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is it finally time for the best pharmacist next chapter?

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I love SanjixNami lots and lots

Reiju is perfection.

>My Review of 841
Not only is Oda making Sanji’s backstory sadder and sadder, he’s also making it the combination of all the other strawhats’s pasts. Oh boy, this chapter had me cry for the third week in a row. This chapter felt really short, but I severly enjoyed it. And Sanji was so incredibly cute in it!!!

Sanji is then on his way to the medical ward. Why is it so far away though? It seems Sanji has always been the stubborn type and he braces the weather to take his food to the medical ward. You know, I didn’t know I needed a tiny Sanji in a raincoat in my life, but I guess I do! This chapter probably has the cutest Sanji moments I’ve ever seen, and I generally think he’s cute. Even thinking of his smile when talking about All Blue or him feeding a rat or playing with a turtle… I think for now this might be the winning chapter of cute Sanji moments. This chapter really just has the most adorable moments, and Sanji in that outfit is just the first one!
Look at him falling… Ok, I’m sorry, I just can’t help it. (I can’t wait to see it animated.) He’s cute and deserves all the love he can get after what Oda is putting him through! Sanji manages to get through the storm, but meets a few obstacles along the way which also messes up the food he made.
Anyways, I find it interesting how it almost seems like they are forbidden to meet with their mom? Not only is the place far away, but Sanji says not to tell his father. And then his mother’s maid comes out to meet him.
Seriously, how old can Sanji be here? Like 6? He’s so damn cute though, and I actually love that he’s kind of a crybaby, because actually he’s still a crybaby. We learn that Sanji’s mother, the queen, is sick and therefore has trouble eating. Sanji really is the sweetest kid, and he seems to have always been that way. I still can’t believe how he can still be so kind after everyhing he’s gone through, especially when that kindness in particular was one of the traits that contributed to that horrible treatment to begin with.
Also, young Sanji is apparantly not all that good at cooking. His food even manages to produce some skull smoke. And then we finally get to meet her. After almost two decades Oda introduces us to Sanji’s mother.

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She is of course very pretty. Sanji obvioulsy loves her a lot, and even though his father doesn’t want him to go there he still does. He’s brusied and cut and seemingly very nervous. She tells her maid, Epony, that she will from now on eat the food that Sanji has made.
Sanji is sorry (and oh so adorable) and even though the food got ruined and was pretty horrible (evidently) Sanji’s mom does something that is so much like her son and eats it with gratitude despite everything. The love! On the one hand I am so happy that Sanji had one person in his life that truly loved him, on the other hand it’s so tragic that she ended up dying. Leaving Sanji behind in a situation that just kept getting worse and worse. (I do wonder what kind of relationship Sanji’s siblings has to their mother though?)
I wonder if we’ll ever learn her name? She doesn’t have any swirly eyebrows, so it seems even more likely now that the eyebrows really are a trait for the sibilngs only. Which would point in the direction of their experiments being related to Devil Fruits. I really think that might be the case, considering some other possible clues (I wrote a theory partly on this subject quite a while ago, maybe I should do an updated one?).
Also, I love her desing actually… I know that Oda tends to make all females very similar, but she just looks so darn kind! And she’s similar to Reiju for good reason, AND it looks like she doesn’t have huge boobs.

She eats the whole dish with a smile, making little Sanji ecstatic over having been able to make his mother happy. And there we have it, the foundation for Sanji’s love for cooking, his whole reason to become a chef. I kinda expected his mother to be the reason, especially after the last chapter, but the fact that she’s sick and Sanji just wants to keep making her smile…. Ugh, Oda is giving us so many emotional scenes with Sanji’s backstory, yet I can’t seem to get enough of it! I mean, look at his face! Look at that happy tiny little eggplant!
I do like Sanji’s mother a lot, but I hope there is more to her than this. Somehow it kinda feels like her being kind and sick is the least creative part about Sanji’s past so far. It did give us some really nice moments though, that I can’t wait to see animated. (I think if we get more it might either be through someone else, or through a conversation. Because it seems Oda might be done with Sanji’s flashbacks for now.)
Then we get back to the normal flashback with Sanji in that cage. And clearly the cute and happy(?) parts of the chapter are over, as illustrated by the grave of his at that point dead mother.
As Sanji is sitting in the cell, thinking back to his mother, he gets an idea. And he starts studying, and learning how to cook. It’s pretty nice of the Germa to give him all of this though… I mean, the situation is of course still horrible, but at least he can focus on something that makes him kinda happy.
We also see him reading about All Blue! We learn a lot about Sanji’s character this chapter, and it’s interesting that there is a book that tells of All Blue. But it makes me kinda curious as to what exactly is written about it? I mean, Sanji seems very sure about it’s existence when we first meet him at the Orbit… I hope that this isn’t the last piece we get to see of Sanji’s past. I still want more!


Then the three little devils show up, as they find that Sanji really is still alive. They mention to what a length Judge went through just to have him gone and then begins to call him useless again as they beat him up.
We see Reiju not agreeing with their treatment of Sanji, and even though she says she’s not on his side, she still clearly cares. At least to some extent. It’s very interesting though that the three brothers CAN’T feel sympathy and empathy. But Reiju can, despite being a success, so perhaps since she’s older Judge just didn’t alter that part of her? I’m starting to wonder if Sanji just got all the other three brothers’ worth of emotions as well by mistake? Because empathy and sympathy are two of the traits in Sanji that Oda has highlighted the most. Since the very beginning with Gin and all through the manga.
Reiju also lets Sanji know that they are about to climb the Red Line, because they are going to a war in East Blue. I wonder if that too is just for money? I mean, at this point they had already lost North Blue I suppose? And East Blue is the weakest sea, so maybe it was easy money? Hmm, makes me wonder if they’ve been there before… If Oda really makes Sanji’s family responsible for Nami becoming an orphan… I mean, he wouldn’t right? ^^’‘‘
And then we get this!
While Sanji is having a hard time falling around in his cell, the whole Germa Kingdom is climbing the Red Line, on snails. LOL! Oda really knows how to surprise. Since it was revealed in Jaya that Sanji was from North Blue it’s been speculated how he got to East Blue. And after learning about the Vinsmoke those theories also got adapted to invlolve his family, but I don’t think anyone predicted SNAILS! It looks both funny and kinda epic actually. And it will take them about three weeks to get over the Red Line… I mean, I suppose they are still snails? :P Still, kudos to Oda for once again surprising me with his ideas.

