Do you like dominant women?

Do you like dominant women?

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I highly prefer them, they are the best. I can't stand weak willed girls with soft voices.



Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

if you don't, then you're obviously a sexist misogynist virgin who objectifies females and you need to kill yourself.

Does a bear shit in the woods?

dominant women don't exist

They do in 2D

I'm not into the full on sadist types but I can get down with girls who like to take charge of things.

call me when a 2d girl can peg me or be my keyholder

no, but I wish I were a dominant woman

Kore wa zombie desu ka

I want to fuck Saras in her ass.

I like an assertive personality, but this "Ku ku, get on the floor you inhuman pig" shit isn't for me.

As soon as I here someone is into pegging etc. I lose respect for them.
Though if I were a girl I suppose that would turn them on, which is even more pathetic.

Assertive, teasing girls are amazing, but getting actually dominated by a woman is just pathetic.

I like to dominate 2D women in my fantasies.

Of course not


As soon as I hear someone isn't into pegging etc. I lose respect for them.


I don't really find feet attractive (I don't wanna lick or smell them or any of that shit) but I do like footjobs and a girl LIGHTLY stepping on a cock.
I think it's more of the idea of the footjob itself. Like the woman is so sexy she can get you off with something as unsexy as a foot.

Femdom is a bad fetish, anons.

I like the dominant woman having the tables turned on her.

Thats some top tier taste right there.


Been seeing a lot of Zombie Desk Car around here today.

And I ain't complaining.


problem is they're rare. Society's unwritten agreement is that men are dominant and women are submissive and since there's benefits and problems with both sides of the coin there's not too much point in changing that agreement.


Lame as shit 90% of the time.
The problem is most hentai and doujins really only have one partner doing the moving most of the time. It just annoys me when the woman is being totally dominant but then when the guy finally starts moving she breaks down "OHhhhH I didn't know this cock was so powerful?!" Like the guy barely starts thrusting and has no technique or rhythm but suddenly it's an instant game over for her.

Hell yes.

They're the best kind.

I have to agree. I don't like it when they just easily lose to the cock, I like it when they fight back and try and reassert themselves and continue to fight for dominance but nips have shit taste.

I'd like to spit on her face.

I can't stand it, but it seems to be a must in almost every femdom hentai, it ruins everything for me

It can be okay if it's momentary but mindbreak or the girl losing all dominance or assertiveness from that point on wards is shit.
So say the dominant girl actually gets out played one night so the very next morning she should jump his bones for revenge before he has a chance to prepare himself.

Women evolved to submit to men.
Dominant woman is an abomination.

Yeap, I can't stand that whole submissive girl shit.

Yes please.

>he says that posting a high class semen demon

Maria is fine being a dom or a sub.


i would rape a dominant women.

>I would get killed by a dominant woman.


I like dominant lolis and submissive cakes.

Me too.



anyone here loving women instead pure girls.
not even in your wildest dreams user. try harder

why are you trying to summon lelouch? its a monday for fucks sake


why can't women wear elegant outfits like this instead of shitty leggins and a baggy top

>elegant outfits
It's a dom outfit for sex. Not for the streets, silly.

Threadly reminder that femdom is literally a shit tier fetish.

If you actually want a girl to beat the shit out of you while spitting in your mouth and calling you worthless you're pathetic.

I find them super appealing, but it would never work out. I just can't stand being told what to do and I love being the one in control too much.

>and I love being the one in control too much.
Then fight for it, you fucking beta nu-male.

With each row I viewed, I became more and more convinced that you are me from the future. What is the secret of time travel? Do they ever make another series/OVA of Slayers (preferably featuring Naga)??

There's no point to her being dominant if I just dominate her instead. Completely ruins the appeal.

I don't think it's anywhere near as pathetic as wanting a girl that goes everything without question.

That's just basement dweller fantasy.

I like assertive women that become submissive in private. femdom is a shit tier fetish.


I do but it's rarely done well. Pic related was fantastic.

My lost brother.

>lesbian rapist

yeah no.


I like dominating them

but I am a sexist misogynist virgin who objectifies females and prefer dominant women

>getting actually dominated by a woman is just pathetic.
>he doesn't want to be tied up, blindfolded, and teased with lewd whispering handjob until he's about to lose his mind

no, i like to dominate my ramen delivery girl.

Why are military girls so great?


I think it's hot and fap to it when it's an aside to a story, but stuff that are straight up femdom don't appeal to me.

Also I wouldn't want to be dominated myself,


>all that stuff behind her
O-Oh baby


Sorry, I'm too much of an S. The sight of ropes, blindfold and a girl would flip my switch and the roles would reverse very quickly. I find being passive quite boring.
On top of that the idea of "dominant" girl requiring my cooperation to tie me up would be too hilarious to get in the right mood.

