Seriously, how long do we have?

With Gates going into full-on, save-me-from-getting-butt-nutted-in-the-for-profit-prison-system snitch mode, the likelihood of flipping Manafort is almost a foregone conclusion.

How long can we expect this presidency to last?

My money is on impeachment proceedings beginning within one year from now

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these scared little cowards are like roaches scurrying through a trailer trash camper when the light goes on.

I'll bump ya tho friendo

>The move is a turnaround for Gates, who along with Manafort had pleaded not guilty in October to a host of charges including money laundering.

...Wasn't this investigation supposed to be about Russia or something

ill paint it in crayon for you, dipshit.

if i'm being investigated for domestic assault, and along the way, it is found i also did a bank robbery, do i get away with the robbery because it wasn't what i was being investigated for?

you fucking non-thinkers are what is wrong with this country

Actually the answer is unironically yes according to murican legislation. Formally, what was found can be used to request an investigation but cannot be used as evidence outright.

That's the best they got, money laundering and tax evasion. Such a BIIIIG Russian plot to avoid paying money to the IRS. It's funny to watch.

Gates, along with Manafort and Flynn charges have absolutely nothing to do with Trump's presidential campaign.

>talk about an inability to think!

keep telling yourself that sweetie!

>Multinational businessmen connected to the Trump Campaign commit bank fraud and money laundering in dealings not connected to Trump or his campaign

>This is somehow evidence that Trump's Campaign colluded with Russia

Mueller is giving criminals (or people who don't have enough money and power to fight political persecutions) get out of jail free cards, just to shake the trees and hope some one comes forward to lie about Trump in exchange for one of the aforementioned cards.

Multinational businessmen are shady - news at 11.


show your flag, nigger

have the balls to stand by your bullshit

keep pretending gates papadapoulis manafort and flynn won't drop any dime they can on DuhNahld to save their own asses

Not an arguement, champ.

You CANNOT refute that fact, that Gates, Manafort and Flynn guilty pleas are NOT attatched to Trump or his presidential campaign.

>buh bye now

oh, so you support treason when it suits your agenda.

why am i not surprised.

ill be laughing when they all get RICO'd for laudering rubles and shekels

>too dumb to google
>wants to ad hom instead of actually addressing the contents of the post
Hi redd!t. Cred Forums really is dead.


>valid opinion

pick one

I'm not pretending anything. There's no dime to drop, the whole thing is a fabrication stemming from the Russian Authored Steele dossier paid for by Hillary and the DNC. He is essentially trying to nail these guys like they did with Al Capone on tax evasion, in hopes that he can find somebody has enough dirt on them they would be willing to perjure themselves and risk the death penalty for treason to get out of it.

libtards cant even meme right lmfao

you need a safe space, captain microcock?

Get pulled over for broken taillight. Cop smells weed and see empty beer cans

>well here's a warning for that taillight, get it fixed

Why dont they charge Flynn for sedition for when he blew the whistle on Obama funding Isis?

This did not require a targetted warrant to initiate, thus it does not apply.

looks to me like the investigation is yielding fruit, pally ole pal. three GUILTY.

like pled to save their own asses GUILTY

somersault that shit through your teensy little mental faculties however you wish

silly newfag doesn't into proxies m80


>Seriously, how long do we have?
7 more years.

Did they plea guilty to collusion charges?

How are you going to react when Trump is reelected in 2020?

When in seven years that faggot Mueller has still failed to prove the russia story, will you admit you were wrong and kill yourself at last?

an investigation doesn't require a warrant

and you wonder why conservacunts are mocked 24/7

from about 600 yards with a .308

>i have no idea what the fuck im talking about, the post

Sage and report off topic and troll threads.

oh the free speech police are here

rethuglikkkons think the constitution only applies to themselves

>one year from now

seriously though, they're being indicted for unrelated shit
they're corrupt, but it doesn't incriminate Trump
it's pathetic how delusional you are

for who do you think they laundered money you retard

unfortunately, surrendering isn't a viable option, so im afraid your vast expertise in the field is inapplicable

6+ years baby

Yea we assumed that from the rest of your ramblings ITT.

