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Momo is sexy!

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Erwin is so cute, and she is also my wife!


She would suck on Anzu's clit to get out of my room.
She would eat out Oreo.

Worst poster on /ak/.

I would too.

Which RinVision do you like so far?


Mako's looks like she's having an orgasm.

Superior edge.

What are they saying?
I am not sure if Momo is sad or is gonna do pic related expression.

Looks like she's spying on the boy that she is interested in.

Looks like she's getting fucked up the butt

Looks like she's caught Maho raiding her panty drawer, again.

Looks like she's about to burst into tears when Sawreehfag put an engagement ring on her finger.

Looks like she's congratulating her boyfriend on a job well done on taking care of her Manko.

Momo is about to cry.
Atleast one thing is left unchanged in Rinvision.

I think Chovy forgot something.
Should we tell her?

I don't think we should, she looks cute like that.

I want to buy Oreo nice presents

Yes, she forgot to take her panties off

>titty cat

I found a nice Erwin to render, here you go, user!

>Which RinVision do you like so far?

>dat Taeko
It looks like Rin is scared of her lewdness or something.

further proof

Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!


momo velia deviluke A SHIT

More school shuld implement pantyhoses in their uniforms for the sake of our boners.

Bare legs just does not have the same charm

I would win dude, I'm like 8 feet tall and 400 pounds of pure muscle, pretty sure that a bullet would bounce back from my abs.

Not unless they're CARBON COATED.

An actual GuP pantyhose doujin event is happening.
Scans never ;_;


Why is Alice so lewd?

This are the among the ones translated so far, I know the artist made other new but I dont know if those are translated.


No daki, no Erwin.

post untranslated ones too user

I dont have them, I only make the mistake of save the translated ones, but I will find them later.

Shimada genes.

Nishizumi thread!

Nishizumi thread!

My nigga.


>ywn be the son of Nishizumi Shiho
>ywn tease Erika with your sisters over which Nishizumi family member she wants to marry

Feels bad man

Why did I suddenly think
>If only Miho was here...

I want to introduce Oreo to my parents and give my parents two news, that I'm getting marry and that they are becoming a grandparents

What even started the cat cut out cleavage trend?

like most memes, a single photograph

Is this just a random strip, or taken from a e-book?

As expected my aide is no other than you...
Be with me




RW previews when?

Is that a translation?

no it's a confession

Answer this question
We will be the judges



Why is Maho so autistic?

Which football club is Darjeeling a fan of?


She's a Chelseafag

They should take inspirations from Sawreehfag. He is a true romantic!

Does this look like autism to you?

Possibly tomorrow since Comic Flapper's on sale tomorrow in Japan.
or see first color preview


Let me correct your spelling.
Why is Maho so authentic in her reactions?


Whos the beauty in black clothes, is she from another school?

Gregor maybe.

BC Freedom, leader of the other faction.

It's the Darj.

I want to make Momo a mother

Darj's knickers.

That is rather lewd, don't you think?

Maho can be pretty authentic sometimes.
Authentically scared of dying, for example..

Delete this now!

That Noriko looks like she worships Khorne in her spare time

>Authentically scared of dying, for example..
I'm not so sure about that, user.

The green around the Oreofag always makes me laugh

You're gonna have an agonizing death.

Why the fuck do you have that saved onto your computer?

Mahosan kawaii

Anzus cute underpants.

very nice

Mihos plain undies.

To masturbate.


I literally can't stop fapping to Saori.

Why does she have a Liberator pistol?
I've heard they are extremely inaccurate.

That bottomless asshole is attractive.

>being a lier and a bully

wew lad


What would yo do with your waifu on your first date together?
I would take Noriko to watch a game of rugby


Da-dang is Emiracle of the universe

Christ, how can i go living knowing this is not translated ?

I'd take Katyusha to a local cafe.

To a love hotel

To the nearest refugee camp

I would take Miho to the Aquarium when we would watch cute animals and hold hands. She would wear her cute summer dress, but I would propably wear something with long sleeves to cover all my wounds, scars and bruises.

You have to invite her to somewhere other than your home for it to count at a date, user.

I really like how this one came out, it's Fukuda! Ready for headpats.

I'd take Saori shopping, seems pretty standard but we'd both enjoy it a lot. I really want to share a parfait with her too, maybe I'll see some of the other -fags around while we're there and we could turn it into a group thing, I think that'd be really fun.

