My soul is dark – Oh! quickly string

My soul is dark – Oh! quickly string
The harp I yet can brook to hear;
And let thy gentle fingers fling
Its melting murmurs o’er mine ear.
If in this heart a hope be dear,
That sound shall charm it forth again:
If in these eyes there lurk a tear,
‘Twill flow, and cease to burn my brain.

But bid the strain be wild and deep,
Nor let thy notes of joy be first:
I tell thee, minstrel, I must weep,
Or else this heavy heart will burst;
For it hath been by sorrow nursed,
And ached in sleepless silence, long;
And now ’tis doomed to know the worst,
And break at once – or yield to /ai/ - Idle Activities.

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Are there any chances of the new OP being leaked before thursday?

Damn I was going to make a new OP first

Nope. Enjoy the song, it's actually pretty easy to tell how it's going to go from the beats and the singing voices:

How long until Yurika OPs get replaced by Lilly OPs?


The guide:

When we get more Lilly.

Don't forget about the coloring project, anons! We only have three more squares left.

Zip with each individual square:!vYFCXKha!UWNMez-T-GQFh_qKL0YTK_fNFsZQmxgsCxSf_9IqKNY
Previous coloring projects:

Knowing I will never marry Akari or be a cute idol or ever enjoy doing anything makes me want to die

I love Yurika but they feel less special now that someone keeps making them so close to each other.



I can't believe Reiji really is related to Moroboshi.

Ded cats.




I want Non to kiss me on the lips!

>Yuto is Ute in romaji
In what language O becomes E?

I feel like I am going to cry.

I want to fuck Lala.

No idea, but I remember Princess Tutu fansubs spelling "Mytho" as "Mute" or something?

Anyone got edits of pic related but with Aikatsu.

Then maybe is a french thing.


Anyone has that meme picture of Cobra from Space Adventure Cobra with their lines replaced with Episode Solo lyrics?


Would this make Hinaki proud?


Lip is too cute.

Get in line.


"For Orihime so loved the forehead that she gave her only begotten Hinaki, so that whosoever shall worship that particular bodypart shll not be covered in ugly shag, buy be cute forever" -Hinaki 3:16




hello, how's /ai/ been?

same old, same old



Kinda forced, honestly.



Nah, doesn't work.

Her fate is to become my wife.

I understand why she might choose death over that.

A cruel fate...


Lewd idles are the best.

Who thought this was a good idea?


>No megane

Don't hate, her improved design when she comes back from America in episode 40 will have no glasses, long hair and sexy highlights.


America make sluts not idols.

Add some highlights and you got it.

Nepgear sure looks cute in Yotsuboshi's uniform.


How are nips reacting to Koharu?

He completes her Kasumi harem.

They think she's extra sexy, I'm sure.


glasses girls a best.

Let's put everyone in glasses.




I'm happy that /ai/ appreciates glasses.
Glasses make anyone a hundred times cuter.



Why are megane so best?

Hinaki looks cuter dressed like a boy


Wait, is Ichigo dating Yurika? I bet Aoi feels blue about this.




Makes me wish the Stars sidle that looks like a boy looked more like a tomboy than a dyke.

Let someone suck you sometimes is not dating.


So they're just friends with benefits?


Really good friends.

I think I am actually, legitimately in love with Akari. I can's stop thinking about her.


Not even glasses can make this ugly slut look good.





Fuck off nigger.



I feel this way about Ichigo

Yurika that's so cute of you.

I wish that was me and her.

Ichigo is a good girl.


I love her so much it hurts.

You should probably take a painkiller or three.


I drank the bittersweet opiate named Akari and now a dull, longing numbness aches my heart.


Have you been practicing your coloring /ai/?


That lip looks like she's been smoking something.


>pink granny glasses

>pleb glasses

Why do some meganefags have such poor tastes?

All megane are love. I think you're the one with poor taste here.


I'm with you user, How can one Akari be so perfect

Finally got my Sophie. Now I can stop playing this retarded game for a while.

I'll be picking the PriPara movie up tomorrow morning, it seems.

All Akaris are perfect though. There is no such thing as a bad Akari.

Stop pouring your illogical hate of Mizuki.