I see you're a professional lawyer who knows everything he's talking about.

so what you're saying, is that while investigating this non-existent hoax bank robbery, they found evidence of domestic assault and are charging him for it?

>look guise, i'm really postan!

lurk moar until you figure out how things work here

i see you are a professional pirate... of boy's asses

Herp Albert Derp III esq

spoiler nothing happens

Just imagine you're a businessman with some shady books connected to a presidential campaign. Imagine said campaign is undergoing a politically driven investigation, and these people are not going to go away and will keep you tied up in court indefinitely if need be.

They did shit on their own and plead out.

The thing is what they did has nothing to with Trump, and separate from that, the idea that Trump is a Russian agent is patently absurd to anyone with critical thinking ability.

These pleas and such will not turn over Trump or his campaign - they are just there to create fear and keep the investigation going.

>You don't want mueller on you because your books are shady
>best rig a plea deal just to get him of your back
>you have nothing to give him, but he doesn't care because your plea deal will keep the investigation going/makes it look like he's doing his job/looks better than just nailing you with an unrelated money laundering conviction and letting you rot a club fed for a couple years/admit that you -and- he have nothing RE: Trump

Come re election time, we should see these deals unsealed, and there will be absolute chaos.

nice socialist tier humor

That's not a great analogy, and you fail to understand key concepts.

1. Almost always there is a crime or evidence of a crime, and you then FOLLOW the evidence.

2. With the "Russia investigation" they declared that an investigation was needed despite no evidence of a crime.

3. Now here is where it gets all fucky: instead of investigating a crime, Mueller is trying to go through people's lives hoping to FIND a crime.

How many people have NEVER committed a crime? But the way our justice system is SUPPOSED to work us that you wait for a crime and then investigate THAT crime.

Just imagine for a second if...say...Hillary Clinton had her whole life turned upside down to find crimes. SHE WOULD HAVE TO BE LOCKED UP TIL DEATH.

So now we have a justice system where the worst criminals don't have their crimes investigated, but the surprise outsider who became president has to be investigated all the way back to his 20s.

The whole thing is bullshit and is showing that America actually has one of the worst justice systems in the world

Lol tfw trump can mueller at anytime

you've said it all

Let's all just admit that it has been an exploratory investigation for political purposes. They were looking for any charges to justify the millions spent to hurt Trump. And surprise, Washington elites all seem to have some financial crimes to hide in their closet.


write a post, not a fucking novel

you responded to it, so thanks


So everyone ITT can pretty much agree this guy is a moron, right?

but yet, here you are, wasting your time on a moron

not too smart are ya, shitbird?

I'm writing for the lurkers. Not you, newfriend.

to meny big werds

two things
1) it's still stupid for people to blabber on and on about "russian collusion" and "russian hackers"
2) if misconduct occurred leading up to and during the first investigation, then yes all orher charges are "fruit of the poisonous tree" and are therefore invalid. even if other crimes occurred, the interest of justice weighs heavier in deterring investigators and prosecutors from misconduct

for great justice and all.

get the fuck off my board and go back to being trudeau's bottom boi, or ride a moose or pretend you aren't french, or whatever queen-worshipping eskimo bullshit you people do up there in who-gives-a-fuck-what-you-think land

>too much mental gymnastics to refute reality

ftfy turdblossom


I sometimes wonder if these are actually made by the left or someone larping as a leftist

hay giys luk im trowing
onlee purten to stoopid

What you are talking about is a crime whose evidence is readily visible.

If the cop SEES the cans, and smells the weed, he can take action. What he CANNOT do is search the car HOPING he finds something (without a warrant or driver's consent to search).

The "Russia investigation" is more like: Hi Mr. Trump, the democrats are blaming Russia so we have to investigate. Oh and we will look back at your whole life BEFORE finding any evidence that you did anything wrong with Russia. We will assume you are guilty so we can investigate your whole life for things that have nothing to do with Russia.

Do you not see how absolutely fucking fucked that is?

Or maybe try to imagine it if it was YOU!

