Shingeki no Kyojin 86

Waiting for spoilers.

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Armin a shit

LM soon.


Mrs. Smith is gonna get so triggered.

So, more armin this chapter?

As an arminfat this triggers me.

That Erwong fucking kek.

Why does this artist draw Armin like an obese inuit with Down Syndrome?


I think the most confounding shit about her work is that she has some head canon where all the main characters are fat shitskins, but characters like Jean and Erwin are (relatively) the same as the actual character. Why the fuck is Armin a fat chink now but Jean is still just a skinny white guy?

I mean she makes them uglier if that's any consolation. Like she makes them unsightly and gaunt because god forbid a healthy-weighted individual look good.

They have to throw in some token white characters to call it diverse.

I don't know. She also draws Eren and Levi black. Maybe she is trying to express beauty in the worst meaning of the word, some are eccentrics.

I think she doesn't like them as much, hence she doesn't use them to self-insert.

Self-inserting. They don't think it's possible to feel a character is relateable unless they're also exactly like them, mental and health problems and all, and/or meet a set number of trendy social issue tickyboxes.

>The SL hold a memorial service to honor the fallen
>Nile and Marie are there with their kids. He tells Levi he decided to name his unborn child Erwin if it's a boy.
>Historia gives a speech for the family and friends who lost loved ones on the mission
>Hitch is shown crying about Marlo
>Afterward Historia joins the rest of the mourning SL members. She has already been filled in on everything but the letter
>Hanji hands the letter to her
>She reads it in private as Hanji and Eren continue researching Grisha's notebooks (Levi is quickly shown doling out punishment to Mikasa elsewhere and Armin and JC are visiting a recovering Sasha)
>TIL summary via Eren aka shit we already knew
>Historia rushes in clutching letter. Her urgent expression suggests Ymir revealed something important
>Outside there's a loud explosion.
>Either ZRY? broke in or Annie woke up
>Chapter end

But she is a girl. She wants to be a fat male? I don't understand.

Spoilers when

Maybe today.

He's actually trans, you know, because a sameface joke about how he looks like Historia means he's really a girl. Or so they like to claim.

She treats Armin like an obese female from the art I've seen. Whalemin is her core self-insert.

She gives Armin a vageen so take that as you will.

She can't accept that Armin is one of the skinniest characters in the series so she has to "improve" him so that he meets her disgusting standards.

>Levi is quickly shown doling out punishment to Mikasa elsewhere
What kind of punishment?


Fuck off attentionwhore.

Her mind.

Not that kind of punishment, shipperfag.

That is a sad thing actually.

Humiliation. He thigh-fucks her from behind while fondling her tits.

Was just an innocent question.

In the shit machine or out?

Fuck off shipperwhore.

This is Levi we're talking about, shit machine is no bueno for him.

>wants a fat character
>doesn't choose Sasha to be thick as fuck with huge tits, ass, and thighs
>instead invents apple-shaped, Trans, Eskimo Armin and fatfuck nigger manlet
Does Tumblr seriously always have to relish in the hideousness of things? Fuck post-modernism.

>shit machine is no bueno for him

The manlet revels in comments about shit and piss

I know. Sasha I could buy as being fat once she leaves the military lifestyle, she eats like a cow.

In theory yes, but in practice? Not convinced. He's still a hygiene nazi.

Right because god forbid we generate discussion about the chapter.

Armin is worst shingeki


I thought that was his #1 fetish? 2nd being piss.

Absolute worst

My life my love the apple of my eye.

Oh shit u right. In that case he pees in her butt.

Gas yourself.

Ok then, tell us what you think will happen next chapter

Absolutely not.

Yummycurry when?

Seeing how the tumblr-approved artstyle is an unholy mashup of Disney and Nickelodeon flash cartoons where everyone looks like drunkards, yes.


You should at least change the filename.

Never, Ymir belongs to connie

Next arc.

Let's face it, this was the last time they will ever see each other.

Well apparently only EMA's happiness matters, so that wouldn't surprise me.

I don't think Armin will see the ocean and I also don't think Eren will survive.

I approve this

so is historia gonna give eren a hug out of happiness and relief the first time she sees him back the mission or what?