While this traveling is underway Sanji keeps getting beaten up by his brothers, and one day as Reiju is treating his wound, he let’s her in on his idea.
He wants to become a chef! (What’s up with his crazy eye though?) We have the start of Sanji’s dream, his motivation and the reason about his passion for food. I’m am so happy about everything this chapter is giving us when it comes to everything that makes Sanji who he is! Meanwhile Reiju tries her hardest to seem indifferent and to distance herself from him, to not let him think that she actually cares.
The war has started in East Blue and we see Judge comanding his army… I wonder who the Kotzians are? Will they have any relevance? It’s also kinda interesting that the ones getting attacked notes that Germa “do exist“. But since they are still considered a myth, does that mean that they usually don’t leave any survivers behind to tell the stories about them? Hmm… Since Nami already pointed out she’d heard of them but didn’t belive it, maybe Oda really will make her related in some way?
Sanji crying as he talks about running away in the East Blue, which means we have gotten to the part that named the chapter. And it seems above all else, he doesn’t want to be around his father anymore. Really though, Judge is easily my least favorite Vinsmoke! I just hate him more and more for each passing moment he’s in. Even Reiju is moved to tears, and she frees Sanji. Seriously, she just bends those bars open easily, so definitely super strong. Now, I don’t think Sanji is this much of a super human, but if he got some of those modifications they just might show up in Sanji’s main battle this arc? Who knows…

Still, Reiju frees Sanji but as he’s trying to run away (I think he’s trying to get the key to his mask?) he comes across Judge, who manages to be an even bigger douchebag than he already was. Sanji tells him that he’s going to leave and that Judge can’t stop him. And what does Judge do? Well, first he takes the time to once again remind Sanji of what a failure he is and that he’ll surely die if he leaves. It kinda surprised me that Sanji took up a knife against his father though. (The Sanji from 6 months earlier probably wouldn’t have.)
Judge is happy to hear that Sanji wants to leave and just go off and die on his own (that’s what he thinks will happen anyway.) He dares talk about his humanity after have treated Sanji horribly for years and is more or less happy to have his problem walking out on him. And despite Sanji just pointing a knife at his father and taking a stand against him, Sanji still cries. Can you believe, this innocent, kindhearted little boy who has been caged up for six months by his own father, who faked his death out of shame, after letting his son being bullied and treated like shit for years still has tears for the man who is supposed to be his father?! I mean… It’s just so heartwrenching. Somewhere Sanji probably still wished to be aknowledged, or even loved, by this scum of a man. I really don’t think there is a lower point for Judge now… I despise him and I hope that Sanji and Luffy gets to kick his ass! Judge is even “kind enough” to let Sanji get the keys for his mask before he leaves. But he does have one final request.
Now, this was just so emotional to read… He just takes that one last chance to rub it in Sanji’s face how worthless he his. Imagine, THE ONE THING HE’S ASHAMED OF! This does clear up one thing though… Why Sanji never had any problems with getting a bounty or being known. He simply just trusted that his father/family would never want him back either way...

Friendly reminder that cedar the pharmacist will join by the end of this arc

As long as he himself didn’t claim to be a Vinsmoke he could just live on in piece. I’m actually very satisfied that Oda gave us this explanation because I was wondering “Why now?“ and “Why doesn’t Sanji bother to hide himself?“ Apparently he just didn’t think there was any need to. And he was right, until “the dud” suddenly became useful.
This also explains why Sanji never mentioned anything… I mean besides the fact that he probably hates to even think about that time in his life, despite everything, Sanji still kept living by his father’s words. I mean, no wonder he was shocked when Capone read that invitation. In some sad twisted way, perhaps he for a fleeting moment even thought that maybe now when he’s strong they might actually treat him like a human. I say this mostly based on that line where Sanji said maybe they had become better but instead they all got worse. I mean, this is some deep traumatic experiences that Oda is writing about, and it’s rather amazing that this is happening in One Piece. I always thoguht Oda paid special attention to Sanji when it came to making him a deep and well developed character, but this is getting ridiculous. And so many things we learn about Sanji just fleshes him out even more and makes us understand things that happend ages ago on a whole new level. Re-reading pieces from Drum Island, Enies Lobby or Punk Hazard suddenly gets me much more emotionally involved with Sanji’s scenes (and trust me, I already was) and it’s just amazing that Oda can do this after all these years. (I’m currently making a post about all this, which I might be able to post quite soon thanks to this chapter) Anyways, moving on! The fact that Reiju cries also really gets to me. And the next few panels had me crying even harder…

My bad

But first, it’s also nice that Oda drew the Orbit, confirming that Sanji got there directly after leaving the Vinsmoke. This pretty much lets us know that the majority of Sanji’s flashbacks are over because we now have the full timeline (with a few jumps of course). What we can get now is either more detailed or specific events, or flashbacks about the Vinsmoke’s that aren’t from Sanji’s perspective. I still want to know more about Sanji’s relationship to women, because even though what we have now with Reiju and his mother is nice and definitely sets the women apart in Sanji’s life, I still don’t really see any reason as to why he would be unable to fight a woman. I hope Oda plans on letting us know more about this part of Sanji, especially since he highlighted it with Cosette. As I mentioned in my review for the previous chapter it wouldn’t surprise me if Nami will be involed in some way.
This was a very emotional scene, and I have to be impressed by Oda and how he’s managed to tell us three chapters in a row filled with great moments and of course a lot of crying. It is very similar to Robin and Saul though… And in fact Sanji more and more seems to have a combinated backstory with pieces from all the strawhats. Even so I find myself moved and definitely invested with Sanji’s story. I mean, I love Sanji so that’s obvious, but even so… His past has just made him that much more complex and lovable.
Then I must say love how Oda made Sanji’s hair ruffled because of the helmet. It’s actually kinda cute, even though it’s because of something horrible. Either way, it seems that Reiju is definitely on Sanji’s side, no matter how much she denies it. Two things comes to mind regarding her and Sanji that might be relevant. First we have Sanji’s line to Chopper in Water 7 about how a man is supposed to forgive a woman’s lies. (Could possibly also relate to his mother?)

Clearly Reiju does care, and I think Sanji knows this too, because he’s very good at knowing people’s true intentions. It makes me wonder if the things between them now, in present time, might be a bit of a show? I mean, obviously Sanji isn’t happy to be there, and he did stay cold towards Reiju. But if that is the way they played it ever since they were kids, despite Reiju still feeling something towards Sanji, perhaps they are just following in the same tracks? I mean, it seems like at least Reiju’s smile when she found out Luffy called Sanji their friend could be real.
We return to the present where Sanji has been beated up badly by his brothers right before he’s supposed to meet Purin. (In a few hours I guess?) Reiju comes in again, acting harsh, mentioning Zeff in a rather cold way and even kind of saying “Well, suit yourself you should have known better”. But now after the whole flashback it feels like she’s kind of playing it up to fit her proper role… I guess we’ll see in time, but I really think she’ll have a big role to play in this arc, most likely helping Sanji and/or the strawhats. I do like that we still don’t know exactly where she stands, she’s not black or white, but a bit more complex.
Then there is the last page, where we return to Luffy vs Cracker who has been going at it for 11 hours.