Investigator: Hello user, someone accused you of colluding with Russians. We have no evidence that a crime was even committed, but we will now go over all your taxes (and fuck you if you underpaid by $1) and view every single text message, email, you've ever sent. We will interview all your friends, enemies, and exes. Any accusations they make will be treated as fact and it will be up to you to prove it's not true. We will also broadcast to the world 24/7 that you are guilty without any evidence.

You are how fucked that is? Oh wait, you're a liberal faggot who doesn't understand shit like this. You liberals also RELIGIOUSLY subscribe to the belief that the end justifies the means.

It doesn't matter if crimes have to be committed to get Trump out. It doesn't matter if the whole world is lied to or if our justice system is destroyed in the process. It doesn't matter if Trump is 100% innocent, he needs to be removed from office any way possible. That's the left for you

i didn't mention collusion or hackers, you are delusional.

i guess all we can do is wait for it to play out. m money is on DuhNahld quitting like the big fat pussy he is, being convicted down the road, being pardoned by "i unironically call my wife mother" Pence, resulting in being the last repukelikkkan presidency for 50 years

>In crayon
Did your parents have any children that survived?

Forever. Trump will fire mueller the jewish jewler

>no sense of humor detected

Trump won't stand next election, that will be deal with Republicans. This whole Russia thing is utter bullshit but it's dragging and dragging...

Rand Paul 2020

yeah, no he won't. that would be a tacit admission of guilt

investigation produces three guilty pleas.

>is utter bullshit

it's almost like tighty-righties have no real interest in justice

becky, what are you doing outside the kitchen? you still have dishes to wash. don't make me tell you again.

>I'm too dumb to read more than 1 sentence
Burn in hell, faggot

you first nigger

No convictions saying that Trump is a Russian shill.

Russians made some Twitter and Facebook accounts, big fucking deal.
3 men with lots of money have at some point in there career done somthing illegal... shock horror.
It's a bullshit waste of time, like the Russians have enough power to place there own candidate into the US election and force him to win.
That's whatvtheybare investigating and that's what is bullshit

you're really bad at bantz, but don't worry, it can be our secret

Manafort? that guy whowas booted from the campaign as soon as trump even got a whiff of anything rotten about him? so what?

Dear FBI,
This person just committed a crime.
Turn this person's life inside out.
Thank you.

why do you hate justice

do you not want criminals prosecuted and punished?

i know i do, i believe in Jesus Christ, and he says i should shun wickedness and cast out evildoers

I want all criminals prosecuted.
Did you know that it's a federal crime to threaten the life of a president?

Dear FBI,
Please push this person's shit in.
Thank you.

dear Cred Forums
this person is an insufferable pussy
turn his colon inside out

why do you hate freedom and free speech? you're one of those faggots that calls the cops on people who own your ass on call of duty, huh?

faggy cowardly little soibois like you need to be eradicated from the gene pool

cry more pussy

I just CBA turning in the TV or going online and all you see is Meh Trump Meh Russia.
He has shit all to do with Putin and co.. it's all embarrasing

>pic related
Literally where these high tech election invaders live

I hate criminals.
and I've reported you to the FBI.

>implying you can "flip" someone against the president who can instantly pardon you for anything
Man are you dumb

Posting in a thread where user is doing a PHENOMINAL job at gathering (You)s, good job champ you earned every last one of them!

>33 posts by this ID
somebody's really desperate to push that Russian collusion, huh? shame all they've got is financial crimes that have nothing to do with Russia

no one cares about this fake news

>it was Her Turn!!!

lol good luck with that—proving RICO is like trying to get a toddler to build the Sistine Chapel, by hand, without tools

i don't care if the cops came to see if Drumpf paid his gas bill on time, if there was a crime, ANY CRIME, the piece of shit should be removed from office.

i don't care about him or his little fee fees, i care about our freedom, our liberty, our republic, and the rule of law

cool, ill get a pot of coffee brewing

If cops searched hard enough on literally anyone they would find a fucking crime they have committed you absolute fag
In your world everyone is in jail..

