Remember this? haha

remember this? haha



What am I looking at?



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old hags


Absolute territory corrupts absolutely

You need to understand what Cred Forums is really made of. The people who want to talk about anime and or manga have made the generals. For example, there is 24/7 a JoJo thread on Cred Forums, a general so to speak.
The main issue with Cred Forums, from my point of view, is how they simply do not like mainstream things. It happens here every season. let us take one of the latest examples, one punch man, it wasn't known to the ''outside world'' yet, it wasn't mainstream, nobody posted anything on facebook or social media about OPM, at all. The manga is amazing and Cred Forums had some pretty amazing threads back then when it was fresh and again, very important, not well known. Needless to say, once the anime hit, every discussion about OPM got shunned and you were dismissed as a normie.
Now, the average user of Cred Forums has seen every ''essential'' anime so to speak, like the ones you mentioned, cowboy bebop and other ''got me into anime''-anime like death note. Of course, other non mainstream masterpieces. Now, why doesn't Cred Forums want to talk about the lattest hits in anime of every season? Because the 150.591 anime groups on facebook already do. So what does Cred Forums get reduced to? Lewd, non-normie/scares away the normies-anime. Imagine a normie finding Cred Forums and the first thing he sees are feet and traps? Yes, he won't return, that is what Cred Forums wants.
fromt ime to time this place is still pretty good, like, when berserk got out of its hiatus.
tl;dr Cred Forums is in an existential crisis because anime has become very VERY mainstream. And the more mainstream it gets, the sadder Cred Forums becomes.


Is this real life?


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