This was actually really funny. I did not expect to see Luffy eating the soldiers… And I did not expect Luffy to look like this! I think this is a very Oda thing to do though, and it’s nice to see that Luffy is actually thinking while fighting. Though it has been going on for a long time, so they should hurry or Cracker will have succeded in keeping them away from Sanji either way. I suppose Luffy has managed to keep up for so long since he’s constantly eating and that’s normally his recovery source. And Nami is dirty, so I suppse she has been assisting in some way.
The line about “…Maybe then your little friend will finally realize how futile all this is“ kinda confuses me, because I can’t really make out whom it’s reffering to? I suppose it must be Nami? Is it because she’s been urging him on as she’s reminded him about their lack of time or something? Luffy’s last line is no mistaking though, he will see Sanji! We’re sure to get more Cracker vs Luffy next week… It doesn’t look like Luffy will be able to finish off Cracker in time unless he does something more than “Fight, run, eat and repeat.“ He can’t take to much time because there is a time limit. Unless Nami is sent away on her own or Chopper and Carrot make some progress… But either way I am so ready for when that reunion between Sanji and the strawhats finally come. As off now he still doesn’t know they are there, so perhaps he’ll learn about that during the lunch with Big Mom? I’m also very curious about Sanji and Purin meeting, even though I am a little bit scared about the “exchange of wedding gifts“. But I think this review/analysis is long enough.
All in all a very touching chapter that had me emotional in various ways and I think that these last three flashback chapters together has been very interesting. But now it feels like way to long until next week… Maybe we’ll get a color spread, and then a break? Thanks for reading,

Dont be mean... Thoughts on the review?

I liked it :)

Eternal reminder that Momji is alive and she'll join the strawhearts

Along with Monet

She has simmetrical eyebrows, like Ichiji and Niji (look at the first flashback). The only ones that have asymmetrical ones are Sanji and Yonji.

Archive this somewhere maybe I'll read these when we are on a break week and I need my fix.

She really is.

does anyone have that "not as much of an asshole as you could have been" image?

Not too bad, could use more critique time on the art though since this is primarily a visual medium.

>Luffy bleeding a shit ton from the face
>Cracker not a single scratch on him
Will Luffyfags ever recover from this?

>Zoro will never interact with the Vinsmokes
>Zoro will never fight to get his nakama Sanji back
>Zoro will never get mad at the brothers or embarassed by Reiji
>Oda refused the occasion of picturing Zoro and Sanji relationship from another angle other than the old cat and mouse rivalry for once.

Huh, I never noticed Nami was in the giant tree's mouth there

Luffy will convert all that fat to energy. Calling it.


>4 member minus Luffy joined in East Blue
>4 in the Paradise
Since Oda is rushing the story in the new world, Caesar, Carrot, Jimbe and someone else will all join in this arc. Maybe Nami and co retreats while Luffy and the new world hats are fighting Big Mom

Nami will NOT leave that island without her beloved Sanji-kun.

Subscribed t b q h

>impyling Zolo won't travel to the wrong direction and won't end up saving Sanji

Just post a fucking link to a paste in or something.

The blood looks dried up and not very serious

Best girl.

>tfw when Yonji redeems himself, they'll use the mirror magic to fool BM and Judge and marry Pudding
Why would they be the only ones with exactly the opposite eyebrows?



reminder that after jinbe we'll just get the boring as fuck kinemon

Zoro would blitz all of them in two panels

When will the hack start a new cover story?

next year probably. there's abbout 20 chaps between them

Yeah, it's probably going to be him or someone equally shitty such as Momo.

Hack is just Sabo's buttslut

Sanji blowing up Germa 66 when? I want to see that happen so badly.

>Cred Forums - my blog


>another pervert
>another fart joke
>another swordsman
>generic samurai persona
nothing else to say about him, really.

So this week's another early release week, right? I'm guessing spoilers on Tuesday then.

Also, break after this one too?

probably, it's been a while without a break

Can Law just show up and Room Sanji's hands the fuck up releasing him from those retarded bracelets? What an annoying gimmick and Robin with the seastone shackles should really have been the last of that shit.

Why are you being so autistic about handcuffs?

Handcuffs killed my parents.

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Why the hell is sanji so weak???

he took after his father

His genes are weird. Notice he wears dress pants instead.

he's being blackmailed

Honestly the more I ponder on it, the more I think Caesar will be the one to join. Out of the two remaining spots to be filled, Jinbe is certain, but as for the other spot Oda stated that it would be "a past enemy". Caesar is the only one I really see fitting this bill, especially since he's been around with the crew for 4 arcs now.
>Ambition to become world's greatest scientist and to surpass Vegapunk
>Unique character in terms of design and personality
>Gets along with the crew now
>Bounty on his head
>Taller than Jinbe (since Chopper joined the following crewmates have continuously been taller)
>Multitude of combat abilities, even when not exactly a fighting type
>Has to be saved this arc along with Jinbe (SHs are clearly the only ones who will do this)
>It was stated that the last 2 crewmates would join successively, indicating the chance of Jinbe and Caesar joining back to back by the end of this arc

Reminder that Luffy will be the last one standing in the end.

Jinbe is dead get over it. Bellamy will join the SH before Caesar ever joins

Cause you're a dumb frog poster

nice content but change the format, the way it is now it´s exhausting to read.

>Jinbe dead
>Bellamy ever joining
Two memes in one hit user, slow it down. If you honestly don't know Jinbe will join at this point, you may as well just come to terms with it to save yourself the embarrassment.

>that face

I really don't see how the crew would come to the conclusion of letting him join. Unless he somehow redeems himself entirely, I don't see it happening.

We have a colour spread this week, then hopefully the following week one will start.

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The Sanji family will redeem itself, and they are mad scientist pirate nazis

>next chapter will be Luffys asspull

Well he did help save the minks for one, and there's probably a few other routes that will become available to redeem him.

it's just an old misunderstood statement, he was talking about the impel down group

Luffy will be the first one dead actually, upon his execution.

Mr2 takes his place

does someone have the blackbeard pacha edit?

Why was my picture deleted?

Because frogposting cancer


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To be fair I miss the time when there was only sad frog reaction images and feels good man. Those were perfectly fine and had their purpose, but then autists had to sperg out and go full leddit.

This is the gayest shit I've ever seen.

jinbe himself is boring and redundant in the face of sanji so I dunno why you think someone with a novel power is any worse

when did say jinbe wasn't boring

i wouldn't mind one bore if we actually got someone interesting in addition.

luffy was outright disgusted by ceasar clown and now can't even partially remember his name

there's been multiple opportunities to show that he has some kind of positive or reedemable side (kidnapped and forced to help in dresrosa, when saving the minks, his scene with big mom) but they constantly don't do this

he laughed about the ability of his new poison gas weapon to commit mass genocide

he's simply way too evil and disliked by the crew

Why is Caesar so perfect?

moralfag pls

What series do you think you're reading, again?

Broad shoulders and knows what he wants

At this point his negative qualities have pretty much crossed into comedic territory. He's a loveable scumbag.

Vinland saga?

I don't disagree, he's a fun character

But it would make absolutely zero sense for luffy to call him a nakama and willingly sail with him. The best ceasar will do is end up being laws bitchboy or otherwise a part of the strawhat fleet.

