Mob Psycho 100 and other anime are getting dubbed

Mob Psycho 100 and other anime are getting dubbed.

> Funimation

Well there goes the chances to see them dubbed or subbed in Latin america.

Fuck Funi.

As much as I miss MP 100 I don't think I could stomach a dub.

Dubs aren't automatically bad. Some dubs are actually better than the Japanese original. My hopes aren't too high, but my mind is open.

Noone cares about your third world dub


OPM Dub is a fairly decent dub for example.

>OPM Dub is a fairly decent dub

Do tell which dubs are better. I'm interested.

Cromartie High School, Black Lagoon, Space Dandy, Baccano, Cowboy Bebop

What about DBZ?

You forgot Dragonball Z, the most famous as well as most notorious example.

Code Geass

Ghost Stories

Dragon Ball Z

I mean, I'm happy, but I don't see how they can top Reigen, Dimple, or Mob.

Fuck off with this shit to I'm sure they'll care about it.

Fuck off.

user i'm not sure how to break this to you

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Dubs work better if the anime takes place in the west or has a lot of western characters. it doesn't feel right when you have Japanese people speaking English. Though it's pretty funny when you have english speaking japanese people who say "I don't speak english"

How about these dubs.

The scene where Reigen tries to channel an American is gonna come out weird.

No dubs for you.

You're just dumb. He will channel a Japanese guy/other


Oh dear, I don't envy those poor bastards, It's like that time in Game of Thrones when the "Hold the Door/Hodor"episode aired and people in my (and many others) country went nuts trying to translate it for the dubs

Sakurai was so perfect for Reigen I can't possibly imagine any other VA doing a comparable job.

trying to keep my mind open about these but they're all going to suck

Also, Reigen's mannerisms will make him absolute hell to sync up with in a different language. It's not too bad for a character like Mob who just mouth-flaps, but Reigen flails his arms and flaps his wrists and jerks about in time with his words.

Cheeseburger tornado might make (even) less sense in that context though.

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Doesn't the guy say his dad was from New Jersey? Just have him speak in an exaggerated stereotypical Jersey accent or something.

I still haven't gotten over Reigen using an advanced martial arts technique to K.O. a guy from a sitting position. Shisou is a man of many talents, but people tend to forget that beating ass is one of them.

He'll probably try to sound like an old Japanese man first and then switch to a jersey accent. It's not that hard.

Excluding Mob and the Boss, which character has the best powers?

Best as in "most raw power", or just the ones we like most?

Japan or other country also have burgers you know.

It's not a distinctive Japanese food is what he's getting at.

Shimazaki wins hands down.
There is no contest.

Ones you like most.

Shou's light bending would be pretty goat if he could move at the same time (not sure if he can tho). Rei's foresight could be awesome if she managed to take it to a higher level.

Shimazaki was pretty cool for getting a powerup via trying hard like some kind of main character, but my favorite is Matsuo. I like his ectobiologist / pokemon trainer shtick and being able to increase evil spirits' powerlevels is a neat ability, especially since he probably learnt to do it by studying spirits rather than starting out with it. His stickers are pretty aesthetic too.

Funimation has become the bottom when it comes to standards. I never thought I would say Sentai FW is the best ATM.

Shimazaki was so fucking broken, man.

It seems like he can. He uses it to leave rooms sneakily several times.

>Mob could be literally unstoppable if he took the time to learn some goddamn techniques

It seems like he just vanishes and waits until no one is in the room.
He didn't use it to get past the artificial espers in Claw Arc. He was hiding behind a rock for some time until the espers got distracted by the delinquents.