Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #45 TOC

Amalgam of Distortion (Cover/New Series)
My Hero Academia
One Piece
Haikyuu!! (CP)
Black Clover
Samon the Summoner (CP)
Hinomaru Zumou
Food Wars
The Promised Neverland (CP)
Yuna of Yuragi Manor
Blade of Demon Destruction
Red Sprite
Straighten Up! Welcome to Shika High's Competitive Dance Club
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
Love Rush (first ranking)
World Trigger
Isobe Isobee

WSJ #46 preview
Cover: Youth Weapon Number One (new series)
CP: Amalgram of Distortion, Hinomaru Zumou

RIP Love Rush

And so Sesuji lives on the blood of dead new series...for now

>Love Rush (first ranking)

Oh wow. RIP.

How the fuck did Love Rush even make it to serialization in the first place is beyond me.

"Pure" Rank

1 Hero Academia
2 One Piece
3 Black Clover
4 Gintama
5 Hinomaru
6 Souma
7 Yuuna
8 Kimetsu
9 Sesuji
10 Saiki
11 Love Rush
12 World Trigger
13 Toriko

>Saiki that low
What happened? There were times when it was even 3rd and 4th place in the ranking and that's really good for a gag comedy with no plot.

it's always been a jumpy unpredictable series
no need to worry

Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought it was natural and expected for comedy manga to fluctuate like that. Gintama and Saiki constantly bounce up and down. Samon is more consistently low, but it can jump to top 4 like last week too.

Avg Rank of 20 series that were ranked in the last 10 weeks

02.16 My Hero
02.47 One Piece
03.86 B Clover
05.18 Haikyuu
08.08 Neverland
08.09 Yuragi-sou
08.91 Souma
10.19 Hinomaru
10.67 Gintama
10.93 Kochi
10.98 Saiki
11.08 World
12.06 Kimetsu
14.88 Summoner
15.64 Sesuji
16.92 Love Rush
17.02 Toriko
17.14 Nisekoi
18.46 Takuan
20.00 Bleach

>20.00 Bleach


Which of these will get cancelled first?

Love Rush

Or will Gintama or Toriko end naturally first?

Too early to say that, Red Sprite needs to tank before Sesuji is in the clear.

>8 Kimetsu
Please get higher. Also new color page when?

>Gorilla's manga
>End naturally first

Math doesn't check that one out, user.

Isn't it in its final arc?

If Amalgam of Distortion mc uses his arm as a sword for dueling it will automatically become my favorite wsj manga

and i won't care how good or bad it actually is

>Amalgam of Distortion
so fucking edgy

description for the oneshot it's based on:
>From the creator Mitsukubi Condor, a manga tells the story of a boy who lives in a fantasy world. In this world he wants to go into an organization that hunts demons and ghosts, but to get into it, should capture a demon that is terrorizing the city - The protagonist so hastily searching the demon, finds and fight the creature, but in the end discovers that the enemy was being controlled by the organization he wanted to go, in fact, it was all just a test to find a new member. Thus, the protagonist, after showing his bravery, can enter the organization.

sounds generic, either it will kimetsu or kimetsu will kill it

MHA is widening its lead.

>4 Gintama
Hey that's pretty good.

Yeah it's a bit odd seeing how the sales arn't amazing

>Love Rush
Frankly, I expected better. At least there will be more place for other, better series.

>beats up demons with his detatched arm
Sounds cool desu

I wonder if Love Rush will get the Buddy Strike treatment, ending in just 11 chapters

>02.16 My Hero
>02.47 One Piece
>03.86 B Clover

What happen to world trigger? How long will it last?

>12 World Trigger

RIP. It's all over.

WT is like a slightly more successful Toriko. Both have cancelled anime, WT consistently beats Toriko in rankings and now outsells it too, they would kill Toriko before WT. And Toriko is about to enter a new arc soon, so I would think WT is safe.

Even if Toriko is favored over WT, at the very least Samon, Sesuji, and Love Rush are first in line for culling, maybe even Kimetsu too.

