Claire a ____

Claire a ____






better than Stella

best. A BEST.


lewd and cute masochist.

>is objectively one of the most adorable and docile tsundere in the past half decade
>But THK shitposts her to the ground at full autism even though he loves Houki and her clones including Ellis anyways
Explain this.

Which one, Cred Forums?


Claire and her perfect ZR.




worst girl

I don't even follow this series, I just came here to see if someone brings up THK. I leave satisfied.

This show had the most delicious thighs ever.

Claire and Est. Zettai ryouiki master race.



Fianna or Ellis


Reminder of what, that mods occasionally do their jobs when they feel like it? Claire is a generic tsundere and a very lackluster one at that.

You have patrician taste my good man.

So has anyone heard anything about the next volume 16? Or at the very least why this volume got delayed as well? Is this going to be a tradition for this series?



I want to lick her feet.



>wanting to watch this animes for Est
>this slut appears


HOT. But seriously, Claire ranges from best to high tier depending. Only Restia and Est often is better than her. Also Muir, but I'd say she's relatively and generally equal to Claire.

Tsundere that needs to fully outgrow the tsun part. Is the author seriously going to drag it out much longer considering that we have some extra tsun in Ellis. Though I do like all the progress that Rinslet, Fianna, and Restia have gotten. Especially since Kamito at least has been forced to acknowledge his feelings to some extent for each of them. If the author is going to give each girl a turn before anything happens then I'm willing to wait, I just hope he keeps it somewhat entertaining.

Claire is the good kind of tsundere, rarely abusive and sweet when shown affection. In general, she's just a good girl and I don't see how anyone can hate her.

another red-haired tsundere in a magic battle school light novel anime adaptation

I just don't like her outbursts.

The opposite is also applicable. If Claire was big-breasted instead, you'd be hating her just like Stella, Houki, etc.

Dick her and the outbursts will go away

Restia's armpit.

Rather dick Fianna or Ellis
Or even Rinslet.

Best girls.

Jealous wife.

Her outbursts are emotional based and it's more about her than it is about the person or thing she releases her burst of emotions onto. It's not malicious or ill-willed. She's like an animal that just needs hugs and love to make her whole because she grew up without them, mainly thanks to being the sister to the notorious Queen of Calamity.

small animal*

I'd rather have a functioning human being than a small animal.

>functioning human being girls in Bladedance
You came to the wrong place then.


Good thing I haven't experienced any of the material past the anime.

Who exactly do you consider a functioning human being in the anime?

Nice joke.

They're both shit.

Fianna easily, Restia otherwise


Stella is shallow and didn't develop properly like a good character/heroine. Claire is 100% better.

>15 years old

Stella is barely cute and does twintails a disservice.

Is everyone basing their criticisms of Rakudai on the anime?

Kneesocks kneesocks kneesocks

The light novels are no better. Being a light novelfag is almost fucking embrassing sometimes.

claire is for merciless bullying and flat shaming

Most anons don't read LNs of the anime adaptation that they watch. It's always been like that. Unlike Antimagic, SL did okay with Rakudai's adaptation, so there isn't a glaring disparity between the two, anyways.

QUALITY Sample and Rushedmagic ended up more entertaining either way overall. Rakudai only delivered Kuraudo and Toka.

best girl.

My waifu, of course.

Antimagic was better still, but I think I enjoyed Rakudai a bit more than Shomin.

Anything that had Gachimuchi earned my love, I was into that shit since 2008

Seems to me all the light novels I like are under Fantasia Bunko after a little bit of research.


You can't spell BEST without EST