KonoSuba season 2, winter 2017

Friendly reminder you just need to survive the fall season, and then you'll be back in anime heaven

>whole season of nothing stands between us
>its the only decent show of its own season


far too long only thing worth while this season is king the anime.

I hope this lil' cutie makes a return. The whore house should get their own spinoff series tbqh. There's a lot of potential there: Succubus blessings on this wonderful whore house!

>whole city-full of bonkers Axis freaks
Can't wait.

Just read the light novel.

Why is she so pure?

What if it sucks?

>you will never go to axis mecca

Why? Konosoba is comedy.


You had to read my post to reply to it.
Its not that bad, is it?

Is Aqua the true MC of this show?

>moefags never read books

she's the poster girl

>who could be the main character

Haven't even watched anything from this season.

>went to awa for posters and merch
>Not. One. Thing.
Is this only popular in Cred Forums?

Going by the ln
aqua is comedy relief and has been mostly on the fringe for the last like 3 booksbook@

Eh I figure drifters can keep me going till winter if nothing else.

the studio didnt believe anyone would like konosuba