Avg Rank of series of last 10 weeks excluding finished series (out of 16)

01.96 My Hero
02.15 One Piece
03.44 B Clover
04.77 Haikyuu
07.03 Neverland
07.13 Yuragi-sou
07.78 Souma
09.01 Hinomaru
09.18 Gintama
09.32 Saiki
09.51 World
10.32 Kimetsu
12.99 Summoner
13.51 Sesuji
13.54 Love Rush
14.50 Toriko

WSJ announced a popularity poll for Samon and it starts accepting votes this week, and said they will be doing an arc based around the results, so it can't be ending soon.

This issue is supposed to have a new Boruto chapter since it's the first issue of the month but nothing is there

they didn't announce a new chapter for next week either

now you know why it's monthly & not weekly assistant-san can't handle deadlines

The end will be this year. Tamakoma will be promoted to A rank. They will enter the ship and this will be the end. 2-3 monts left. After all Wt have no potential left in it.

>Toriko is about to enter a new arc soon
Isn't the current arc the final one ?

On a serious note, having him job for the 5th or is it like the 7th time now when he should shine, isn't helping this series at all. Slow burn is real and the worst scenario is it is kill before ever leaving this planet.

gintama should be on the bottom because they are about to reach the end and nothing interesting happened other than pointless fight scenes.

>black clover that high
do you have a death wish or anything?

can anyone tell me what world trigger is about? last time I read it was about some mc who is a non-special snow flake rookie fighting other world ay lmao known as neighbor. Then this half alien kids appear as well as a sniper loli.

What ? The ranking is based on the TOC.

Then this half alien kids appear as well as a SNIPER LOLI
You're clearly lying. You haven't read any of it.

It's about dimension aliens and kid soldiers.

>3 Consecutive 1st for BnHA





HA........ This is not funny.

I did only the early some early chapter. The ayy lmao is call neighbor. There's this guy mc looked up to and he is seriously op.

Been hinting at a Space arc and other universes pretty heavily. Plus Toriko has two huge power-ups left, yet the current main villain isn't that much stronger anymore. Also they opened up fan submissions again.

A month ago, I thought for certain Gintama had another year left and outlast Toriko which I thought would end in 3 months. Now I think it's the other way around.

By the way, World Trigger isn't going anywhere. Bleach, Gintama, Nisekoi, and Toriko were all doing just as bad but lived for years after they declined. Two of them are still going. Worst case scenario, World Trigger will just join them as perpetual bottom-dwellers.

>MHA outdoing OP
Since when?

Well, last three weeks it was #1 above OP. That shifted the averages enough for it to take the lead last week and then widen its lead this week.

Besides Naruto and AssClass both had periods where they would overtake OP, probably other series too that I'm forgetting. It's not so strange.

>> Love Rush (first ranking)
Shame. It's better than Ghost Tits imo

I'm calling this: Love Rush will shoot up after ch 2.

I will keep my hopes up until next week. It's still not great, but the first chapter made it out to be a standard cliche harem that doesn't add anything new. It still is pretty generic, but it finally does something to set itself apart, decent pacing. In the second chapter MC confesses and no misunderstandings interrupted him or nullified the confession.

If next week, the ranking doesn't improve, then it's a lost cause and I guess fast pacing isn't what people are looking for in the harem genre.

Samon was in the bottom 5 for its first 4 weeks in a row yet it survived. I mean, it's still in the dumps but it scraped by and is a year old, getting crossovers, popularity polls, etc.

Damn son.


Actually if this axed after the first volume still it has more development than your average love comedy.

Yeah, but not 3 consecutive weeks though.

>New Order
>No Dancing Midgets
Sesuji is screwed, isn't it?

>World Trigger

>Big Three generation is over
>introducing New Order with literal whos
I understand

Naruto had an entire year where it was more often at #1 than One Piece. I remember it was either 2004 or 2005.

So Kimetsu is the new Bleach while BC and MHA are both the new One Piece and Naruto.

>no Straighten Up

It's gonna get canned.

Yeah, they skipped the sports genre after all.

>Naruto had an entire year where it was more often at #1 than One Piece
That never fucking happened. The 2004 rankings had One Piece rank 1# for both halves it was only around the first half of 2005 did Naruto usurped One Piece and then fell again.

