Is very well known in norse mythology

>is very well known in norse mythology
>cool character design
>most hype servant when Apocrypha first came out
>died for some shitty lame reason
>got replaced by a literal who, who suddenly became the MC and became Siegfried 2.0 but 100x more shit.
For what purpose? Why kill Siegfried if he's just going to replaced by a fucking cheap knock-off garbage?

Apocrypha's writing is so fucking shit mayne.

Apocrypha is absolute trash.
Everything after Fate/Zero is trash.
Saddens me for what Fate has become.

>shit writing

Stay tuned for stunning revelations about the colour of the sky, and how water feels.



Because Siegfried gotta die, thats part of his story.
Also the Nibelungen became a lot better without him solving all problems for the weak ass Burgunds and shit.
Hagen was the best MC.

But no other fate can top Apocrypha when it comes to horrible writing.


>how water feels
Be more specific.

Why Siegfried is always apologizing?

>Everything after Fate/Zero is trash.
>what is Fate/strange fake

I like SF for now but it might turn out to be another Apocrypha.

Too early to judge Strange Fake.

>>cool character design
He looks like an NPC from a Korean fantasy MMO nobody's ever heard of.

fate after zero in a nutshell

Is CanonRap STILL translating Volume 3?


I want Richard to get his ass beat down by William Marshal. There he is, thinking he's hot shit, when his brother and father's best knight comes in and just wrecks him.

Richard is already dead.

W8 wut?

>Pale Rider is chasing Him, Ayaka, and Hippolyta.
>Richard says he'd deal with Pale Rider himself so Ayaka and Hippolyta could escape
>Ayaka screaming on Richard's face trying to stop him while tears running down on her face
>Ayaka threatens to use a command seal to stop Richard because she knows that he will die if he went against pale rider
>Richard suddenly kiss Ayaka to shut her whinning mouth up then knocks her out unconsious
>Hippolyta carried Ayaka on her horse then ran away and left Richard alone
>Pale Rider finally caught up
>Richard dies after

William Marshal is one of the servants in Richard's shadow.

Ovrehyped as fuck, I remember when everybody was hyped about apocrypha and there was tons of threads about new vol. releases, but now everybody hate it. So I don't think that SF wouldn't turn to shit in a near future. SF already has some strange decisions like how author suddenly doubled the amount of servants out of nowhere.