Write an anime plot

Or mango

Fantasy Football sports anime.

>hero is born in a village where all villagers are assigned a random object at birth whose characteristics they'll adapt
>hero is garlic
>hero is super cute girl (or trap shota if publishers allow it) but smells bad, running gag about people approaching her but then leaving when they smell her. Once an episode/chapter.
>hero wears purple/white garlic skin as hat
>hero sets out to cure herself, travels to other villages and gains companions.
>condition can be played for both laughs and sads

fuck off fujo

It wouldn't work

Gambling anime has worked before, just make this about a math genius.

I don't cobsider gamblishlng anime sports anime. They must have guts and youth

>MCs are two girls and one guy living in a small village
>protagonist is a qt with sex hair like pic related
>all of them can summon one cute magical beast that will grow with them, have one individual magic and use some random weapon on their own, so they are mainly close combat fighter
>one day the other grill gets kidnapped
>MC and the fuccboi get on a journey to save her
>somehow end up needing to take over whole villages on their adventure to advance until they face off against kings and armies
>while MC uses her power to make little earthquakes the fuccboi never uses magic
>when he dies his magic turns out to be transfer and his magical beasts alongside muscle power gets transferred to MC, so she looks super qt, but can beat up strong guys barehanded

Battle between companies with strategic decision detail in the same industry.

The CEO all are lolis.

Magical School for Magical Grils
Its exactly what it says on the tin.
Girls gi to magical School in order to graduate as a Magical Girl.
Here is the curriculum.
1.Magical Wands 101
2.Henshin Songs and heroic poses
3.Dark Magical Girls friendshiping strategies
4.The Yuri route
5.Special training with a octopus to avoid tentacle rape 101

>The Yuri route

The FeMC is a witch suspect, she is burned alive.
Everyone lived happily ever after, the End.

Would watch

It's like Evangelion, but a prequel full of CG and political intrigue starring Ewan MacGregor.

Damn, they dropped the gibsmedat contract course and the witch hunting course, they really need better funding, maybe they could wish to get a laptop, they will still be poor but they will have 21st century technology.

> Shounen set in the American wild west
> MC is grizzled Civil War sharpshooter who fights for law and order in a world of chaos
> Arc where he guns down bandits
> Arc where he kills injuns
> Final arc where he dies a GLORIOUS MAN'S DEATH at the Alamo

bad guy comes along and they fight for 100 episodes. next arc the same and so on and on

It starts out a generic SoL for a few episodes before a horrible child-trafficking ring functioning within the school is revealed and it turns into a twisted horror culminating in the MC dying to save her friends
The last episode is them returning to their completely normal SoL lives in a different school but breaking down at the end because of everything that had happened
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Newfag attempts to fit in and fails spectacularly

A bullshit tactical sport manga about competitive running, where mc always has a trump card to make the rivals go "MASAKA".

>anime about competitive shooting
>MC is a japanese cowboy gun otaku
that's all i got

Slice of life anime set in Miskatonic.

a boy falls in love with a girl[\spoiler]

MC is japanese gun otaku, arena is school firing range.
Stupid Gaijin transfer student manages to shoot everybody.
Unfortunately Gaijin transfer student is disqualified for foul play.

>Mythical Creatures began invading the world
>MC is an emotionally dead person that has lost everything, even the girl he love was killed in front of him.
>While on the verge of death, he wished for power, power to freeze everything to stop the pain.
>He served as a top soldier for 5 years in the military
>His edgy life is about to change when he was transferred in a military school dedicated for combat research and weapon development. It is also known as the school for Astreas, humans who had gained powers after the monsters shown up.
>On his first day, he was challenged by the school's top student.
>His opponent nearly won but his powers run amok, freezing everything even time. Which then put the girl in coma.
>During this moment of despair, he met a cheerful girl that become his only friend.
>He then joined the elite squadron of the school in order to find and exact his revenge on the Black Dragon that took everything from him.

>Alien civilization goes to war, split along a line of spirituals and techies
>Half of them become telekinetics/Telepaths
>Techies build a machine that turns brainwaves into energy creatures
>every telepath has an equally powerful energy monster that wants to kill them
>machine comes to earth
>senses the collective brainwaves of human thoughts, fears and vices
>500 foot energy monsters that represent greed, ego, the fear of death, etc.
>every time a human or a group of humans feels something strongly a monster is created that wants to kill them
>band of emotionless and effecient teenagers run through a barren world hunting down the vices of humanity

Witty scout, Heather Clifford, is mortified after she gets carried away and admits to her housemate, Jakob Nolan, that she longs to experiment with BDSM. Whatever must he think of her now?