Do you think Cred Forums will explode on the day Oda dies and One Piece gets announced to be halted then and there forever with 1000 questions unanswered?

It happened but whenever Naruto got a 1st, One Piece was mostly absent/not ranked.

Kimetsu has backgrounds though

Is Souma the sexiest character in Jump?

Don't worry, I'll continue it using his future arcs scripts.

Not while Isobee's around



>World Trigger that low

But I just started to like it

Dude Toriko is fucking ending. It is plain as day

Space arc

So what's the verdict on Promised Neverland?

I feel like it's got potential and every chapter pulls back a layer that makes things more interesting

Space Arc isn't happening. Don't be a dumbass.

Can someone explain to me why Color Pages don't get counted?

I know why Cover pages don't but color pages are just regular chapters

Avoiding favoritism.

>Takuan doing worse than a manga that ended months ago
>Bleach being so low that even though it ended recently it's average is lower than newer manga

it still rank higher than WT and Toriko so it's something. Buddy Strike receive absolutely no votes and was last place ever since it ranked.

Not surprising. There was no reason to read it. It's like it was trying to be Diamond no Ace without anything that makes it interesting.

>>Samon was in the bottom 5 for its first 4 weeks in a row yet it survived.
Survived is a very strong word here

More like "is on life support and keeps fading in and out"

Ranking higher than Toriko isn't a feat when it's gotten to Bleach-tier

>Both have cancelled anime,
That's bullshit, especially since the complete opposite had happen. World trigger was meant to go on for a year and yet it manage to go on even longer for a few extra months. Saying WT anime got cancelled is like saying your typical 1 cour season anime like Soma, or BnHA was cancelled as well.

World Trigger is just fine. Every time it rank low people freak out but it average ranking is just fine (around the mid-tier rank) and it one of the better selling series in the magazine selling only slightly less than Soma. World trigger is no where near getting axed. There's also so many series that would be up for the chopping block before WT that it's becoming unreasonable to believe WT will get axed any time soon.

>Mfw i started reading MHA when it had 5chapters to finally see it challenging the king

Hopefully season 2 will give it a decent bump with there being more action.

> Neverland ranked this high


Was Bleach actually low-rated closer to its end?

Once the sales explode it will be all over and editors and wsj will ruin horikoshi

>that fucking feel

Can't wait to see the ABSOLUTE MADMAN animated


World Trigger sales are good and the Jump don't has many strong series right now, so it should be fine for a while.

Samon is being promoted with the "New Order" shit. I think it's fine

What am I looking at here?

Damn, they still remember Sket Dance? That ended ages ago.

Speaking of Sket Dance, how was Shinohara's new manga? Is it available anywhere?

How the fuck is Black Clover so high up the rankings? It's so bad, even for a shounen

Free to read on Viz' site.
I didn't read Sket Dance, but Kanata no Astra is okay. I enjoy it.

I've been reading since chapter 1. I took a break around the Stain arc so I could wait for it to get more chapters though.

Oh yeah.

Here was the ranking 1 month before it ended

Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Souma
My Hero Academia (CP)
Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-San
Hinomaru Zumou
Black Clover (CP)
World Trigger
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Samon the Summoner (CP)
Straighten Up! Welcome to Shika High's Competitive Dance Club
Takuan and Batsu's Daily Demon Diary
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
Mononofu (End)
Chronice of Isobe -Life is Hard-

And this is the ranking one month before that
Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma (Lead CP)
One Piece
Hinomaru Zumou
The Disaster of Psi Kusuo Saiki (CP)
Black Clover
My Hero Academia (CP)
Samon the Summoner
Hunter x Hunter
Takuan and Batsu’s Daily Demon Diary
Kimetsu no Yaiba: Blade of Demon Destruction
Yuna of Yuragi Manor
World Trigger
Straighten Up! Welcome to Shika High's Competitive Dance Club
Chronicle of Isobe -Life is Hard-


Bleachfags and spergs

same thing

I wonder if it could somehow explain that rushed ending, its like Kubo said "Ah, fuck it"

Neverland is probably going to be the editor's pet, Love Rush and perhaps Red Sprite are fucked.


