Why do american animation artist make so much money compared to japanese?

Why do american animation artist make so much money compared to japanese?
>go on glassdoor
>check salary of young artist of CN, Dreamworks, Pixar
>The minimum is 7k monthly

I want to become an animator in Japan but Cartoon Network is right next to me. And it's even easier to get hired by CN than working for Japan.
I'm graduating this year, what do?

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Don't worry user
Shinkai saved anime, soon the industry will be rich.

Thank you based Shinkai.

You do know CN outsources to anime studios right? Steven Universe had an episode animated by Trigger animators at some point.

Anyway, go to CN. You'll have a lot less bullshit to put up with for alot more money. Being an animator in Japan is fucking horrible,

Animators in Japan are treated like slaves, so you're better off going to CN.

Takafumi Hori would be jealous.

You can get better answers on /ic/

Because everyone in Japan can draw anime.

Animators are replaceable there.

Good luck on your job search, user.



That's just not right.

Working on anime is a suffering.
>Learn japanese
>learn anatomy perfectly
>learn every anime style
>learn animation timing
>learn layout
>start as a shitty inbetweener
>get paid like shit
>finally become key-animator after 5 years
>still payed like shit
>no money to get a girlfriend
>no money for anything

It's not worth it user.
My friend works for a shitty animation company in the UK and he said it's very comfy.

>Why do american animation artist make so much money compared to japanese?
The creator of Astro Boy, the father of anime in Japan, made his show on a shoestring budget by paying his staff peanuts and working them to the bone. The rest of the industry that followed inherited these working practices.

Before the western animation thread goes tits up for being off topic, gotta say, the best episode of Adventure Time is Food Chain. Masaaki Yuasa is a fucking treasure.

how dare you draw over Toshihiro Kawamoto's sketch!

Dat shitty CalArts style triggers me

no respect

>what do?

Go for CN unless you don't mind terrible salaries for slave-tier work.

>>learn anatomy perfectly

You're right on the other ones but don't be silly.

It's more financially sound to pick CN but make no mistake, they'll work you to be bone as well. The animation industry is a harsh place no matter where you go.

>Why do american animation artist make so much money compared to japanese?
Because they actually make animation unlike japan artists.

Masaaki Yuasa is milking that CN money right now. He knows better than you OP, don't even think about joining anime.

Not really.
I just sit there and use toonboom for 8 hours every day. Pretty chill job.

Do you do proper key animation or rough animatics for the outsource teams to follow?

cartoon network is for kids, look at the shitty art

She probably makes more money than Miyazaki.

western 2d animation is doomed, more so than anime
they should bring tms back to it's glory days

Dumb phone poster

You might make a lot of money OP but as far as I can tell, lot of CN animators admire anime creators.
Lot of them follow japanese animators on twitter.

CN wishes to be Trigger.

adult swim could be funding more collaborations or making original animation but lazzo is hurting them

The animation was nice, but the actual episode was pretty trash.

she deserves it

Yuasa is shit.

>CN animator spotted

Hi Rebecca.

She does deserve, that was not the point.

Point is OP is about to make a future mistake by joining anime.

We only make rigged puppets move. I fucking hate it because I actually want to draw.

but yeah, sometimes we send layouts with instructions to korea and philippine slaves

I don't want gaijin to ruin my anime.

I wish I had filipina slaves

You should become a storyboard or layour artist like everybody else on twitter. Why did you join the animation department user?!

>rigged puppet
Those are the worst type of 2D shows.

Nah man. It was cute.

Plus it's a "Magic Man fucks with Finn and Jake" episode. MM is hardly there but those are always the best.

They were only hiring animators that time
And the job is just too easy.

I plan to go to France or Japan to work in the future though

Obviously join CN.
I would rather work on something that pays well no matter how boring it is.

What say you Cred Forums. was this an anime parody done right?


I imagine that top tier animators like Mitsuo Iso or Norio Matsumoto get payed well but those are exceptions.

There was recently an episode of Gumball produced by Studio 4c.

Masaaki Yuasa made an episode for Adventure Time.

Takafumi Hori worked on Steven Universe.

Studio Trigger produced an intro for Pixar.

It's a pity Yuasa and Hori's ventures into western cartoons have been pretty bland compared to what they are capable of.

No staff credits for the anime part.

People actually think this was made at CN.

It's pretty good.
It's nice that we're almost basically past the point where anime references and parodies in cartoons aren't horribly outdated references to speed racer.

The dating sim episode in gravity falls was painfully accurate, if you've ever happened to play one of those terribly translated games from the late 90's.

it's not a parody you idiot it was animated by an actual anime studio
and no most parodies are still shit

There were credits shown at the end of the episode though. It was made a Studio 4C, with Tokuyuki Matsutake handling designs and direction. No key animator list unfortunately.

So, how do you pronounce Giffany's name?


As I said, people think this was made by them because they try to hide the fact that they asked an anime studio to work for them.

That doesn't make it not a parody.

>Why do american animation artist make so much money compared to japanese?

Because american animators don't have autism
-Hideaki Anno

>if you've ever happened to play one of those terribly translated games from the late 90's.
It's styled on a PC-Engine game. Even if you had a Turbografx you didn't get games like Tokimemo.

Since animators that work on anime have autism they don't understand the concept of slavery. Therefore they are treated like slaves.

Hideaki Anno and Hayao Miyazaki openly admitted that anime was a mistake and it triggers autism in the audience.

Join Studio Ghibli,
they are backed by Disney and Pixar, so the salary is probably good.