A generous hairdresser from the seaside, Jakob is short with wavy, red hair and a skinny figure. Heather finds herself unable to stop picturing Jakob's hunky abs and raging thundersword, fantasising nightly about submitting to his deepest desires.

One evening, Heather spots Jakob flirting with the stupid mechanic, Lauren Barlow. Damn that Lauren with her hourglass body and pert boobs. Heather tortures herself with thoughts of Jakob working his man-sword into Lauren's chocolate starfish. Heather's desperate ambition to become Jakob's sex slave begins to feel like nothing more than a dumb fantasy. Perhaps she should focus her lust on her adorable ex husband, Toby Plumb ...

However, when Heather gets home that night, Jakob sneaks up on her from the shadows and fervently caresses her peachy boobs with his hungry hands, before dragging her into the bedroom where he pounds her with his sausage. She delights as her dirtiest dreams begin to come true. Jakob takes her on a journey of fisting, figging, rimming and passionate anal probing.

One night, after a thorough humiliation, Heather fights back, testing how far she can push her master. Defiantly, she tries to tickle him. Furious, Jakob takes Heather to a dungeon where he puts horsey ears on her head and then zaps her bajingo with an electrically-charged metal wand.

As Heather lies in bed afterwards, enjoying the rhubarb crumble Jakob has prepared for her, and reminiscing over the evening, she feels that they are finally connecting on the most primal level. (Also, she is less hungry.)

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Yuji Soma looked at the Erotic Lamp in his hands and felt Evil.

He walked over to the window and reflected on his Evil surroundings. He had always hated Greedy Holocaust with its jealous, joyous jews. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel Evil.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Desu chan. Desu was a Boy falls in love with a girl Cute with blue eyes Hand and smooth Belly button.

Yuji gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a Nice, Evil, WarmMilk drinker with big Hand and soft Belly button. His friends saw him as a hot, hissing Heroic. Once, he had even helped a round Mr Goldberg cross the road.

But not even a Nice person who had once helped a round Mr Goldberg cross the road, was prepared for what Desu had in store today.

The Rain hammered like *Unshifts katana Awoo Girl!, making Yuji Grumpy.

As Yuji stepped outside and Desu came closer, he could see the bumpy glint in her eye.

"I am here because I want Notice me senpai!," Desu bellowed, in an eben! tone. She slammed her fist against Yuji's chest, with the force of 2454 Alex Jones. "I frigging love you, Yuji Soma."

Yuji looked back, even more Grumpy and still fingering the Erotic Lamp. "Desu, baka desu," he replied.

They looked at each other with Hitler feelings, like two kaleidoscopic, kooky Kangaroo Running at a very National Socialist frog Holocaust memorial Day, which had Nightcore music playing in the background and two nice hair uncles Flying to the beat.

Yuji studied Desu's blue eyes Hand and smooth Belly button. Eventually, he took a deep breath. "I'm sorry, but I can't give you Notice me senpai!," he explained, in pitying tones.

Desu looked Happy, her body raw like a kooky, kaleidoscopic Katana.

Yuji could actually hear Desu's body shatter into 9961 pieces. Then the Boy falls in love with a girl Cute hurried away into the distance.

Not even a drink of WarmMilk would calm Yuji's nerves tonight.


>not a mountain man arc where he tries to escape and live as a hermit but the injuns and american army just won't leave him alone

A work orientated christmas cake and a high-school trap live next door to each other and slowly fall in love.

MC is a high school girl. She's reasonably pretty, clever, popular at school and well looked after by her family. Take your shot, her life is pretty much perfect. She doesn't have a care in the world, until the unspeakable happens. Her best friend is discovered dead in a shady part of town after disappearing from her after school club. The police seem disinterested, her friends are all to quick to forget her because shame society. Unable to deal with it all, she takes it on herself to find her friends murderer. At the start she would be a meek, mild mannered girl out of her element staking out love hotels. By the end of it she'd be the definition of hard boiled, bluffing her way around people and using her JK appeal to secure information. She'd alienate her friends and family as she's completely engulfed by her desire to find the monster who took her friend from her. You'd watch her transformation from overachieving high schooler to high functioning sociopath, making you wonder what she'll actually do when she discovers the truth.