Red Sprite can unfuck itself if it really steps it up

Top 5 sexiest MCs in current WSJ:
1. Souma
2. Gintoki
3. Hinomaru
4. Fuyuzora
5. Tanjirou

I give love rush 6 collected volumes at most.

Hard to say. It seems the "New Order" is just splitting all Jump series into four categories:
>Romantic comedies with fanservice
>Generic battle manga
>Comedy manga
>Horror-like shonen

Excellent taste, user.

The categories are
>Gag comedy
>Royal road battle
>One of a kind

>half of the "New Order" isn't even successful
yeah Jump is dead

Actually only Nigga cancer is "successful". Ghost Tits sold 30k, but that was the first volume and it's unclear if it can keep this up and grow. NC meanwhile has estabilished itself already as a okay-tier selling series. The other two are trash.


Why did they leave hero academy out of this?

Ghost Tits is selling better tan nigga clover nigga. Chech your stats men. stupid idiot.

Because it sells more than those four together. Not even kidding.

>Ghost Tits is selling better tan nigga clover nigga.
No, its not.

>Because it sells more than those four together. Not even kidding.

I know but that still doesn't make sense on why they leave it out of this big group name. It's not like it's that much older than them since it just turned 2. I think the whole name thing is just stupid.

>Toriko last

Goddammit, but the author was asking for new fan ingredient designs in issue 43 so it's not ending next round at least, so toriko is safe.

It's technically, by all accounts even if its only half a year, older than BC so it can be considered a legacy series in comparison to the newer thing. I think it's just a matter of semantics. I mean you don't see Haikyuu there and that's only behind One Piece in current Jump when it comes to sales and popularity

>stupid idiot
spotting the smark

It may sound obvious, user, but they're just trying to pull off a new "Big 3" (or 4 in this case) 'coz as said JWO ain't going nowhere individually.

anything can happen in jump, user. If it has to end, it will end. no matter how crappy the ending is.

I know what they're trying to do but those 4 don't have any credits to their name. The big 3 at least were huge.

They're not doing to do a "big #" anything. They're just saying "these are the new manga getting popular".

Big 3 is a purely Western thing anyway

who care about that cape crap. its selling like crap. all of jump is selling like crap. 2016 jump make Reborn like best selling manga

why are torikofags are so bitter? Its flopping so it's gonna end. It did a great run (not as better as bleach, nisekoi and etc) nonetheless, still a great run. If anyone would ask about the dragonball food manga, they'd mention "Toriko".

I know it's a purely Western thing, user, but that doesn't mean they ain't paying attention...

Let's wait and see but I'm 100% sure they gonna push these 4 to death given the near-ending situation of both Gintama and Toriko (plus no Bleach and Boruto flopping)

>Ghost Tits sold 30k, but that was the first volume and it's unclear if it can keep this up and grow
Are you fucking shitting me

You can't pinpoint it's worth without there being at the least the numbers for three volumes.

The first volume of Yuragi actually sold better than the first volume of Black Clover.


Triple that.


and it's still got a promising anime season to come.

World Trigger doesn't rank you retard.


And its still growing

Ghost is amazing you trash. It has gone beyond with panties on tits!

Since when was selling 500k crap

That's pretty good compare to what everyone else is giving it. 6 volume is like 60~ chapter and a year long serialized.

>It's another "every shounen manga needs to immediately sell like One Piece or Naruto or else it's a bomb" post

He is, ghost tits vol 2 sold 90K and has 300K in print.

>only the first week is important
You're an idiot

*29,743 *,*29,743 Yuragisou no Yuuna-san Vol.1
*18,967 *,*70,324 Yuragisou no Yuuna-san Vol.1

*64,527 *,*64,527 Yuragisou no Yuuna-san Vol.2
*26,999 *,*91,526 Yuragisou no Yuuna-san Vol.2

Yuuna new volume will easily sell better than BCs new volume this and next week. We'll see tomorrow

Untouchable. One Piece
Flagship: Haikyuu, Hero Academia
Safe: Soma, Ghost Tits, Black Clover
Safe for now, will likely stay safe because editors seem to like it: Neverland
Gag manga likely has different expectations so safe: Saiki, Isobe, Isobee
Weird editor's pet: Samon
Slightly over the border: Kimetsu
Likely ending naturally: Toriko, Gintama, Hinomaru
Maybe on the border: Love Rush
On the border: Sesuji

Hey I'm kinda new to anime/manga, I started two years ago

Is Gintama any good? I watched Bleach and it was a pile of shit with good and interesting characters stuck inside

Should I watch/read Gintama?

