Why did you not tell me how great this show was?

Just on ep 3 and it is, for a lack of better word, fun.

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I want more Loli.

The lolis are great but badass princess fighting for her country is great too. Busty is a bonus.

Jesus I completely forgot about this show

Have they finally progressed past ep. 4?

Yes. On ep 5 now.

I wish I saved the episode threads so I can go back and read user's reaction to Yuri being the empress or to ep 3.

It's back from the production break so yes.


Would you an eternal loli oneechan?


>lack of better word
>uses a buzzword
You're not helping.

Fun things are fun.

>fun is a buzzword

Just show the fucking green robot finally, holy shit.

That episode 5 was so great to watch.

Best girl?


Her Majesty

God-Empress Yuinshiel-sama

Why must there be a shota to ruin the fun?

And not a cute shota either.


I am in agreement.

Her uniform is orgasm inducing.

So where exactly do I acquire a loli mecha?

So you can hatefuck him later.

Their big militaristic coats makes me imagine Hime-sama having her own nation and being venerated by the populace while fighting with an edgy lolibot who cuts down everything in Hime's way

Be the empress of mankind.

I am tempted to make a CK2 mod where every king gets their own loli mecha that is immortal and lead armies.

This is a giant robot

So glad that we got another episode, hopefully people actually talk about it more

Isn't this the whole idea of king and emperors returning to fight ahead of their troops on the battlefield? That kings are again great warriors that defends their people?

We need more frequent threads if you want anons to find out about it. Is it bad that I heard about this today from a Izetta thread?

That was never the case in Japan though. Though I do think Hime's role is probably informed by how modern day japan views the Emperor.

If my emperor or empress lead from the front line, I would follow her into battle.

I can't enjoy this show because I keep thinking that it's being set up for one of the main girls to die at the end.

Heads are too big.

Needs more fucking fanart. Ded show.

Would you feed them?

Mecha magic

That was cringe worthy.


>You'll suffer the Regalia's curse as well
>zero hesitation "I don't care"
Yui pls

Is she La Pucelle?

I have to agree with this guy. That and the opening of episode 3 were too confusing and crazy.

Timed box? Really? But it got better after. The hungry duo is cute.

>Yunisiel-sama needs your life to power her giant robot
Would you do it? Would you give up your life to help your Queen??

I would like to be the sole royal concubine to Yui and Rena.

If she let me have a quick squeeze of her 88 beforehand.

Yeah, Abel last fight was great. He even did the "teleport behind you" move but coudnt beat the power of sisterly love.


Wait, seriously?
Ep1 of this looked pretty shit so I dropped it, does it get significantly better?

That is her size? How did we find out?

It is a slice of life with mecha porn. And cute girls.

Than episode one? Not really, but it does explain things so it isn't as confusing.

Twitter post initially, but the re-air had the sizes listed in the news article.

Awesome. Will look into it.


Those epaulets

They said they had to delay the airing and rerun it later to have enough time to improve the quality.

But we all know what really happened. They had to wait until Macross and Kuromukuro were over. Mecha shows hugely rely on the sale of toys, and the market is limited. Hopefully it doesn't ruin them, and they make it this season. It is fun, and imouto is such a cute.

Yui is great.

Military coats make anything sexy.

Damn. Look at that 88.

What is her ass size again?



I don't think Regalia has a toyline.

It has a TCG though. At least, it was announced.


Looks interesting, please tell me it doesn't have any yuri. Every other show this season seems to have some sort of yuri gimmick.



As long as you don't put on your yuri goggles you should be fine

If you don't rely on generic cute girl designs to compensate for bland characters and uninteresting plot then you don't have much to enjoy about Regalia.

The worst part of the show by far is the sound design though.

Isn't the "curse" immortality and the ability to pilot a sick-ass giant robot? There's not many reasons to turn that down.

If you are able to believe that two girls can have a platonic loving relationship of caring deeply for each other that doesn't end in "yo i want to bang this loli" then you'll be fine.

Venerate the immortal Empress.

It's just sisterly love.

There is only the Empress, and she is our shield and protector.

They should have waited with the reveal that the three guys were just putting up a token effort to defeat the Alecto and that getting killed was all part of Ingrid's grand master plan (whatever it turns out to be - probably an attempt to bring back all the inhabitants of her country that vanished during the rapture).
But now that Ingrid's last loyal citizens sacrificed themselves, every fight should be earnestly.

I want to fill those royals with my peasant sperm.

beautiful 2D mecha animation is more hot than any girl

I forgot I was waiting for this show to come back. thanks OP

>beautiful 2D mecha animation is more hot than any girl
It doesn't help when the mecha designs are so much hotter than the girls' ones

The kawaii uguu-designs of QP:Flapper for this show really are dull.
They need more awesome clothes or fantastic hair to make them stand out from other kawaii uguus.

>going through a port
>this guy slaps your onii-chan ass
What do?

Ignore him. People like him just want to die at the hands of darkness lolis.

So cute.

I dropped it when a reporter asked for her 3 sizes and she gave them.
That girl and her ideals are too far removed from reality.

>Not following the 3 episode rule

I thought it was going to start again from ep1 with some fixes and changes?
I DL'd the episodes last season just before it was postponed but didnt watch yet

And it did. It restarded on 9/1

They did, budlightsubs and merchant subs did those.In terms of airing timing episode 5 of rergalia = episode 1 of other shows this season

>it was going to start again from ep1 with some fixes and changes
This. You'll have to download v2

I told you back in July.

>Why did you not tell me how great this show was?

Because it's reactionary propaganda.


Magical mechs sure are something else, not breaking from all that punishment

So tell me Cred Forums, would regalia be better if they had used 3DCG for the mechs and paid for better animators/ more episodes?

Nah. Lolis and mecha is supermega-niche as fuck. Their one superdistinction from the other mecha anime show that Regalia was supposed to air at the same time Kurowhateversomething (that one with the samurai who doesn't fear the jewish oni) was the hand-drawn animation for the mecha.
And that is most likely the one problem they ran into, when their mechanical animation crew couldn't keep up with the work, and they had to go beg the production committee to buy them more time.


There's always Yuri On Ice for your kind.

For some reason, I was way more enthusiastic when I rewatched new versions of the first 4 episodes before the fifth.

Sweaty, unwashed Empress titties.

Tiesto has insane body.

Pick only one

She goes jogging from time to time you know.
Imagine the jiggling.

I want to be part of her country so I can just go see her running instead.