longest life span in the world

> longest life span in the world
> lowest crime rate in the world
> world class food
> world class transport network
> world class electronics
> world class education
> world class whiskey and sake
> world class robotics
> world class automobiles
> world class motorcycles
> world class toilets
> word class gaming
> world class night life
> world class women
> world class wives
> world class shopping
> world class internet
> third largest economy in the world
> already selling 8k TVs
> legal sexual services
> invented crypto currency
> no illegal immigrants
> no terrorists attacks
> free to own firearms
> no mass shootings
> zero sjw problems
> own 2chan and Cred Forums

Have you bowed down to the rising sun today?

tell us about yourself, are you an english teacher or true Japanese?

>ugly women
>can't see shit

>easily conquered by the white master race
>even got blown the fuck out by half mongol slavs when you tried to fight them over manchuria

>French women

No thank you

>Shit hole founded on rapists and murderers

No thank you

Re-conquer me daddy

>David got his wee wee touched by two medicore japs and now he's smitten with the country

You little whore

>Already pulled our superior automobile business out of your small island

No thank you


Are you a fed?

It's almost as if racial homogeneity is good and diversity is bad.

Who the fuck are you fagoot?

h-hey, I asked you a question

Japanese food is incredibly overrated. Vietnamese or Thai blow it out of the water

>easily conquered
I`d say we put up a good fight.

Bit rich after the trail of devastation you nips left in China after conquering the only people you were capable of - other gooks.

No you haven't... I know people who still work for Nissan

>Germany 2018

No thank you

> world class women
> world class wives
I always thought japanese men aren't really into their women? I could be wrong too

Holy shit hes on fire

I wanna visit Japan. They got some cuties over there.


2chan, 2ch, and 2channel aren't the same thing, new fucking faggot

Gratz based Japs, stay white !

Why do you always make this thread? Doesnt everyone already love Japan? Whats your point?

I love older Japanese art style.

>went to war with Soviet union of Manchuria
>got btfo
>sued for peace
>went back to slaughtering gooks
>tried again later
>got btfo even quicker
>sued for peace again
>went back to slaughtering gooks
>Hitler invades Soviet Union
>asks for a little assistance

Pretty dismal tbqh..... yanks had 10-1 KD ratio for most of their fighter planes.

Japan brings the best bantz because 200 IQ

That's why I'm moving to your glorious nation. I cannot wait to get out of this Marxist loving, SJW ridden, God forsaken hellhole.

*gets acid attacked*
*locked up for hate speech*

>Bigger than you

stop embarrassing yourself, waitu faggot. it wasn't even white people's choice to attack Japan. whites are just rabid pitbulls that follow their Jew master's commands. even during the war, Japan was kind enough to try to puncture your brainwashing and set you free. That was the purpose of Tokyo Rose, to humanize the enemy. of course it didn't work because you are all monsters. i pray every day that Japanese engineers will be the first to create self-replicating nanobots and use them to conquer the earth and exterminate all non-Japanese. unfortunately you're all beasts who cannot be trusted. Japanese are the only true humans on earth.

nation of overcrowded whale killers, nuclear accidents, homicidal autistic man, war criminals and every sexual perversion possible

japan is doomed

Okay okay okaaayyyy FIIINE! I'll come and fuck your women! Can you now settle down, Hiro?

Someone's jealous.

There are many honourable traits one can have - but none of them mean shit without strength.

>world class food

Stopped reading there. Wrapping raw fish in algae is not food you dumbass nip.

Okay, sorry, you big whore. I live you really miss you x

>insane suicide problem
>crumbling family

Sure thing twinkle toes

In Japan does the government regulate what kind of dogs you can have, or does everyone just choose cute dogs out of choice

>easily conquered
didn't they use like TWO nuclear bombs?

nuked into submission
that's how you do it, instead of some puny homo tanks that don't work under 0 Celsius.

The only reason you even exist is because we did not turn your nation to complete ash and cinder. Just a bit. Just a bit.
Don't forget. Now you're all prissy faggots.
Oh well.