Not sure about the ocean, but Eren will most likely die from coordinate cancer.

That is a vile and cruel picture.

Lovely cute little Erwin with kitty Levi! I love Erwin's little outfit. Definitely the sort of thing I would dress a son in.

I've read the theories that Erwin is Annie's father. Don't believe them at all though.

BRA are fighting for freedom and justice

Yes and a kiss.

>Spoilers never.


>armin is new protag
>Eren just recaps everything and nothing happens for 6 chapters
>Armins titan is a complete disapointment
>Ymir is dead

Maybe tomorrow.


Gas yourself

Why didn't he shift? Couldn't he have just bitten his tongue or something?

Probably to shocked or just plot convenience, because Isayama wanted him to die. Just like magically no one from the main cast died when Bert shifted for example.

Is Mikasa getting cucked ?

A titan just crushed her rib cage to the point she wasn't able to stand up anymore.

He was too tired because of the earlier shifting.

Muslimbro here, I just read the previous thread. Which part of Northern England was Mr Smith?

Shoo shoo.

you shouldn't be messing with such pure souls. That is evil.

I know decapitation is your culture, but you shouldn't do it.
Now gtfo.

Search the archives, I'm sure it is there.

Double dubs confirm. May they defeat the traitor Eren and his legion of devilspawn.

Why are Mudslimes still allowed on this board?

At least Historia is save.

Money on her being from the Home Counties. She has that pretentiousness.

I hate Fartmin but even he doesn't deserve the bumblr treatment. Neither do my eyes.

Sacrifice Armeen to bring Bort back to life


Disgusting. Also Bort and Armin are both shit

This. Bert deserved life. He did literally nothing wrong.

What is happening here?

It would finally stop the big downward spiral the series has been in since chapter 50

>reading an old interview from early 2012
>one of the questions was "eren and armin seem very close, but how close are they really?"
>"if their world had lollipops, they'd share one together without a second thought."

No, but killing off both Armin and Bort would have.

>bra still on
Scum. I wonder which one makes the pig noises.

Armin is shit, arminfags are cancer, Armin deserves death

I'm assuming he means sticking the entire lollipop in their mouths and swapping it back and forth, right?

>Headcanons again.
Kill yourself, Arminfat.


Bloody disgusting.


This meme will never die.

EH is canon.

Go away pedo

Newfag detected.



How I wish it would.


You first.

EH is pedo gunk. Get that shit out of here and go back to your rape dungeon


EH is not pedo, it's just shit.

>EH is not pedo, it's just shit.
Stop trying to damage control and go back to hurting kids somewhere we don't need to suffer you

But they're both the same age.

Are you thinking of CWLfag and his pedo ErwH shit?

Is there anything left that is threatening to the protagonists? At the very beginning it looked like even mindless titans were kind of menacing when they smashed Eren and his squad in Trost, but now any named character with a sword can tear through them without breaking a sweat, and the enemy shifters are all useless jobbers too. It seems like the only way it can go is the SL fighting itself in this EMA disagreement which is dull as hell

Anons talking about the stalker user that creeps on Mrs Smith. He thinks EH is endgame.

>implying I like shit like EH

>being so unlikeable you don't have a friend who you share food with
They've already swapped semen and blood, what's a little backwash and saliva? It's just bros being bros, bro. Nothing gay about sharing a lollipop or ice cream or sucking a dude's dick for his birthday. They're just close bros.


I see, didn't know that was him.

The biggest threat to EMA is themselves and each other. I don't think it's dull.

Then I agree, Erwin with a kid is pedoshit.

It's just the Mankasafag trying to force shit. The orginal post was just a random blond loli doll.

He offered Mrs Smith money for a kid apparently

It wasn't the mankasafag, stop trying to stir shit.

>a random blond loli doll

Never forgetting that. Easily one of my favourite weird shit moments from these threads

EH is canon ErwH is a shit.

It was though. The guy didn't said who he liked. It's the mankasafag who tries to stir up shit.

>EH is canon

You sure? I might just be remembering wrong.

He actually likes Annie. I think Historia as well, which is probably also why the doll was a blond one.

