NRA spokesperson of the year

Anyone else reupped their NRA membership because of her

>joining the NRA



basically after the shooting, some girl shaved her head, got up on stage (((all on her own volition))) and said "ban guns"

>joining the NRA

reminds me of the comic where the 4 year old is freaking out and breaking a gun over his knee, like a spoiled brat.

Also, fuck that noise I'm joining GOA.


I want to rub her head as she suck my cock. Look at those lips.

le 56%

Fuck no. I dropped NRA about 5 years ago. Fuck those m,oney grubbing cunts. They don't do shit, except for sending out mailers and phonecalls begging for more money!

Dont be so hard on them user. They support firearms safety programs and most gun bans.

Still think s/he's gang related, desu.

Emma Gonzalez, soon to be the next wannabe Carolyn McCarthy.

>the NRA are a terrorist organization

is this the new slogan from the left? You could label any organization or group as a terrorist

I probably am going to renew because of this shit.

But how the fuck can I get them to stop calling me begging for money? The last time they called (last week) it was an actual nigger on the phone. wtf I know he's not even a NRA member.

>The shooter was a terrorist
He didn't do it for any political goals which is the definition of terrorism
>That Muslim who blew up the subway was just a misunderstood immigrant

My face when.

those lips were made for one thing

Oh yeah? What?

You can thank John Oliver for running a smear campaign on the NRA

Their new thing is that the NRA is a Russian terrorist organization.


No seriously, everything is Russian propaganda. Nothing is real, everything is russia your politicians are all russia, conservatibe uni profs are all russia, except us, you can trust us, this is CNN, the most trusted name in news.

I don't know why Russia would even bother with anything but shitposting in the US by this point. Nobody is allowed to act like we weren't all a bunch of fucking stupid STUPID MORONS!!!!! for voting in an impotent racist cheeto man, the media has the narrative on lockdown. Why would they even bother? The left has already won. They've corrected the mistakes they made since 2016 and are taking back congress. Just give up white people, you're going extinct and the world will be glorious without you.

That’s a whole bunch of bitter rage and futile salt you got there, user. You doing ok? Cheer up, Trump gets at least one more pick for SCOTUS, maybe as many as 3 more.

Are you seriously so fucking dumb you can't notice blatant facetiousness when you read it?

>no permit is needed to conceal carry rifles or shotguns
It takes literally one google search
>when I hear my right to own a gun is more than your right to live
they are both rights in equal
>the old Aussies haven't had a massacre argument
let's compare populations and the crime rate that hasn't magically diminished, or how kids have killed just as many people by going down the halls and randomly stabbing people
>japan has never had a mass shooting
because they are too busy killing themselves
>the uk and canada have gun control
it's almost like they don't have it as a guaranteed right and are losing more and more rights as we speak
>we are going to be the last mass shooting
I hope so, especially If schools get serious about security
>it was no surprise to anyone that knew him that he was the shooter
then talk to the guy, don't leave him sitting alone at a table and joke about how he looks like a school shooter, give people like that something to live for, I grew up in a small town where no one sat alone or had the psychotic shit bullies do nowadays and I can guarantee a shooting would never had happened there, and that points out that it's an enforcement problem not a gun problem
>encouraged him to buy accessories to make the gun fully automatic
now she is straight up lieing, I mean Jesus Christ It doesn't get more obvious than this
>i'd ask Donald Trump how much money he got from the NRA
he didn't get any direct support
>if you don't do anything the gun death victims will go up
they have been dropping steadily for years
This shit is ridiculous and the most obvious gungrabbing bullshit i've seen so far. We've gotta dig in mates, I feel like this is gonna be a bumpy ride.

>you're going extinct and the world will be glorious without you.
You're right, because with-out whites you know who you get? That's right! The Chinese and Russians. You know the whites with-out white guilt who are fine with working people to death and murdering anyone who opposes. The people who will actually put you up against a wall and hose you and your friends down for even thinking of supporting "alternative lifestyles". Yup, it will be sooooo much better without whites.

all done for attention.
social media is a fucking cancer on this planet.

I am stuck in debt for 7 months, I'll have money to stock up on some mags and lowers around this time next year, is that soon enough to avoid a huge price hike or ban?

All jokes aside, this speech disgusted me for more than just the fact that it's anti-gun. These are minors that went through a traumatic event only four days ago and they're being used as pawns for a political agenda when they should be taking time to recover. At that age, they've barely had the chance to form any real political identity of their own separate from their parents and they're reacting emotionally without any thought to reason (which I don't blame them for necessarily.)

It's like those people who take their kids to gay pride parades and have them wear shirts and hold signs... Even though I don't care if gays want to be gay or not, it pisses me off that they use kids to promote their fucking agendas.

Another interesting thing to note is that a number of Columbine survivors have spoken out about the Florida shooting. From what I've seen, they've either supported concealed carry in schools, or have been pointing the blame on mental health and social environments in schools. But of course an emotional child's fee-fees matter more than rational, mature thought when it comes to writing legislation.

This 100%. I didn't know about this little drone until I saw this thread, but that's the first thing I thought.
She's obviously being coached by shitlibs. And of course this conveniently get's her attention, money and signal status.

Who wants to bet she's a plant - doesn't even go to the school?

Reminder that the NRA's strength is in its membership.
Anyone advocating not joining is an anti shill.