Where were you when Sinbad died?

Wat the hell is going on

>next time, many more surprises

Oh fuck off with that. It ruins any expectation people can naturally have about what's currently happening if you tell them there are many more twists ahead. Time for a keikaku pissing contest I guess.

Maybe Fish will go there and save Sinbad and kick Ugo's ass again.

I dunno, who really cares even? I'm not really sure if half of the people who claim to like Sinbad don't just profess to liking him and his ideas it because it makes Babaposters really mad.

For real though? I've never really been impressed by the way Ohtaka portrays Sinbad and don't think his points come across as eloquently as they could. Some of this may be a result of the translation but I consider his views as unworkable and hopelessly edgy as Hakuryuu's during his PHASE, just framed in a way that conflates it with cynical rationalism. Which I suppose impresses people with its severity.

Sinbad stopped being impressive when it was revealed that none of his accomplishments were ever his own, but instead he was literally carried his entire life by David. He was just a pampered child who obtained an over-inflated ego because destiny handed him things on a platter. The straw that broke the camel's back was when he went on about never caring about anyone but himself after all and was only ever motivated by greed.

This segment of the arc was dedicated solely to the assassination of Sinbad's character.

>couldn't even kill of Kouen
>thinking she won't bullshit sinbad coming back alive

If there's one thing i know about this series is the big characters that matter won't be killed off

>couldn't even kill of Kouen
Well, he could still play a role in his tbf.

Why is Ugo so OP now?

Doubt she'd kill off both Sinbad AND David like this, one of them would be dumb enough but both? I'm gonna assume there are indeed going to be surprises in the next one.

Otherwise it's the manga equivalent of the GM getting bored of the campaign and going "Rocks fall, everyone dies".

Slut spent too much time drawing Sinbad's and Ugo's muscles to actually think of the plot.

Nice projecting.

I want to kiss Alibaba.

He was always OP. He was the smartest magician around, and he probably didn't stop researching even after he attained godhood.


>He was the smartest magician around
That's just sweet nothing Solomon whispered to his nerdy virgin friend's ear to boost his morale. You can't take such words as their face value. They didn't even know David's extend of power to draw a fair comparison.

But it was true. Everything the Alma Torran bunch did, other than Solomon becoming god, was thanks to Ugo.

Because people are fighting him in the seat of power. When he was just a body that came through a metal vessel he had harsh restrictions on his power, now he can flaunt all his stuff.

He failed to dispell David's seal in time, meaning he's inferior to him.

>Where were you when Sinbad died?


Encryption is way easier than decryption.

I'm just not seeing it. It doesn't feel like anything to kill a character as big as Sinbad in the middle of a chapter, without a massive amount of full page spreads.

>Sinbad unceremoniously killed and already fed to the recycling wheel
Doesn't get much deader than that.

sinbad has a plot armor,he canĀ“t die like this,in the middle of a chapter,he is coming back soon