What the fuck.

He didn't show liking for anything except children dolls. Assuming anything is dumb. He was a Cred Forums poster here for the britfag.

Yeah, its pretty awful writing.

He has been attention whoring here for a while now and if I remember correctly he always talks about raising Annie or something like that.

>He didn't show liking for anything except children dolls.
>literally offering people money to be his victims

So the one with the doll is the psychopath Anniefag, right?

You mean Anniefag? He's been around since the tulpa, you know.

I call him cwl. There's plenty of anniefags that aren't straight up fucking lunatics.

About to start reading the manga. Is it actually good?


Very. Much better than the anime.


To be fair he's not the only one who wants Mikasa to fuck off at this point.

No idea if it's the same one, but people also always tell him to fuck off when he talks about raising her.

>shippingshit replies.
The answer is no. Get away from this shit while you can.

Cool. Also what's with all the gay SnK pm porn? Needs more of the girls.

Yeah but he wants her to fuck off into a rape dungeon as a child. Bit of a difference.

Shippers gonna ship. AM is good, YH is meh.


I still find it weird to think Bert is dead. I've just got so used to seeing him in art and as the face of the series it's odd to think he won't be in it any longer.

I'm glad he is kill, but I admit it surprised me. I always assumed he would be the last one out of BRA to die.

No. It's gone to complete shit.

I don't understand why you fags are shocked people like that lurk here. Is this your first time at Cred Forums or what?

The manga is ending soon anyway. Maybe they can still keep using The CT untill the end of season two.

AM is shit just like the shingekis involved, YH is good.

>inb4 5 posts repeating the same shit


More mikabutt when?

And a cute.

It is known.

Cuter than EMA.

Obviously, although that's not really that hard.


>dumbest character on the show
>instantly assume he's black even though he is drawn with no african physical features
With SJWs like these who needs racists?


That's true, but would you say even Pixis is cuter?

>Mikasa is naked and bent over
>'Is it in yet, Eren?'
>'It's in'
>'But I don't feel anything'
>'Why would you feel anything?'
>Mikasa turns around to see Eren fucking Armin

I choked on my tea you fuck.


"That day"
Gurisha and sister childhood Faye
Airship ships and steam ships in town, flying or planes. Certainly the civilized Turn A Gundam
2 who had popped out from the accommodating Ward is killed kidnapped sister found in the troops
People of Ymir with the power of the giants to win the giant War
Gurisha became 18 to know the sister was killed eating the dog is a toy soldier, et al truth
Move to Mare overthrow revived the giant founder for Erudia revival
And Zeke that married Dina lays Zeke became the 7-year-old will be betrayed Gurisha and Dina to government
Erudia reinstatement faction to be sent to Paradis island. Here is the stage of Attack on Titan

>Turn a Gundam

Titans used to win the Great War? As in WW1?

>Airship ships and steam ships in town, flying or planes. Certainly the civilized Turn A Gundam
What the fuck?

Please be real, oh god please be real.

Nice trying Arminfattys, better luck next time.


>the civilized Turn A Gundam 2

The walls are on an island called Erudia?

Can someone post that comic of Goth Mikasa teasing best boy Jean?

Don't even like retardmin, but where is the rest?

LH when?

LM where?

In your delusions.



Very soon.

In the manga, soon.

>all these delusion fujoshits and lmshits not realizing Eren will slide his nose inbetween these cheeks by the end of the manga

Prepping for Levi? Why not.

>Back abs
>Deformed ass checks
That's Mikasa alright

And Armin.

user, that butt is super cute.

In what world does that thing have a benis?

Mikasa a shit

More Armin when? He is the best character!


In our world.

Do you think many shingekis develop a bondage fetish because of their 3dmg?

>that stealth AA
Maybe Annie and Mikasa and Armin, but he already liked being tied down before.

Someone has the magazine, they're teasing.

Soon my dear user, soon.

I would love to tie Erwin up and tickle his feet.

Fucking KEK


Is this real? Pls post any pics they post. Also sauce needed.

