If YOU were the Jew

If you had millions of dollars to reverse ideological subversion and cure the liberal disease, how would you do it?

What would you invest in the most to redpill normies?

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>invest millions in monero
>play the waiting game

I’m not talking about your stupid fucking fake currency here

fine, invest in taking down the banking mafia and moving to a global currency that isn't based on debt and cant be manipulated some other way then you stupid fucking leaf

I'd go back to investing my time into information warfare on Cred Forums

I thought of this Long ago,and I came to a few realizations. Siege is a book by the american fascist James Mason. It can be summed up as follows: people won't act until their basic neccesities are threatened enough, thus we should accelerate the collapse to avoid longevity-inflicted damage that Will last (such as miscegenation).
The answer to your question is because of this obvious: I would do exactly What George Soros is doing.
Soros is doing everything in his might to accelerate western collapse, and he appears to be succeeding. During WW2 he worked with the germans as a jewish collaborator, and he was responsible for giving up many Jewish families to the germans. Only a few years ago he claimed that was "The best years of my life" in 60 minutes.

I think George Soros might actually be /ourguy/, but he is doing everything in his might to become the ultimate villain, so that the extreme right can gather and rally against him.

If I am right, when the fourth Reich finally comes, he would likely have made the ultimate sacrifice to correct the error that was the conclusion of WW2.

My theory is made stronger by the fact that he hates Israel and is banned from it.

Tl;dr : Soros is siegepilled and a Natsoc.

Pic unrelated.

Buy the redpilling and radicalization machine known as pol, hire a competent staff to beat the paid shill diversion and disinformation tactics.

I would say that's the number 1 priority

A staff would not be competent. It's remarkably easy to engage a beast like Cred Forums (get out newfag cancer btw) with one hand clapping alone in the dark and the other on your mouse or penis as needed.

for a second i thought it was plausible that he is intentionally trying to create a rise of right wing as well

then i remembered that he has a long history of doing this shit and making profits from economic collapses, the last one being in the 1990s. i dont think hes on our side. if he didnt start this shit we wouldnt have any problems anyways

Even if Sorse turns out to the good guy, I will never forgive him, he murdered my family in cold blood, then look at me and laugh "Remember this day kid, one day you'll get strong enough to challenge me, that is if you survive! HA HA HA"

Holy fuck those quads. Could it be true? Is he really playing 4D chess?

It's not a matter of throwing money at something. Only jew would think that money fix problems.
What has to be done is complete replacement of current education and hard enforcement of tradition, duty and responsibility from young age. liberalism did not appear over night. It was nurtured for decades.

I would Finance operations that would troll liberals mostly for fun

Yes we would. National Socialism is the needed political system to achieve total aryan Victory, a strong empire-building nation, and an infinite technological revolution. Fascism is scientific law applied to the human society, and Soros could have known this all the time since the war, and always wanted to go back. Why not abuse a system you already want to destroy and replace with a Techno-fascist utopia?

theres a lot of crazy extreme radical leftist shit going on that normies don't like, but all of these things cause permanent damage. how are you going to get rid of the muslim refugees from europe? you cant, they're permanent. unless something extreme happens like nazi 2.0. europe will never be the same in the future. there is no recovery.

Zyklon B

>place bet on crisis
>artificially provoke said crisis
>collect profit from bet
>rinse and repeat globally

Which part of this involves having any principles or ideals, let alone reactionary ones?
I totally disagree with you.

Literally the only thing you would have to do is to allow hate speech to no longer be grounds for termonation or censorship. The only thing I would then invest in would be ammo.

Im saying nazi europe 2.0 is exactly What Soros is aiming for. Why settle for a peaceful ZOG when you could have the aryan warrior-culture of a fourth Reich? Amiright?

Stfu you defeatist faggot, go get your neghole pozzed, we're having a constructive discussion here.

Of course money solves things.
TIME is exactly what we DON'T have. MONEY is what we CAN have.

So focusing on the problems that can be solved with money is actually a good policy in this situation.

>How to make money from a broken system you want to overthrow

He doesn't care about the civilization of today. If I am right he is willfully being as destructive as he can in order to gain more resources to be even more destructive.