Plot would mostly revolve around trying to make headway on her friends case, but not really getting far at first. After developing a bit of a reputation at school fellow students would approach her to do PI work, adding a 'mystery of the week' element with her then utilising the skills or resources gained from those cases to progress on her main goal.

MC is a shounen bad-ass satire character who settles everything with kung-fu fights and gives constant impassioned speeches because he watches too much anime.
He moves to America and becomes wrapped up in legitimate gang violence.
Lots of black jokes.

Sometime during the 18th century, a rogue object passed through the solar system. It flung Saturn into space, pulverized Venus, and pulled the Earth closer to the sun. When the sky filled with comets, secret magical societies all over the world revealed themselves, and collaborated with the greatest scientists of the era in a rush to save mankind.

200 years later, the surface of the Earth has become the Inferno, a hellscape where nothing can survive, shrouded in a thick black acid fog. Humans live above the fog, in archipelagos of levitating earth, and in floating balloon-cities where the land is connected by enormous chains and cables. The largest city-states negotiates the rights to add free-floating islands to their territorial chains. The constant need for air travel has created an age of grand airships and daring pilots. And also a lot of piracy.

The dreaded "Storm Talons" are a small band of magic school dropouts who like to steal magical artifacts from heavily defended blimps. They are a Hedge Mage otaku witch, a bipolar Mudang (Korean miko) who is super embarrassed about her penis, an overconfident lolita Necromancer with no actual powers, and that one weird girl who keeps to herself and does her own scary thing. Everything is explosions and pantyshots and camaraderie.

>comfy episodic anime about an bar between universes where the small number of people who know about it chill, drink, tell stories of their worlds, rant their present frustrations away, play cards and so on
>the bartender is a four-armed goat man
>the waiter is a shapeshifter who can change forms into literally anything whenever it feels like it
>mc is a Nip delinquent who becomes a regular after he gets his ass kicked by the waiter pretending to be a blue-skinned loli in Japan and it teleports him to the bar
>some of the other regulars include an elven blacksmith, a robot assassin, a human painter from AU Earth that's still in the 1900s, a dinosaur scholar with tentacles instead of spines on his back and an angel for whom the bar is the only source of excitement in his otherwise dull and uneventful desk job life in paradise

It's about a guy who doesn't feel the difference between his high school self and college self, as if he hasn't grown up at all, until he meets a girl with whom he talked briefly and she planted this idea of trying out different things for the sake of novelty in his head. He starts trying out all kinds of hobbies, from jogging to mountain climbing and seems to have fun, although he drops them quickly to try out other new things. He realizes that dating a girl would be a new experience too so he sought out that girl to which she agreed. They briefly were dating but then she dumps him because she realized that guy wasn't dating her at all, she was just a novelty to him and constantly trying out new things without achieving anything has become norm to him, so this action should be his wake up call towards commitment to the things he decides to take on as, even though he was doing something new, this state just became his new comfort zone.

Extremely generic harem full of lazy archetype characters. The boring, shaggy-black-haired MC is bisexual, and ~half the harem are boys, including one of the two "main" ones.

Cred Forums loses its mind.

Three high schoolers are all good friends, but secretly, they're a Kamen Rider, a magical girl, and a space sheriff, each fighting aliens/demons/whatever in their city. They don't know each others' civilian identities, and for one reason or another, they all hate each others' guts (the rider thinks the magical girl wastes too much time on poses and chants, the magical girl thinks the space sheriff's lack of Earth knowledge is annoying, etc.). Shenanigans ensue as the three friends juggle their daily lives and super hero lives behind each others' backs.

MC is an introverted, beta-looking weeb who was born in one of the few countries still having mandatory conscription. He gets conscripted as a frogman, somehow excelling and being sent to train as a commissioned officer. On his final diving mission before he is released from full-time service, he leads a recovery mission, only to stumble upon his entire family, drowned in the murky waters as victims of a boat sinking.

He starts hyperventilating due to the anguish and panic, but is saved by his nearest man. Upon surfacing, he is examined and discharged from the force due to the risk of PTSD with immediate effect. He also develops a lingering, albeit not crippling, apprehension towards water, because MC is a well-adjusted and resilient individual, unlike those Japanese milquetoasts.

He moves to Japan for his university studies to get away from it all. He joins his university's diving club, which was floundering because of low interest, and declares himself a novice.

Cue beautiful dive scenes as MC has to actively combat his fear to function properly. Then, one of the real newbies gets his/her tube tangled and panics. Before the senpais can reach them, he expertly rectifies the issue by muscle memory and passes the newbie his spare regulator.