Butterfly watching

Had to take a close look to realize it wasn't a girl with no arms.

>but I would propably wear something with long sleeves to cover all my wounds, scars and bruises.

>I would propably wear something with long sleeves to cover all my wounds, scars and bruises.
Can't really hide the wheelchair and oxygen tanks, user.

TK, please. You're starting to be... boring.
Newfags won't recognise the quote

Nogami nogamying

Nice candlelit dinner at home, everything cooked by me.

Forgot to mention that we'd both help each other cook dinner at her place, afterwards we'd watch cheesy romance movies curled up on the couch till the sun started to come up the next morning

And with that, I'm off to bed. As always if you guys have any requests for renders just let me know here, otherwise I'll just keep doing random official artwork. Tank it easy!

What is your Garupan ideal family?

Waifu: Kay
Our daughter: Mikko
Our pet dog: Yukari
Maid: Rosehip

Misses Erika, Asparagus and Koume.

From which episode is that?
Before they go to the Oktoberfest?

Maid/shared lover: Yuzu

Have a good sleep man

Get your hands off of my Hana m8

Waifu: Noriko
Our daughter: Nina/Pekoe
Our pet dog: Mikko
Maid: Ukelele

>Hana has fans
I never thought I'd live to see this day.

Why shouldn't Hana have fans? I find her gluttonous side a little cute.

She's my favourite of the main cast tied with Mako.

Come on, she deserves a bit Nishizumi love.

What you mean? I am that one Hanafag that makes posts like every other thread.

>won match
>everyone except Asparagus is unhappy

what happened?
Did Maho tell them she won't pay for the burned houses?

Time for someone to show up and rescue her, obviously.


Hana has always been my fav character. I just don't trash talk other people's choices.

>ywn be Erika and comfort Maho as she wakes up and tell her that everything is ok and it was just a weird nightmare.

Don't you mean liberate?


What do you think being married to Nonna would be like?

Daily morning paizuri.

Daily morning blowjob

Lots of time in the gulag. Y'know, to make sure Katyusha isn't going down too hard on the new recruits



Your breakfast is determined by whatever Katyusha wants.

So I'll be having some of Nonna's breast milk?


I want to DP Yukari together with my wife Saori. I'll take the butt and she can do vag-to-vag with her strapon. Of course I will only kiss Saori during these sessions. Yukari is only a high-quality onahole that we enjoy together.

wouldn't make a difference to her hit ratio anyway

>vag-to-vag fanfic
>anyone other than Rin and Shizuka
One job, user

Just got in and it's already the worst thread.

>anyone other than
people like you suck all the fun out of everything


I want to get smashed with Shizuka, then get pounded by Shizuka!

>Momo is sexy!
the sexiest legally blind girl of them all

Will we ever see more from them?

Yukari can also masturbate while watching me and Saori have loving slow sex with lots of kisses and handholding. She'll never feel anything like that, since she's just an onahole and not a wife.

Hell, I'd rather let Saori nibble my penis until I cum just from the feeling of her perfect teeth on my dick than kiss Yukari.

what is even happening in this picture

You are a bad person and you should feel bad.

I only feel bad that I'll never feel Saori's cute chompers dig into my delicate flesh while her bangs tickle my stomach.

Is anyone here kind enough to translate this?

please stop
it'll end soon


Playing with your sisters toy again, Miho? Don't have your own?

>tickle my stomach
I'm just going to ignore everything else, and focus on the important part.
Tickling Saori's belly.
That's where it's at.

I'd tickle Saori's belly with my dick and ejaculate into her belly button.

That sounds amazing, though.


I want to be Erika

So who nudges the meatball?

I'd also hug her head tight to my chest and sniff her hair while humping her pudgy belly. And then make Yukari lick Saori's belly button clean while I tickle her armpits.


Momo is for Momofag only.

If only tickle machines were a thing
Strap Yukari into one, so Saori and I can watch her laugh & suffer while holding hands.

this kills the fluff

>while talking about strap-ons
I leave that to you



Would you rather let your waifu irrumate you with a strap-on or let her give you a bitejob?


Miho belongs to Maho, Erika you never stood a chance.

I wished
best uniforms
interesting character chemistry
I especially like Galette's no-bullshit but still loyal attitude.

When will Shiho kill herself?

There is enough Maho for both of them, user.

please stop posting this