Get told by Michael to fuck off again, she'll be killed next time she intervenes in a war

>Get told by Michael to fuck off again, she'll be killed next time she intervenes in a war.
>Maria boldly states she'll keep stopping wars for as long as it takes.
>Implied she immediately gives up on that at the end of the anime.

What the fuck was the point of this anime?

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Being the flop of its season.

For her to lose her virginity.

That was Flopping Girls.

Flopping girls sold more than maria the shit witch though. Also sold more than shit parade and kuma shit.

Doesn't she become pregnant with pseudo-jesus at the end? Thats a pretty good reason to try and not get killed.

Was better than expected.

I genuinely enjoyed it. Wasn't the best show, but it had good elements, especially the medieval fights and the OP.

Getting euphoric.

Being one of the best shows that season
>that history
>design accuracy
>that absolute rage when traitor frenchy raped(?) her

fucking salty faggot
pratically made of salt

>>that absolute rage when traitor frenchy raped(?) her
Just the tip.

>>Implied she immediately gives up on that at the end of the anime.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't some of the narrator's final words in the show about how Maria was a witch who kept doing her thing until she died?

The imagery was really good in that scene. The deflating tree coupled with the rest of the area just sort of losing its liveliness really personified it in a way pseudo-censoring shadows or some ambiguous voice over couldn't. It managed to get a genuine reaction out of me.

By divine ordinance it was confirmed that it doesn't count if it's just the tip.

>that history

You mean like when the one monk invents scholasticism long after it was already taught?

No. Mostly warfare shit. I couldn't give a fuck about the theology side of things

I still don't know for sure what they meant for to have actually happened.
I don't know if "just the tip" is just a joke on here, or if that was literally implied in the show and I just wasn't paying attention.
I don't think she got raped at all.

She temporarily lost her powers, during that time she actually thought she was raped and wouldn't recover.
Mr. badass french fuck thought it worked but wasn't totally sure.
Then she got her powers back, implying she's still a virgin.
So you can piece together this information and figure he only got the tip in and didn't pop her cherry.

She lost her powers temporarily which implies she had some sort of lose of purity. It was never really explained how she got them back or to what extent the damage was though.

That was manga only, where Michael is defeated by the power of love.

>Just the tip

Her future child is the angel Ezekiel reincarnated in human form.

She thought of fucking a dog
>captcha was a stickman
How the fuck do you write that?

cute witch

Yes very cute


>Advetise the heroine as virgin
>She is actually not
>Sub 500 copies sold

yare yare daze

But she was

Try to guess why. The entire point of the work was that the world will be a better place for you if you get rid of your arse-frustration - get a girlfriend/boyfriend already. It was quite funny, as was the whole manga and anime.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't mercenary dude do something to temporarily negate her powers to that he could rape her without instantly getting killed? The fact that she got her powers back meant that he didn't go through with the rape and the drug(?) just wore off.

Thought it was just a sleeping gas or some shit. I haven't watched it in a long time.

Being pretentious garbage for non anime watchers and Western faggots.

It was left intentionally vague. They tricked me good.

Skallagrim is OK as long as he's nerding over weapons.
Unfortunately every other time he opens his mouth his scandinavian cuck upbringing floods out.

Makes sense. Same director and character designer as Planetes, which went full autism on the scientific realism compared to the manga.

Maybe it was new for the Catholics?

Bunch of heretics that lot

What else has the director done/is going to do?

That tends to happen anytime someone leaves their area of expertise. Especially when attention acquired from that expertise has inflated their ego.

>mouth his scandinavian cuck upbringing floods out.
Scandinavian? I thought he was Canadian

A whole bunch of things, but he's probably best known for writing and directing a little show called Code Geass.

She got the dick. She was a frustrated virgin before.

>What else has fucking Taniguchi done?
You should probably lurk a whole lot more.

Muh hymens.

>1 hour later
Jesus Christ this. People using their shields to knock weapons away, half swording and grabbing weapons by the blade, the dishonorable combatant winning, mercs abandoning their post for money, looting and raping people a part of life. Shit was great.

>Her boyfrield literally got cucked by an angel to give birth to another angel

Go back to wherever you came from.

Didn't you get it? Michael cheated. He sent over that cute little angel so that Maria would get attached to her, then made it so she would have to give up her powers or never see her again. It was perfect.

Yeah if you think about it, it's an anime where the antagonist won.

That argument falls flat on its face when you see Michael's surprise at that turn of events. He simply seized on an opportunity as it presented itself, though he had not anticipated it.