Good for you. I've got most of the cards I'm interested in at the moment, but I'm stuck on the neverending carousel of event grinding.
Only two more bromide pieces to go!
I might be able to get them before the next event starts in... 20 hours.

Then I'll have to grind those Dorothys (if you know what I mean)


all of them!!



Ainon, you have to change the MONO to KOTO.

Stars album when? I need Hachigatsu no Marina, Dreaming Bird and everything else too.

Hachigatsu no Marina is on the Summer Collection, and the Autumn Collection should be released during this month.


Oh, are they the full versions of the songs? I thought they were TV versions.

Nah, they're the full versions as you can confirm on the wikia.

Can we assume each M4 is the same idol type as the S4 they're respectively paired with? Or maybe equivalent titles, since I'm not sure guys would like to be classified as cute or sexy.


Subaru is presumably cool due to his blue tracksuit. Asahi screams cute (and I don't think it would be too strange to classify a male /idol/ as cute since I've definitely seen that label in real life), Kanata is pop, and Nozomu is presumably sexy.

In addition to that, Subaru is probably in Song because he's the main, Nozomu is Beauty (176 cm at 14 years of age), Asahi is the MC of a drama like Tsubasa, so Theater, and Kanata is probably in the Dance class just because he looks the part. A scriptwriter did confirm their years (the same as the respective S4 members they're paired with here).

I made a spreadsheet to organize these details, okay?

Sorry, I meant that they're probably paired by their heights and (confirmed) ages in this scene.

Tons of male japanese idols are called cute or sexy

Nice trips and dubs and yeah, I think your explanation makes the most sense.

Oh wait, the first post was actually quads. Your word isn't speculation anymore, it's law.

No, because she's a thing to kiss. She's not the very act of kissing itself.

>maximum plebeian

Oh fuck. Now I get it.


>being this mad that you got singles


Javanese. At least in our spelling

Are you guys going to watch the new idol show?

...Which one?

Idol Memories

I don't care for your crap, Cred Forumsuffoon.

So, this handsome bird is sophie's love interest

Let's go insane!

I like this poem too.

Don't bring /pc/scum in /ai/ please.

I want to be that bird.


Don't remind me of the Heron copypasta.

We're gonna have to take em out

No bully /pc/scum

bashem smashem!

I don't want to bully /pc/scum, I just want them to stay outside of /ai/.

can't we just like cures and pretend /pc/ doesn't exist

/ai/ is not a place for /pc/scum. It's a good thing that /pc/ exists, since /pc/scum have their own place there is no excuse for them to be in /ai/.

Of course, that's what I do everyday along with many other things I don't like that aren't worth using time fighting. I can use the saved up time to maintain my collection of cute dresses and clothes pictures.

but /ai/cures can stay

I have nothing against Urara, MakoP and Kirara being in /ai/.



>Koharu leaves
>plot twist: all the Kasumis follow her
>they all return a few episodes later with Koharu having become dominant and the Kasumis acting like her lapdogs

No, they return in episode 40 brainwashed by the evil American record company into slutty American-style pop idols. Yume and friends must bring them back to normal and fight against American imperialism taking over the Japanese idol industry.

America isn't slutty nor pop in this universe.

The Aikatsu universe is not the Stars universe. Stars has DRAMA with best friends fighting before making up in gay ways and onee-sans slapping their imoutos for being little shits.

Aikatsu universe has drama as well, but I also don't think it has many wars or conflicts.
The way the Aikatsu world is presented definitely shows at least there's very few conflicts among humans now, and not on a large scale.
I don't think Aikatsu's world is perfect and filled with characters I'd like to live with and filled of love and good things so much that war doesn't have a place here. I think war at least among humans not being part of Aikatsu universe is the only logical conclusion you can take when watching the show seeing how no ones ever brings up such subjects including adults. At most there might be a war of humans against aliens ongoing.

Trick or Tret?

Information control has got to a point where the world seems like an idyllic place where conflict is a thing of the past, but what the population of Japan, addicted to idols and cute songs, doesn't know is that the Aikatsu System was developed for warfare by storing weapons inside of cards and that most of the rest of the world is a war-ridden hellhole.

Also Orihime secretly sold failed sidles to foreign battlefields since they already knew how to use the Aikatsu System.

A vivid kiss, please.