Radical leftists don't cause lasting damage once their awake, killed, jailed, or the immigrants and values they brought are destroyed.

I dont think we can have money or time. Time we have been robbed of, money is the domain of the jew as it has always been.
What we have when the collapse of the West comes, is rage. Everlasting unrepenting rage as the walls of the ZOG comes tumbling down.

Our side should ALSO bet on the coming crises, and position ourselves to be the most beneficial to surrounding society once the crises arrive. The reactionary parties should be the "crisis parties" and be RIGHT THERE, offering food, protection, shelter and a vision of rhe future to the bewildered and impoverished populus.
Also, since we are aware of systemic problems, we can position ourselves to financially profit from the coming collapses, I'm talking about financing for our political movements, propaganda and paramilitaries.

with the US and europe being nearly white-minority and low iq shitskin majorities, getting the correct votes from the general population is more complicated.

blacks, women, muslims, are all very reactive to victimization. the most effective way to change their minds would be to convince them that the liberals are the nasty ones who will destroy them. there needs to be more

>liberals use blacks
>liberals are the racists

etc. that might be a little difficult and require some mental gymnastics that must be dumbed down for the nigs to keep up with

>reverse it
why ? its natural and un

Only 10-20% of MEN will be equipped with ideological zeal or rage. We here are more passionate than the average person, and in a crisis this won't change.

We need financing to be a force in the world, find me a single example of a successful force that had no funding.

Bullets, duh

This. I see how it works out for the Rothschilds, and all the other powerful families, but George? I dunno, maybe to bring it to the brink to destroy the decadence

I dont think we should do that desu. It will make it more difficult to point the finger to the (((culprit))) when something really bad happens.

ON the other side it might be viewed as foresightedness.

>If you had millions of dollars to reverse ideological subversion and cure the liberal disease, how would you do it?

pic related

Moron, minorities and women will literally respectively STARVE and be RAPED before cooperating with the white man politically, see Rhodesia and SA, see modern women.

If we remain within the framework of Liberal Democracy, we will lose EVERYTHING, because even women alone vote in greater numbers than men, and as a bloc against the interests of men. Add minirities to this, whi OVERWHELMINGLY vote leftist and exclusively as a bloc for their own ethnic interests, and there is no future for us within the system.

Well at least now we know in what is he investing his money now, we are the new political correctness people, it's official.

All hail George Soros and his shekels.

French revolution, German Natsoc revolution. Europeans can do these things by heart.
Europe isnt anywhere near White minority yet lol. Maybe in 50 years, but something will happen within a few years.
20% is more than enough to be the deadliest and most powerful force in the world desu.

So you're saying Soros is the good guy willing to sacrifice himself, doesn't seem impossible, if this is the case then shareblue and antifa are actually our allies in the sense that they will go along with Soros when things go down.

I'm not saying we should PROVOKE crises, but BETTING on then is merely aligning our financial needs to our understanding of the likeliest future.
Do you want to take power and remove nonwhites and poz, or do you just want to get your dozen naive buddies and make a raging "last stand" that no one will even notice?

T. Jew

Teach people a love of home.
Teach them a sense of belonging.
Teach them a sense of identity rooted in ancestry.
Teach them about the heroic.
Teach them that there is no equality in nature.
Teach them that we are a part of nature too.
Teach them that there is nothing so precious as their own folk.

>reverse ideological subversion
>cure the liberal disease
The most gullible fuckwitz on the planet are being fooled by Kremlin propaganda to surrender their rights and freedoms

Why are Jews so primitive and short-sighted?

This is pizza gate related.

Thought Bushmen and Aborigines were the same shit.

You dumb fuck, Hitler had the prestigious and influential Erich Ludendorff with him already at the beer hall putsch. By the time he took power, THE MAJORITY of German captains of industry, and many foreign ones, were financing and supporting him.

The French Revolution was amply financed and supported by foreign enemies of Louis 16's reign.

NO SUCH THINGS HAPPEN WITHOUT SUPPORT FROM ABOVE, and if tou calculate how much toy need in terms of propaganda, communications, gear, logistics, accommodation for your fighters etc. etc. you'll understand why.