>giving a fuck about directors
I follow studios and authors. Only complete faggots directors get notoriety. Anno for example.

Yeah but God had to intervene and stop Michael before it killed Maria

>I don't care about directors
>That's why I just asked if this guy's done anything else and what his upcoming projects are
Please just stop posting for a year or so, you'll thank me later.

When you watch more than 20 series you'll realize how pointless studio wars are and that directors matter much much more. Storyboard artist too.

>I don't follow directors
>thus why I would need to ask about one
There is no disconnect here but your ability to string to concepts together.

>after 20 series
Eat me cunt. I am still small time compared to genuine heavy hitters but I have seen a fair amount. I'm certainly not the entry level person you're trying to paint me as.

It's like calling someone out for not knowing stalker scores. Sometimes people can watch anime without getting into the superfluous shit. Naturally the longer you partake the more likely you would have encountered and learned about the secondary and tertiary elements of the hobby, true, but knowing is not indicative of watching nor watching of knowing.

This fucking guy, man.

>>I don't follow directors
>>thus why I would need to ask about one
There's no contradiction there. The contradiction is in you defending your lack of knowledge about directors and implying that they aren't worth knowing about, and then asking a question that obviously displays interest.

Also, if you don't know who Taniguchi is you're clearly entry level.

>the contradiction is in you defending your lack of knowledge
I simply explained what I have done. I don't follow directors and when they appear in conversation they're usually massive fuck wits. I rarely hear directors spoken of in a positive light in the same way and quantity that you would a studio.
Given this rationale and approach to viewing anime it would stand to reason that my knowledge of directors would have little correlation with my experience with the hobby.

It's not like saying I know math but I don't bother with addition. Directors aren't core to this experience. It's something more akin to knowing math but avoiding statistical matrices.

she got a good dicking is what

I thought it was implied that he fingered her with his fake arm. Everything sort of works out.

I think the author wanted to have some kind of sad Jeanne D'Arc tier finale but while writing the story he started liking to much his characters, so he scrapped everything and went for that finale instead.

>What the fuck was the point of this anime?

To explain that when you give a woman the D she finally shuts up.

That whole scene where the priest had a theological breakdown was great.

To give us some good anime for once.

Also great OST too, so many choirs and chants.

I liked the religious debates in provoked on Cred Forums. I learned more about Christianity in that season than I did in 13 years of Catholic school.

this anime was so fucking bad
japanese don't know anything about the theology of other countries
the tone was all over the place

I forgot this show as even real.

I thought it was going to be a C/a/tholic anime, but instead it was full of heretics.

>the tone was all over the place
Explain to me why this is a problem.

Wait a second, not so fast. Does she weigh the same as a duck?

if you don't understand what it's bad I don't think anything I say could convince you

I'm sure she's not made of wood.

You can't prove that.

Maria was actually pretty hot.

I liked the idea that YHWH was only powerful at the time because most people believed in him, with the implication that his powers would wane eventually if/when Christianity as a dominant religion was replaced.
Also, Cernunnos best boy.

That would leave us at an impasse. How come she turned me into a newt, then?

>because I don't like it

Then it was all the plan of God. Got rid of meddling witch and incompetent angel.

I certainly can, you can't make a bridge out of her.
A newt?

>A newt?
Well, I got better

>you can't make a bridge out of her.
You can't prove that either.

I can, she have breasts, you can't make bridge out of fat materials.

Salty Protestant Bernard was right. God agreed with him.

She found a guy at the end, so she didnt give a shit anymore

>you can't make bridge out of fat materials.
I will devote my engineering career to proving you wrong.

pack it together dense enough and sure you can

>What the fuck was the point of this anime?
Seasonal waifu and shipping faggotry medieval SJW style?


I approve of this career choice and I hope to one day walk across a bridge made of boobs.

Maybe if you didn't watch garbage anime all the time you wouldn't be impressed by basic shit like this. When will manbabies that only watch children's cartoons growing even a modicum of standards?

>Priest asks if they can't just burn the witch
>Inquisitor says no there has to be a trial
>Her sentence ended with burning anyway
What was the point of the trial then

Remember they dressed up an tried a fucking pig earlier.

It's something called the due process of law. Ever heard of it?

Show trial probably since they often use some retarded method to extract confession from witches those days and today too for other crimes.

And cute CUTE!

Baka neko.

God should have turned protestants into salt

protestants didn't attack any angels

Besides we all know that Catholics are the true enemy

Guy has a small dick.

We hold the fabric of civilization together though


They're the muslims of the christian word, nobody want's to be that.