Technology development goes with war so I don't disagree the bases of what became Aikatsu system and item storage in card technology may have been developed for war purpose, but those wars must've ended.
So, Orihime was a child soldier and actually the hero who ended the war as the first user of aikatsu system technology, her father was the lead researcher of the project, and why she could make Starlight Gakuen, as the protector of the secret behind the technology so it fall into evil hands, and she decided to hide her identity after the conflict ended and did Masquerade.

>Ah It's Aira, what's wrong, why are you dressed like that?
>I'm not Aira, I'm the happy lucky goddess Aiira. >I've come here to fix you
>Haha, Aira, what's wrong, you're angry about something? Anyway, about that new Prism Stone's design I told about before...
>This is what's wrong with you.

Sho sometimes made me rage. But the resolution was beautiful and so was the moment in the last episode where he kisses Aira on the forehead after she falls on top of him like he did in the first one.





>Asahi: "Koharu... I'll remember it."
>Mahiru: "Eh? Why!?"
But seriously, I hope good things come out of this, sounds like a fun development and one I wasn't expecting.

I don't. Het gets in the way of more fun things.

But het is 25% of a very fun Ako.



>hitting another person
>hitting a family member
Yozora a shit.

Yozora is a narcissistic person who swindles kouhais into admiring her and also considers anyone not in S4 below her and their playthings that's why she has no qualms hitting her sister whom she considers a failure.

Laala the murderer.

You don't understand love.


She made up for it and was pardoned. It's time to let go, faggot.

How cute!

>(snap snap snap)
Send me pics pls.


don't ignore context, jackass

Yozora a based. Pre-slap Mahiru a cunting bitch.


And after gentle loving correction became a great girl. That's how you raise kids!


Did Yozora also have to slap Asahi? How was pre-slap Asahi?

I hate B1,B2 and C1 anons.

knowing I'll never be good at anything or study my dream job makes me want to die


I already have both "smugkoharu.jpg" and "koharu'sfaceinthesky.jpg" shops ready for the new OP.

commit seppuku, user

tchout tchout~

What do you think about reverse harem for little girls?

In the actual show the guys look like 18.


What was Ichigo's "theme" song? Aidoru Katsudou?

Angel Snow I'd say.


Thanks user, I need to read the novel.

This reverse harem is light and fluffy and MC is adorable and has an actual personality.

That was Otome's (and Shion's).

dance in the rain



American Koharu is an improvement.

Which aikatsu is most likely to get a tramp stamp?

All of their tattoos are digital, created by the Aikatsu system.

the green haired afro sidle in song class has a tatoo on her face

You're so cuuuuuute!




should have blue lenses and blond hair

What will happen if the incoming leaked name of Precure 2017 has "idol" in it?

>PP evolves into a Toku
>Precure evolves into an idol show
At the end of the day, I won.

It will still belong in /pc/ unless onee-chan kills herself.


You realize this is just Lucy, the top designer of Dolly Devil, right?

oh shit yes

Now she looks cute.

Anybody watched Idol Memories yet? Doesn't seem to be anyone subbing it.

It looks pretty shitty, specially the CG, so I'm avoiding it.

What happens if it's a sequel to Maho with idols?

OTR nendoroid preorders start tomorrow

Fucking brilliant, now Maho is gonna be a good show.

>unless onee-chan kills herself.
Let's be fair they already did



Cred Forums will be dead by then.

I thought she could use an ahoge. And an over-the-top one.

She's beautiful just the way she is as long as she isn't wearing those awful glasses.

are any ainons watching cute swords doing cute things


Nah, I'm not into boats or swords.

I don't really get these "girls become weapons/vehicles" shows. Is there a special name for them?

No, just "crap".

Just fuel for degenerates.

Sounds like /ai/ material then.


If they were girls I would be.

It's the other way, saniwa/MC has the power to make swords become human and time travel to stop monsters from changing history.


Didn't find it engaging, and ended up shitposting through the second half.

Both swordshit and boatshit are thinly veiled nationalist propaganda to brainwash the youth into NIPPON BANZAI kamikazes.

Context is that something Mahiru said made her angry/stressed/nervous and slapped her for it. It is still physical abuse of a family member.

Please never have kids.

There's Gajinka, but that's not quite the same thing.