Let me ask you again: do you want to LARP, or do you want to WIN?

Did you not read the thread? We're all Soros supporters now, the BASED Jew is going to bring back Nazis and genocide.

We'te talking about the short-mid term itt, about financing and tactics. The long-term profound ideological and spiritual transformation that you're referring to is also necessary, but it's a separate topic.

It's not a separate topic at all. Stop using typical Jewish diversion tactics. The spiritual dimension is what has been at the center of it all along.

Why people don't listen to me when I tell them that we are the new mainstream political trend?

We don't disrupt the system, we don't make public acts, we just hide hate and help the transnationals.


>If you had millions of dollars to reverse ideological subversion and cure the liberal disease, how would you do it?

>What would you invest in the most to redpill normies?
Goodluck with your spirituality, dumb fucking nigger. All it comes down to is claiming victimhood, it makes me actually loathe you. What I am to you, is what you are to a nigger, straight up. Read my posts nigger, there's actual shit that can be done, but fucking FAGGOTS like you are only capable of crying about "DA JOOOOOOOS".

I'm sorry I can't hear you over all your wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I BET you're a punkass bitch just based on your post.
How about we do an IQ test RIGHT NOW, superior spiritual Aryan? Or how about you post your bitchass physique?

What do you see happening if we do this, in 2 years, 5 years, 10?

I was tested at 150.

>If you were a Jew how would you reverse it
Why would I do that? This malaise is perfect, cheap labour, government impotence and beholden to my interests. The impotent masses wallowing in base degeneracy and idiocy. If anything I'd consolidate everything to make sure the system can continue stuck in its deadlock indefinitely.

Aight cocksucker, which test are we doing right now?

You've also chosen physique. Perhaps you'd like to post a fake one claiming to be your own body?

I'm sure the Spaniards said the same thing when 80 percent of their country was conquered by Muslims.

Look at you pussy out. Still got your SPIRITUALITY I guess.

Really gets the noggin' joggin'.

10/10 post
I think he means, "if you were the Soros of the Right" though.

Why does it have a watermark? Nice nipples btw

Cause of the app that I blurred my face with.
You're like a snarky leftist student, president of the LGBTQPLDBTS2++ club, fucking FAGGOT, go back to whining about how the Jews are fucking your ass whilst doing NOTHING about it, little bitch.

You have a small chest

There is absolutely nothing wrong with communist subversion.


Get rid of your Jewish phone as well as the mentality that you need to post pictures of yourself on the internet for self-validation. That's very Jewish behavior, as they are conditioned from a young age to have no self-worth.

>substitute perceived encroachment with your own echo chamber
And you expect everyone else to take you seriously.

How does Krautchan comoare to this place? I've heard good things about it, is it quite different?

>Soros of the Right

Two ways
1) promote Faith and modernise the administration of the Faithful
2) research buy steal your way to a scientific utopia

Its simple culture and values are the counter arguments for the void that is Leftist Liberalism. What you are seeing is the dismantling and destruction of established institutions and values, therefore the obvious answer is to fund and reinforce existing institutions and to make them robust in responding to ideological challenges that arise. That doesn't mean you compromise on the values. It means the institutions need to get their shit together and deny the Left oxygen in their complaints.

As for the scientific utopia that's a fantasy but it appeals to humanity's base greed. Who cares about who is right or wrong if everyone will have automated cars and cheap energy for their iGoys? By using science you overwhelm the Liberals with materialistic hedonism and information overload to actually care about anything of concern, thereby allowing you to slowly implement the changes needed.

Fuck off shill, I see thr cultural echoes of pol spreading far and wide, every other 16 year old is steeped in chan culture now, listen to how they speak among themselves. It may literally be the largest engine of cultural transformation for the moment.

Bitchass shill, with meme flag. Why don't you paid shills use nation flags, it would be less obvious.

"Post physique" is a great system to weed out pathetic inferior faggots who can only pop off at the mouth.

You lack a /fit/ mentality. I haven't been there in several years, tho, so I wouldn't be surprised if the faggots and the jews finally took over.