>American Education

Eastern Orthodox are doing nothing wrong.

I miss the threads. I learned so much shit about medieval warfare in those. They were actually fun.

I'm actually sad to hear it flopped, though I am honestly not surprised it did.

I miss the threads. I learned so much shit about medieval warfare in those. They were actually fun. Ezekiel bullying! The homosexuals at the beginning of the show! The one time the dude took a sword by the blade and beat the other one. And I think the loser pissed himself? It's been a while.

I'm actually sad to hear it flopped, though I am honestly not surprised it did.

I want to bully Ezekiel.

on what are you basing that?

Plz No bully angels

But that's heresy.


Also Edwina best witch

Edwina, that was the English slut who fucked a whole army herself instead of using a succubus familiar right?

That's Viv. Edwina's the witch with the cat familiar that was dragged into saving Maria.

That was some quality insult.

Hot damn do I have a bonner for this show's art style. It's like a fusion of late 90's and modern stylization

I actually enjoyed this show a lot

So is she used goods or not? Semi-used?

After the end of the anime, yes. She had to fuck her boyfriend to get pregnant with the angel after all

good days

I personally prefer the manga style, but the anime did look good as well.

Well, yeah. I meant after mercenary-kun, but before the end.

Can Saint Michael kill servants?

She stays a virgin throughout the anime, but eventually she marries her boyfriend and they have a child together.

We don't know how far Mercenary-kun went with her, maybe it's just his finger or maybe it's just the tip, but he definitely didn't penetrate her hymen.

maybe he fucked her in the butt?

That is a possibility, aye, though he didn't take off his pants so I doubt he had any time to do that.

Will succubus (male) ever get a dick?

Semen angel

>maria the virgin witch
>at some point is no longer a virg

His owl form should still have genitalia, and didn't he and Artemis revert to being owls at the end of the series?

>didn't he and Artemis revert to being owls at the end of the series?
Aye, I think they're stuck as Owls too since they're Maria's familiars and she doesn't have her magic anymore. Maybe her daughter will give them human form again.

Genuinely enjoyed the anime till the end.

Most if not all the characters were extremely well developed.

The ending to me almost seemed like the author was taking a jab at Christianity by making god infallible so even if he's wrong, he's still right....unless he changes his mind.

Which is pretty much what happens.

If you try to put logic into the plot it falls flat because religion is not based on logic.


So did that dude she liked ever give her the dick?

>He didn't read the manga
>He doesn't know what really happened
Why do you even watch televised manga ads?

In this case it told a compete story from beginning to end. I still would very much like to read the manga, but I would not like to pay for it.

>doesn't have her magic anymore
Only in the manga

>He read the manga
Archangel Michael being defeated by the power of love is very fucking stupid, a whole new level of fucking stupid.

Loved the fact that for once the angel wasn't a pushover. If he was on screen, someone was getting his shit slapped.

>Ezekiel is one of the most violent and cruel angel of them all and that's a say knowing how terrible angels are.
>animé made him/her a cute moeblob who don't hurt nobody
Good thing there is still Mikaël. And maria a slut.

He didn't rape her, he drank some magical shit from the other witches that negated her powers while he was around her.

It was satisfying seeing him getting the shit beaten out of him though by the guy who thought he raped Maria. I wish he killed him though.

There was no angel named Ezekiel, there was a prophet but no angel.

My memory is this bad, dawn. I should stop getting punched in the head and watch stupid cartoon.

I don't even know how this got made, she's a nasty slut who gets pregnant. That is not good anime material.

I'm pretty sure that's her daughter who is the reincarnation of Ezekiel in the epilogue who talks to Michael. Pretty sure she ended up with Joesph or whatever his name was.

>she's a nasty slut who gets pregnant

Did we watch the same series?

>That is not good anime material

As opposed to the countless shitty LN adaptions that get churned out every season? It had some problems, but it's better than your generic Isekai haremshit self insert that is the norm now. And it has something most anime these days don't, an actual ending since the source material was finished.

Wait, what. I don't see any indication in the anime that show her still having her power.
I like it, it's very fairy tale like and it's a fitting ending for the story about a witch who's searching for love.

Is it too much to ask to that God be portrayed as fallible, yet it doesn't detract from his strength or the good things he's done?

I don't remember any indication in the anime that she lost her powers
>it's very fairy tale like and it's a fitting ending for the story about a witch who's searching for love.
She was searching for cock not love

Not sure why, but looking at this picture makes me think that Maria really wants to evolve from witch to well known fertility goddess.