So there's a chance the Erudia spoilers are correct. Grisha has a younger sister named Faye, and his wife, Zeke's mother's name is Dina.

post the rest of the set armintard before i stop catering to your delusions

This month's cover (not a leak, from Nathalie)

That's all that was posted. It's in the spoiler thread. They're seriously talking about the Erudia spoilers now.

>of the set
There is no set, what are you talking about?

Fay....huh. And shouldn't it be spelled Deana?


So, Ymir's people used the titans to win a war.
Grisha had a sister called Faye and a wife called Dina.
The walls are on an island called Erudia.
Zeke turned Grisha and Dina into the Government.

kata is Fei and Daina, so I'm just assuming Faye and Dina are the correct romanizations.

>win a war.
Against the warriors?

Dana? Maybe named after pic related?

Kek Zeke please.

And apparently Grisha's father had "secret information."


Maybe. I still think we're in for a Nazis twist.
Titans were created by the allies to fight the Axis.
The Erudia island is actually Japan.
Rather than the Japanese fleeing to the walls like we were originally told it was Germany and Italy fleeing to Japan.

Tickling is the only acceptable form of torture for Erwin.



>Zeke turned Grisha and Dina into the Government.
So like Erwin, except it was intentional.

That's a good observation. Isayama likes adding some things on the spot from games he played recently, we've seen that with Kenny.

86話 行進


フレーゲルがやったなハンジさん!後で肉を届けさせるよと空気読めない発言 商会のおっさんに指摘されてすまないハンジさんと謝るフレーゲル

会議所ではナイル ザックレー ピクシス あと8巻か9巻かに出てたおっさんとか偉い奴が集まっている


· Inception regenerative therapy research
- Kind of coordinator remembered
- Ymir series, hated from war criminals Reis each King all over the world
- Quadruple wall of the outer ring is intruder for exclusion ignorance gigantism, Yumi people Reis King other ethnic groups in the back of the three
· Wktk in pretending mission
- Before if Zeke some time to talk to the barrel Look Ya
· Son too spicy wonder if I was a mission to cede ability to liner
- Quadruple wall collapses and giants to the outside world
· Gurisha last name of the daughter-in-law Ingrid is a concern
· To → brainwashing

Maybe tattoo (embroidery) back to the fully human secretly giant continues to research ancestors on the formula or the formula of the tips that you doing writing kana heaviness

>war criminals Reis

Hella yeah.

I think the Erudia spoilers are the correct ones. It makes sense to have a Grisha flashback following the basement reveal.

Indeed! I want to tickle him so much he's squealing in fits of laughter.

Ingrid is a cute name.

Grisha did bretty gud.

I don't actually hate him anymore, considering Zeke was the one who ruined his life in the first place. Zeke a shit.

86 episodes march
But the return of the hero, but the back was full of pathos

Judge who is collected to the Chamber
The soldiers who survived the glum expression on one's face is also Hayashitate that it is the return of hero
Discomfort to everyone is laughing around Ellen who is to it so dead investigation Corps
Flegel is judge's Do not did it! Flegel later apologize and I let deliver the meat and it is pointed out to the old man of the remark Chamber of Commerce can not read air sorry judge's
It's referred to as a judge

Uncle Toka is great guy have gathered that was out in the Nile Zakkure Pyxis or Vol. 8 or 9 volumes after the Chamber

Zakkure of sending a tribute to the soldiers who gave their guys and the heart

Go fuck yourselfie Grisha a Grishit and Zeke should have turned him in for being a shit father.

I hope Faye is 4leg

This. He wanted a forced especial snowflake son to go around preaching about the ocean.

>Zeke and his auntie teamed up to go against Grishit

He couldn't have prepared for the ocean part, or the fact that his second son would also be a raging homo like his first son and fall for the ways of an Arlert heir.

Do not reply to me.

Then he shouldn't have mentioned Armin's life when he gave him his titan powers. Just left it at saving Mikasa and that's that.


EMfag pls.

What would you with this cute face looking back at you, begging you, to smell her butt?

Tell her to wash herself better because I can smell her from here and it makes me want to vomit.

Smell Armin's butt instead

So this is all gonna end with WE WUZ DIDANS ND SHIT

Gas this jew.

Not gonna lie, I would peg him.

