Hibike! Euphonium

>Ep 1: 2d 12h 4m


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What are the chances S2 only adapts the second novel based on how much the first episode covers?

More feet

Will based Shuichi give Kumiko a good corndogging this season? I think yes.

What is Reina's holding?


This is adorable.

its pacing is actually much faster in s2 from what I can tell from episodes 1 and 2

Episode one covers a staggering 120 pages since its also an hour long. Episode two already reaches the pool episode and episode three (?) seems like they'll reach band camp.

The thing is that band camp is the real meat of volume 2 but I'm not sure if they're going to animate every tiny bit of it or even add more scenes.

But with this pacing they could indeed cover volume 2 in around 6-7 episodes but volume 3 is the longest and they'd need another hour long special if they want to adapt that properly.

Guess I should finally get around to watching the OVA before this airs.

Is the actual content of this season as good as the first season? I'm already worried with Yamada being less involved.



>middle school Natsuki
my heart

>my staple food shirt

Natsuki: Whats with that outfit? Why'd you choose that?
Yuuko: I don't want to hear that from someone wearing such a shitty t-shirt with a lame design
Natsuki is wearing a black t-shirt under her track suit
Natsuki: What's lame about my shirt?
Yuuko: That english on your shirt, it says "I am addicted to cement"
Natsuki: Look who's talking, that frilly logo on your pocket says "my staple food is love"
Yuuko: Stop speaking in english! This is Japan!
Natsuki: Aren't you the one who brought this up?
Yuuko: Shut up. What's that, is it possible that you want to care about me?
Yuukoi: ugh, you're so creepy. I get goosebumps when you say weird stuff like that
Yuuko: That's it! It's time for another showdown!
Natsuki: ah, okay okay, You haven't learned your lesson yet from every other loss though.
Yuuko: I'm going to win this year. I'll be waiting in my room!
Natsuki: If you lose again this year, it's going to be so sad (smug sound)
Yuuko: Why won't this girl shut up? She's so annoying
Natsuki: I can't beat you in being the most annoying though

Then they had a sit up competition in their room

wow they actually had sex

>"I am addicted to cement"

Eupho 2 ep 2:
Script: Jukki Hanada
Storyboards: Yasuhiro Takemoto
Director: Taichi Ishidate

Ishidate finally shows up.

Is this just 12 ep or will we get ~24?

>What are the chances S2 only adapts the second novel based on how much the first episode covers?
Well, does KyoAni have any reason to rush the material? They paid money for the rights of this, they have no particular purpose to finish the books earlier than it needed to be. So I expect one book per series.

13 eps

It'd be great if they manage to include vol 3. I dont care much about Mizore arc but Asuka arc is where it's at.

Movie for the 3rd novel confirmed.

even the mango already finished vol 2, will they still continue adapting vol 3?

Shit show, shit fanbase, shit fetishes

It's and ironic Tee, Natsuki is hip.

the manga will continue in two weeks but they're adapting the last volume in manga form at least

Goddamn it.

Yep. Here he comes to ruin another franchise. I hope Eupho doesn't tank in sales because of his episode.

I'm worried now. Unless the second novel doesnt have enough material to cover in 1 cour.

>Episode one covers a staggering 120 pages since its also an hour long
what? really an hour long?

The first novel had a lot of anime original stuff, but in a good way since it fleshed out characters that didnt get a lot of screentime in the novels like Haruka.

The 2nd season from what I've seen in the anime preview actually doesnt really have any original scenes, maybe few moved around though. And I define original scenes as things that are actually plot related and not just visual stuff.

For a comparison, by the time the first episode of season two ends, it'd have reached the same amount of material as season 1 finishing Sunrise Festival and by the time the second episode ends, we'll have reached the start of the mountain date. Now that sounds pretty fucking fast but its okay for the 2nd season to start out like this because we have the entire first season as set up for all the characters.

So we might actually see both novels in the same season or Kyoani might start slowing it down in the 2nd half instead of slowing it down in the first half, who knows.

Yes, it's a one hour special because they found a way

This is getting too gay, if they don't go anywhere with this people might start getting pissed off.

He's a good episode director

Reina keeps Kumiko up all night talking about Taki sensei

And then Kumiko takes advantage of her vulnerability.

The Shuichi kissing Kumiko scene animated will be great

Not as good as the scene right after where she slaps him and runs back to Reina.

>implying she can get away from the wieners


Yeah, I couldn't believe he ruined Phantom World by giving it the only good episodes, ruined Hyouka by giving it one of the best scenes, ruined Haruhi with Yuki gore, and ruined Clannad with muh hand holding.

pity reply

They wont piss off 99% of their fanbase and risk endangering sales.

Ep 1: 2d 5h 28m

Will Kumiko age well?

Kumiko is cute.


subs when?

Better learn moon before that


where can i get one


Emerald looks different





Goddamn this looks good.




>Kyoani might start slowing it down in the 2nd half
This is most likely. The third Novel is basically the real climax of the whole narrative. It deserves it's own special treatment.