Honestly the more I ponder on it, the more I think Carrot will be the one to join. Out of the two remaining spots to be filled, Jinbe is certain, but as for the other spot Oda stated it would be "a past enemy", Carrot is the only one I really see fitting this bill, especially since she's been given so much spotlight for seemingly no reason and is the first person to ever sail with the strawhats for literally no reason besides ~adventure~

>Ambition to explore the world beyond her home, a romantic dream that hasn't directly been covered yet in a series based on sailing
>Unique character in terms of design and personality
>Gets along with the crew now
>Logia after she eats the yuki yuki fruit
>Will get a bounty on her head for being along for the ride when luffy messes up big mom, forshadowed by her fake wanted poster among the list of the real stawhat ones
>Multitude of combat abilities like electro, superior jumping abilities, speed fast enough to surprise luffy and zoro and in the future yuki yuki powers
>Has to be saved this arc along with jinbe (strawhats are clearly the only ones who will do this because she's trapped with chopper in mirror world)
>It was stated that the last 2 crewmates would join successively, indicating the chance of jinbe and carrot joining back to back by the end of this arc after everyone leaves cake island.

>Will get a bounty on her head for being along for the ride when luffy messes up big mom, forshadowed by her fake wanted poster among the list of the real stawhat ones
Big Mom is not a government affiliated pirate, why would they get bounties for defeating her?

because "she's one of those dangerous pirates that attacked big mom, she must be a big deal"

it'll probably be a gag one like choppers, but for as big control freaks as the government are I don't think "you specifically fucked with us" is the only thing that gets you a bounty, just seemingly being strong and out of their control.

I mean, buggy didn't do a damn thing in marineford yet his bountry skyrocketed

how did caesar escape the marine prison ship anyway?

did they really not use seastone cuffs?

What prison ship?

he was arrested after he set off the weapon 4 years ago, but escaped somehow with his ability

>there's been multiple opportunities to show that he has some kind of positive or reedemable side

He's going to play a major role in saving Sanji, obviously. Probably by accident. He'll be trying to save himself and end up saving everybody.

The crew will be like "wow we didn't think you were the kind of guy to put yourself at risk for others but maybe we were wrong about you Caesar" and he'll just go with it and not bother correcting them.

I don't think he's joining the crew though.

Maybe Vergo freed him on the condition he works for Dofflamingo

Tell me about your favorite cover.

Sanji's backstory just seems really derivative, and all because of Reiju hijacking Saul's line.

I think the backstory is okay otherwise. I think Judge is more complex than he appears to be, that or his mindset is so fucking alien that just straight up execution in the name of Eugenics is wrong but he can stomach letting Sanji rot in a dungeon or go out to see to die. Come to think of it, Judge never had to feed Sanji. There had to be some other shit going on.

Then again, whenever I think something like that, shit ends up being super simple and on-its-face.

Don't recall the volume but it's luffy jumping in the air as he does with Enel standing behind him looking cool. Believe it was bright yellow

So was Ceasar part of the scientist team before or after Vegapunk was captured by the WG? I think it would be funny if the two and 66 used to be part of something like the Science Pirates.

As a scientist Sanji is an inexplicable failure of his greatest achievement to Judge, but even though Sanji was his least favorite child he still loved him as a father

>I think Judge is more complex than he appears to be

Definitely. Judge may be a harsh perfectionist but he's also a family man. He'll put sanji in jail or let him risk his life at sea but he could never pull the trigger on one of his kids. He was OK with Sanji escaping because at least that way the blood isn't on his hands.

I'm expecting we'll get a short flashback at some point to a young Judge who was similar to Sanji (ie weak) but was constantly praised anyway, making him overconfident and leading to some personal tragedy. Classic tale of a parent trying to correct their own mistakes via their kids and going too far in the process.

We're absolutely going to get a scene where Sanji beats Judge and tells him "if I'm a failure what does that make you?"

kinemon isn't that boring, jimbo however is extremely boring. kanjuro would be a fun addition for a bit though the gag would get old

It was before right?
Ceasar worked directly under Vegapunk didn't he?

Man, imagine if Judge gets the shit kicked out of him and more than anything else, he's happy because Sanji turned out to be a success after all.

As much as I truly want caesar to join, I highly doubt it, given his very shady past

as long as it's not Raizou

That's pretty good, very Oda thing to do. I'll be hoping for that now.

And if Sanji can convert the Germa to supporting him, then the battle with Big Mom gets a lot more even.

I think Judge still does consider himself weak, and that's why he was so hard on Sanji. He could have just kicked him off the boat when his modifications didn't take, but instead he just intensified his training. Their duel, while not exactly a cake walk for Sanji, seemed way too close for someone of Judge's status.

My theory is Judge really is a big pussy without his toys and the reason he wanted his children to grow up with superhuman mods is so they never have to feel as powerless as he does without technology, but the only one who truly got anywhere without science was Sanji.

I think he'll have a revelation after he gets his ass kicked, but it will be too late by then.

Literally forgot that character existed lmao

Kind of hope Oda does too, he was so fucking stupid

shurorororo, as if I would ever join those goody twoshoes strawhats

>I think Judge still does consider himself weak, and that's why he was so hard on Sanji.

Yeah, imagine if we get a flashback to young Judge struggling to even do a few pushups, falling on his face, being a weak shitter but still being told "You're the greatest, Judge! We're so proud of you!"

Then later he sets out on his own and gets his ass kicked, realizing he was just being coddled before. That would explain a lot about not only how he treats Sanji but his general obsession.

For me it's mostly that we don't need Luffy/Chopper/etc. constantly going "SO COOL~" every time he does a ninja thing. Imagine how fast that would get old. It already got old and they did it like once.

kek, literally "hurr durr naruto iz kewl :DDD" the person

>Imagine how fast that would get old. It already got old and they did it like once.

The only good part of that bit was Law and Zoro also being into it and Franky's absurdly serious delivery on the ALL MEN LOVE NINJAS line.

The anime would beat it to death within a single episode

do you ever hope that half the crew would die just because they're fucking annoying?

That manga is good.

I can't imagine how you've followed the story this far if you hate half of the Strawhats.

Out of curiosity, who are some of your favorite characters?

Anyone got that pic of Luffy crying "I have my crew!" but the crew is replaced with Buggy and Urouge and stuff?

Brook had better not be on your shitlist

Kill Nami, Chopper and Usopp.
This manga would be better off without them.

Same. I don't like Luffy, Zoro, Franky, and Chopper.



>kill Usopp

you had best be shitting me

Not much would change without him

I don't ship anyone man. I just don't like those characters the most out of the crew.

If you gave one of those toy frogs that swim in the bath a devil fruit would it still be able to swim?

I used to like usopp but Oda ruined his character after water 7.


Just kill Robin. That way, nobody will be able to find One Piece, the series can end, and Oda can finally have his well deserved vacation.

I've never really liked Robin. She's alright, but it just feels like Oda has trouble finding stuff for her to do. It's like he's always holding back with her because she's a woman. I personally don't think he originally intended for her to join. He originally thought the series would only last 5 years and Robin is nothing like any of the characters he first drafted to be potential Straw Hats. She was clearly made up mostly on the spot and added more stuff to her character as the story went on, which isn't a bad thing, but I don't get that impression as strongly with any other characters.

But no, I wouldn't want her to die.

I love every other Straw Hat. You're just a faggot.

Is this guy Oda's version of The Joker?

>I never really liked Robin
Stopped reading there.
Landwhales namifags don't have a valid opinion

Yea it was pretty much the peak of One Piece

No. The Joker does what he does for a giggle. Caesar is just a scientist that enjoys torturing children in his spare time and has the power to turn into farts.

