Sadpanda thread

Sadpanda thread

Is anyone else getting Eze Down's refusal to save the .zip after it's complete for tanks and shit?

have some milf tanks

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Telstra issue for ausfags resolved
Posting old favourites

but i'm not australian


need more of

if you had problems like being unable to log-in to e-hentai, look if you can access the forums now. if so it means it should be fixed for you.
IF you were having the same problem i had


>she wakes up

Ruined it.

This comic has been on the tip of my dick for a while now. Starts with a club meeting of guys talking about how their little sisters are no good. And the scene cuts to each one of them fucking their sisters. It was posted maybe a week ago on a sad panda thread. Currently combing through past threads.

I found it guys. Take a look if you want its pretty based.

>tfw no mistressfu

All I want is for a cute girl to humiliate me and peg me senseless.

Also fuck the new GfM where the fuck is Parabola???

The only problem I've been getting for the last day now is that Panda's images are slow as fuck to load.

So what's the difference between the extension "Eze downloader" and the official archive download?
>this is a loli for the average panda tagger

Any vanilla?
first link

more like this?
>inb4 imgur
im mad fakku has quality shit like this

So whats the fetish that, when you have had a great or shitty day, and you dont know what to fap to, you'll go with ~9/10 times?
for me its insect impregnation

Anal MMF rimjob

>she's just pretending to sleep
I'm going to fucking destroy Japan.

Are you fucking kidding me?

The new GfM was pretty shit, and no parabola didn't help. Only really good one was Sugar Milk which was also moderately sad, although at least it had an implied good ending.


So how long have you been coming to Panda? It is pretty sad but I am a bit of a old fag. I have been coming to Panda since before they were with Hentai Key.

Well that's very American.

Man now a days it is so easy to get good stuff nowadays. Back in my day I had to go to Digimon Hentai Zone, Black Ghost, and Hentai kitten. If I was lucky I could find one new picture of Mimi, Tifa, or Misty to fap to. Now kids have all these fancy DO-U-JIN to fap to and Game cg sets. When I want to fap to game cg, I had to import the game and finger fuck menus I couldn't read to get to the good stuff.

Didnt the police domme shoot the guy in the head or something? I cant into moon. Also

>No piririnegi

GfM getting soft on us, fuck that.

If Ero-Sennin sees these post, you are missing page 12 in this:

>hairy armpits
why are they even allowed on panda

Fresh moral degeneration tl'ed for those with such patrician taste:

Guys what was that hentai with the really sad ending called again? The one where an unpopular girl becomes a massive whore and gets fucked over by everyone in her life?


Emergence "Henshin" by shindol. Soon in your fakku books shelves it seems


>Jewcob will do ShindoL despair but still barely touch loli
Ayyyy lmao

She said that their country had lost the war, all his other generals had already fled, and he was going to probably be executed, so she was going to make it easier by mercy killing him. But he says that he is a coward after all and that he doesn't want to die. The soldiers in the last panel say something about not being able to find his body, so it is implied that they escaped together.

My moon is kinda shit, but the last couple pages were pretty easy to read and that was what I understood from it.

Because despair/drugs is comparable to child porn, right?

>drawn loli
>child porn
I almost replied seriously but then I realized no one could be that retarded in a sadpanda thread. Nice try though.

No, you're the retarded one, along with some governments.

That's taboo and you'd even face charges in some countries for having nude lolis, drawings or not.

He still does some loli though, so if his goal is to play it 100% safe he's being pretty stupid about it, more likely he just doesn't think he'll get enough slimy cash from it into his Ashkenazi claws.

>Used to visit websites that would upload 1-2 new things a day and post about them like a blog
Hentairules is still up and running, that's surprising.

I guess because that borderline-adware infested shithole probably makes its Mexican owner a decent amount of coin.

>Maximum supported file size is now 4 GB. Which ought to be enough for everyone. Initially this is soft capped to 100 MB, but can be increased server-side without a client update.
File as in single picture or whole gallery?

Hentairules provides information about what you are going to fap to

When you upload a gallery you can just upload one zip containing all the pics, that's what the 4gb limit is for

That's pretty sweet for a Sugar Milk femdom entry. Its the same guy who made the entry about an abusive manager who likes stapling her employee sub's nipples and mistreating him at work, and the entry about a guy being fucked in the ass while forcing his dick through a glory hole where dogs can have their way with it.

Well you also have to take into account that as far as I can tell, this one was seemingly completely consensual for the most part, whereas those, at least starting out, were not. Also his other military-esque story in GfM vol 10 had a similar good-ish ending.

Here's some digital only mini tank from Kotoyoshi Yumisuke.

Also seeking editors for Takatsu's My Dear Maid finale, Nao Kokonoki's chapter from Comic ExE 01, Muronaga Chaashuu's new tankoubon and Kotoyoshi Yumisuke's Uzume tankoubon. So yeah a lot shit in need of editing. Please halp.

Yep, GfM is probably trying to cater to a larger audience. The lack of ballbusting, and cruel humiliation is apparent.

I like realistic girls. Not everyone can be a main character and save a few planetes, someone has to do the day to day work to keep an idol group running. However it would have been nice if she got a chance to really shine, if only once.

Why is every single lolicon hentai about some guy and a loli? Why is there no cake lady x loli? I want an older woman taking advantage of a little girl. Anyone has anything like this? Is there some tag I don't know about?

Majority of the content on ehentai comes from straight magazines, they don't really feature yuri.

He's French, not Mexican.

Here's Hotmilk 2016-10. Enjoy.

user that keeps trying to contact me on IRC, just leave some email address.

New Sasamori Tomoe manga chapter? Wow, it's been a while since the last one.

For anyone interested in happypanda:

It's a series too.

Does anyone have any good age stuff? I'm thinking of a younger boy/girl bullying someone older into sex or whatever, although age gap in general would be nice. Any recommendations would be much appreciated

> [Chimee House (Takapi)] Chiru Roshutsu | Chiru Exposure [English] =LWB= [Digital]

This is fun and parts 3 up to 9 have been scanned but not translated to english. Would like to get them done.. I would be able anything except translation. How should I go about this?

Double release