Depends. Who's saying it?


The winner


Sex scene when?

She's ready to produce litter #3 already?

fuck off autist



Anons, is it safe to assume we're all friends in our community we have here? Despite telling eachother to kill ourselves?

I would happily see some of the people here legitimately dead.

I am happy to be anybody's friend here.
I consider you all good chums.

The guy who posted the teaser image just said this:
>新しい家族関係ががあり wwwwwww

No. Arminfags should genuinally kill themselves. Otherwise everyone but is my friend.

Most people hate me for merely existing so no. I also would love to unironically see CWLfag, all EMfags, and all Shitkasafags kill themselves.

That hate symbol is making an appearance? Looks just like Mikasa.

That's debatable. Anyone who likes EMA should have their skin ripped off.

>hate symbol
Don't even fucking start with that.

>Not on 2ch
>Not on Baidu
>Attention whoring again.

u got memed bruh

I'm only joking. I'm verging on the alt-right myself so I like the little scamp.

This, friend.

I wish the LM shitposter would die a painful death.

Same here though I'm still too libcucky for Cred Forums. I believe in LGBT rights, children's rights, and am a huge advocate for animal's rights. But I think nignogs are degenerate, or at least their culture is.

Especially Eren shipperfags.

Love you too user


>I also would love to unironically see CWLfag, all EMfags, and all Shitkasafags kill themselves.
ESPECIALLY pedo-sama. Little girls are for protecting, not molesting.

Don't reply to me ever again.



Good, more angst is good for me.



user who (supposedly) posted the teaser image is saying he feels bad for Zeke and wants to punch Grisha and Dana/Dina. They experimented on Zeke from the time he was born. Jesus christ...


Animal welfare not animal rights thanks.


Get Levi because clearly she's in heat again

I want to worship that stump.

>shirtless Levi
>Shirtless Erwin


Cut his other arm off. Then his legs.

And more: Grisha's sister was kidnapped by BRAZ's people and experimented on, but when Grisha turned 18 he killed two warriors and attempted to free her, but ended up eating Fay instead. He married Dina a few months prior after getting her pregnant out of wedlock. So what did they do with Zeke? They experimented on him. Zeke escaped from Grisha and Dina's abuse at age 7 and ratted them out to the government. The government punished them both by releasing them within the walls. (There is a fourth wall keeping them inside.) All mindless titans are criminals of varying degrees, however Grisha was already a shifter at this point and the government did not know this. Dina wasn't. The walls are on an island. On the main land, there are several large wards/countries, one of which is Ymir's people. Grisha was from Ymir's country.

I would suck MikaQTs clit

Does any kind user have the compilation picture where Armin and eren keep looking at each other while mikasa is there

Ops pic is supposed to say Jew, Nigger or Arab?

TIA ;)

Same thing. I care about animals more than humans because humans are monsters. Animals are selfish cunts but they don't go out of their way to be selfish cunts like humans.


You again.



What I translated was pretty already stated before, but this had a little more detail to it. From here

Now post about that song Isayama posted and deleted right away, the one about the girl whose crush was gay.

love you user

There's nothing like that there. Try again.


Absolutely not.

An he was alsoa crippled guy like BRA?

I literally just posted the link to what I just translated you shit eater.

I am sure Isayama would have taken the opportunity to show shirtless Hanji, if Hanji was a male of course.

That is so cruel! Nasty! Nasty!

I'd still love him and be his carer. Whatever state he is in.

Who cares he's dead

LH a cute!

The former is best.

You are retarded.
鎮上有飛空船和蒸氣船,也有飛機在飛。文明的確像是Turn A高達般

I have this?

I care. I will never stop caring!

Yes, yes it is.

This spoiler was already translated. The That Day, Erdia and Faye one. You can literally see the refferences in kana. Not even trying.


Very cute indeed.

>tfw the only balls daddy will play with are the ones on your body
>tfw the only bat he swings around is his dick
>tfw the only time he gets to fourth base is when he's balls deep inside of you
Being Zeke is suffering.

Zeke isn't even mentioned on the chinese text, kek.

What, so it's fake? What are you talking about?

But his name is Jerk.