>lowest crime rate in the world

Then occasionally messed up incident occurs.

> kobe child murder

Also fix your hashtag "suicide recruitment" problem

>World Class Suicide Forest

what is this "world class" meme

if it's "world" class that means you can also get it elsewhere

Besides european / American electronics and cars are better anyway

our homes are small, so we have small dogs. You don't want to have a kennel that takes up half the living room.

but to be entirely fair your country is pretty based anyway. I'd much rather be a Japanese than live here among this shite.

They were pretty well rooted before then mate, pretty sure they did it to send a message to the Soviet Union - who japan was trying to surrender to.
>back off, Japan is in OUR sphere of influence

If the whole world was just the island island of Japan that would probably be ok

japan pls let me into your country I’m sorry I’m dumb and don’t have a proper school degree I love you that should be enough I will do anything just let me leave this place and let me be part of your wonderful world i hate sand


the nuclear BOOM version is better

Goddamn, you're on a roll today comrade.

>all the things listed are that to America for making the land of the rising sun their submissive bitch, whom took upon her self that semen filled with American technology and industry.

excuse me?

Japan's good fortune is to not be an immigrant magnet. Consequently you have the stability that comes from commonality. The West has to struggle with supporting millions of parasitic darkies.

yeah going to see that this summer on my two week vacation to japan, gonna compare it to my trip to switzerland last year and pretty hyped about it

But sad that you die out

He speaks english so you already know the answer.

the tampon tax is the mist retarded shit I have ever seen. Just vote with your wallet faggots, my missus and I buy essentially the same razor brand because it's the best we have found in terms of quality vs price. You're a retard if you let colour schemes decide your purchases. Just like I bought a pink 3ds and pink hammer for work because I know nobody is gonna steal my shit if it's an unpleasing colour and retards really are that gullible.

I fucked a Japanese exchange student back in high school named Hiro. I honestly thought he was a girl up until we were getting naked.
>Oh well, he's cute.

Are you that Aussie I met in Thailand that kept picking up lady-boy prostitutes? I hope your restaurant is doing fine.

95% of "Japanese" food in the USA is prepared and served by Chinese and Koreans who are just exploiting the cachet.

I can count the times I've had authentic Japanese in America on one hand. Odds are you have never had any.

I bowed down in that ass, user.

Nope, sorry swede bro.

Yeah, not for long. Just wait until you get your first shipment of Muslim immigrants. Fucking lol

> japs only humans left
I like Y’all...but humanity would die out because japs aren’t virile enough to impregnate their own women.

>free to own firearms
Which Japan are you talking about?

En krijg trouwens kanker, geef mn koloniën terug, vuile gele rotjap

based Nip.

Japan is awesome. They even let us test atomic bombs on their land a couple of times.

you must be an artlet
every culture has a different standard of beauty and a different structure and composition in terms of art mediums
but i wouldn't expect a d brain-dead kraut to understand that.

You're welcome for your word for 'thank you'!
- Nanban

Having larger dogs would attract hungry Chinese anyway.

Japan has a lot going for it, so you really don't need to embellish on your list. World class food, women, automobiles, night life? You're wildly outclassed in those categories by many others.

Also, leave out the filler. World class toilets? Sake? Who the hell else would have better sake if not you? That's like saying Americans have the best football players in the world. Well yeah, they're also the only ones and they literally invented it. Default.

But I give credit where it's due, your electronics, education, and transportation are great. Your lack of migrants and refusal to even entertain the idea of taking them in (even in the face of literal extinction because of your declining birthrates) is admirable.

Your whiskey is shit.

No, but I do respect Japan and Japanese culture.

based japan
don't let our media shame you into taking refugees

> Dying from not being able to fuck.

I feel for you, Japan.

you know you like it

That applies to you too, faggot. You just surrendered faster as usual.


Nippon BANZAI my japanese friend

>the slapping frog is back
Very good

> Anything wrong with making an example so even slavs can understand.

Say goodbye to all of those.

The brown horde will descend upon you soon.

