of this. Well thank god I have car so I can visit big malls.

Fujita storyboarded the ED for the obvious reason.

The OP is still Ishihara's, unfortunately.

Hope they're good

Also, is Fujita going to debut soon?

Ep 1: 2d 20h 19m

>Reina's big cum-on-me tits

You can't cum, Kumiko.

Vaginal juices.

In 2-3 years, maybe?
I think Takemoto has something in the pipeline, that might be why he only did the storyboard but isn't directing episode 2.
And I still think Ogawa will get his debut before Fujita so
Eupho 2 -> Takemoto -> Ishidate's VEG -> Ogawa -> Fujita

Who is Ogawa's sensei?

these are your floppy Reina's tonight

Yamada I think.

Nice, more of based Taki-sensei.

Those are way too big



She really wants an entire symphony of kids.


They're stylistically similar for sure but I don't think Yamada actually mentored him.
She's only a few years more experienced than Ogawa.

It would be nice to see somebody mentored by Takemoto.