If I had to pick a second least liked Straw Hat, it'd probably be Nami. I like her and all, but Oda can't really get over his Japanese traditional mindset which has turned what used to be a cute tomboy you really wanted to see fight and hold her own into kind of an annoying slut who won't get many fights because she can't see past her tits. I still like her. I like Robin, too; she just doesn't feel as natural.

His name is Caesar.

Kaido will and if he doesn't then Blackbeard will. Just you watch.

Oda literally made up all of the supernova on the spot during that arc after his editors made a suggestion to him. Look how perfectly they fit in. Even if Robin was made up on the spot, she has relevance to the entire story.

Don't be a retard. He was doing the job big mom paid him to do.

And loving every second of it.

>Robin is nothing like any of the characters he first drafted to be potential Straw Hats
Which is a good thing, I enjoy the level-headedness she brings and her and Franky (when he isn't being SUPER) get to the point whenever there is something strange, they point things out the others fail to notice, and their for the most part "adult" behavior is a nice contrast to the rest of the crew.

Remember when Carrot casually took Luffy down and went for his jugular? I think she was practicing right here. Pretty suspicious if you ask me.

I love robin because she's a great foil to annoying retards like ussop

I do think that he should have gotten a little less cowardly after Water 7 but it's not like his development is completely done. He had the funniest moment in the entire Dressrosa arc and a lot of setup has been built up around him. I think Oda is going to give him a huge spotlight in the next arc or maybe the one after. If he /still/ doesn't develop the next time the story focuses on him I might agree with you

Yonji is also the one that looks like Sanji the most.
I can see that happening.

I cannot get enough of this face. Fuck haha it's hilarious.

his face angers me


It's perfect in its own way. I want to punch him but at the same time I crack up when I stare at it.

I thought the funniest moment was when Dellinger was beating up Bellamy desu

Would you let this squirrel check you for nuts?

She can scavenge around in my hole any day of the week.

He's such a retarded little monkey. It's great.

i actually feel bad for luffy this episode

Goodnight anons.

a literal wall of text at the start of this thread

>one piece ISN'T on break this week

>strawhat OFFICIAL smarts
>*street and book* (base lvl 5)










Sanji should be on top of Nami. The rest are fine

Now that you mention it, i see what you mean. I feel like laughing while kicking that mongoloid face.

No, but i wouldn't mind showing my carrot to Carrot.

She looks nothing like a squirrel.

>franky number one
You do realize that robin is smarter book and street wise right? She has been on her own since she was a kid and having to take care of her self she has been through way more then franky has. Definitely her not being caught. And franky isn't even really book smart, he just knows how to make ships.

Don't forget that Robin is probably the only person in the world who can read the language of the Poneglyphs and was a full-fledged Scholar of Ohara at a very young age.

have you guys considered the possibility of carrot being used as a Krillin-kind bait? For sanji's genes awakening i mean lol

Any female in the world, including Big Mom herself, produce a similar reaction from Sanji.

>including Big Mom
Sanji doesn't care about ugly hags.

I dislike how in a big world of big bad pirates we have to follow it through this group of teeny boppers although that's changed somewhat
He already made them up, the editor just had him introduce them in Shabondy instead.

It's all of them

Got dammit so it's true. Jack really is invincible and keeps coming back. When will it end


Volumes four and ten were some of my absolute favorites way back in middle school and I've always loved the covers to volumes twenty-one and twenty-two linking up to show the groups staring one another down.

dude bellamy lmao

How would you make Miss Goldenweek useful in the New World?

anyone get a laugh out of how cartoonishly evil sanji's "family" is

i know its one piece but oda laid it on extra thick

Yeah, the Nazi imagery and clone army really puts their cartoonish villainy over the top


Mods are fucking autists

OP always had that. Remember how ridiculously evil Wapol, Enel, Spandam, Hogback, and Caesar were? Oda likes going to unrealistic extremes with everything.

In fact, Judge has more humanity than any of those guys, least he loves four of his kids.

this one is his magnum opus of tragic backstories though

im not sure how it could be worse, maybe if his mom was just fucking with him

ayy lmao


Is this supposed to be hot? Because it looks fucking retarded.

Romance dawn is still my favourite

Judge did nothing wrong.

The first ones were really cool but for me the best are the arabasta and dressrossa enemy-teams covers and the mirroring between the first volume cover and the first after the timeskip

Well he actually is the ultimate responsible for Sanji's existence

>past enemy

The fact that you think it'll be anyone besides based Buggy is absolute heresy

Thriller Bark and Marineford covers are my favourite.

>Oda stated it would be "a past enemy"
>It was stated that the last 2 crewmates would join successively


>Implying volume 69 isn't objectively the best cover


That's also one of my top ones, but as a whole those two arcs produced covers in which I love every one of.

1/5 of his masterpieces was a dud he must have done something wrong

looks great but the retarded kids piss me off

Momo or Mocha?

mocha. momo's expression is pretty funny, but those candy kids were super annoying

Thriller Bark was such a blast. I just finished revisiting it over the weekend.

Thriller Bark best arc.

>Special Visual Effects by Devil Fruit Digital
That gets me every time.

Why doesn't Ceasar just make everyone pass out by taking away all the oxygen and then escape?

In Big Mom's lab you mean?

lickitung has his heart

The range for that technique is pretty limited plus what this user said

>He just knows how to make ships

1: it's untrue, 2: it requires intelligence to design functional ships

he's a sefl-constructed demi cyborg, he has advanced technological knowledge

I for robin I could say

>She just read books

Also she learned how to read the poneglyphs at a young age, it's easier to learn a language at a young age.

Robin definitely deserves to be n°2 or 1 ex aequo but Franky deserves to be on top anyway

Franky's fairly smart but Robin never blew up the building she was standing in
only an uneducated and misled reindeer would think that skulls were a symbol of good things

how you want your covers senpai?

Are we getting the chapter early this week as well?

Does anyone have the "I have my crew'" edits?

Damn I remember the cover for volume 30. I just started reading One Piece and my friend who owns every volume showed it to me. He told me how Luffy would fight a god etc. Getting to that arc was like my big goal.

Last week wasn't early.

Something like this, but with different characters as the crew. I remember one with all Urouge, and one that had people like Ceaser and that Ink dragon.

I like it

Forgot image.

I think Viz had the right idea breaking the series up and making it clear which part of the story was happening on the covers, they just fucked the execution.

Like, why is volume 32 labled Water Seven when it's got 7 chapters of Skypiea and 3 of Water Seven in it. Same thing with volume 50 not carrying the Thriller Bark heading.

And why does it go by saga up to the end of Thriller Bark, then break the Marineford War saga into Sabaody/Impel Down/Paramount War, then go back to super long sagas after. That doesn't make sense.

I hope like fuck that New World ends with volume 80 and they bring in a Totland or Four Emperors banner to go forward with.

Could have been so much better, Viz

>And why does it go by saga up to the end of Thriller Bark, then break the Marineford War saga into Sabaody/Impel Down/Paramount War, then go back to super long sagas after. That doesn't make sense.

Yes it does. Sabaody, Impel Down and Marineford are three separate arcs.

And all the seperate arcs of East Blue weren't?