That's a sword?! The Fighter within me is intrigued

>something Mahiru said made her angry
Yeah, she was being a little bitch.

Physical abuse would have been slugging her, not a mild slap across the face to jog her senses.

Please never have kids, they'd grow up to be little trouble-making, jail-going animals rather than people under your care.

Context is someone she loved was doing lasting harm to herself for some idiotic perceived deficiency and needed to be taken back to reality

However, because I can't slap you I'll just request you return to >>>tumblr where you belong.

The heroine is adorable and I like the director's work but the male character designs aren't very good and it aired in the wrong season.
The Engrish of the singer main boy was hilarious

This is likely the worst season to do a show for girls considering the otome market has the UtaPri beast and notWatamote and there is also Yuri on Ice and Swordsemenslurpers to top it off.

>it's another sengoku jidai warlord glorification anime
No, thank you.


I don't get why people overestimate notWatamote when it's not going to sell. They changed the drama CD cast which had big names like Hosoya, Sakura, Kamiya and Hanazawa to less popular VAs.

Brains Base hasn't been the same since Natsume's staff left the studio to create Shuka and Natsume s5 is airing this season too.

notWatamote isn't really an otome show, anyway. It's just typical reverse-harem shoujo.

/ai/ sings Brand New Days when

That's not Kerakera Acchi Muite Hoi.

I always loose to Lip. I only won once. ;_;


I mostly draw.

>Lyric is "migi"
>Fairilu looks hidari


>During her exploration, Yuzu comes across a lost baby ostrich and returns her to her mother, who helps her get to her performance in time.
what the heck?

Yuzu is awesome, isn't she?

Everything went according to Yuzu's keikaku.

C1 here, I wanted to finish it this afternoon, but the power went out, and I lost all the work.

Does keikaku mean plan?

leaving it to do it the last minute is saitee

I only have it for about a week.

Probably the most Aikatsu thing in the series.

It's not last minute, we just live busy lives.

Did you know some of us are extremely successful people?



Is this bait

Go Away Daemon! We are protected by the Light of the Loli Emperah!


Ichigo: not for sexual
Akari: for sexual
Yume: ??????

Do you think it's real cat fur?



it's her pubes

Are you enjoying my cellar this week Train-kun?

i wish i wasn't me
i hate being me


accept failure
sometimes I wish I was a loser so that people don't expect anything from me
some people don't want to be high achievers


Why did Jewelpet have to die?
When are Sunshine subs going to continue?

fairilus are so cute

Little girls stopped caring.

>When are Sunshine subs going to continue?
Never, git gud.

>Four months without another episode of Attack Chance

Sanrio wants to sell new toys to little kids.
That's why Jewelpets ends, and Fairilus take over their place.

At least, that's my take on it.

>Why did Jewelpet have to die?
to see the birth of fairilus

I know the feeling all too well.

Worst CriCri.

of course, she's a filthy slut after all
would pay for service

Fairilu is lovely and all, but it's just not the same.

it's better

Lies, Jewelpet has Kanon-sama.

What's the official Jewelpet ranking?

In terms of popularity in Japan:
Twinkle >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sunshine > Lady > Happiness > KiraDeco = Magical Change > OG

Do you agree with them?

>we'll never get cute idols doing cute things in Aztlán

No, from the ones that are subbed:
KiraDeco > Happiness > Magical Change > Lady > Twinkle

Twinkle is just a vanilla magical girl show.

Nah, Sunshine should be the first place.

picked up kiradeco recently already

Vanilla magical girl show with an awesome ending.


Sexy Koharu subs when?



Boy were a mistake.

Take your time. No one really cares about Koharu episodes.

Shut up faggot, you're getting good subs and you're going to like it.

Okay, s-sorry

I thought the SOL parts were really cute. Based Dogakobo.

I should really try to catch up by tomorrow.

Physical abuse is for third world brutes that don't know better. If you can only get people to listen to you through hits then that's your bad.

And the slap was not what changed her mind.

Emotional abuse is much more fun and effective.

Words are an imperfect form of communication. There are many ways to convey emotion, all with their own pros and cons, and not all controllable.

Calm down, g/u/y.
Don't go busting a vein here.

You're a boy.

Prove it.