This is the spoiler that was translated to chink. They got it from here even.

And where did that user get it from?

My god that one is fucking adorable.

His ass. Made up shit then claimed.

It is almost definitely not the same thing. The two are fundamentally different. Animal rights is strictly against any human 'use' of animals including as pets and zoo conservation. Animal welfare allows the keeping of animals as long as their needs are being properly met.

Moeburrito is a better burrito.





What if I told you I unironically believe that it's okay for people to keep animals for food so long as the enclosure is extremely massive and you have to take the animal down with nothing more than a pistol to keep it more fair? I like to call it the hunger games pact. Animals can't give consent to be put in enclosed spaces so to give them more of a fair chance of not being dinner, you get to fight that moose with your bare fists. Survival of the fittest.

He's fucking dead

He's best burrito.

I hate that bestial titan.

Get your shitpost off this thread!

Get your shitpost off this thread!

Get your shitpost off this thread!

Holy kek that's great. I'd pay to watch that. A bunch of rednecks with pocket sand knives fighting for their right to eat bears...against the bears.


Jokes on you I don't speak Spanish


>tfw Zeke doesn't want you getting bummed by his minion.

who is this semen monster?

Forgot your trip again. You're shit at this.

Do you think Zeke has a kid? I picture him having a cute megane daughter with a long braided ponytail.

Annie and Manlet are his children of the evil.

Nobody wants to know about your headcanons.

That is really creepy because that's exactly what I imagined his kid to look like. He'd play baseball with her all day and give her the love Grishit never gave him.

He has many kids with his harem.

I take it back, Grisha a shit. Zeke a precious.

I do too user. She should be around the same age as Eren too.

So Annie is Eren's niece?

My favourite Who

I want to take care of baby Zeke! I want to raise him well so he is not nasty and naughty!

Grisha a fucking cis!

Zeke is not nasty or naughty now! but he had to raise himself, it seems.

He did through the rock that killed Erwin. Perhaps if he was raised properly he would not have done that.
It is interesting if the spoilers are true, if Zeke reported his parents to the government. They were horrible people who deserved punishment. Papa Smith, on the other hand, did not.

I want to take him to the zoo and then play smash bros together and feed him all the candy and ice cream he wants.

I tried sketching Zeke's daughter. Instead of megane I picture her being really tomboyish.

We can take him to see the monkeys at the zoo!

Cute, but looks more like EH's daughter that they will never have.

Learn how to draw for fuck's sake. You're embarrassing.

I think she'd be a tomboy too. Zeke having a daughter would be the perfect way to introduce a new female warrior so I'm hoping she exists. I'm starting to get a little bored with the male titan designs.

Everything is set on an isolated continent, broken away from the rest of the world

Only the 4th wall dwellers have access to the outside world

Grisha wanted to end a century-old prank on the wall dwellers by having his ass booted out of the 4th wall by causing chaos inside.

Grisha was part of a research and development facility that ventured into black-ops and researched about the wonders of titanization but his medical expertise only made him restricted to the medical department of the facility

Grisha stole a couple of serums for himself and decided to wander off and travel to the old world (three previous walls) because he felt guilty that the citizens were being used as titan fodder with no defenses.

Before he was kicked out, he broke into the facility, injected a serum, and devoured a Shifter who was being subjected to various experiments. After learning about his crime, the government kicked him out and left him for dead on the outer district full of mindless titans. Grisha had to struggle for years learning about his titan ability and surviving outside civilization before he was found by Keith

Grisha doesn't actually have amnesia and pranked Keith the whole time.

This isn't /ic/. All drawfags are appreciated regardless of skill, or at least they used to be before faggots like you scared them all away.

MikaQT why do you hate /snk/ so much? You made drawgrill and Richard leave this place forever.

MikaQT is a humble and very wise shitposter, he would never say such a thing.

>MikaQT is a humble and very wise shitposter

Shitty drawfags that concur with cancer can get the fuck out for all I care.

But that drawfag doesn't like EM


That drawfag drew fun requests in the past so they're fine by me. I rather them than a whiny bitch discouraging OC.

Fuck off and die, you are the cancer here.