Enjoy faggot.

what is a shame is your constant excuse making and blame shifting

the same can be said of you and your ilk, pushing so hard to absolve the cheeto in chief of anything and everything.

here in america, we call that aiding and abetting

Thanks for the laugh, OP
I love seeing your type on here

Hi Trump legal team!

thanks, may i have another?

you were the kid who told the teacher who talked while she was out the room, huh?


>i care about our freedom, our liberty, our republic, and the rule of law
Which is why you are supporting a soft coup by unelected officials to overthrown the rule of law and republic, that'll lead to a major crackdown on our liberty. Nice leftist logic!

ive been here since 07 nigger, before you were an itch in your daddy's one incher

They’re just punishing everyone who had the gall to get this man elected

try again, o ye king hillbilly of the notooth clan

>soft coup
any coup against a manchurian candidate is a patriot's duty

Nice flag faggot

LOL whats that smell in here? looks like trumptards shitting their pants!


>my first newfag shitpost, the post

>Gates will plead guilty to fraud charges and has agreed to testify against President Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian meddling probe.

The move is a turnaround for Gates, who along with Manafort had pleaded not guilty in October to a host of charges including money laundering.

No collusion, faggot.

Being this retarded

Nothing wrong with how he used the word actually. If you disagree, show some proof that it is wrong.

Creative suicide, have some fun before you go.

Weird how you are the one who gives me the uncanny valley shill sensation.

Shareblue is so desperate these days, just because some moron other than Trump is guilty of colluding with Clinton does mean Trump is a Russian pawn. Go to hell faggot.

Drop a dime on Trump?

Why on earth would you flip on the one guy in the whole country who can literally hand anyone a get out of jail free card?

You aren't very smart, user.



At this point I just want the truth, and I want heads to roll, doesn't matter who is actually at fault. IM JUST SICK OF THIS

you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground if you think a warrant is required to begin an investigation.

shut up and let the grown folk talk


>no guilty pleas having anything even remotely close to do with anything regarding Russia and trump working together to win an election

>unironically not understanding righteous sacrifice
being a real patriot doesn't pay, unfortunately

Oh look the shill got special permission to say nigger! Must be a desperate day at the shill offices. Kill yourself.

Now the shill pretends to be Xian.

what an obvious shill thread

and over 100 replies

get it together, Cred Forums

yeah, keep on telling yourself that sweet cheeks

its just a coincidence he is openly defying the will of our democracy by not enforcing russian sanctions.

for a guy who is innocent, he sure puts a lot of work into appearing guilty as all fuck

You don’t care a good goddamn about our republic, that’s why you are working for Marxist commies you retarded faggot

Is it awfully hot? Pour it on your face

Breaking News!
Donald Trump's cleaning lady just plead guilty to jaywalking! This proves Trump colluded with Russia. It's over he's getting impeached

Fuck now the muppets song is in my head. YOULL BE HONEST BRAVE AND FREE...

This af

Except for the fact they worked on the Trump presidential campaign and manafort is long time comrade of trumps?

Oh man, imagine hating Trump so much that you get this mad about someone being right

Imagine being this retarded

sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up, you futa loving, radiocative blood bearing faggot.

do you think him pardoning these criminals would stave off or inflame a civil uprising?

stick to what you're good at, like wishing you were a white westerner, and drowning everything under the sun in soy sauce

>these are not the crimes you are looking for

kill yourself

>when ur government is bad so u get mad and then suddenly an outsider comes and wants to change the things all the other people did so suddenly those people that were bad before were good and the things they did before you didnt like are suddenly good and we need to protect the things we said we hated because theyre all good now

cletus, you're not very good at this

Your stupidity is causing me to pity you.

Shh don’t tell them how retarded they are.

i actually am, you fucking bigot.

no self-respecting Christian says xtian btw, knobgobbler

stay mad, soiboi

Hol up, hol up. Why isn't Hillary in prison yet?

>This is not an argument you were attempting

Gulity pleas to what?

for about 7 more years you faggot LARP.

Manafort got busted for money laundering and fraud totally unrelated to Bormple Brampfff.
Mueller has jack shit after almost a year and millions spent of taxpayer money

It's sad honesly

Papadaooaoaoaoa was having a dick measuring contest in a bar that led to his implication, yes seriously.

