Anime Sucks

Anime Sucks

We know that better than anyone.


(You) suck

Same as Simpsons post 15 season

More like post season 8.

This is why we read mango.

wtf i hate anime now

I challenge you or anyone else to find an anime better than simpsons in its prime
>protip: you can't

yeah.. yeah

you should rewatch the simpons, because it isn't actually as good as you remember

You're right, it's better. Seasons 5 and 6 are platinum.

>thread has been up for half an hour
>still hasn't been deleted
>still no loli spammer user or dubs spammer user
>during school hours
huh, really makes you think!

>what is boku no pico?

Someone says loli?

I kind of miss the days when Naruto threads were dubs threads.

It's time

*oingo boingo starts playing*


check em

I was prepared whole life for his thread


>muh safe space
you triggered?