Why? Wasn't there a chapter for that week?
Also still waiting for a Cover lead popularity poll issue.

Watch. Do keep in mind that the anime takes a while to hit its stride (around 20 or so episodes) but its worth it.


Category names

>Souma is categorized as an ero love comedy?

if the character from Amalgam of Distortion beat up people with his detached arm I'm so done

Someone translate Samon please

Fuck that would be sweet

I don't really get the difference between royal road battle and One of a kind. One of a kind series just seem to be slightly darker in atmosphere.

I guess royal road battle is "I'm gonna be the X King!"

The volume circulation hasn't risen even after the anime. The drop in rankings is a reflection of that.
It's basically a sports manga with the aesthetics of a sci-fi battle manga.
Their sport is war, and the matches are comprised of mock battles with 3-4 people on each team.
Occasionally there are real battles against aliens from parallel dimensions, but it's usually just soldier teams fighting against eachother in government regulated matches.
World Trigger has never sold as well as any of those series. World Trigger just now sells at a level one could consider decent yet without an anime the series has reached a stagnation point,
If you read the magazine then they wouldn't be "literal who's?".
World Trigger has always fluctuated in the rankings.
I like it. It's doing decent in the rankings and is getting a color page as well so it should be around for a bit.
Just because the World Trigger anime did better than it was expected to doesn't mean it wasn't still cancelled in the end.
Also, it took World Trigger years to sell as well as it's doing now. That isn't a good thing.

>Just because the World Trigger anime did better than it was expected to doesn't mean it wasn't still cancelled in the end.
I want you to reread what you type and try to make sense out of it. It did better than it was expected yet was still cancelled? That make absolutely no sense.

It was meant to go on for a year, and it did. Where the hell do get cancellation out of that.

Not to mention it caught up to the manga at a time the author was taking frequent breaks.

A year of Toei filler will kill just about any non-OP anime, that's why they prefer padding it out until death.

>Just because the World Trigger anime did better than it was expected to doesn't mean it wasn't still cancelled in the end.

The TV station suddenly cancelled the TV block it was in, so it will get a sequel eventually since it wasn't Toei that cancelled it.

>Also, it took World Trigger years to sell as well as it's doing now. That isn't a good thing.

You want everything to sell 300K+ in the first volumes?

>World Trigger has never sold as well as any of those series

348,376 World Trigger vol 14
342,384 Gintama vol 63
316,916 Nisekoi vol 21

It's time to cancel gintama since it can't even beat WT even with all it's promotions and anime.

World Trigger on average ranks better than Kimetsu, Samon, Sesuji, and Love Rush and sells better than all of them combined. If it's cut, it won't be until the round after the next, so like 20 weeks from now, and it can improve its rank in that timeframe or at least wait out Gintama or Toriko.

It really is a battle manga but those descriptors aren't inaccurate either.

You've had ero at the start, comedy is one of it's strong points, and it hasn't been particularly subtle about where it's going on that third point either.

WT is the 7th best-selling series in Jump (by volume). 5th if you don't count Hunter or Boruto.

why is black clover so popular
i feel sorry for the author i bet he didn't want to make a show like this

Because it's F U N

Because Shonen Jump is a magazine for kids. Black Clover is terrible, but it's aimed at a young demographic.
Also, Hungry Joker was just as awful. Tabata is a hack. Don't understand this "But Hungry Joker was gud!" revisionist history.

>But Hungry Joker was gud
When has anybody said this?

I've seen far too many people try and claim that Black Clover may be bad, but Hungry Joker was good.
Why? I don't know, but there are dumb people in this world.

Sister is fucking insane.

>1, 2 and 3 are the new big 3

>Black Clover is terrible

You'd think Cred Forums would want to spend more time discussing a series where everyone's constantly in space lycra.