All i hope for is nothing is rushed. But does the second novel actually have any performances except the end? The first novel had the marching band scene also so i can see how they might want to adapt both volumes and put the second novel performance around the middle.

I'd rather KyoAni not follow the Kumiko/Shuichi end at all, seeing how their relationship is barely even developed in the anime. It's fine if they want to have all this yuri bait but I hope for an original end as far as romances go or else it would feel rushed.

Thank you thank you thank you, based user.

They already confirmed that there will be no romance a while ago.

I don't understand why people keep saying this. I always thought their relationship developed quite nicely, just not enough screen time because it's not a romance anime.

Kumiko/Shuichi is nothing when you compared to Kumiko/Reina relationship development.


Seeing these images with all this noise reminds me of how much I miss film grain.

Check them again.

Ep 1: 2d 32m

Best s2 scenaio
>Kumiko falls in love with music
>Het fags and /u/ fags BTFO

yeah, just found it

She did that the first season.

Is movie a recap?

yes but with longer concert scenes

I expected these threads to be more active considering it's only days before the first episode, but I suppose it's the calm before the storm.

is the first ep really an hour long?

how do i sleep until the 5th? i dont even want to see the 4th.

Warning: Middle schooler Netsuki, Yuko, Nozomi, and Mizore.



Around 42 minutes.

what do you think?

This is a het show right?

It's actually music show.

If they can go that far in just ep.2 First night of band camp??, I think they can even fit volume 4 shot stories into this season.

It's band drama.

>pass on a hibike shirt at AX since its just moon runes
>starting to learn and now total regret
Here's hoping Ponycanyon continues to get jack shit and just milks hibike for another year so I can get more merch

/u/ fags are ready.

>implying they're not just going to have more anime original episodes

that would be beyond fantastic

>i will never have this

is this going to be aoty?


ishihara interview confirmed that 3rd novel will be part of s2

there's no match this year besides natsume, but it's already in the 5th season

It's not like there's any competition.

No it didn't.

>hibikek stinkblownium

can't believe you guys are still watching this bait show

For shows yes and Koe no Katachi will be anime movie of the year. Yamada stronk.


How does KyoAni keep winning?

They deserves it


Why doesn't Horriblesubs have this shit on their list? Do I have to use some third rate subs?

Ishihara: Kumiko has changed from season 1; she becomes a fiery girl herself.

Yamada: Kumiko moves three-dimensionally in season 2.

Ishihara: She was passive in season 1 and she’s now active in season 2.

Kumiko keeps getting better


will they fuck this time?

Damn, now i need to watch the movie because apparently sound for it was rerecorded in 5.1 and is cooler. TV season sound was already impressive as it was.

TV aoty unless by some miracle Flip Flappers doesn't shit itself.

>Yamada: Also, we have things like shameful male band members too.
/u/ btfo

They already did

>one hour special
How did I miss that?
How do they keep saving anime?

Ep 1: 1d 19h 33m

>I wish I could understand them...
>how can I get through to them?
>my feelings!

Holy shit, how does this garbage have any fans?

So close I can taste it.


Such a heterosexual slut.

>Mukai: What were your first impressions of each other?
>Ishihara: I thought she was a weird subculture girl who went to an arts university.

I don't know why I found this so funny.

;_; maybe I could make one for myself

Can it go any faster?

>2 seeders for the movie on nyaa
What the fuck is wrong with this world?

Will this be better than the first season? I haven't seen something that overrated since Redline.

Ep 1: 1d 17h 35m

Will you ever develop non-shit taste?

"Hopefully, yes" to both.

>the only interaction Kumiko and Reina have is Kumiko making Reina cry and then stammering like an autist in front of her until that one scene where they suddenly become yuribait best friends

Yeah, such great development. Felt really natural.

Give it to me straight, Cred Forums.

What are the chances of yuri this season?

Why do you ask as though we are omniscient?

Same as last season.

0. There is however a 100% chance of yuribait.

>think Hibike is airing tomorrow because it aired on Tuesday last season
>its actually airing on Wednesday
>(1d 17h 30m)
just kill me now and put me out of my misery

I wasn't really asking, I just don't like this show and wanted to blow off some steam about it since a friend of mine is currently rewatching S1 and masturbating to it.

Subtext with the 2nd years.

He must be really into music.

Or REALLY into lesbians.

Oh you liar since this oneare trusfull spoiler

Are there actually people who believe this?

Kyoani must have low hopes for s2.

Wednesday anime are consistently the lowest selling lowest performing shows.

Wednesday is just a shit timeslot period.

I bet they removed the Taki crush
it will be a simple change who help a lot

That is a hetbait!

Yes, me. I wasn't joking or baiting when I wrote that greentext. The central character relations are rushed and feel unnatural, and the show goes through arcs of drama like the inappropriateness of a teacher/student romance, love triangle, etc. as if going through a checklist of things the show has to include by the end, rather than taking the time to make any of them carry any weight and feel satisfying.

I feel like I watched a different show than everyone else. The only thing I agree with most people with is that Kumiko was great and had a clear and satisfying character arc, but what anyone sees in anything else about the show on the character/story front I'll never know.

