How does one obtain a Koko?

How does one obtain a Koko?

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>tfw you will never be obsessed over by a rich ginger girl.

Will I ever find happiness in this life?

Just how big is Banri's dick?

You don't. You obtain a Linda instead.

I could do with Linda

We all know Linda was best girl

>Self-centered compuilsive lying coward that lures you with a fake smile and it's too late when you discover how messed up she is
Pretty much. About 80% of modern day couples have a guy meeting a Linda-sempai.

>a rich ojou sama will never be psyched about your average sized dong

I never guessed Koko is so fragile. It's unusual to hear a girl complain about the D being too big outside of doujins.

Koko was great. The best thing about her is she didn't get jealous over Linda and played it cool.

I always found amusing she never got jealous of Linda but got always so easilly triggered by Okamera when the later wasn't doing shit. Good thing Koko isn't a detective because she's clueless as fuck.

I came here to post this

>didn't get jealous over Linda
>literally slapped the shit out of TADA BANRI in that club

That glow-in-the-dark dildo kissing-but-not-really was fucking hot.

You dont, you stay loyal to 2D-kun.

First, be average bland dude.
Second, find her current target.
Three, insert yourself between her and her target.
Four, achieve total Koko satisfaction.
Five, realize you tried to commit suicide before the series even started.

You wait until they become christmas cakes, desperate and easy targets.

It's like buying B-supplies with faults, you just have to find the right oppurtunity to do a coup.


Yeah but the interesting part is that Koko didn't held it against Linda. It was all on Banri. Way different than with Chinami when she wanted to fucking destroy the poor little filmmaker.


>Wanting a self-absorbed twat who's too chickenshit to confront important issues and would rather sidestep them and pretend everything is a-okay

How many more ghosts can we put in there?

Go to Harvard and look like Chad

That might work for the Tea Club sluts but Koko is a lady of refined taste.

True. Speaking of which, I wish we had more doujins of this pair. And yes, I would take the Tea Club sluts.

Tea club just requires a functioning penis.

Be loco.

No spoilerino, I haven't watched a single episode of either arcs.

>Way different than with Chinami when she wanted to fucking destroy the poor little filmmaker.

what a bitch

oka-chan was the only good thing in this shitty series

I want to go loco on kouko!


So did Linda actually love him or was she just being a bitch?

A functioning non-sentitnent stick will be good enough for them.

Is Koko the best anime girl of all time?


Sibling love

How good it would be without Linda ?

not that good

Go 50 years back in time, travel to Ukraine and marry my paternal grandmother.

Pretty not much different

Actual girl?

>button prompts aren't "TADA BANRI" and "TADA BANRI"

good times!