And Whiskey Peak/Little Garden/Drum/Alabasa weren't?

And Jaya/Skypiea weren't?

And Davy Back/Water Seven/Sea Train Chase/Ennies Lobby weren't?

And Fishman Island/Punk Hazard/Dressrosa weren't

Sure the three arcs have different settings, but they all build to the one climax that is the battle at Marineford. They're three small chapters of a larger saga, hence why we have the arc/saga descriptors in the first place.

Sabaody does not feel like a separate chapter of the story to Marineford. Look at how it's used as the world outside the battle's view to the action, with all the citizens watching on the screens and commenting. There's a reason Oda used that island and not, say, Alabasta. Or Water Seven, which is about as close. It's all meant to run together.


Can we just take a moment to talk about how incredibly shitty Franky's timeskip design is?

we are
public holiday pushes the magazine's release date back

female detected

Does this mean we'll get non-fake spoilers tomorrow?

>user thinks I'm a girl


Very very likely, but of course, not a 100% guarantee, senpai

When Dragon is holding his meeting at Iva's place, does that mean that Teach destroyed an empty island?

>does that mean that Teach destroyed an empty island?
The revolutionaries were at the island upon the attack.

But the newspaper only stated that Blatigo was destroyed, they never spoke of a fight. The only fight there was Blackbeard pirates vs CP0

Because the newspapers weren't there at the time it began. The revs likely were overwhelmed by BB pirates and fled. Burgess would have definitely called BB and told him to call off the attack if they'd left beforehand, and they didn't even know their position had been found.

I don't mind it myself, but I can see why some people dislike it. It's a drastic and over the top redesign for sure.


Nice head canon,
I'm really hoping there was an actual engagement between the BB and the revolutionaries, but
>The revs likely were overwhelmed by BB pirates and fled. Burgess would have definitely called BB and told him to call off the attack if they'd left beforehand
that's just speculation, there are tons of way this moment could've been played out.


They literally have no reason to fight Blackbeard.

The Revo's aren't dumb, they probably saw BB's fleet coming from miles away and just relocated.

Is there a WCI one yet? I'm excited to see it.

Read the thread heres the 1st one There will be another one soon

volume 83 comes out in like a month
give it another three weeks or so and we should get the cover

ehh 82's more of a transitional one, hey? They don't even reach Whole Cake in that volume. It barely starts off Totland.

>the RA was there and overwhelmed
>burgess would have called
user there's a lot of things that could have happened. The RA could have been leaving while BB were just arriving and they blew the place up before they left. I mean dragon already set up a meeting and iva was setting up his place. Plus you don't find it strange that the WG suddenly got a anonymous tip to the RA base that has been hidden for years right before all this went down? They must have gotten it fairly early since they were able to run into BB who I doubt was just chilling for days on the island. Also burgess was super injured. He didn't seem to be in a position to be moving a lot.

So when will we see this QT again? I honestly don't care about the gag fight going on right now. I rather we get some info on Jinbe or they hurry up to this dinner.

>best pharmacist
of course, since he's the only one we've seen so far

Nobody cares about ugly girls.
It seems only you do.
Feel sorry for your low self steem

She's not ugly.

>only one we seen
>who's judge

She is ugly in both of her forms.
Get rid of her Oda

>nobody cares about ugly girls
>y-you have low self esteem
>you're the only one who like her

yet you seem to have to reassure your self anytime someone makes a comment on pudding. Are you that scared your SANA ship won't happen?

>inb4 I-Im not a shipperfag

Ignore, it's just a faggot trying to save his sinking ship

neko and inu are getting figures. pretty cool.

it's really a shame they're amputees now, I hope law gives them new limbs or franky gives cybernetic limbs


Does somebody know where to find the latest colorized chapters ? I don't know if they've been translated yet...

how strong are those two minks?
we saw inuarashi stop jack's swinging dong (and nekomamushi is equivalent to him), but what does that equate to? and how do they compare to the strawhats?

Even if I was a SANAFAG, Nami is a million times hotter than that mutant

Eww, delete this.
Truly disgusting

They haven't been translated yet. I honestly don't even know where you can buy the Japanese versions at

I don't see any of the strawhats fighting on even grounds with Neko or Inu. Much less Jack. Not right now at least.

I like that Sanji outfit. Same with Brook's on Zou.

Sanji has the best fashion sense in the crew, no doubt of that.

>even if I was a SANAfag
Who are you trying to fool? You are a SANAfag. That's why you get so butt hurt over pudding Comments.

>N-Nami is a million times hotter
Now it just sounds like you're crying, trying to convince your self that that's true.

as strong as Jack, which means stronger than Doffy

I'd say they were at least as strong as the Monster trio before the amputations
Jack could barely hurt an elderly mink and Neko and Inu are the strongest Minks by far

but they look the same

>I don't see any SH fighting on even grounds with them
I don't think they're that strong. It took two of them just to handle jack and still couldn't push him back. And with jack, oda has shown with cracker that anything possible

Not trying to convince myself.
It is true. Nami is way better looking that purin.
Purin looks like a half retard version of Nami.
I understand why Sana shippers wouldn't like her.

Jack doesn't seem to be particularly strong on the offensive. He's an extremely good tank though. An island sized elephant knocked the shit out of him and he was still conscious. Not to mention the fact that he faced admirals shortly before that says a lot about his durability. Can Jack even be defeated? How will Kaidou get wrecked? It seems impossible.

Kinda.. except for pudding looking like the retarded cousin of Nami.

A bit less stronger than Jack, but your quads were close enough.

Just imagine if Jack had the Yami Yami No Mi
Taking extra damage isn't a issue when you're invincible

>And with jack, oda has shown with cracker that anything possible
Luffy can't even beat cracker normally. That's why he resorted to tiring him out over a long period of time. G4 can't damage Cracker after 11 hours of repeated use.

Even if Luffy does win (most likely will), he is not stronger in terms of fighting power.

>I'm not trying to convince myself
>pudding looks like a half retarded version of her
Like I said keep trying to convince yourself. Oda used the same formula he always uses to make attractive females.

>I-I can see why SANAfags would hate her
Like I said you're not fooling anyone. Yeah you can see why they would hate her because she's a threat to sink you all ship for good and now your scared.

volume 73, 74 and 75 will be released tomorrow. Gonna be a while until it's translated though

I'm currently working on the 3 chapters that were posted on arlong park for myself using the powermanga translations. But i hope someone picks it up (soon) because once it gets to pages where more redrawing is required i'll reach my limit

better than 99% of modern (((journalism)))/10

who's the woman in the background?momji?

Into the trash it goes.

Also whose laugh out of all characters, resembles yours most?

>pre-ts fags

She looks retarded, is not my fault if you don't see it.


She can create infinite clones out of colors.

Everyone knows that bigger tits and thinner waists are better. There is no exception to this rule. You either like it or are a faggot.

Princess bibi-sama

Oh gross
Warn a guy, will ya?

That Sanji figure looked way better before it was painted, but Inu and Neko look pretty good for prizes.

