Loli you want to adopt.

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If it means I get to be with her hot mom.

What if I want my loli to adopt me?

>Matsuri Sakuragi vs. Sherlock Shellingford
>Kokonoe Rin vs. Akari Akaza
>Miyu Edelfelt vs. Mari Funami
>Miyauchi Renge vs. Kate Hoshimiya

>Taiga Aisaka vs. Akechi Kokoro
>Last Order vs. Kobato Hasegawa
>Chloe von Einzbern vs. Kiki
>Inuzuka Tsumugi vs. Miuna Shiodome

>Kafuu Chino vs. Sharo Kirima
>Mashiro Mitsumine vs. Illyasviel von Einzbern
>Furude Rika vs. Shinobu Oshino
>Kinomoto Sakura vs. Koiwai Yotsuba

So have Shinobu, Mashiro, Yotsuba and Sharo already lost or why are they in the loser bracket and yet we can still vote for them in the quarterfinals?

Remilia doesnt look very sad/shocked that she lost.

those are just temporary positions
there's still time for the outcome to change, at least for winner's quarterfinals

Then you should go back to /jp/

Thank you god for btfoing all the 2hu shit I'm so fucking sick of this 2hu meme god fucking damn

poor 2hus, what did they ever do to you?

Every loli that's not chubby is a good option to adopt.

2hu has a few top tier lolis tho.

>Akari on equal votes with Rin
What. How.

Maybe like 1/15 2hus are real lolis
Most of them just have lolita fashion or a small bod.

>not chubby

You already know the answer, it is something that always is present in polls.


None are real lolis by that metric, they're all a billion years old. Maybe Reimu was loli age in the first games.

Remi, Flan and Suika are the only ones we had in this competition and they're actual lolis.

>no Cirno
How? Why?

Replaced her with Suika because nobody ever posts Cirno in these threads and we have a few Goburinposters that regularly post Suika.

I have seen her been posted here already and she is still posted on the board as a whole. She is the baka by excellence.

Adopt, not fuck.
How old is Sylvie, anyway?

I wouldn't be looking at lolis if I wanted things filled with unnecessary amounts of fat.


i can assure you those hips are 100% necessary for bearing children

Lies and slanders, I have posted Cirno here already. I just don't post her all the time because I like to post different lolis.

And that's the problem, we can't have the entire cast of 2hu on the list, even though there are fans of every character.
Don't worry so much, there's nothing official about the list, it's just something an user cooked up to debate over.

>wanting to fuck Sylvie
What's wrong with you?

I wouldn't be looking at lolis either if I wanted child bearing hips.

She looks so happy when you fuck her. It's the right thing to do.


Are you sure?

She looks like she's been through a lot. Let me get her a sandwich.

100% sure, lolis are more than just small flat women.


Can lolis love dogs?

Gay swimsuit lolis 2 tomorrow Cred Forums.

Oh wow, this is getting a second season?
I like that a lot.

Looks like another season where I'll like the shorts more than the actual full length shows with Ani Tore S2 and Mahou Shoujo desukara S2.

>how hard can you shitpost?
>watch me

Wish I was Ritsu's childhood friend, fucking Mio piece of shit.


"your mom" is a body type

But it is.

Old hag.

combat lolis

That loli should watch her skirt, I can see her panties.

Why is Patchouli having a stroke?

I'd fucking shoot her wing off if I saw it poke out.


No mercy for fake lolis.

I really like this kiddo

Eternal lolis aren't fake lolis.

Eternal lolis are the best.