My wife TOSHINOU KYOUKO is cute

My wife TOSHINOU KYOUKO is cute.

You're wife is a slut.


She is 100% pure.

Ayano please go. Gay marriage isn't legal in Japan.

100% slut who would kiss anyone that offered, and more.

No she wouldn't. This slut would though.

You take that back! That kiss was forced upon here! Forced I say! I will not sit idly by while someone insults my waifus purity!

RUM RAISIN isn't really all that great. It's just vanilla ice cream with some vaguely rum tinge and raisins.

Isn't she a bit too young to be someone's wife?

My wife Sakurako is one of the few actually pure girls left in this show.

Nips have notoriously bad taste.

Your waifu's "purity" will be taken by her more than perverted onee-chan and there's nothing you can do to stop it

Sakurako always smells strongly of piss.

Full pic please. She reminds me of the grinch here

Full pic will get me banned

Are we going to pretend like that's a bad thing?

link it

That's better than 90% of flavors.

Doesn't she have kind of a grinchy smile though?

Excuse me but you are mistaken, that is my daughter, TOSHINO KYOUKO.

I don't have the source or the original pic, apparently

So who did we settle on for smelliest butt?

My vote is Ayano. I bet hers gets very sweaty in those pantyhose.


It's good, though!