What was really funny to me was when redwood turned out to be a triggered-out retard mod rather than a cool black dude who could do backflips.

I agree that the civilizational loss of self-confidence stems originally from a loss of faith (I blame the Reformation).
But how is faith to be restored now? We are virtually at full atheism, the Pope is pushing the worst anti-white poz imaginable, and protestant churches are one of the pillars enabling the rapid invasion of Europe by the refuse of the third world.
I would propose a culture and system of values mainly based on masculinity and militarism, since this stirs the population to life at a primal level. We have something to learn from the Chechens, whose entire existence and society revolves around such values, as well as large ans strong clan networks.

I don't even know what a /fit/ mentality is, except for posting stupid threads about minor, adolescent insecurities over and over, being 20 years old and not actually lifting much. I stopped even checking fit after I realized whom I was talking to most of the time.

Yeah, it's sad. Nobody wants to put in the smallest effort no matter how much you try to help.

But this is the point: it is a spiritual deformaty that we are dealing with. If a person aspires to do better and rejects help then that person is bound down by demons or however else you want to conceive of it. And this is exactly what Jews, with minor exemption, commit their belief system toward.

You're a dumb little cunt. If you pressed a button that instantly evaporated every single Jew in existence, you would still be facing the same exact problems.

As it is, you're trying to teach a Jew about Jews, after said Jew put you down and called you a total little bitch for being impotently obsessed with da joooooooooz. You can say whatever you want faggot, I'm not wasting any more time on you.



National service.

You'd need tens of billions. Rothschild's hide how much they have but it's likely upwards of a trillion split between them.

Canadian beaver people first to clean up the internet

Then you fail at logic. You posted your body but not your IQ. Gassing the kikes is not about getting ahead; getting ahead is the Jewish mindset.

It's about casting off a plague that has no use. It's about, as you say, wasting no more time or money.

I'd love this to be true, but it ain't.
If it were true, he would stir up the reactionary wave, then switch off his own, extremely destructive and powerful, networks and ngos. As it stands, they're doing their work against Europe and the white race at a record intensity.

I also think he's far from being the only one engaged in such activity on a global scale, he just happens to be more visible cause he's vain.

You could have billions and it wouldnt matter. The kikes own the media and will simply not run your ad. Look at the veterans trying to run the super bowl ad this year for please stand - they refused to run it. Goes against the narrative to be patriotic and calls out niggers for being niggers. No ad run. Overcharged them to try and run it. Never ran.

it's a possibility albeit a very unlikely one
i'm convinced however that most threads and shills on Cred Forums are actually made by redpilled people false flagging
those posts always get people riled up and almost every single one of them is always debunked thoroughly, with plenty of data and logical arguments

Yeah, maybe you can influence a bunch of neckbeards to revile in dank edginess or whatever bone headed strongman authoritarian prattle jerks off your mental illness. There will always be the disenfranchised and the angry to fill your ranks.

The funniest part is your stark, almost proud method of being dense. You will not save the world from the jews, the immigrants, or the degenerates when your own institution is inherently corrupt, antisocial, and short sighted. The 20th century shows this. Your policy doesn't work, and that's why you lost. If public mass executions start happening in my beautiful country of the USA, it will be you against the walls.

>muh paid shill
I'm too dumb for that.

Creating National Guards, like that new French one that Marion Le Pen joined and promoted, is a great way to lay the groundwork for future takeover. At the very least, you create an enormous recruitment pool and horizontal network between nationalists, at most you get your proto-SA and a blueprint for your new state's armed forces.
The French example is expecially good, because that organization's stated purpose is anti-terrorist patrolling, which will attract a right-wing crowd by default.

From Wiki:
" is expected that the new Guard will grow to a 72,500-member force in 2017 and grow to a 86,000-member national reserve in 2018.[12][13] The formation of the revived Guard will be assisted with a dedicated 311 million euro budget and its personnel will now come from the reserves, members from the private sector and active personnel seconded to the service."

This is MAJOR, I was very surprised at this development.

Fuck off, amateur shill.

WRONG, you run your own ads on your own platforms.
You use alternate ways of attracting attention and spreading your message.