Drawfag, I love your stupid drawings. Keep 'em coming bby.


IE drawing for Allahfag. This guy is a retard. All the decent ones are gone.

Why are Shitkasafats such whiny cunts?

>posting a white supremacy hate image

I like the drawfag and their art

>discouraging OC
I wonder.

>Grisha doesn't actually have amnesia and pranked Keith the whole time.

Just a prank bro!

Why would you appreciate literal shit? have some self respect.

Speaking of drawfags, what happened to the one who was gonna draw all of us faggots in a meeting?

I do wonder, where is the drawfriend who around a week or so ago said they would draw well-known anons here at a meeting? I'm not being pushy or impatient but I'm very curious to see their work!

You beat me to it!

Thanks fampai.

Since it's spoiler week by the way I'm open for some requests.

>he felt guilty that the citizens were being used as titan fodder with no defenses.

Don't they have the walls as defenses? And the First King. Really, they're in no danger so long as shifters don't lead an attack on them.

I'm talking about original content. That should never be discouraged on Cred Forums. Yeah what they drew counts as an original character but I was talking about their other stuff.

Because art doesn't have to be a masterpiece to be appreciated. Some of their stuff make me laugh and that's enough for me.

1. Young Zeke (like 5-10 years old) holding a baseball glove and bat while crying as Grishit walks away from him.
2. Mikasa kissing Armin on the cheek
3. Reiner telling Blorthole's parents the news of his death

Ha, of course this would be the first thing I see when I get here. I'm here but my week has been shit so I'm sorry but please wait a few more days. I'll start on it in a bit.

>inb4 he actually takes the Arminfag request.

There's no hurry for it! Put yourself first. We're all just very excited to see it!

Damn I was just about to request the same exact thing. Seconding this.

Grisha did nothing wrong
This is clearly fake

Thank you man.

Hey other drawfag, I'd like to second #1 of That sounds depressing. I like it.

>draw grill
There were 3 of them in the past year and they all left one at a time because they got bored. The retarded mikasa fag didnt actually made anyone leave. There used to be more of us on the girls skype group but everyone else left.

Drawgrill left because she couldn't stand the threads now, though.The Arminfags were too annoying.

>blaming the Arminfags
Sasuga EMshit.

Arminfats ruin everything.

Fuck off fartminwhale.

That's the truth though. The same for Catfag. Though she comes by sometimes she don't draw anymore.

t. shitkasafags and complexfags

But sure, blame the Arminfags, because god forbid you take responsibility for your own cancer. You're like niggers. You dindu nuffin, it's all the successful white Arminfags' fault.

>the characterfags were too annoying
Fixed. All of you faggots who dwell these threads are cancer.

It's true though. Nobody actually likes you.

The First King didn't really want peace for the wall dwellers. It was like more of sentencing them to a slow and agonizing death before the Colossal Titans come bursting out of the walls and killing everyone (or some other outside threat), since it was mentioned in the past that the First King wanted humans to live in fear/be ruled by the titans.

I believe that the facility that Grisha used to work at tried to replicate the Colossal Titan serum, and worked on other projects such as hardening, creation of armor, and using animals and use their features/strengths to fuse them into the serum and create an animal-titan hybrid. Maybe they tried to put wings on titans too

I dont know. I'm typing all of this at 2 in the morning trying to make some sense about the goddamn 4th wall and the colossal titans inside the walls and why they're facing inward if they were indeed to be used for defense, and other sdhit

Kill yourself, landwhale. Your kind ruined these threads.

Whatever you say, Micuckshit.

Nobody likes you either, and I don't give a fuck. Stay triggered by my presence. The more energy you waste on being a fat loser the happier I am.

>fat loser
The way Arminwhales are triggered is simply amazing. I miss when 82 was out.

Sure we did, because it surely wasn't the complex blortfags, constant EM vs EH shipping wars, and Micuckshits who completely and utterly destroyed these threads in the first half of the year before any Arminfags really made an appearance. I left these threads from last October until this July because of you cancerous faggots with your non stop shit slinging. The poster count completely plummeted between March and June and it was all thanks to you fucks.