Mr. Third-world-brute, humans are more terrible than animals. The majority of domesticated animals need no corporal punishment to teach them discipline, but humans usually do.

But again, there was no abuse in Aikatsu.
Or Mahiru would have looked like this:

I like to use both, but I agree.

Are you the person who kidnapped Train-kun?

It's not abuse if it's consensual

I guess it did do corruption better than every Precure season to date.

I don't kidnap dorks.

I miss Ran.

Stop that.

I mean Pripara's pumpkin Ran.


Me too, dude.

She'll be back for her once a year appearance.

There was a look-alike in the latest episode.

For last time.

What about the other Ran?


It's everyone's favorite angel's birthday.


Happy Birthday Yuzu!

cash coma?

how do I pshuu


Rum, lots of it.

Movie has been secured.


Subs never ;_;

post glutton

Nah, I'll start working on them tonight and expect them to be done within 1-3 weeks. Not doing the audio commentary, though, at least no time soon.



Laala best girl





Good night, my sweet princess.

I feel the Triangle characters were under-utilised. They can't command as much narrative as real characters, but I would have liked two or three more scenes with Junon and Pinon in the lead-up to the first Divine Idol Grand Prix.

Idol Memories was kinda bad. It felt rushed, and having half of the episode be a boring 3DPD talk segment was definitely a mistake, especially for a show that's likely only one cour. It also looks like no subs, so I guess threads for it will be dedder than ded.

The ED was insanely cute though, definitely the best part of the episode.



It's not working then because the controversy from the tweets of one nationalist Touken Ranbu writer was enough to take him off the team and slap "This is a work of fiction" on the title screen.

>/ai/non hard at work coloring

i watch this in spics subs

The superior sword boys adaption.

No groups are planning on working on it?

I got this in the mail today and didn't know it was her birthday. This is some divine timing.

akakute amai ringo

>not knowing aroma and mikans birthday by memory

ez do dance


ez do lala

I'll try my best and remember next year! I don't memorize character birthdays normally.

ez do ainon


Please be gentle.

I want to eat Mikan's birthday cake.

I hope you at least know Aroma's.

what is the use of the star?

It must be June 6th. Right?

Guess what's back.

Aroma and Mikans are easy to remember.

Aroma is 06/06/06

Mikan is 10/04/06
>TL note: tenshi means angel

Thanks! Sometimes I need to remind myself. A lot.

Wow, Lala. Why are you allowed two nikuman?


That's okay. Someone should make an /ai/ birthday chart.
I have important things to do, I'm going to stop doing them and make an /ai/ birthday chart instead.

A growing girl needs more than one nikuman!

Nice idea!


>love story
Please give me your googles, because I don't see shit sir.

Ding ding ding!

It's for Aroma only.

Six o'clock, to be precise.


But they're so cute together.

I figured there was some kind of pun with Mikan's birthday but I never thought too hard about it.




I think there's a female Subaru behind Yume here.

Cutest friends.

Thumbnail looks like she's holding up her breasts

Subs soon.

It's an idol show, everyone knows how ded idle subs are, I really doubt someone will pick it up

I can't tell which short-haired Cute sidle this is. Her eyes are small and her bangs are less neat which would indicate she's the one from the Theater class, but her hair is colored pink like the one from the Beauty class.

It's not like they haven't mixed them up and messed up their hair colors before though. Their designs are too similar to each other.


>[Mezashite] Aikatsu Stars! - 025 [521AB351].mkv

Sorry for the slowness, I was struck stock still by the sexiness.

Those thighs should be illegal

It's supposed to give you a better chance of box drops. I think.



Subaru-chan a cute.


Doesn't take much to split it up each day.





Goodbye, Start Line.



I didn't notice when I watched it before, but the mirror Koharu found in the prop room was in the box Tsubasa put there.

> Koharu this episode

I kind of expected Koharu to do something like this to get ahead of Mahiru. I expected her to take off her glasses though


I really like their outfits. I wonder if that's actually their uniform or just regular clothes and they choose to match.

I definitely didn't post that in the wrong thread just now.

You're so damedame, user.

Can't sleep, idles will eat my dreams.


That took a lot longer than I thought it would. I couldn't find birthdays for Kanon, Kaname, Noelle, most of the Jewelpets, and any of the Fairilus. Let me know if I've missed any.

