Why isn't refined sugar taxed?

Why isn't refined sugar taxed?
Since I switched to Keto diet I lost weight and generally feel better.
I also started to read the labels. Did you know that they add sugar to every non natural product? I even found sugar in a pack of weenies!
How is adding refined sugar to products legal? I want my food to be clean of extra sugar.
Tax sugar.
Tax it to hell.

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Yes it is. I want to know your opinion on taxing sugar just like they tax cigs and alcohol.

Its a bot

Hmm, ok.
Cred Forums is still obviously not interested.
I will move to /fit/

I'll take "things that no one gives a fuck about" for 600 please Alex

I lost my job a couple months ago and can only afford things like basic fruits and vegtables and beans, not sure what keto whatever is but just eat like you are poor and you will lose weight. take supplements. diets are for fags your body knows what it likes

How about you take responsibility for your fucking self and stop calling to use state violence on people so you don't have to read labels, you polish faggot.

Yes. Sugar is used to counter the horrible taste of low fat food.
Removing the fat removes the taste. So they just pump everything full of sugar to make it taste good again. The issue is that sugar fucks with insulin levels, which leads to diabetes, and insulin is responsible for fat storage, so fucked up levels of insulin lead to obesity aswell as diabetes.

watch this:

Offal is the cheapest meat and it contains actual vitamins and microelements unlike regular muscles.

Oh, and while we are talking about the food cartels, beware the meat+dairy industry.

I only buy fermented dairy from local companies.
Milk is poison.
As for the meat I chose offal because it is too cheap for them to even consider fucking with it.

>being so poor you have to eat intestines and brains and shit

They aren't injecting water and other shit like extra salt and soy into offal. Enjoy your cancer.

what do you mean "fermented dairy". are you talking expired and rotting?
also Im not familiar with meat cuttings like that, is offal what they would usually sell as garbage filler? What makes you choose that over something else, you said cheap so Im guessing poverty

We had something like a candy tax which taxed candy, ice-cream and sodas. The candy and ice-cream part were just removed because they were anti-competitive according to the EU.

>other shit like extra salt and soy into offal.
you need salt to live, I cant speak for what levels of salt are in mean though.
I think this soy thing is actually the meat+dairy companies shilling for the biggest threat to the meant and the dairy industry. Soy is used as a replacement for both. "soyboy" is probably a shitty forced meme they paid for to scare people back to their products.
If youre concerned about estrogen, real estrogen in our food chain is coming from womens birth control pills that the abuse. "the pill" is estrogen+ progesterone, which is 2/3 of the hormones that trannies take. Ive read that these cant be filtered from the water.

>What makes you choose that over something else, you said cheap so Im guessing poverty

By fermented I mean milk processed by bacteria via tge process of fermentation. This includes kefirs, sour cream, good yoghurt and cheese both white and yellow.

>you need salt to live
Yoi get enough salt in regular food. Them adding extra salt to their meat is harmful in the long run.

I'm concerned because they use fucking soy as a filler when I want to pay for the meat alone.

Liver is a great source of B12.

We should tax shitposting, starting with OP

And vitamin A.

>real estrogen in our food chain is coming from womens birth control pills that the abuse
This. Roasties are pissing estrogen into the water supply


just teach people to avoid it, statist.

You know god damn well that you can't teach people to avoid such powerful drug just by education.

hearts taste like livers?


No, much better.
Ever tried goulash?

Chicken hearts?

Yes, beef hearts are larger and have a little bit more fat.

I know im not some city cunt who never had awful and innards.
Heart is one of my favourite meats. And Tongue.
Pickles with Goulash?
Ew. Pickles only belong to a stroganoff.

>keto diet
>buys carbs

More sugar = more addicting = more sales

Here in America the labels read; sugar/High Fructose Corn Syrup, and Sucrose/aspartame. They cram as many addicting chemicals in to hook people.


what is that on the pic?

You need around 24g/6 spoons of sugar daily to keep yoir heart healthy. I chose oranges because of their fiber content.

Oh shit the polack goulash summoned the inventor of it.

Look at me I'm so hip haha keto! I'm so trendy I just have to tell everyone about my keto on a board that has nothing to do with it!

I asked about regulating sugar by the Government. Not my fault that Cred Forums is retarded.

>falling for the energy drink jew
You're far from reaching the light kiddo

pickled foods are linked to cancer

You missed the point you nigger.

Whe the fuck should there be a tax on sugar?
If anything put a ban on it for overweigt people

I'm not Asian.

What is that you're eating?


BTW I love Keto. I eat that way too. Not sure about a tax on sugar. Taxes suck dick.