Although, now when I thing about it, the idea of embarrassing and dominating a girl with just backtalk and verbal bullying while being in absolute physical disadvantage is certainly amusing. Imagine a girl being all smug and confident only to get humiliated by her helpless victim.

Also when I said "pathetic" I was thinking rather about a mental submission, not just a mere bondage play.

That's just nips being colossal faggots. Instead of showing a dominant guy having sex with a dominant girl resulting in a fun power struggle, they draw sub/dom with roles magically swapped once the guy stops being a spineless piece of shit.
But what would you expect - with otaku you can either go full femdom or have all heroines melt down into moeblobs on the sight of a dick. Anything else would be out of their comfort zone.

Feels good, man

She's evil but holy fuck is she hot

I blame Japan for making me like this.

This is not even anime related

Which character do you think it'll be best being the househusband too while she's the dominant, alpha business woman.



No, they're usually out of place and a nuisance, dragging down the show's quality.

>Do you like dominant women?

No. It's just barely above being a willing cuck.


>Being sensei's househusband
It'd be pretty damn perfect.

You'll never cuddle up with her and watch classic anime together after hard day's work.

Remove smokers.



If a smoker gives you a blowjob you'll get dick cancer.

don't think I have a smoking fetish but I wouldn't mind having her scent all over me



I've just now realized the purpose of glass tables

Bro, cigarette smoke fucking STINKS.

why is this haircut often associated with these types of women?


>Not wanting a girl to blow smoke on your face

Clock's sadistic voice gives me a boner

Only with /ss/ and traps



How am I supposed to find source when you crop it?


Sure, especially flirt with the idea of girls wrapping people around their finger. Too many idiots think being kind = submissive and aggressive = dominant though. Even sweet girls can be coy and have a guy or two under their thumb.



What VN?

Please, do share your knowledge.

How dominant are we talking?

Not a VN.

>She milks you with a vaccum cleaner

Fox Girl, domineering Onee-san, trained you to the point where you can cum from being sat on.

Some sort of ideal Japanese woman thing. It conveys supremacy and regal authority.

I swear Scamco and it's subsidiaries like Lantis, Sunrise etc. are most responsible for popularizing it. Baka Test was a Lantis series too was it not?


If you're into this sort of stuff than Battlefuck RPG games are a must and I'm not just talking like Monster Girl Quest. There's a surprisingly massive amount of them. I swear I'm sitting on like 80 of them at this point.

Himecut a shit.


These girls are literally ALWAYS the best, there is no exception to the rule.



your a shiiit
you are a sssshhhhhhiiiitttttt

Literally kill yourself.

Yeah, she's the best semen demon by far, but even that doesn't change the fact that her death was the best thing to happen in that show.

She was a complete bitch who manipulated the pussy MC into cheating with her, but her assertiveness was fucking hot.

follow you're own advice

>Bro, cigarette smoke fucking STINKS.


>raccoon eyed girl who lives for centuries and weilds a demon sword while looking for an over expired library book
you like nonhuman, don't you?

Assertive seems to be code for evil in anime.

That's why villains are best waifus.

Actually I just like older, experienced and most importantly motherly women that take care of you and press my face into their breasts.

>Last Exile

Absolutely kill yourself my man.

looks like minus8

Yes. And that is a fact.

Just because you're surrounded by the stink constantly and became desensitized to it doesn't change that.

I thought it was good when I was younger. Rewatched it and it wasn't that great, but some of Murata's designs stuck with me.

all i want is a dominant but loving onee-chan


I want one to use me as a chair.

Maximum yes


That's why I love the baddies.

Dakki wasn't really that assertive for the most part. Powerful, bitchy, and evil, sure, but she was too "girlish" and subversive to really be assertive.

Is it not assertive if you manipulate into getting everything you want?


Aw yiss. Needs Beatrix too.

When they're lolis, yes.

Could you guys actually be with dominant woman? I don't think I could because the feeling of being dependent on a woman would be too emasculating for me.

Love girls with that look. It makes my heart dance

Korea Zombie Desk Car

There's a nice feeling, trusting yourself to a dominant girl. No one will take care of you more.

I am dominant myself, I guess the give and take would be fun (trying to win my position and she trying too)

I dunno man. When you put yourself in that position she isn't yours, you are hers and that means she can pretty much do anything she wants. Even cheat on you.

Don't you get it? She was ALWAYS yours. You had already won the battle before it even began.

That's not how alphas work.

There's a difference between dominant and crazy baby punching evil user. You shouldn't be proud to be attracted to someone who's an anime version of Ilse Koch.

With tits that big she can't be evil user.

why do you guys always try to apply 3dpd logic to stuff you hate?

Those great tits, hips, DSL and body are wasted on her. At least they didn't save her from Karma.

So why did the manga let her go without any justice? I guess she always had more of a blue and orange morality, so shouldn't be judged by human standards, but it still feels like a cop out.

