Kaijuu Girls 02

Are you ready for your weekly dose of cute monster girls doing cute monster girl things?

This is not cute.

But this is cute.

Worst Kaijuu girl



Gomora and Red King are cute.

More series should do this, have their heroes casually used as entertainment for the masses when they're not busy fighting crime. Maybe fetishize it a bit more, especially since Gomora is already wearing a school swimsuit.

What will they even fight?

Natural disasters and other kaijuu.

So natural disasters.

gomora a cute


give me Bemular!

Should I watch Ultraman Orb?

Mojo Shin-Godzilla when?

Metron when?

Kinda sad that they didn't use the Ultraman Seven OP remix from the trailer as the anime OP. Any request for webm or transparents?
This, I need some tea table flipping kaijuu.


>I really love people
Pigmon is the best. How can she be so cute.

The cutest.


Best girl

Yep. Best girl.

But she's so dumb. I wonder if Red King is on the same level as her.