I can't understand how the fuck can anyone like caesar
Cowardly, liar, traitorous and an absolute piece of shit in everything he has done. He is objetively a horrible manipulative bastard and a bad person but with no charisma to redeem it. We are told that he is a genious but acts like a bufoon.
Crocodile, Enel or Doflamingo were also terrific villains that did horrible things, but had a charismatic side to them that was portrayed into their schemes and their threatening attitude and presence.

Seriously, who the fuck can ever consider caesar ever joining any crew, let alone the strawhats? has the coloured volumes up to 75 for ¥500 each.

whats up guys


It's all past encounters this time, each joining on their third run-in.
And Bon Clay


>genetically engineered superhuman
>spends the entire timeskip training with trannies
>completely useless in Fishman Island because of his nosebleeds
>fractures leg against Vergo without him even going into niggamode
>loses against Dofla in 30 seconds
>can't do anything to Bege
>gets the shit kicked out of him first by his dad and then by his brothers
Why is Sanji such a failure? He's supposed to be strong but he hasn't achieved anything at all post-timeskip.

stop bad-mouthing the poor guy. he has nothing but the best interests of the world in mind.

Crocodile did nothing wrong.

That chapter was great.

He even went out of his way to free his friend from prison. What a guy. Would drink a beer with.

>she looks retarded
As I said that's only to you scared SANAfags

Alright thanks user

>the newspaper tell the truth and aren't controlled by the WG

>two hands

>reading wan piss
>reading garbage deviant tier art and shit story telling

you gonna leave or do I have to ZEHAHAHAHA you?

Oh right... Franky looked cool back then.
I forgot...

you're really easy to recognize you know. I wonder if you realize that.

Your favorite manga is shit.

>Dead Revo leaders wouldn't be good PR for the WG

Carrot thinks ur a faget

wtf I love Carrot now.

Could you really blame him for pressing the button?

pic related

>Bon Clay
I'm okay with this.

Those marines are tiny.

nah it's caesar who's tall. he's like twice law's height, easily over 3 meters

i'm still confused as to why he has a ram's horns

I wanna see Whitebeard fight a post-timeskip style fight with all out haki stuff. Hard to imagine him flying around the battlefield like Doffy and Luffy.

viz user?

>scared sanafag
Okay I'll play.
You only like purin because you wish she will save your ship lunafag.
Won't happen.

Oda said that characters with horns just have them in an SBS around Impel Down (it was regarding Hannyabal, I think), they were born with them but they aren't a specific species or anything.

>D: Sometimes, we see the appearance of humans and giants with horn like things, but in this world, are horns basically something sorta like buck teeth? P.N. Wozapomu
>O: Yep, they're there. Guys that look unbelievably non-human here and there. Well, I guess. Don't think much about those traits. I look forward on drawing more and more interesting faces.

Is out already?

What do you want to know?


Kill your self

Master of sand, karate and pussy

They said they were winning the war of attrition before Jack started using the poison gas

Regarding Ceasar I do think we'll see him form his own crew after this arc. He'll probably be a part of the SH fleet, though he'll constantly whinge and moan about it

They were yeah, against his crew. she also said they tried everything but impossible to make Jack back out.









>mineral water from the South Blue


>Be Judge
>Create genetically evolve humans
>Give three of them no empathy
>Not see how this could backfire whatsoever

Its amazing those three dicks havent killed Judge out of boredum yet.

Spoilers when?


Luffy beats Cracker.

>give them no empathy
>he doesn't know what figurative speech is

>is it finally time for the best pharmacist next chapter?
You're not serious, right? It's probably going to be a chapter focusing solely on Luffy finally beating (or finding a winning strat) against Cracker, two, three or four (max) more chapters worth of pages about the seducing woods.

I feel we won't see Cedar again until this arc gets into the wedding itself, the cliffhanger of Caesar standing outside that massive factory being told he has two days to make the impossible happen or its off with his head. He's not gonna make it happen, so the Strawhats will save him towards the end of this arc.

But I've really grown to love Caesar myself and hope he joins instead of Jinbe at this point, but it looks like Jinbe's #10

sankyuu vizanon

>past enemy

Logia type incoming.

Hell ya arigato based vizanon

>Robin and her dark humor

Why doesn't Luffy just digest the food? or barf or poopoo (of screen, of course)

You mean nothing happens the chapter again? Ohwow you get me

awesome, thanks

>sanji arc someday ends
>you never see Reiju again

at the reverie mate

good riddance

Was Reiju trained to be perfect in any way, even in bed?

Yeah, either the Reverie or as the Germa new Commander if she finally sides with the SH.

Bon-chan deserves to be a strawhat

If Caesar stayed behind to save the SHs would he be redeemed? I think Bon beat the shit out of a kid and laughed about it.

Or that scientist who helps germa. He seemed pretty chill

Cobra will die at the Reverie

funny meme?

I really liked how she said chance.

Sounds super cute.

doing god's work user
Anyway, Reiju is best girl

Ceasar has two weeks, not just two days or deadline

I'm so happy Law isn't on the opening synopsis anymore.

so does this confirm they were in fact modified to have no sympathy and such?

reiju still has them cause she was a prototype. sanji has them cause he was a failure.

>genetically modified human
>average size / body for the OP universe
>strong, compassionate, interesting DF
>original design
she's the hottest girl Oda's created in a long time, I'll give her that

oh, you're right. That changes things quite a lot then.
but still once the two weeks are up he's as good as dead

If Caesar puts his life on the line for Luffy just because Luffy wants to save his friend then yeah, that would be the path of redemption (would need to do more good shit afterward to get a full redemption tho) but I don't think he will.

Also, iirc Bon Clay thought Crocodile was overthrowing the kingdom to create an utopia.
He was acting wrong for the right reasons, Ceasar does wrong for wrong reasons.

What do you know? You're just a dog!

Nope, still a huge leap from what we've been told to what we know as fact.

No you retard. That's like if she said they are heartlesss. That would not mean they don't literally have a heart.

>retard of the thread

how is it a leap? they clone soldiers were said to be programmed to be loayl and fearless

this is how she'll look in the anime

Bigger, Oda made them bigger after her first appearance

screencapped, you better suck my dick when I'm right

You better suck OUR dicks when we're right.

One hand is sand

Level 5.5 is perfect for trannies though. The floor shouldn't exist and they are one level from being removed from history. It's almost poetic.

What did you change?

Do you know how many times I've argued tooth and nail only to be wrong in the end? Pretty much everytime.

We can do it right now then. I know you are eagerly awaiting it.

just let him die, I don't want to see him again

you sound like that guy who kept arguing the guys in the tank aren't clones

Hey guys, do you have a moment? I would like to talk to you about SanjixNami and how much they love each other.

Sent from my Android phone


Excuse me, but the best pairing is actually SanjixMiss Monday. Not many people can see the true beauty in it.

is "literally" spelled wrong on purpose?

That's a common misconception. Sanji and Nami are both a miracle of the universe. They both are beautiful inside and out.
Theye both deserve to be happy.
Sent from my Android phone

the only acceptable pairing is luffy and hancock

One Piece is about adventure

Please don't disgrace my waifu.

so is my weiner

if dubs miss monday is my new waifu.