No not takeover the aim is to get people to appreciate what they have. Using them in a takeover would destroy the credibility and reputation of such an institution.

The Liberal fantasy that the World can be a kindly place full of protective bubble wrap is bullshit and will never happen so long as human nature remains unchanged.

What is your method of determining between a shill and a person who sincerely disagrees with you, out of curiosity? Do you have one?

I would build armies and kill all Jews.

You deserve death either way for being such a faggot

The overall trend in the last centuries has been that new technology appears on the scene, exponentially more efficient, and then promptly gets put to use against people. Wars are getting more and more savage, and it's not surprising considering the instruments we're using.

I think the 21st century will be an unimaginable slaughterhouse, and if it will prove one thing, it will be the diversity plus proxomity truism.

As for the takeover, I don't necessary mean some abrupt coup. Of course the last thing you want is to become a pariah state. But then again, being one of 2-3 pariahs in the world is untenable (without a nuclear shield). But being one of 20 pariahs, all equipped in time through nuclear proliferation? Not so bad maybe.

Fuck you shill


Truth does not fear inquiry.

>Soros is doing everything in his might to accelerate western collapse, and he appears to be succeeding. During WW2 he worked with the germans as a jewish collaborator, and he was responsible for giving up many Jewish families to the germans

>George Soros
Born György Schwartz[1][2]
August 12, 1930 (age 87)
Budapest, Hungary

indeed, he must have been the most amazing 9 yerar old ever

Fuck yourself shill

Fund the scientific development of artificial wombs and gene editing technology. Women are natural leftists that are responsible for the destruction of the white race, and need to be replaced. Genetic engineering will also allow us to create a new generation of genetically enhanced Übermenschen.


He is said to have assisted them as a young teen.
I think that whole story is murky, and it's funny how both sides play if for their purposes. At the end of the day, he's likely the author of much of his own "biography".

Actually norwegian, but works in shipping, so currently in sweden.

Well this is DEFINITELY happening, and very soon.
The cunts are already wailing to high heaven about this imminent threat to their supremacy, so I'm sure this technology will be stalled, restricted, sabotaged and banned. But it will STILL appear in the near future.

Fund a bunch of movies, TV shows, and websites shilling the shit out of traditional women.

He obviously isnt done. I agree there are others trying to destroy the White race, but they are doing it in less destructive, balanced ways. Soros is trying to stir up commies vs fascists in the street again, like it's 1923, while the others are trying to do a soft genocide with No actual physical confrontations. Soros is radicalizing both the left and right, while (((they))) are his enemies, as they have limited the time he has available to accomplish his goals.

Tldr: he wouldnt have pulled the plug on his guys yet because the right isnt radicalized yet. They need to be killing commies in the street and be many enough to conquer at the very least european states, if not the world hegemon, the US itself.

I would clone Gordon Ramsay and put him in charge of education reforms as well as every college would have him as their director

liberal egos would be destroyed , order restored in a couple years

I mean shit, it's possible. That's definitely the effect his actions are having, and I've read his books, he's nothing but an emotionless calculating machine, not the kind of mind that woild harbor any idealistic delusions whatsoever.

I still maintain that he's in no way ourguy, but his aim MIGHT be to profit off a situation that will ultimately flip in our favor.

Who wouldn't support a fascist kitchen state lead by the food-führer himself?

I have given this idea a lot of thought. I got the idea more than a year ago, and everything he has done since has blended in nicely with what would be expected if he had the revival of the natsoc worldview as his ultimate goal.

George Soros is /ourguy/.

>donates 400K for anti-brexit campaign.
>pisses off brexiteers (most of em are right-leaning)
>if there is another vote it will probably fail as well

Soros literally just pointed out who were Jews and where their belongings were to the Nazi Officer who had taken Soros in as his own. Not very complicated.

Soros is a piece of shit and is not our guy. He’s destroyed people’s lives and undermines countries. He’s continuing on with corrupting our youth by exploiting their emotions and naivety, funneling his money through NGOs for fake, manufactured “activism.”


Invest in the Solutrean theory.
Then Indians and Jews can take their Zionist beliefs and STFU.