Would raise the opportunity cost of using or purchasing sugar, which sounds like what you want, but all too often the long term effects of an action are ignored in favor of the more visible short term effects. Companies in your nation that depend on sugar for example will have to spend more, and will either have to cut back on wages, cut some jobs, or leave the country. And sugar isn't just used in food, so industries that don't have anything to do with your problem will also be affected.

You really shouldn't impose obstacles on peoples' freedom to trade just because you think it will be "good" for them. The standards of living are a lot higher in nations where markets are more free.

>Why isn't refined sugar taxed?
Because taxation is theft you bootlicking statist faggot

Tomato soup on heart broth is amazing, you should try that one.

>Wanting there to be more taxes
Not even once

>he doesn't like sips

You sound educated so why the fuck are you even speaking to us dumb fucks?

Hearts, brains, cheeks, tongues, livers, tripe - these are all God tier meats.

They disgust me to no end but yes organ meats are Polish Keto pede

If it's the form that disgusts you, try doing something like "chicken liver parfait", you just spread it over toasts and pretend it wasn't made of liver and lard at all.

because freedom!
if i want to eat only sugar and get fat as fuck and have diabetes wanks than thats my choice.

stop thinking you know whats best for me

taxation is theft

also oranges/apples on keto ... dumb pollack

Keto is zero carbs right? But your food clearly is full of carbs so how does it work?

Still, mixing a small amount of carbs in form of fruit makes sense. Especially that lemons/oranges are alkaline and have vitamins too. Apples are rich in pectins too, and fibre. Just eat *some* of them, not a lot.

>Why isn't refined sugar taxed?
it is taxed, you pay more taxes so the government can make that shit cheaper for consumers without burdening corporations with manufacturing costs

>macaco does not sip

>equating civilized society to coffee niggers.

>says sugar is bad
>proceeds to down 1000mg of caffeine and other chemicals to stay semi-
>surely though a natural source of energy is bad

Lol look at this pussy, you never got invited to parties in highschool.

not enjoying liver, fucking mutts

there is a daily limit, 56g I think, but it's offset by fiber. So fiber rich foods like oranges allow you to eat something sweet while not raping the entire regime. There are entire tables of data about it, cant remember exactly, but I'm sure 1 or 2 oranges a day will not fuck you up. Just eat them, and dont squeeze the juice, that beats the point of fiber.
It's the same with nuts. They can have up to 20g of carbs/100g but they are some of the basics of keto because they're practically pure fiber and fat rich.

Not if you're on a keto diet.
Since your body doesn't retain water as well you actually want the increased salt.
OP or not, quit shitting up discussion of a great diet by meming fucking offal.

Good god man.....I felt like piling just looking at that

Even after fiber, oranges are around 8-12 carbs each, more than one a day is bad.
Not all nuts are great either, pecans and walnuts are best for the diet. Almonds and peanuts are ok, but you gotta watch the carbs. Most others have too many carbs.

>Put a ban... On sugar

T. Rainman

Keto is 20-30 carbs a day. Can get pushed up to 50 after weight loss and you only seek to maintain weight, but makes it much easier to risk throwing yourself out of ketosis by small mistakes.

Like I wrote I dont remember all this shit, you're more than probably right.

Black pudding is the ultimate redpill, illegal in all catholic and orthodox nations.

Enjoy your gout

Coffee plant is from Ethiopia and has been taken to the Americas by European people

Having had a chicken liver pate in the past and grilled beef tongue I can safely attest that both are fucking delicious.

The chicken liver pate on toast with a little brown mustard and honey especially so.


>Live in Seattle
>City just passed sugar tax laws on soda
>Laws conveniently ignore sugar added to coffee drinks, frappaccinos, etc.
>Starbucks HQ down the street

>illegal in all catholic and orthodox nations.

>Why isn't refined sugar taxed?
Nothing should be taxed. Taxation is theft.
People who arent capable of realising that eating unhealthy shit will fuck them up and refuse to give it up, should fucking deal with the health consequences and should pay all the hospital bills out of their own pockets/private health insurances(that is, if they are going to even be able to get insurance and wont get rejected because of their shitty lifestyle choices)


Libtard much?

the glow in the darks use it to train society to be into drugs and weird sex.

Jews love their little good goyim slaves to eat as much carbs as humanly possible.

That is why every other government demands you eat 60% carbs.

what is this shit? Bro, this is how your meat should come. Also get ready to be jelly of that chicken price.

>no antibiotics**

lol you made me look

on the real tho how much is 2lbs of chicken breasts there?

>chicken hearts
I like your style Janusz

Don't know. Don't buy chicken but I'd say that double brest costs more than fucking 99 cents. Your chicken is filled with salty water to make it weight more.