Yes, you just accurately described yourself. An obese landwhale who is constantly triggered by people liking things you don't, so you attempt to ruin their fun because you don't like it when things aren't about you.

Go be a whiny, attention whoring nigger somewhere else.

Cry more.


Looks like the Armongwhale is triggered again.



By catfag, do you mean the drawfag that made pic related among others live on stream? Last I spoke to her about 2 years ago, she said she was leaving because of the flood of new shipperfags, mainly EH and LM shitposters derailing threads.

Come draw with me and escape from the cancer that is infecting this thread.

>EH and LM shitposters derailing threads
When have they ever actually derailed the threads? That's allahshit, Ms. Shit and MikaQT. Before that was slutty.

Every shipperfag has played a part in derailing threads. It just turns into a giant pissing war on whose ship is better.

This was right after slutty left, with allahshit starting to derail threads.
EHfags were particularly successful at derailing threads, right in the beginning of the political arc.
MikaQT only joined afterwards, after colorfag and the discussionfag Mikasafag left (our two previous Mikasafags).

Anons can't tell the difference. That isn't to say the characterfags and shipperfags never detailed threads before, but yes most of the time it's bait from reverse shitposters and anons fall for it.

To be fair it was Isayama's fault for giving everyone shipping fodder right out of left field.

This is crabfag. Catfag drew cats ant other stuff.

>being an arminfat

Ah my bad I always called her kittyfag because she drew a lot of cat ears on her girls.

I've been meaning to ask someone for a while now, what happened to Anniebot? Did she ever drew things again? Did she say why she left

she drew some cute loligekis.

Creepyfag? Or Raidou?

AAaand the arminhater is being a triggered little faggot in there. Of course.

Arminhaters are cancer. Compelte cancer.

Everyone please, calm yourselves in a presentable manner, you are now in the presence of best butt.

Drown yourself in gasoline and lit yourself.

Eren prefers her butt?

Anniebot was the creepyfag Was there a second Anniebot?

Yeah, they were my favorite.

Thats adorable.



I'm still here, user.


can somebody tldr me on what happened from the end of the animoo to where we are right now?

Anniebot or kittyfag?

New room, come draw with me!

Keep it clean lads!

I can only wish my things were as cute as Kittyfag's.

You should just read the fucking manga, its not like its that long.

As long as AMdrawfriend is around I'll be happy

nice memer

Is that AM?

Ah nonsense, your art looked great especially on acid or whatever you used to take

>someone starts drawing
>immediately erase it
at least there's a containment zone for you fags

The Mikasafag keeps ban evading and spamming it. You're probably the Mikasafag. Go kill yourself.

That is a cute picture.



Damn, paranoid much?

Pls respond.

Spoilers soon

She made it pretty obvious m8, don't bully her too much.


I wished for her to draw more.


Thanks. I am glad that you don't seem to be opposed to the notion of calling it 'cute'.


God I hope so.

was i the only one who did not expect modern society outside the walls? i mean i was expecting people but from the medieval ages not ones with access to photos yet
makes me feel like autist now

I just wanted to know it's really you. ;_;

I think some of them were really cute, this and the YH one are my favorites.

So how comes you no longer post Annie is love Annie is life in every thread?

Any kind of punishment can be that kind of punishment

Why is Mikasa so ugly?

Art like this is pretty cute

Yes, yes it is.

when ?

the spoilers ?

When will Eren take her?

What if the spoilers are there is no ocean anymore in shingeki land


Here user, I drew an Annie just for you.

I try to, but I don't have as much time anymore. ;_; She lives in my heart no matter what, though.

T-Thanks. I'll save and cherish it.

Is this from 2ch ?

>Implying Mikasa doesn't bind her breasts

You draw that ? now ?

That's a cute Annie.

Soon, EM is endgame

Mikasa is officially ftm

YH too

The obnoxious Mikasafat has been permabanned, come join in on our fuckery while waiting for spoilers.

Can someone anwer this user, I want to know too

I understand that, we all kinda dropped off our snk habits, I was just surprised because you were such a consistent part of these threads.

Yes, dotup is 2chan's image upload site.

RAr? Rawr.

>Arminfag pretending to like Bert.