Was she that big?

Was she that big?

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She's a growing girl


god why are kyoani girls so thicc

For you.

She'll be bigger when I impregnate her.

I think that's closer to normal people.

>kumiko looks away

my dick cannot get any harder

She's not the boss of me now

Kumiko is a lucky woman.

is this series yuri?

Hibike is 100% straight. /u/fags are just delusional.

Thanks. Hope you are not trolling me.

It's 100% bisexual.

who is this fluid druid

No. When season 3 airs in a year or two all the yurifags will kill themselves as their beloved lesbian gets D'd.

No, though there is subtext present with the 2nd years.
It's mainly band drama with little to no romance.


She was always one of the tittiest with Asuka.

It's yuribait.

At least we'll finally get a beach episode. It'll be great to see Reina's Reinas.


Sensei is going to tap that while Kumiko watches and masturbates

does she do it with sensei?

In her dreams.

She does it with everyone!

Because that's what guys find attractive.

>mole on her breast


What mole?


for you


You sure? I thought it was just the end of the line art. Guess we'll get confirmation when it airs.

Anyone mind posting some official arts of reina's breasts? I need it to finish my master's theses.

She always had cowtits.


Yeah she's lucky to have a friend as beautiful as Reina

Why does Hazuki has an used condom in her mouth?

Better question: why does Kumiko have boobs in one image, but loses them in another?

It's a wrapper to those popsicles you split in half.

shuichi gave it to her
just the used condom though, not the dick

>guys aren't into armpits
When will this meme end?

>band drama
>not romance

Not mainly.

This is more plausible, and I dare to say that condom was used on Kumiko, poor Hazuki.

How does Kyoani yuribait so well? So many people take the bait.

Malcolm please go.

Where is this from?

To clarify, I know it's from hibike, but from what specifically? I just checked, there haven't been any new trailers

whats with the weird mole obsession?

episode 2 magazine previews, heres the other girls

poor Ribbons

Magazine art tends to exaggerate breast size for the not-well-endowed girls.

Kill yourself

Idk but it's kind of hot.

>watch this thinking Cred Forums is tricking me in to watching yuri
>it's not

Never doubted you guys for a minute.

Why is kumiko so flat everywhere?

>he thinks Kyoani girls are thick


>Taki will tap this

Isn't fair.

damn he's gonna tap reina and asuka at the same time?

Because she's beautiful

s2 soon!


Asuka the lesbo harem master.

Taki is gay. He would never touch those high school girls.

As I said, tend to. Not always. However there has been plenty of Kumiko magazine art that wasn't flat.

I'm not the best judge, but I'd say there's some exaggeration with and just from the pics in this thread.

Shuuichi and his harem, which girl hasn't he plowed?

All of them

If I picked Reina up for a date in my 1996 Mazda Miata would she be impressed and let me have unprotected sex with her?


Should have gone with the Geo Metro, chicks dig that fuel economy.

She would stare at you autistically, then walk away and look for Kumiko


probably disgusted by you but probably would bareback

>people thought Love Story would be NTR shit because of the image on the left
>it was one hundred (100) per cent pure love


>ITT Mugino

Too big.
Kumiko meanwhile, is perfection. If it gets bigger, that would mean KyoAni ruined perfection.

>too big
she's like a B+ where kumiko is flat

Kumiko's size is the perfect size, anything larger or smaller is imperfect.

It's canon het. Kumiko and Shuuichi fuck in the novels.

where are the proofs :-DDD

Moles tend to draw attention to certain areas

thicc kyoani is best

Kirby just sucks up my attention more.

those girls are just obese


Do you or any other user have that scene of her running her hands down her chest?

Where the fuck subs for the movie? I found fucking vietnamese ones but not english ones

Retarded yurifags.


They're called "beauty marks" by some.

how come no one likes haruka

I like Haruka. Plain moe is nice.

Literally who?

Did you see her body in the swimsuit pinup. That body is far from plain

God bless.


>normal people
user, every chuu2 has the waistline/hips of a bellydancer.

Animators rarely respect breast size. Just pay closer attention and you'll see a bunch of discrepancies between scenes of pretty much any series.

I want Asuka to tease me mercilessly.

No one likes failures.

Tamako's mole is the same as the Naoko Yamada's.

My wife Kumiko is so cute.

Holy shit, Kumiko's bra perfectly matches her.


I'm ESL.

Kumiko looks like she's trying to start a fight.


Kumiko is all like "shit was so cash" with Reina

To sexually arouse Reina you've to perfectly play in a duet with her.

shes not real you autist


Hell yes

>01d 02h 41m 09s
The wait is killing me.

Fuck yes
My waifu is finally taking center stage.

post em

I see you post many of these, what are so hyped for?

Kino of the year

AOTY of the year.

1 hour episode premiere

Season 2 countdown with staff and casts' favorite scenes from Season 1:


>From top to bottom:
Takeda Ayano (author)
Hanada Jukki (scriptwriter)
Ikeda Shouko (character designer)
Yamada ("series director")
Sakurai Takahiro (Taki-sensei)
Hisakawa Aya (Matsumoto-sensei)
Numakura Manami (Mamiko (Kumiko's sister))
Kobori Miyuki (Riko)
Tsuda Kenjiro (Goto)
Ishiya Haruki (Shoe)
Yamaoka Yuri (Ribbon)
Fujimura Konomi (Natsuki)
Chihara Minori (Kaori)
Hayami Saori (Haruka)
Kotobuki Minako (Asuka)
Anzai Chika (Reina)
Toyota Moe (Opal)
Asai Ayaka (Hazuki)
Kurosawa Tomoyo (Kumiko)

I'm ready.

I'll wait for KyoAni's biggest fan to translate.

Fuck you, I will not fall for this one.

Also I decided to not listen to my dick anymore.

captcha: "pennys lane"

Very funny google.

>Yamada's favourite scene is some bullshit with Midori
what a hack

>literally no one chose the umaku naritai scene

>1 hour episode premiere

I didn't know that. Eupho confirmed kino.

>Kumiko's favourite scene

translation of the blurbs when


Enjoying your first day?

Enjoying you getting butthurt

Why haven't you learned moon yet, son?

Kyoani promises you to do anything you want it is, as long as you watch it.
It worked this way for other shows.

KyoAni really know how to please my dick.

>thinks she's special and better than everyone else
>the only reason she wants to be special is so that she wants to get fucked and wants dick, just like every other girl

What a walking adolescent cliche.

So salty

Accurate depiction of a teenage girl.

>using non-anime reaction
Fucking crossboarder.

Kumiko like big girls

mfw, even Asuka had more romantic interaction with Kumiko than Shoes
really, how Nike can even compete?

wew lawd
picked up

Kumiko tap and is tapping her

Where are we even going to be able to watch it with subs?

Probably on computers.

I haven't seen any simulcast announcements for season 2, that probably means the standard wait for fansubs.

Crunchy has it.


I don't see it here, do they usually wait until the day of to announce a simulcast?

anime always make girls have bigger tits than in the source material.

They had the first season. They'll almost certainly carry the second.

Not that I particularly care either way since subs are for losers.

Anime is wonderful


If we put every Kyoani mole on one girl, what would it look like?

TFW I have Tamako's mole.


Did KyoAni have any characters with moles before Haruhi? I can't recall any of the Fumoffus having those.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, they're memeing.

Yuri bait is not the same as yuri though.

not if you like lolis ;_;