The anime did it better, but then, they kind of made her sympathetic at the last moment by reveling that she was a puppet (said individual who had enslaved her then got off scot-free while everyone gangbangs Dakki to death).

still go back to fap to her; her voice and design just hits all the right notes

Sure, if they're on all fours and on a leash.

Her anime version was more of a bitch. I don't think manga Dakki would take her "family" members' deaths as well as the anime did, nor kill absolutely everything just for fun. Saying that, the last bit about her being a puppet kind of calls in question a lot of her responsibility in fucking people over. The first thing she tries to do when set free was kill the Immortal High Council for enslaving her. Maybe I'm remembering wrong though, as it's been almost seven years since I last touched Houshin Engi, but the anime was a bad enough adaptation that their was a huge petition over in Japan for a remake.

She's not even evil desu. Anime was an adaptation that did a hit job on her.


My male sibling of African-American descent and culture.

Have some HQ demon boobies.

Didn't she also want to fuck Taikoubou in the manga?

The series got pretty crazy with the secret plans and reveals and her end game was noble, though she did a lot of awful things. Plus Dakki-chan is too lovable to punish.

Maybe. It's played more for irony. Dakki is the most beautiful woman ever; men worship her and even a significant amount of women want to screw her, but she's not interested in anyone until Taikoubou comes along. Problem is, Taikoubou is completely asexual.

meant for This is what happens when I post while drunk and sleepy.

I would punish her ass.


What constitutes being a bad boy in cases like this?

Nothing says dominant like the ruler of Hell and her daughter.

But she's oneechan. She may be a sadistic oneechan, but she will never hurt him truly. She never was going to tell anybody, and never will.

Because they knows what to do if you cross the line.

Negative taste.


The best possible combination.

This. It's fun to put a smug dominant person in a compromising position, more so if they get mad, resist, or try to look cool.
Also this. It's usually played very poorly with the girl immediately becoming a cock-slave.
Angry with blushing and/or clenched teeth when being made to cum instead of announcing it and their sudden obedience and allegiance to dicks would be nice.
Too bad it's often tagged the same as regular femdom, bothering both parties.

Unsure. I prefer to be the dominant one.

>that means she can pretty much do anything she wants. Even cheat on you.
Yeah because being the submissive one means you control her every action, right? You forgot your fedora.

Dunno, but I like girls who go for my butt.

While being a cute girl, of course.

Depends on where I am in my cycle of fap addiction. At the moment I'm enjoying doujins that degrade women and humiliate them as sluts who can only enjoy cock. In a few months I'll probably be back into women in the position of power and dominating their interest.

Oh man, the sequel manga is all over the place.

Unfortunately the art took a nosedive as well, Haru used to be such a cuite. Especially the latest volume makes you wonder if it's still the same person drawing.

>Fox girl
>Gentle enemy
>Intense lovemaking with her on top

There are many kinds of dominant woman. I don't understand why people don't realize one can be gentle but also dominant.

Chains of care, chains of love, they are the unbreakable ones.

Best girl

May be this is just me but it's not so much that I like women characters that dominate. It's the whole way they have proven themselves and have gained the respect of their team mates, no free passes were handed out, no bitching and Moaning.

Pic related just like Balalaika

>commands her own team
>knows that the fuck she's doing
>no one questions them because they are right and also participate in ops
>when mistakes are made, there are no excuses

I'm sure this thread is headed towards more sexual domination but I do admire these characters cause they simply don't exist in real life.

They're the best by definition, so yes.

You know, being newish to the series, it only sort of dawned on me - isn't it easier to count the amount of women who AREN'T dominant?

The setting is premised on women significantly out-numbering men (because all the men already died in the war), and it's a military setting where the male MC is basically low man on the totem pole/there are several women in positions of authority.

So you're not wrong per se, but it reflects more on the setting than the girls themselves.

>you will never be someone's dildo

I like dominating dominant women.


In anime, that usually translates to killing them.

Loli = Dominant

Milf = Submissive

the only good type of girl.

What happened to her?

>Older than you
Little girls should look up to their onii-sans
Older women are for dominating young men

>shota having power over a milf

>>shota having power over a milf

Dragon girl, gentle onee-san, intense lovemaking while holding hands.

>vacuum cleaner

You're going to rip your dick off.

>traps you in her clothes until you become addicted to her scent
didn't know I needed this so badly until now


There are so many good combinations here that picking just one is hard. For now though, I guess I'll go with

Sadistic Enemy
Trained you to the point where you can cum from being sat on

Ask me tomorrow and it might be completely different though

No, but no for what you are thinking about, I simply despise feet fetish, for me is lower than scat, so that's an insta boner kill, and 99% of fendom are about feet fetish, so I'm all fine for women being the dominant lead, but no feet please.

There are vacuum cleaners that have adjustable strength you know. I actually did hear stories about people actually masturbating with them.

You should see a therapist.