Baki Dou 128

The chapter's been out for a while and we don't have a thread, so I'm dumping it. Don't expect clever commentary.

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Now that was just for the gross factor.

thingken of Baiken






Handsome Motobe.

You expected something different? Too bad, it was just another "Musashi gets knocked down then makes a comeback" fight.


That's a creepy smile.



Last page. Motobe doing a Musashi impression gives me hope he might turn things around.

Also, reminder that the December OAD will cover the hypest arc ever.

>memetobe will probably be the one completely shitting on musashi
this will be amusing.

Seriously all this hype around Memetobe....

the other characters, especially Baki are literally pissing into their pants infront of Musashi.

what the fuck, why no clever commentary?
am I supposed to provide my own?

It would be wrong for this particular fight to not have a back-and-forth. If Motobe won unilaterally, it would actually mean that Motobe was wrong about Musashi being good at his job, hence defeating the purpose of basically this entire arc.

That being said, this chapter felt like 10x slower than the other ones, perhaps because of the tone shift, perhaps because there's like 5 pages dedicated to one strike that was already shown in the last chapter.

Memetobe is going to die isn't he?

Not on your life; Baki won't let him die. I think someone predicted this like 2 chapters ago: if Motobe gets into an 'about to die' situation, Baki will jump in. He's presumably still pissed about Retsu, so he probably won't let Musashi kill another friend for no reason. Pickle doesn't count.

*My* prediction remains that Motobe will beat Musashi in terms of the art of war developed up to Musashi's lifetime. That's all Motobe wants out of this. Then, Musashi will turn the fight around by going hands-mode, something that was not developed in his lifetime and is not an "ancient" style or technique by any real/pragmatic means. Motobe will lose or die or whatever, and Baki will beat Musashi in his ultimate form, which will have inevitably become hand-to-hand combat.

why is Motobe surprised he couldn't pull the sword from Musashi's grip?

He's surprised Musashi managed to unsheathe it and cut the chain.

huh? I thought the sword sheath was blown up by Motobe in the previous chapter

You're right, forgot about that. The left panel in looked to me like only the start of the edge was uncovered, but that must be the weight of the chain in front of it.

It was, he probably missed that. What happened in this one was just an indication of Musashi's sword being infinitely sharp. With literally no lead-in, the blade was able to cut through the kusarifundo chain. Honestly, I think the time Pickle slammed the sword into the earth was much more impressive and got the point across more clearly, but this chapter is clearly intended as some sort of homage to Shishido Baiken, so who knows.

Musashi's NO SELL!!

Musashi has likely fought famous ninjas and assassins before.

Motobe probably is nothing new to Musashi.

Only thing new was the bottle of alcohol and cigars.

Glass containers were probably luxuries in Musashi's era after all if glass ever reached Japan by trade.

spinnyback is down

another DDoS attack?

You think Baki's strong enough buddy?

There would probably be some bullshit about Musashi being injured by Motobe beforehand too so is it really a victory? Then the answer would be yes muh art of war

Fuck. I'll get the webmaster on it, if he doesn't already know... I do hate people, I really do.

Is that from 127? My usual manga reading sites don't have it.

>You think Baki's strong enough buddy?
He did that whole offscreen training arc so yeah, probably
faggot be all like "my skin be more resilient, my muscles be grown, my fists got larger-er" here and shit
and then Doppuccino is all like "no shit, i can tell from looking"
and then he says something like "oh this is gonna be a match of pure spirits" (re: Pickle and Musashi) and some other stupid shit that doesn't matter

>so is it really a victory?
They don't necessarily have to fight in this same day. But you're probably right, they probably will

Yeah, I stuck it on spinyback first for once so the site might get a little traffic. Evidently, someone does not appreciate that. Or the site's down by coincidence, iunno.

Here's the chapter on mega, since you can't get it there and batoto has an upload delay of [given period of time]:!vtAW3BpB!gWdG_jyZT7kulq5gDnEbcQ

random scarface color page from last week's mag

anyone know the name of the artist that did this chapter?

His head is so little.

Sako Toshio. Not exactly, uh, known for much.

maybe someone in the thread knows: I saw a page of Jack biting some dude's throat out a few days ago, what's it from? is there a Jack Gaiden?

Ah, perhaps you saw Jack biting Motobe's shoulder? This is that. There's no Jack Gaiden YET, so that's not it. Where did you see the page, can you describe it better, etc. Chances are that it's from Grappler - Jack is significantly more brutal in that series, but we've yet to translate those parts because [reason].

something like this. it wasn't translated.

dude ended up with a puddle of blood, they were in the underground fighting ring.

It's a different artist. It must be an anniversary homage.

weird. Jack vs Katsumi sounds cool, but just being over like that is bullshit.

SpinyBack sites are back up; it *was* another DDoS. We still have no clue as to who might be behind it. I can be mean-spirited and say Reichan, but he gains literally nothing in this case, and he's proven to be Jewish as fuck over the last decade, so I'm kinda doubting it now.

Kahaha, yeah, that's a different artist. The one I linked in the post directly above your first one: Here's a picture of just how brutal Jack is in the tournament, just for contrast.

You're correct; it was from the anniversary issue. Too bad I didn't see your post until I'd looked through 22 volumes of Grappler Baki. At any rate: since I imagine it's gonna be kind of hard to piece together all the Baki anniversary shit, I have compiled all of the anniversary-related Baki stuff into an upload on mega for each and everyone's enjoyment. It's comprised of material from both Shounen Champion issue 43 and 44, the former of which was the 'official' anniversary issue.The former has myriad drawings submitted by all sorts of manga artists in tribute to Baki/Keisuke Itagaki.

The latter has a very neat Scarface chapter (I do not believe Scarface is normally published in Shounen Champion) that is basically Richard Filth vs Doppo - if you've read the raws for Grappler - but with Hanayama and Some Guy; the Prisoner Arc OAD announcement, and a humorous but very low effort sketch of Musashi from presumably one of the artists who was on hiatus the week before.

I share these things with you in hopes that you, too, may one day commit an act of goodwill for no discernible reason.!rwhzhSgY!JbzGVRc_-k5ew1lWd-AdUw

I forgot to mention: 43 also has a few full-on tribute chapters from regular artists in the magazine. Hell, that should have been my lead. Ho-hum.

So why did Baki go from letting school punks beat him up in the first series to scaring the shit out of them in the convict saga?

Have violence restrictions for shounen changed in the last ~20 years? Because it seems that Itagaki was capable of showing a lot more grotesque injuries in the first series. Just look at this. On a tangent: this kinda shows how neutered the anime adaptation was.

Katsumi blowing off the flesh of his arm wasn't that long ago.

By my math, that chapter came out at some time around 2008.