Japan is awesome. Weird porn memes aside, I wish you guys well and wish the west would take note of a lot of your policies. Nip girls are great but we need to have a moratorium on interracial with them until both whites and nips shore up their numbers and create designated ethnostates to preserve original phenotypical lines.

Based Frech

You forget getting cucked by the reds while your economy continues to fail as you rush to buy up American corporations in an attempt to save it.

>Eat babies and insects
>still worship a dead communist
Fuck China. We need to go to war with them now.


We would have done the same for you but you're less human.

>I've never had a qt asian grill present herself to me for mounting.

I have to fix this problem.

go for a massage parlor

>> free to own firearms

Im never going to pay for it. A lot of the fun is in the hunt.
Having a woman actually want me to fuck her turns me on. If says something about my capabilities as a man that a woman wants me to impregnate her.
A woman letting me fuck her because I pay her reduces me to the status of any other customer.

in that case, the only answer possible is a good slap on the ass.

And yet, Hiroshima and Nagasaki are beautiful now and women there have a 99.9999% less chance of being raped by a sandnigger.

t. cocklet

>95% of "Japanese" food in the USA is prepared and served by Chinese and Koreans who are just exploiting the cachet.
>I can count the times I've had authentic Japanese in America on one hand. Odds are you have never had any.

^^Fucking THIS^^ I had a great Nippon place around the corner from me that had the best Taisho around. They sold the place to chinks and used the money to open a fancier place near the hotels downtown. Now the chink place near me is mediocre at best and the Jap place downtown is always packed with suits & tourists at 3 time the price...

>miss my taisho's eel and tobiko bowl...
>gotta go deal with downtown Philly trash to get my Nip food now

>world class suicide forest

And still I can't wait to get out of here.

>Caring what they think.

Shiggy diggy, bong.

i respect japanese woman

I masturbae to he rising sun all the time.

By what year do you think the mudshits will have destroyed all of your art as an affront to Allah?

I respect japanese women them with a good slap.
*slap* *slap* *slap*

Why tell Australia that and not the source of the rapists and murderers: Korea and Southeast Asia?

Just keep on being kawaii lil lady boys.

Fuck off Nigel-chan

>So even Slavs can understand
Hence why we used two.

Japan will be fine while Europe will be a caliphate, cuckshed Hans.

Gently glowing in a yellow fluorescent ocean of radiation nipland is full of subhuman boggle eyed web footed bug men and women with mumified bound feet that all look like widow twanky after a paintball fight.
Plus you're all so radioactive your marginally longer life span (brought on by being obedient robots that never have to think) has been Fuckashimed up and is on a nose dive (Wew... japs have a history of nose diving don't you? You suffer with divine wind, Mexicans do too, from their bean based diet)
It's not Like japs needed any mutating to make them look freaky weird.
Sadistic pod people. Aliens from a very short planet. I could continue.
>>>I'm only being Devils cunty advocate
did I make you angry? I'll bet you want to execute me with extreme cruelty don't you. Well hard luck you're too short. Five of you could dangle on each of my arms and you still wouldn't slow me down you little shits.
>>>>sorry did it again
I just can't help it when I see those OPs.
I'm just fucking around don't take me seriously. Japs are cuddly like those ugly little dogs with the bulging eyes.
Jus' polin' n' trollin before i pass out from exhaustion.
Vidya gaming too hard. Hey that's another thing I just remembered you owe me reperations on all the 360 joypads you made me ruin the buttons on with Dynasty warriors back in the day.
>do you hate me yet? I'll bet you do.
The worst thing is I'm so entitled I'm going to bed now (half three in the afternoon) and shall NOT be reading replies to my blog of annoying japocrap.
PS: Anime is terrible shite.
(Japanese warfare technique: pic related)

I care what I think. Paying for sex is unbecoming of a man.

What flag is that FFS. Don't you try to come here too, we're shut.
Shit flag bastards. Can't say anything much about shit flags because who the fuck are they?

Leave Malta alone m8. They're one of only a couple of countries who regularly give us points in Eurovision