Mahiru's is October 28th.

Thanks. I had October 28th written down but I forgot to write down whose birthday it was.


>In probability theory, the birthday problem or birthday paradox concerns the probability that, in a set of n randomly chosen people, some pair of them will have the same birthday. However, 99.9% probability is reached with just 70 people, and 50% probability with 23 people.
>77 idols
>over a 99.9% chance at least one will share my birthday
>none do

I wish I share my birthday.

We're two then.

They forgot Naho's beauty mark in this episode.

No, it's 99.9% chance that any two of them will share a birthday with each other, not that any two will have any particular birthday (yours, which isn't random). Otome and Tanned share a birthday, for instance. Also Dorothy and Reona lol.

How is my birthday not random? It's not like I was planned.

Because you're singling out any particular date (your birthday) as an example. There are 70 of them; they can't have 99.9% of all birthdays covered between them, because there aren't that many days. Also, there are conventions in writing anime character birthdays that prevent it from being random. Lala and Nao were written in the plot to have the same birthday, and February 14th is a popular date.

>April 01

As the other girl said, your birthday isn't random in the context of the problem. You're not asking "do any of these girls share a birthday with one another", where 23 people are enough to make it more likely than not. Your question is, "Do any of these girls have this specific birthday?" which I think needs about 250 people for a better than even chance.

Consider: If you had 400 girls, you would be certain that there were at least two sharing a birthday. But you couldn't be certain that any shared your birthday.

> There are 70 of them; they can't have 99.9% of all birthdays covered between them, because there aren't that many days

I thought that was why they called it a paradox...

>Nina out of order
This bothers me a lot.

It's not really a paradox, it's just called that because most people, such as this user, interpret it as "23 people have a 50% chance to share MY birthday," rather than a random pair sharing a birthday, which doesn't make sense because it isn't true. The reason it works out is because of how many different pairs 23 people can make.

Thanks. Not sure how that happened. Fixed.

Smug Mahiru is so precious.

Mahiru is precious, smug or not.

Thank you for your service. If you could be a love and keep it updated?

I'll do my best.

>August is Ichiban
Though I do feel bad I'm no longer a Virgo.

>I'm no longer a Virgo.
Did you change your sign?

I never finished season four of Aikatsu, and never started on Aikatsu Stars, am I missing out on the fun?

No they literally added one and fucked over everything.

I thought nobody took seriously that stuff, fuck, I don't wanna be a Gemini.

Good I don't want to be a Leo, let's just say fuck it then!

Indeed, fuck that shit, I'm fine being a Cancer.

This has a lot of Jewelpets. Don't know how accurate it is.
Apparently Opal's birthday was yesterday.

Fairilus were all born at the same time, so presumably they don't do birthdays.

Yes, go start catching up right now.

Aikatsu really fell off with S4.

Thanks. I haven't watched much JP though, should I add all the Jewelpets or just a handful of specific ones?

That makes her the oldest of her grade and she also shares her birthday with Sakura and all those other Clamp characters.

Hmm. There are 40 of them there, which might be a bit much. Ruby, Sapphie, and Garnet are consistently the main ones. Labra and Angela show up a lot. Coal, and Peridot are /ai/ favourites. Probably Luea and Opal too.

At some point it just becomes easier to put them all on.

This is making me uncomfortable.

Can you upload the raw pls ?

Get used, they are the real OTP of the show, and no, that other 2 pairs don't count because they're complete family.

Find a flaw.

But it's more of an ego boost if more people watch it with my subtitles. You see my dilemma.


What happens to /ai/ when Cred Forums dies?

It'll be time to grow up and move on.

I kill myself

There are contingency plans being worked out. The Guide will show the way.

Though we haven't decided.


No they didn't though, that was just a bunch of people being dumb.

We ded yet?


Is pepper time!



When does SurpriseButtsextama get introduced?


heh mega milk

I like that they making Non true form more childlike, it was really off putting to see her taller than mirei and lala

It will be a surprise.


Is chihili a boy?, only her and leona were represented by male animals


How's Hime Chen?

Does it have a good plot and tearful drama or is just a fun show?

It's fun.

500 for dorothy








If only moot was still alive.