What are examples that back that up?

What a whore.

Nigger, none of those arcs have actually happened yet, they're just getting started.

>pool episode AND band camp
I wonder if episode 2 is goin gto be an hour too, I mean thats a lot of fucking content to move through


nothing since Free was a Wednesday show

kill yourself



Can't wait for more Cumiko.

Kumiko and Reina's interactions were incredibly natural. They were intrigued and infatuated with each other until the date finally broke the ice. They aren't really "yuribait best friends" they're just chuunibyou playing at it with confessions of love, because they're young and excited by this new close relationship that they haven't had before. They still have to grow and really get to know each other.

>Yamada: Kumiko moves three-dimensionally in season 2.
what did she meme by this?

I disagree, I didn't see anything like that in their interactions before the date, and I feel like people who did are just extrapolating something from nothing to make their yuribait pairing make sense. But on the flipside you probably think I'm just dense and can't appreciate subtlety, so I guess it balances out. They definitely become yuribait best friends immediately after the date, though.

> didn't see anything like that in their interactions before the date
good thing we had youtube
this is a good copilation

>nearly an hour
Sheit nigga

You didn't see scenes like this in every episode leading up to the date? It was built up quite well

You mean scenes of Kumiko being insecure around Reina because she fucked up with her in the first scene in the show and was too autistic to ever apologize? Yeah, I saw them. Doesn't make the transition from that to "OMG UR MY BEST FRIEND I LOVE YOU" "OMG ME TOO" any less jarring.

Yuribait is an overused buzzword. It's next to "cuck" that needs to be filtered.

I agree. Though considering its application to Kumiko and Reina is perfectly valid, this seems like a weird thread to bring it up in.

Don't mind me, just posting the best episodes of S1.

That isn't insecurity. She has a heavenly smile on her face just because Reina told her to move a chair. And the scenes continue even after she apologizes to Reina

Kigami the GOAT

Kumiko is fucking precious.

This show is so damn boring. Only good if you are waaaaay into yuri.

>Ishihara: I cry when I’m drawing storyboards.
Even Ishihara knows how bad his storyboards are.

Found the pleb.

t. deluded slacker

Hmm. I perceived her smile in that scene to just be one of relief because Reina doesn't straight up refuse to talk to her.

But I will concede that you do make a point worth considering. Perhaps I should at least watch the early episodes of the show and see if my memory has become clouded.

Nice false flagging. All of it is going to be a pain to endure during it's airing.

>Ishihara: I cry when I’m drawing storyboards
So do the animators.

this is some greatest love story ever told shit happening

>mfw shitposters will keep obsessing about Kumiko/Reina bait while Natsuki/Yuuko and Mizore/Nozomi gay it up
What times we live in.

>>Mukai: What were your first impressions of each other?
>>Ishihara: I thought she was a weird subculture girl who went to an arts university.
>I don't know why I found this so funny.

Ohh I know that feeling

You're not alone, user.

>Yurifags don't want real yuri
More news at 11.

I am inclined to believe it's just shitposters who care or people really have gotten dumber than usual

Natsuki/Yuuko and Mizore/Nozomi won't gay it up any more than Kumiko/Reina did

what a cute

Ep.1 soon

I still remember the day that this picture was posted for the first time.

Newfag here. I want to like this show but why are all the threads so fucking bad?

Just avoid the threads. There, simple.

Because the threads have been running fairly frequently for over a year since S1 ended. Discussion is beyond exhausted and people just want to lazily banter over yuri/het or circlejerk the girls.

>***,*91位/***,*92位 (***,187 pt) [*,**0予約] 2016/12/21 響け!ユーフォニアム2 1巻 [Blu-ray]
preseason orders looking good, top 50 here we come

>sales threads

Fuck off with your salesfaggotry, weare already cancerous enough



>dem instruments

Damn that tuba is beat up

Something about these poses is incredibly sexy

you haven't even seen bad yet
when the show's actually started airing this thread will look like a paragon that all threads will aspire to be like

Not soon enough for me!

Ep 1: 1d 13h 6m

While my friends were getting high and chasing girls down parkway lines
I was losing my mind because the love, the love, the love, the love, the love
That I gave wasted on a nice face
In a blaze of fear I put a helmet on a helmet
Counting seconds through the night and got carried away
So now I'm standing on the overpass screaming at the cars,

"Hey, I wanna get better!"

>confident Midori
This is giving me a boner I didn't know I could have.

I sort of want to watch this show but the fanbase is so insufferable it makes me want to die.

What's wrong with the fanbase?


Just watch the show and don't talk about it. Who the fuck cares who else watches it.

How is it cringe-worthy?

It watches anime.

Why aren't you a ribbonfag yet?

>Hibike the well directed yuri shit of the year
>Yuri on Ice the well directed fujoshit of the year
>Flip Flappers the sakuga yuri shit of the year
>Mob Psycho the sakuga fujoshit of the year
Really makes you think.

Make me think that you should fuck off back to pol