As a gentle breeze blew around me

As a gentle breeze blew around me,
I counted all of my goodbyes
Reaching out for an unreachable sky,
In the spring sunlight, /ai/ - idle activities bloomed...

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I want to marry akari-chan!

Together, we made a promise
"Let's go see that sky we've read about in storybooks"
And at that moment, the chilling rain let up
Leaving but the faint traces of a rainbow

Various things happened today, but the movie has now been watched, ripped and is now encoding. Will start work on subs tomorrow.

>"Let's go see that sky we've read about in storybooks"
I thought this was from World's End Umbrella for a second.

It is, I changed parts.

Very cute.

What a thirsty cat, someone give it water.


It was nice seeing how Hibiki still views Shion and Sophie as special to her.

I wasn't surprised in the least by Leona's inner beast.

Also, totally called this. I wonder how they'll explain it. It being that Chiri and Chili are different entities.



Triangle soon again I guess?



I want to hug Lala

I was expecting a new OP in PP, I'm disappointed.

What a weirdass mating dance.

I already love Pepper.

Usachigo is not for eating, even if you cook her.

What the fuck is even going on.

Same here, she reminds me of Kaname too, which gives her extra points.

A defense mechanism.

This episode was just great. One of my favorites of S3. Pepper is really fun, and her interactions with Non and Chili were really fun too, the three of them are going to make a really nice unit.

Next episode's going to be great too with Jewlie and Non and Chili entering PriPara together holding hands.

>12 episodes behind pripara
>too dumb to understand moon

I agree, this episode was pretty damn fun from the beginning to the end, I like Non Sugar already and I can't wait to see their performances.

How did you watched half of the second season that was unsubbed?

I watched it as it aired, but now that I let it pile up it feels even worse since I won't understand it.

Were you the user that was asking things about the episodes back then?

While that seemed like the most likely situation, the voice sounded a bit different from Chilis to me. Are you sure it was her?

Learn spanish instead.

I'm sure other anons asked about stuff too, but yeah. I've asked questions about what was going on before.


I'm sorry guys, it was me.


I want to fuck Lala.

I want to kiss Non on the lips!

>/pc/ still ded
So no /pc/ threads until leaks?

Fuck off.

If you don't support /aipc/ you're racist.

Fuck. Why? ;_;

I fucking hate mahou shoujo.


>Vanilla Chilli Pepper

>NonSugar >>> Vanila?

waht is going non

Wait, wrong season.

>waht is going non
You know she's gonna trick them somehow so she can become the leader, that and Sweet flavor is supreme.

>can't wait for Thursday with Stars OP 2, Flip Flappers and Euphonium
>have 300 word essay due on Thursday

Laala the murderer.

>Stars OP 2
I need to hurry and catch up.


Forced ticket snapping with the vocadolls is the worst thing ever.

Can 300 words even really be called an essay?

Dammit, Laala!

Of course.
300 is awfully merciful, though.

Wake up Falulu ;_;

The guide:

I'm taking Non. You get Gollum instead.
Have fun.

I hate Ajimi.

>>have 300 word essay due on Thursday
are you serious nigga?
300 is nothing

on the other hand I have a database exam on tuesday and I don't understand a thing the prof says I'm doomed

Just say the data's all gone.

Wow wow.


So long as she remains Hibiki's problem, all is good.

>you'll never get styled by Junon

>300 word essay
Are you in 3th grade or just American?

Good night, my sweet princess.


It's a meme from another board

>all these newfags that don't know the 300 word essay meme

Nice thing I'm not retarded or I'd hate you as well for not hating what I hate, and I'd hate you for making me hate Garuru because I'd start associating her with you and your hate of Hibiki.

your life is a poor meme that couldn't even provide enough substance for a 300-word essay without being excessively redundant/wordy

Is /ai/ hype for best show of the season?

>I'm not retarded
>I'd hate you for making me hate Garuru because I'd start associating her with you
dat contradiction

That doesn't look like 12-sai.

A bit. I don't like that OP much though, and I hope the animation doesn't go to shit.


That isn't SB69.

Which of the little boy shows is worth watching?
>Time Bokan 24
>MonHun Stories
>Hey Bot

this OP alone got me hyped

All of them + Monster Strike.

I'm like a month behind on MS, what's up with it?

Heybot was lolrandom and not very good at it. Time Bokan was a lot better, but still goofy and didn't really tickle me. Last season's time travel cartoon was better. MonHun just felt kind of flat.

Kaitou Joker is still fun though.

DBS and Pokemon SM

>last Triangle live ever
>its the extra sort version

Anybody watching this? It reminded me of /ai/ a lot.

I am, it reminds me of Gen'ei a little.

I am, but to be honest i don't get my hopes high
It's gonna be gen'ei or Yuki Yuuna all over again.

Chicken salad

Those are good things.

At least this one isn't anime original so we know how things are gonna develop, if you read the spoilers that's it.

>Become the little girl
>Still have a "tail"
Besides, he's basically already dead. I don't have much hope for the show.

Source is finished?

This was the fucking lewdest thing involving lolis of the season.
I can't believe it, Prillya could learn from this.

I would not call them lolis, whether by age or by body type. Most of them should be teenagers.

i want to die

They are 13 and ~150cm with small bust at most.

Calm down Asahi.