Would you turn down this cutie?

Would you turn down this cutie?


turn down for what?

thank you


Yes. Unfortunately she's not Mine.

She could be yours, though.

why is akame in the series title if she didn't do shit?

Because the series was supposed to be called something else but had to be changed last minute due to copyright issues.

I want her sister.

Akame looks much better.

No, I'd let her stay at my place.


I wouldn't but there are other AgK kills I prefer like Scheele or Leone. Akame a cute though.

What would a date with any of them be like?

So? Kurome is the cuter one.

We'd have a nice relaxing evening and I'd cook her an assortments of meats. How far would I get with Akame?

Her sword would fit perfectly to my fedora.

Would you have turned this down?

I know I would have.

No, but we would likely argue constantly.

God, no. I would have smashed her. Sexually with my dick.

About what?

I'd politely ask for either Tatsumi, Mine or Bulat and tell her to take her plot-devicey shounenshitter bullshit elsewhere thank you very much

About how her philosophy is incredibly destructive for both herself and those around her. Also probably about how to raise any kids.

Anything else or just that?

I would've dicked her on the island, gone back with her to the empire's HQ, slowly and subtly demonstrated how crooked and corrupt Honest and co were while giving her the dick she so strongly desires. Try to raise a rebellion in he honour, naming her Empress, mentioning that there would be even more of Honest's strong men to fight to keep her entertained and happy. After Honest and the emperor are disposed I would've declared myself Emperor and Esdeath Empress, Night Raid would also become my kings guard.

Would my plan have worked?

It may have, but you could probably just be more direct about it, and NR wouldn't survive in any case as she'd probably view them as competition over Tatsumi.

It's shonen so yes.

Well by her philosophy I am including a hell of a lot of shit, but yes.
Honestly I've go no idea, I mean Tatsumi never gave her an actually good argument against the empire, he only brought up things that she never cared about in the first place. Really though I don't think that there would be any point in demonstrating how corrupt the PM is, because she's basically in on it, and is only unaware of the other stuff because she doesn't care.

I would have kept cumming inside until she's confirmed pregnant

Her motivation is purely to fight and fuck Tatsumi, more or less. That's her respective bread and butter in life.
If Tatsumi went to her side, and buttered her daily, he could no doubt prove that the rebellion were relative ants, and the real opposition was in the Empire she'd worked to build.

Never heard about it. So how it was supposed to be called?

What would marriage with any of them be like?

Reminder that Chelsea is the one that is best suited for marriage and relationship.

Boring SoL bullshit as she gradually warms to you and drops her meme tsundere habits
Do you like being pegged
Similar to Akame but she's less of a typical tsun and more of a cunty tease
She was basically a generic old Female childhood friend, so nice
Critical levels of sexual violence and wanton murder
Excessive head-patting and snacks
>Bol's Wife
Don't even remember her

I'd let her have my meat, if you know what I mean.

She's only interested in big portions of meat, sorry.

I completely forgot who the fuck Aria is.

I imagine Sheele would be the most comfiest. Of course you'd have to be the one who stops her getting into trouble constantly with her ditzy habits, the rewarding later on would probably be really nice.

Her smile is rather disarming

Suck my dick, memespouter.

Don't forget to use your head before posting.

Of course it would be big. It bow hunting season for deer. You didn't expect me to feed her with some small rabbit did you?


What when she's a time traveller and sucks herself?

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Chelseapop?

Rich girl Tatsumi meets in the first few eps and exposes him to the capital's brutality through her dual-purposed cuck-and-murder shed.

I need that in a decent quality, please.

I have like 20 chapters unread and I'm planning to read them, but I need to know who is still alive. It's important.

What about vampire and brain damage?

What volume is the Yen Press release up too currently and how many volumes of Zero are out?

Leone died, I lost interest.

Nee-san isn't dead, just sleeping.

Akame, Esdeath, Boss, Wave, Kurome. Tatsumi is alive-ish, while Incuriso is particularly lively, Mine is in a coma. Prime Minister seems to still be alive as well. Leone was shot and tossed off of a tall building after her Teigu was broken, she might be dead, she might be barely alive, but it's unlikely she will survive.

>Also probably about how to raise any kids.
She strikes me as the kind of parent that would abandon her children in the wild and only love those that manage to crawl back covered in the blood of would-be predators.

Najenda is underrated.

Esdeath should raped and beaten every day.

I want Najenda to keep me as her own personal under desk cunnilingus slave

I think out of them all I would enjoy being her househusband the most.

