ITT we list painful anime tropes

ITT we list painful anime tropes

>when a well written intriguing character or characters are stuck in a shithole plot and terrible writing

pic related

>daily greentext thread

Do you even know what trope means?

>every kind of fanservice ever

More like 15 minutely green text thread desu senpai.

You telling me you don't want to see more of this?

>Male character trips and falls
>"Huh, this is so... soft"
>He finally notices that his face/hand is on top of a girls breasts
>Girl blushes
>Camera pans up as a loud smack can be heard
>Next scene the MC is sulking and covered in either bandages or a red hand imprint

i don't want to see moeshit, bouncing boobs and dead end plots in every show.

>A bunch of beautiful girls all want the dick of a pathetic loser.
I wish harem male leads weren't so awful. Why is it that in reverse harem the girl at least looks good? Is the public of harem anime so easily intimidated?

>Why is it that in reverse harem the girl at least looks good?
If you were gay, you'd say the same about male harem leads. Female harem leads are pretty pathetic as well bruh. Harem protagonists of either gender and orientation are simply self-inserts.

>character (supposedly) dies
>comes back to life or is revealed to be alive later in the series

>girls all like the MC and treat him nicely, except for the main girl who is a tsundere
>MC likes the tsundere

>MC sets his goal to pursue someone's strength
>MC becomes obsessed with said person

>thumbnail from google images
>shit greentext thread
lurk for 2 years before posting

Never realized that Alucard was so cute, no wonder bitches are swarming over him.

>If you were gay
About that.

Harem MC are Average desu, its not they are neckbeards with Fedoras

only truly intelligent people can deconstruct art through the identification and categorization of tropes. i salute you fellow intellectuals in this thread.

>villian spares MC at their first meeting because he finds him omoshiroi

Zero no Tsukaima?

>mc gets his shit pushed in by someone way stronger than him
>really shouldnt have been a competition
>vows to never lose to anyone ever again until he manages to beat his arch rival/mentor
>doesnt get his shit stomped over ang over again, since thatswhat happens when youre a noob in a competitive field
>instead never loses again

Name a trope more boring than this.


>mc greentexts a lot of words
>just breaking into a bunch of lines
>a simple
>and sounding
>like a huge fag
>in the process

>>Why is it that in reverse harem the girl at least looks good?
Noucome specifically addresses this. Every one of the Okotawari-Five, including MC, is considered by the rest of the cast to be extremely attractive.

And so mental they want nothing to do with them.

>mc considers himself a bit of a greentext connoiseur
>gets offended at having to read too
>many lines

[in african american professional basketball player voice] it becomes really obvious how derivative and repetitive basketball is when you deconstruct each game into the basic tropes of dribbling, passing, running around, shooting, etc. ive basically seen a shit ton of basketball games and i think it's all the same bullshit. when is someone gonna shake up the game and do something new and original?

>When an exciting and interesting setting is stuck with shit tier insufferable characters

you misspelled connoisseur

Is this bait?

>FORCED drama that could be resolved with simple communication
>multiple opportunities to do so
>"I'll tell you about it later." or some bs to that effect
>never resolves it
>leads to lost of life/friendship/relationship etc

This trope, this is the worst hell.

>Your favourite character dies at the end
Really hate that trope desu

> Monogatari series
> Terrible writing

What's wrong with the writing? And what's your beef with the plot? I find the show to be completely character driven so you won't have storylines like the Zero Escape series and that's perfectly fine for the context of the show.