She's Kuzans daughter

the only canon nigga in one piece

>he succeeds in making adults giant
>accidentally uses it on Nami
>Giant Nami crashes the wedding and rescues Sanji

Make it happen

You are confused because she looks like old and cool Sanji.

can these two just fuck already?

Usopp is a nigger
Luffy got Spic skin

I want her to use all that strength in a gentle way

they're all the same in the manga

I wouldn't mind seeing that.

Then why the fuck is this retard involving Sanji in his life again? It goes both ways you sack of shit.

I can see Zolo having strong female fetish since his childhood waifu

He found a use for Sanji. Still hates Sanji for being a failure but he finally has his family back.

Zoro looks his best in black and white the green is matching too well with his hair.

>being a cuck
she already has a kid with mr 9

Whiskey Peak is probably the most underrated arc. It's fucking awesome actually.

Sounds like shit writing.
Unless Oda comes out with that Germa has another goal.

That's my kid, 9s the cuck.

After all that shit talk Sanji isn't his to use. He made those conditions himself.

That's why they put handcuffs on him and threatened to kill Zeff.

He doesn't want to lend one of his other sons to Big Mom. He wants his sons to stay with him, at least the ones he likes.

Damn, what an asshole. And hypocrite. And lack of foresight in regards to his actions having consequences. I hope Sanji kicks his ass so he learns that he can't eat the cake and whistle too. I want to see him as broke as Spandam.

shouldn't he like Sanji now? I mean he became kinda strong.

Nope. Being pragmatic (not what I want to happen):

1. Momonosuke will learn to inscribe poneglyphs at Wano, and then join the crew, so that that like Roger's crew, Luffy's has the ability to make inscriptions on rocks.

2. Caesar will join.

3. Akainu will invade Fishman Island to capture Shirahoshi. Jinbe will leave to save her.

Yeah, but that's not relevant since it's none of his business. By his own words.

Reiju sees it
Yonji sees it
Judge commented on Sanjis strength, something like
>to think you of all people would have haki...
Then hid behind his soldiers and sent Sanji flying with probably his strongest combo. After Sanji stood up like it was nothing, they cuffed him and used cheap tactics. Suddenly Judge tells the kids
>don't fight sanji, he needs to stay good for the wedding
Yea right, he knows Sanji would wreck all of them.

0ju, 1ji, 2ji and 4ji are his best weapons so he doesn't want to give any of them to Big Mom's family under no circumstances.

So he just takes his throwaway good for nothing piece of shit son and uses him as a simple connection.


So why doesn't he just get close to him to tell him a joke and then knock him out to take his heart back?

His power is so fucking broken that him not having his heart is the only thing keeping him from escaping.

He could turn himself into a fart and just fly away when Big Mom opens a window.

When did Franky earn his doctorate? Oh wait, never.

When did Robin? Oh yeah, WHEN SHE WAS EIGHT

I don't think Sakazuki would personally go. He may just send Ryokugyu.

He disowned him so Sanji isn't his to throw away.

This guy gets it.

When was the first time you were like "Oh shit"?

I like Caesar's design, I don't see how he could be redeemed though.

>tfw one or two years without Franky memes..

I actually remember discussing the Sabaody chapters on Cred Forums. That was a wild ride.

Yeah, her little jokes were dark as fuck when she was a heel.

Speedreaders leave

>sanji pointing a gun towards a woman


He repented almost immediately 2 pages later.

see:he realised she was a woman like a panel later

He's going to die at the end, isn't he?

robin spoke though, Sanji already knew that it was a woman

Old man Usopp will tell stories about the whole adventure to some kids at the end of the story and the kids will think he is lying.

You are a retard.
Read the SBS faggot. Oda defended his mistake by saying the gun was not loaded.



Who are the most likely in the crew to kill an enemy without csring too much about it? Beyond Zoro.


That's probably how the show will end. It'll just pan to an elderly Usopp telling kids the story we just spent years watching.

I'm serious. Look it up

What if the whole manga is just another lie of Ussop?

I want to see Sanji punch him in the face. If anyone deserves it, it's Judge.


Yeah, Robin.

Sanji and Franky too I guess, if it comes to that.

so pale




I want to hear robin angrily growl eeehhh??

Nico Robin


I like that when it comes to the stage, the usually stoic Robin is the biggest ham of all.


Makes sense though cause she's not used to people watching her

I ship them

That looks so fucking garbage

why does robin sound so damn nasal nowadays? is it just the seiyuu aging?

Just say voice actor

Spee D. Reader

>y-you only like her so she can save LUNAfags
>ha I showed him
How would her getting with sanji save that ship? I thought it was pretty obvious by now that hancock will win. Main girls don't end up with the MC user. Only someone as delusional as you would ship them. I like her because she isn't a slut, she actually looks attractive, she isn't scary and is the perfect girl for sanji.

Do I look like some filthy gaijin casual? I say seiyuu, baka.


>lying on the Internet
Whatever you say lunafag. Well all know you ship Luffy and Nami

I have just finished watching OP movie Gold.

Pretty decent, but nothing special.

In the end it is all the same over and over again.
It's the same a,b,c pattern Oda has been using since the beginning of the manga.

Zoro was rather pathetic in that movie, useless and little screentime.
Nami was brilliant, she outsmarted Tesoro.

Rob Lucci and Sabo making a short appearance was boring, nothing was shown anyways.


Is it online?




Yes, a bad quality cinema-rip, but whatever.

The struggling of the Straw Hats didn't feel heavy or anything serious to be honest, rather boring.

I miss the feeling of OP up to Water7 Arc.

How's Your anus

More Robin

>you're a LUNAfag.
Well that's cool. That still doesn't change the fact that pudding is going to sink your ship and no amount of calling her ugly will change that



Friendly reminder that Doffy has the best song

Ok. Glad you finally came out as a lunafag. You stopped being a pussy

It's okay. I don't think metal really fits Doffy though.


So you admit that you only call her ugly since you're a SANAfag. Alright tl

are you autistic lunafag? you said nothing about being a sana shipper.
How retarded are you?

>Akainu singing

This feels weird.

sweaty robin


Do you think crooning fits Enel?

Make way for the best Supernova

sorry guys someone had to post the obvious best



Nope, fuck off.
Someone make a new one when we hit bump limit.
Fuck this newfags

We'll go back to the struggling soon enough, the lighter tone since the timeskip has been enjoyable but it's getting more serious quickly now.


Someone make a new thread.


Kill yourself.

I could definitely see Robin snap a guy's neck and throw him into the ocean without batting an eye.

Here's Robin with no hesitation at all taking down Cabbage.

You made it before bump limit faggot.
Someine make a new one

Nice get

Stop bumping the guy that makes them before bump limit

Who cares?

>hasn't said anything about you being a SANAfag.
I literally just said pudding will sink your ship. What other ship would I be talking about? You clearly knew I was talking about SANA. I don't think I have to call you what you obviously are, every post. You should know it

holy shit, is sanji actually gay?

If it is just the girls that feel empathy and sanji is one of them, maybe this has some tie in to his okama shit.

Read the rules new faggot

I am especially pissed how Oda changed Zoro.

No struggle, 0.
No blood loss, nothing, no improvement to another level during fighting.

Zoro needs a real challenge in the New World.