>You'll never cuddle with Najenda after a good long night of femdom, sharing a smoke together

>tfw no ice witch nazi girlfriend to roughly abuse my penis with her feet and then cuddle me afterwards (me as the little spoon)

Do you think Esdeath would use her Teigu abilities in the bedroom?

>you will never feel those big soft tits pressed against your back

Esdese is far from being a nazi. She doesn't care about the empire or its people at all. You fucking idiot.

>Akame: Food, sex and silence
>Leone: Will probably be a pain in the ass with money issues, would be a great fuck though and livens up the place
>Mine: Well past the tsun stage so that's not a problem it's just don't expect much from her body unless it's your thing
>Sheele: Why do I have to do everything fuck you can't even do any chores
>Najenda: Hope your ideal in life is being a house husband
>Chelsea: She'll be in control of the relationship every step of the way
>Sayo: Women with no names have gotten more characterization than her in this series fuck if I know
>Esdeath: You better like watching cartel/ISIS execution and gore videos because that's what your gonna see for the rest of your life if you aren't getting worked to death training and fighting, if you live through that though the last bit of your energy is gonna get spent getting fucked
>Kurome: Akame, but younger and with some screws loose
>Seryu: Takes her job way too seriously, will probably be home late a lot
>Aria: Cartel/ISIS gore without the brutal training or esdeath sex
>Bol's wife: Loving caring family

>You'll never become Leone's househusband while she becomes an alpha business woman, welcoming her home with tea, a hug then preparing a bath before dinner and later on fucking one another senseless before you snuggle together as she cradles you against her awesome tits

>Najenda: Hope your ideal in life is being a house husband
As a matter of fact, it is. Najenda still a shit though.

That's literally how the Geeks raise their kids. Nothing's wrong with that.

I wonder who would let you become a househusband out of all of them would be, more than likely Najenda but I think it'd be fun being either Leone or Akame's househusband.

What's Chelseas cup size in the anime?

Learn to sage, nigger.

This manga would have been much better if Aria was the heroine.

>She is a kind-hearted ojou-sama whose only habit is helping people
>Moved by Tatsumi's circumstance, she takes him in and helps him find his friends
>Being bought by her father's enemy, NR terrorists attack her home and kill her whole family
>Tatsumi tries to defense her with his life, but NR overwhelm him with numbers
>They decide to not kill him, but mind control him, make him think Aria is an evil bitch who killed his friends
>Force him to kill her with his own hands, then take him with them as their new slave
>Aria is still alive thank to her family's teigu her father gave her before being killed, then goes on a journey to take her revenge on NR
>At the same time, Tatsumi is being tortured everyday by two contradicting images in his head, one is the gentle Aria who saved his life and another is the artificial illusion NR implanted to his mind


Never skip leg day, Cred Forums.

what is that show called?
is it one of these battlegirl edgy tragedy shit with pussy mc show?

This meme is getting so old.

Is she the one from that series where every girl but the girl chosen by the MC is best girl? Including that one Kamina rip-off.

How come the guy the shota Emperor sentenced to death in the first volume screaming "HE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT!" never became a meme?

I'd rather this. Poor Lubbock.

The demons are incredibly underrated, black haired girl was a qt.

>Boring SoL bullshit as she gradually warms to you and drops her meme tsundere habits
Wouldn't that be Mine considering Akame has no tsundere traits.

I like the bait-and-switch the first episode pulled, it was excellent. I genuinely expected a regular "hero leaves home to make a name for himself" plot, I genuinely expected Night Raid to be the bad guys. As brilliant as it was, it also showed a problem that would haunt the series forever: despite grey morality pretenses, everyone who Night Raid kills is an asshole. It wasn't even that Aria was an innocent girl that was orphaned by Night Raid because her parents were assholes, because that would make her collateral damage and that would actually create a conflict of morality. No, even she had to be a petty cunt who tortures peasants because they have nice hair.

Akame ga Kill could've been so much better if the morality was legit grey. Aria is killed despite being innocent of the sins of her father, Esdeath isn't a torture queen but a "my country, right or wrong" patriot (Budo looked like he'd be that kind of character, but he jobbed faster than Vegeta) etc.

The only character I could truly call grey in morality is Bols, which probably explains why he's a fan favorite despite being a very minor character. He was a nice guy, but he has done some pretty heavy shit and he knew that what he did was wrong, even though he was only following orders to provide for his family. He doesn't even consider himself a good person because of that. Also having this huge, fetish-mask wearing ogre being a kindhearted softie who likes cooking and eating with his friends was pretty funny.