This piques the interest of an experienced diver girl in his year who moved from her seaside city to Tokyo. MC will occasionally display his badass side honed from his military training, such as beating up wannabe thugs with Krav Maga and showing his fieldcraft expertise when camping, but evades questions about his past except to his closest band of friends. A journey of healing and recovery without the histrionics of many PTSD characters and filled with club activities.

Think Grand Blue meets Genshiken with less zaniness and a bit more romantic progress.

even with your shit ideas sky pirates are literally always cool

Religion is the bad guy

One day, an average Japanese highschool otaku loser is transported to a fantasy world.

Ten years later, a portal from that world opens and they start invading Earth. The otaku that got transported to that world used his OP ability to conquer it, declare himself a god-king, and now he's invading Earth to get back at his old bullies and so he can force anime studios to make the kind of anime he likes.

The MC is a normalfag soldier and his platoon fighting to defend Earth.

It's about a guy with androphobia, he hates everything manly, but he is not gay. One of his girl friends (as in girls who are friends) in high school finds out about it and decides to help him become more manly, but instead found herself becoming more protective of him and slowly becomes his tomboy.

I'd write an H anime and hentai doesn't need a plot, just cute girls in lewd situations.

You need to understand what Cred Forums is really made of. The people who want to talk about anime and or manga have made the generals. For example, there is 24/7 a JoJo thread on Cred Forums, a general so to speak.
The main issue with Cred Forums, from my point of view, is how they simply do not like mainstream things. It happens here every season. let us take one of the latest examples, one punch man, it wasn't known to the ''outside world'' yet, it wasn't mainstream, nobody posted anything on facebook or social media about OPM, at all. The manga is amazing and Cred Forums had some pretty amazing threads back then when it was fresh and again, very important, not well known. Needless to say, once the anime hit, every discussion about OPM got shunned and you were dismissed as a normie.
Now, the average user of Cred Forums has seen every ''essential'' anime so to speak, like the ones you mentioned, cowboy bebop and other ''got me into anime''-anime like death note. Of course, other non mainstream masterpieces. Now, why doesn't Cred Forums want to talk about the lattest hits in anime of every season? Because the 150.591 anime groups on facebook already do. So what does Cred Forums get reduced to? Lewd, non-normie/scares away the normies-anime. Imagine a normie finding Cred Forums and the first thing he sees are feet and traps? Yes, he won't return, that is what Cred Forums wants.
fromt ime to time this place is still pretty good, like, when berserk got out of its hiatus.
tl;dr Cred Forums is in an existential crisis because anime has become very VERY mainstream. And the more mainstream it gets, the sadder Cred Forums becomes.
the only ingredients an anime needs for Cred Forums are:
>muh dick
Basically browsing Cred Forums if you are not horny is possibly THE worst waste of time on the internet.

I'd watch it.

It's a fantasy setting filled with various gods, demons, spirits, and varied races and civilizations. The MC is a mostly untrained human wild mage, meaning he has no proper limiter and little idea of how to direct his power correctly. While this might seem impressive, wild mages aren't actually that hard to create. Unfortunately, they're typically created as weapons, and I don't mean supersoldiers or anything like that. They're more akin to plague carriers or bombs. The raw uncontrolled magic of a wild mage almost always results in disaster and tends to catch the attention of hordes of demons.

The wild mage himself is usually driven mad, as his form starts slowly decomposing as it's gradually replaced by ectoplasm. Their lack of training usually means they can't even use their powers effectively, until they finally just explode or implode to release a torrent of chaotic power.

In short, the MC is on a quest to learn to control his power and mitigate its negative effects before it utterly destroys him and everyone else around him in an unknown radius, but few people are willing to provide much help since being a demon magnet/living bomb quite naturally makes him a social pariah marked to be terminated before detonation. He's collected various magical artifacts and a few companions in the meantime, though the kind of people willing to work with him are typically on the unsavory side themselves, and he's become something of a traveling adventurer who wants to use his powers the best he can before all of his flesh sloughs off.

Trump Isekai.

Donatello Trump was a successful /biz/ man who shilled junk bonds to 4chinners, and also he was running for senate in USA USA USA!, when a #BLM niget kills him with a nigga knife. His soul gets transmigrated into a goblin baby goy in a fantasy world.