>not eating flaki
>not enjoying a good liver bought from your local farmer
keep eating your corn syrup induced shit you mongrel
I hope you end up in a wheelchair with 55
I mix my potatoes with blood or just eat blood wurst (kaszanka)

Wow. Is it like this all over america or some states ?

>eating sushi made by someone else
>not doing it yourself
enjoy your parasites,you gonna need to cleanse your body bigtime brother

Well you see fat and cholesterol are bad and since they can't add it and people want "low fat" they add sugars and artificial sweeteners so food doesn't taste like cardboard. Sure sugar causes candida overgrowth and can lead to cancer but the population doesn't know that and are brainwashed that fats are worse than sugars.

>buying meats wrapped in plastic and styrofoam
>not getting them fresh from the counter wrapped in paper

why even live?

correct. they do pump it with saltwater.

How much is good meat in Poland? I just but a 10 pound log of 90/10 ground beef for $25

Sugar has been showed to be as addictive as cocaine.

>Live in Commifornia
>Sugar tax in my county
>Price of juice, soda, yogurt, etc. all go up
>Price of an actual fucking bag of sugar stays the same
>MFW I wish I could beat you to death with this 5lb bag of sugar I just bought at rock bottom price

>can't eat rice, potatoes, bread
>can only eat expensive shit that doesn't even grow here

sounds like a jewish trick

Honestly looking at the average foods people eat I would say everyone should take probiotics daily, there's sugar added to everything.

I love tongue but its fucking expensive. 20 bucks for one that doesn't yield that much meat.

our chicken is the best in the world and picking a brand like tyson to bash really sets you back
is what all over america or some states?
im not one of those clowns that thinks they can pick up a amazon sushi kit and "make my own rolls". They always taste like shit and this is made by 2 japs with fresh seafood from the kroger it's stationed at. Yeah at this supermarket, there is a section that has 2 japanese people that make sushi using the stuff found at that market. Doesn't get fresher than that.
>make fuss about how food is packaged for short trip home
why even breathe?

>im not one of those clowns that thinks they can pick up a amazon sushi kit and "make my own rolls"
what fucking sushi kit?
Get rice vinegar,a bambus roll,glue that fucking rice onto the nori ,fill it and roll that shit
you really have to be mentally retarded not being able to do that

>Our chicken is the best in the world
No, no it isn't. Thinking so just means you've never been any other countries. Our chicken taste like nothing

look cuck if you cant afford it, that's on you. If you want to eat your shitty shoshe with your shitty rice, your stale reconstituted seaweed flakes, with your best local carp you can find, be my guest.

That's a Spicy Trio tray. Tuna, Salmon, Crab. Good luck putting that together for $9. Here's another one cause it triggers you so bad

look at this cuck. I'm not going to sit here and explain to you why the standards behind how we raise, kill, butcher, package, transport, and serve our chicken is second to none in the nation that consumes the most.
>other countries
ok give me one to compare

fucking LMAO
Enjoy your fucking meat industry funded heart disease diet, my sides, everyone knows a VEGAN diet is best!1!
Pic related. I have eaten 200g of sugar today, and am BELOW 1900 calories, and have got EVERY one of my nutrients. Inb4 BUT MUH B12. I get B12 from energy drinks, which are Vegan. In ancient times, when humans evolved as vegans the magnesium in the cliffs naturally fertilised the lakes with B12, and river water tasted just like modern energy drinks


Breakfast: Mango rolled in crushed flaxseeds with Monster Energy Drink
Lunch: Sweet Potato baked alongside baked whole Mango, with a single Brazil Nut
Dinner: Lentil and Oatmeal porridge with Kale and Mango salad and 1L of almond milk
Snack: Mango

I am 6'0 and fucking 118lbs. Ketofats BTFO.

Oh and inb4 MUH ZINC. Zinc is NOT an essential nutrient. Zinc contributes to semen texture and taste and I don't care about that, unlike meat cucks I don't eat my own cum and like the taste so don't want to have nice cum given that Zinc causes blindness in long term overconsumption

looks like dog dicks

>I am 6'0 and fucking 118lbs
That is very unhealthy. You're either lying or heading for organ failure.

wtf is this? you seriously knocking my shit then you put this garbage on a plate?


good job counting your calories but the weight height ratio is way off.

Also your diet sounds like the contents of a trash can outside of wholefoods

>doesn't have Gelsons.
sad europoors

Ok. I’m 6’4” and 185 lbs. And I have muscle mass. So I’m hard pressed to see why this bait should be responded to.

you are a fatty

You should be choosing broccoli, my man.

>that farmers cheese

Nice. You on SCD?

I don't eat anything containing sugar either.

You sure eat a lot of kurkuma, op!

