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Thank you for the birthday party, it was wonderful. Even with all horrors, it was still wonderful, because it was from you!

What would you like from oneesan? You don't need to ask for Martyrs, that's in 23 days or so, silly.

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I want to give Pham a Vat Imouto and see how it turns out.

Do I buy Pham her proper uniform size with 600 USD in cosplay stuff, or spend 60 USD on actual milsurp?

I still don't get what they were thinking. Aren't they aware that East Germany actually existed? Or had a huge army that needed downsizing?

Do they not know what milsurp is?

Wait, does Japan even have milsurp stores?

Considering how many idiots in the West didn't know about East Germany, I don't think the situation is much better in Japan, seeing that their history classes are notoriously bad, even without the whole war crimes issue.


>You can get a real East German BDU for 30 dollars

what the fuck japan

I'm still mad Pham-nee's birthday was trashed.

Why does she have to suffer so goddamn much? Even in the meta. Few are brave enough to even waifu her. She always is that person they would waifu - if they didn't already have their waifu, and even I'm guilty. Her birthday thread is bashed by people with weak hearts who feel the need to tear someone else down to put themselves up. She's used by MAL/animeonly moralfag sociopaths as flaming revenge bait without understanding what she cared or fought for.

I just hope she gets at least one ending happy. That's all.

I wonder, would it be proper to add Sharon to these two? She's also a kind of oneesan, rounds out the varieties even more.

>Total Eclipse
Last total eclipse content came out 2+ years ago

I would've waifu'd Pham if my waifu wasn't already Iris.

Strike Frontier has TE stuff

You do know that there is a ongoing Manga adaptation, don't you?

Who /NVA/ here?

>Never any decent scans, never any translation
No I don't know it


>I'm still mad Pham-nee's birthday was trashed.
Apology theme:


>dat shitty sweater
Delete that

Maybe some of the japs that steal images from us will notice our disgust to them getting jewed and buy the real thing at a lower price.

But Iris looks great in everything.



There are always exceptions to the rules. And that horrible thing was it.

That's really rude, Iris is cute enough to make up for the faults of any clothes.

Iris looks pretty mean or cold in your pic user.

How can that be if she's cute in every picture?

Have you heard the good news my brothers?

Iris is hotter with a bush desu

I want to beat Yuuko up for fun

Yuuko wants to "experiment" on you for fun.

I am going to marry Gretel!


Posting best girls!


So wrong

Too much Yamato Damashi.

those are nice girls indeed but yuuko and beato are on a whole different level

Too much?

Yes, too much. It prevents both of them from reaching best girl status.

she is boning Ikaruga in TDA and in all Extra routes where Takeru doesn't pick her.

But female nationalists are hot.


Ikaruga is a pretty awesome catch.

And is someone denying that?

the milsurp is pretty comfy imo.




fuck off and be patient queer

So Cred Forums, what role will Simone play in Martyrs, beyond being Suzy's goon? Will she be the Rebel Vivi or will she be going full "moderate"? Will she be responsible for the death of someone relevant? Will she fall for Theo?

Why is the old version so much better?

Katia will watch her die and do nothing about it same as Vivi.

Katia was indecisive about what to do with Lise in the LN, and decided too late to use her status to rescue her. Just consider that.

Well, all the grils have pros and cons, and make mistakes, even someone as "saintly" as Katia, or "wise" as Irisdina.

so all she can do is run her mouth but when push comes to shove she freezes?

Yeah. Gretel was ironically the only one defending Lise. Annete was too fucked up, and Theo was being Theo. By the time Katia decided to do something, they were already executing Lise. She was literally seconds late to the execution, and Lise's death becomes something she regrets much like Vivi's. Of course, we don't know how much she would have been able to do, but she might have been able to do something considering how much of a sacred cow she was to the rebellion.

SF Tsukiji doesn't look too bad, but the Chronicles one feels off. Too narrow hips and too wide shoulders, at least in my opinion.

How about someone as "bitchy" as Gretel, or "evil" as Beatrix?

At least they're hot.

I want to be that chocolate.

Yeah, but the original looks best. She's so soft looking, and dat camouflage.

I suppose, but her eyes seem a bit dead to me.

Laziest answer. On top of being half wrong.


You mean guten tag?

your opinion doesn't matter since you are a katia-fag.

She better be able to fix that in the VN. It's not like it'd really change anything at that point besides making things a little less fucking sad and bleak. And frankly, Lise did do a lot for Katia. It'd be nice for Katia herself if she got to return the favor for once.

Its morning somewhere matey.

>since you are a katia-fag.
And what makes you think that?

>And frankly, Lise did do a lot for Katia.
Like what?

referring to Gretel as bitchy and Beato as evil.

That wasn't me, but pre-character development Gretel is certainly not pleasant. Half wrong refers to Gretel being plain, but cute, not hot.

White, green and red represent.

Fuck off to discord or some other IRC shit, you act like you're on it already.

and even if you didn't wrote that its highly likley that you are a Katia-fag since of 3 options here you prefer the one that looks like a child the most.

>tfw the zampolit tells that they need to cut with the executions

The rebels reached a Pol Pot-tier

It's almost like being a Commissar for a Death Korps of Krieg battalion.

She was against it because they were breaking all sorts of international laws. Gretel is a stickler for rules, and even her joining with the rebels was more because she thought the stasi were subverting the rule of law then overthrowing the government.

Still no fan art of Gretel as a WH40K Commissar
or Beatrix and Iris as Inquisitors


>Which version of Tsukiji I prefer is an indicator of whether I am a Katiafag or not