A few years after his birth as a goblin, his mom and dad gobs were killed by a professional humie goblin slayer san. Fueled by his hatred-san, he unites the ancient goblin tribes(whose muh culture is older than fantasy humies) to fight against the humie globalist empire. He eventually begins his plan to build the greatest wall ever built by gobs.... with HUMAN BONES!

>mecha anime setup
>small planet where the main activity is mining
>MC is a middle aged man that works in an ore carrying mecha
>the evil empire attacks the planet where the MC lives
>the defense forces put a fight, but in the end are annihilated
>while MC watches his friends trying to run, he remembers his youth, and how much he liked to watch wrestling
>MC starts fighting the enemy forces through wrestling moves
>as his mecha is stronger than the enemy ones (that rely on weapons), he ends repelling them although his mecha ends severely damaged
>the people on the planet use the metals extractable from the mines to repair and improve the mecha, making it the hardest one in the world.
>he starts fighting the empire defeating powerful people and cutting promos that fuel the flame of revolution
>it ends with him doing a german suplex to the emperor mecha, and falling in a black hole


A boy falls in love with a girl that spoils him unconditionally?!


Ok, get this.
Slice of life moe schoolgirls.
The great historical figures of the time are portrayed as cute schoolgirls


>MC is a guy that escaped a hyper religous world
>Did so because some testing from the religous government opened a small dimensional tear
>Enters a medeival world with magic on the other side
>Goes back to original world for a firearm, then goes back
Rest is him exploring the new world and trying to avoid the people coming in from the old world.

I think I saw that one. After the goblins make Donatello their king he spends all his time whining about how little power he actually has and how much worse than him everyone is, while the empire falls to shit all around him.

>MC is a popular and beautiful academic athlete and class rep beloved by her peers, seen as respectable and admirable to those around her.
>However, in her first year of middle school, she turned her back on her childhood friend, leaving him friendless and at the mercy of some cruel classmates due to some issues of her own she took out on him.
>On the day of the Sports Festival in third year, the former friend jumps off the roof of the school, committing suicide in front of the entire school.
>MC is devastated by this, especially since the friend left her a letter where he expressed self-loathing and blames himself for their rift.
>A few years later, MC is having a terrible time in high school, having let her social life and academic record fall due to her depression and guilt over the boy's death.
>She's about to commit suicide one evening when a mysterious figure appears. The figure reveals that they can send the girl back in time to save the boy, but in order to do so, she must live as he did. She agrees, and the figure sends her back in time.
>MC finds herself in the boy's body back in the first year. According to the figure, she must live as the boy up to the day he committed suicide, meaning she has three years to see how he lived and to live as him.
>MC also sees that, in this world, there's still a version of her that acts exactly as she did in that time, providing a painful reflection of how she acted and how the boy would have viewed her.
>Series is about MC learning about the kind of life the boy was living when she pushed him away and when he was alone, while also forcing her to confront the more unpleasant sides of her personality and trying to find a way to ensure the boy has a better life.
>Complications involve being a girl in a boy's body, seeing the boy's tumultuous home life, and having to somehow act as the boy and ensure that his new life is much better than his old one.

I would watch this if all her love interests were vampires

13/10 Please do everything within possibility to make.

From that one Romance/kiss thread

>A war veteran scarred from battle is returning home.
>His face is ruined, lower jaw is basically deformed, he basically and can only speak is short burst
>Due to weaponized gas, he also lost his senses in his arm and face.
>He finds it hard to go back to a civilian life, and grew depressed.
>One day he finally find a job in a small store.
>The owner is a beautiful young woman, whose father had been killed in the war and thus the store belongs to her now.
>They got into a relationship together.
>However, due to the man's circumstances he cannot felt any affection of love from the girl
>affection like holding hands.
>The story is how the girls finding an unorthodox way of showing her affection to her partner.

>MC is a young girl fresh into the small town sheriff department
>She's your standard excited happy go lucky protag
>Thanks to her dedication and endless tenacity she's quickly turned into Deputy
>Sheriff and some other officers are gunned down in a brutal fight
>She's instantly turned into the new sheriff
>She has to pick everything up and solve the murder of her coworkers

The idea is to adapt a case of the week procedural but with a cute animu waifu

This looks like a sixteen year olds writing/plot development.

Asura's Wrath.

But Asura's and the Seven Deities are all magical girls.

But everything's mostly the same, so Asura is now a Japanese schoolgirl who transforms into a six-armed magical girl driven by unstoppable, world-shattering rage.

Id watch this bullshit

Isn't this that one genderbend manga, just reversed?