>a single Brazil nut
We got a badass over here!

Polsih vodka should be taxed to death for your stupid post.

>Black pudding is the ultimate redpill, illegal in all catholic and orthodox nations.

Sure things user.

Ask spaniard how are they doing they chorizo just for laught.

Also your piece of shit look like carbonised.

>doesn't have Wegmans

Sad non-East coast American

Which euro country is shepards pie from?

>Tax sugar
I've got a better idea. Tax soy instead

Blood sausage is popular here. I love it.

Ireland / uk.

We have our own but with beef or duck eventually.

12€ for that shit is a scam lmao
but enjoy your supermarket sushi made by "japanese"

Same , traditionally with mashed potatoes and cooked apple.

Our blood saussage are traditionaly also made with onion or apple in most of time.

>chicken dipped in chlor
>best in world
now you're just trolling

They add sugar to the apples at McDonald's in America read the label

>Keto diet
>Plate full of rice

You're doing it wrong...

If you care about being healthy, why are you drijnking monster?

Make an effort to eat healthy most of the time and then you don't have to be a nazi about when you want to indulge sometimes. I stopped drinking soda every day so I could still have beer sometimes and not become a fat fuck.

It's very common here.

Had beef tongue in madeirasauce just yesterday. Shit is godly!

I don't think monster is ever ok to drink, personally. I try to eat ultra healthy, keeping myself feeling good. Even if i go months with just fresh vegetables and fruit and nuts and shit, that one slice slice of pizza or one hamburger makes me feel physically depressed - heavy, slow, low energy. Maybe tbats just me, but I want to live a long life, with no problems if I can help it. Even occasional indulgence can hurt, i think

>expensive shit that doesn't even grow here
Meat and vegetables don't grow in bulgaria?

I buy mine from the mexican grocer in my neighborhood and its pretty cheap. Go to beanertown if you have one near you.

Sugar causes and feeds cancer. Sugar makes you stupid.

You ought to avoid sugar. And HFCS is worse.


sugar rots your brain. the dumber you are, the easier you are to control. and control is all that matters when it comes to profit.

Monster might always be bad. I've heard of people that have trouble with hamburger if they don't eat it somewhat regularly. Just saying if you know most of your meals are good you don't have to be the dick that orders a salad when you go out to eat with people.

keto is for fat people

redpill me on keto. what can't you eat and what do your daily meals look like?

Your boudin looks too finely grinded. I like the little chunks in it, like in you boudin noir you postedhere: Pic related is the beef tongue I had yesterday.

nonsipper detected

Sugar and another artificial sweetener, corn syrup is in damn near every processed food product.

Corn Syrup is poison.

Eat fat and protein, avoid sugar. Healthy dose of sugar is 24 grams per day.

We don't have corn syrup in Poland. We use beat sugar.

Finding Coca Cola with pure cane sugar is a treat. Quit shilling for diet fads and food unions. Dairy unions, Monsanto and meat packing industries are all fighting for your business. Every 5-10 years new "science" is going to come out telling you what to eat and not eat. You're just shilling for meat packing industy reps from Chicago now because they had the podium for the last 8 years.

Who? I'm from Poland you dumbass.

it's not mine , hard to find a proper pics on google nowodays.

Beef tongue with pickles ... yeah ... we have that there too.

Pics related , the only way I can eat tripe. there is some other way ... but it's disgusting to me.

French cuisine is probably the best with the worse piece of meat.

Who on Cred Forums isn't fat?

183cm/83kg and exercise regularly

Why do people nowadays feel disgusted by the thought of eating animals' organs? I'm starting to believe it's some kind of conspiracy of (((them))) to push us from eating healthy. Liver and heart are perfectly fine to eat. Especially heart, I mean it's a fucking muscle. Btw I ate a cow's tongue yesterday, shit was so cash.

Sugar isn't really the problem, though it certainly won't do you any favors. The sugar scare recently is a little misleading since the real problem isn't the increase in sugar consumed, its the increase in calories consumed. I've gone over this in one of these threads before, but for gluten. At any rate, you'll find heaps of shit you'd rather personally avoid in 90% of prepackaged processed food because most of them act as preservatives. You can eliminate this by buying raw ingredients and cooking your own meals. The true culprit to the fattening of society is pre-cooked and canned foods. You'll save a bit of money buying the ingredients yourself anyway which is why I do it.

What about insulin resistancs and diabetes? Isn't this caused by eating sugar all the time?

yes, but the only reason more sugar is consumed is because more calories are consumed. Even if you stop eating sugar, if you still over eat and dont excercise, you're going to be fat.

By virtue of eating low sugar food I eat the same amout of shit as usual but the calorie total is lower.