ITT animes where the 3 episode rule doesn't work

ITT animes where the 3 episode rule doesn't work

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Is this the birth of an epic new meme?

>all mes

LEt's throw in some music

What the fuck does Gasaraki have to do with anything?





The proper plural of anime is anime, you fucking newfag. Fuck your "meme" bullshit.





>he needs to watch 3 episodes to decide whether something is worth picking up
>not relying on your gut instinct


fuck off

gut feeling*



How come people rarely scold people who say "mangas"? It's just as wrong.

actually the plural is "mongeese" you pleb

People say "mangas" less often overall than people who say "animes", but probably get scolded just as much.

I forget the term for this, but you just feel like it happens less (relatively) because it happens less (absolutely).

Lurk moar



You fucked up brother, you fucked up hard.

fucking ANIMES?
fuck off right outta here

I was worried about Cred Forums changing (for the worse), but thank god.

The thought that some of those replies might've been made by newfags just to fit in worries me more.

This is bullshit.
You don't hear people saying "pizze" just because it's the correct plural of "pizza", they just say pizzas.
It is okay for terms to be anglicized because English works this way.

The 3 episode rule only applies to 1 cour anime anyways.

anyways so texhnolyze is great.
i think another good example is ergo proxy, 3 episodes isn't enough to judge it properly.

gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/10

I can see Texhnolyze first episode putting off a LOT of people, I didn't even like it but it's one of my favorite shows.

Epic meme reply my friend.

Weeb alert.

Thankfully, I have saved these links.

>American English (Merriam-Webster owned)
Look at the [noncount]
>British English
Look at the [mass noun] (it means uncountable)

Animes is incorrect. Hell, have you ever seen an anime news site use that word? They always say 'anime' to refer to multiple anime series. The ones that say "animes" are the people in the stupid comment sections.


Classy thread we got here, lads

I agree, but welcome to Superiority:The Board.

If you don't know Japanese 100% or you like to watch dubbed anime, you're out.

It should remain that way.

Cred Forums is slowly dying.

There's no point in holding on to that ego.

To filter newfags like you

So it is noncount by default. That changes things, even though it is a weird integration.

This "ego" as you say keeps Cred Forums alive. Have you even seen the rest of the boards? Cred Forums and Cred Forums were always kinda shitty, but their recent developments are horrible.

Finished that week ago and holy fuck its jumbled garbage

Reported all of you, including the OP.

>announcing reports

enjoy the ban

>annoucing reports
>thinking that pointing out a newfag is report-worthy.

>He doesn't follow the rules of my sacred chinese cartoons!
>He must be a newfag

I'd rather the "newfags" have a nice discussion instead of the autists getting angry at OP to feel better about their shitty lives.

Do you even know what you nerds look like to other people?

Spoken like a true newfag.

At least I'm not a nerd lmao

>Do you even know what you nerds look like to other people?

Like people who care about proper grammar? Anyway, what's so bad about being a "nerd"?

The autists are the newfags though. "animes" has been a well known meme for well over a decade now, so much so that anyone who's been here more than a few years doesn't even bat an eye at it unless they're in the mood to act retarded and have a laugh.

I did a double take, wondering if this wasn't some kind of mod shenanigans, making an ancient post appear recent.

My fear is that between the ONE adaptations and Re:Zero, the newfag ratio may be approaching a catastrophic critical mass.

Why are you even here?

>Being a grammar Nazi

>Do you even know what you nerds look like to other people?
You do know where you are, right? Most of the fags here have given up on that a long time ago.

I get bored just browsing Cred Forums.


Oh, you were baiting. I should have know from the start.

Whoa dude that's actually pretty anti-semitic of you.

I prefer to call it "shitposting" or "riling up autists who devote their lives to message boards"



>message boards
Wow, Cred Forumsermin really are the lowest of the low. Just get the fuck out.

No, you can't make me.

Why have you forsaken us, moot? Look what Cred Forums has come to!


hol up

"Cours" always takes an S, user.
Even if there's only one.

Also pic related.


>implication texnolyze or whatever the fuck is called isn't the same pretentious shit even more so later on

Look. reddit leaked.

You can have a nice discussion on any other board or forum. If you don't follow the rules of the secret club, fuck off.




You start.