Mueller did a mob style shake down to bring Flynn in after threatening to ruin FLynn's son's life, since he's such an honest respectable man that bob mueller.

This investigation is a total shit show and everyone involved knows it.

What's going to happen? this guy is going to say Manafort is a dick? WOW it's not like we've known that for more than a DECADE.

Get fucked LARPER fag

How are you a thinker? If you thought anything worth more than a cup of shit you wouldn't be supporting the Deep State and trying to shit all over Western Civilisation, which is all the Left is there for.

Actually successfully killing the prez will turn him into a martyr and do the exact opposite of what you want politically.

yes this!

off my board, boomer trash.

i'll let my foreman know that our roofing company is owned by marxists commies.

he won't be happy about it, but hey, you seem like a reliable source


don't be jealous because you can't afford it

The Americans I knew would never let a corrupt orange lead their country into the dirt. It's sad what's happened to you all.

It's simple. If dems win midterm majority trump is out. If not, nothing will happen

no, his cleaning lady, and pretty much everyone else who works at Mar-a-Fago is an illegal shitskin, so that only proves collusion with mexico

Man he probably IS FBI

Also Peter STRZORRKKKKSKOFNE even said when he was sexting his concubine that there was nothing to this fuckery of an invetigation despite how much he despises BROMPLE BRUMPFHFH

imagine being so stupid to not know how the investigative process works, oh wait, that's you

Check it out everyone.
This level of delusion is what the FBI, DOJ, and Mueller are on.
Anything justifies the means to include threatening witnesses and breaking proper procedures and protocol to ensure that some wvidedence or any kind is found to justify their predetermined conclusion.
Op, How does it make you feel to know that those who are paying you to piss off people on the internet think that you are basement dwelling virgins who never see the light of day? They hate you as much as they hate us. They laugh at you behind your back, because they know you are too literally retarded to be capable of critical thinking. They pay you to post shit here and not think. They tell you what to say and give you just enough wiggle room to eek out responses. That first meeting of the day, giving you the marching orders? That’s them thinking for you, and you are too stupid to ask why. You drank the poisoned koolaide, and nothing will influence your cognitive dissonance. They constantly reinforce it, they have to or this place may start to make you question things. Like where does the money come from that pays your salary. Some of the things they tell you to say or push make no sense.
Once you start questioning things, they will fire you. That’s why there is such a high turnover rate.
Now you created a pretty good bait thread but I won’t bump it for you. A (((you))) for which you should be thankful. Now since this is a bait thread, I’m going to put something in the options, but what exactly?

just repeat it more, maybe people will believe you cyka blyat

Ugh please don’t even say the word, America. You foul it up just by doing so.

found the tweaker

You must still have some acid in your eyes and ears. No corruption has been found so far or he would've been impeached months ago.
By the way, are you guys going to ban acid and trucks any time soon? Or are they protected under sharia la- i mean religious freedom?

your post reads with a heavy russian accent, bud

>57 posts by this IP

>three GUILTY
Oh wow. Over a year and millions of dollars and we found something fabricated process crimes. Drumpf collusion CONFIRMED! Flynn is going to walk. He was cleared back in January 2017. Something highly suspect going on there.

Dems already tried doing some impeachments. Nothing happens because they don't have the numbers

Your post come with the smell of a small room filled with dirty laundry.
Shareblue nerd virgins go away

Mueller is on a fishing expedition and his case is going to be thrown out. Special counsels are not a blank check to investigate whatever you want. Manafort did the right thing in challenging the case.

Nothing happened because there was nothing to charge him on you dumb fucking idiot

>would've been impeached months ago

are you fucking stupid? you don't think these GOP fatcats aren't in on the scam with Drumpf?

the bottom feeders are literally circling and waiting for the proper moment to hang him out to dry and blame him for every unpopular piece of shit they have been trying to achieve for decades.

if you aren't smart enough to see through this shit, you don't have any business in politics.

try basket weaving or some shit

>Special counsels are not a blank check to investigate whatever you want.

You don't even need a charge or a crime to impeach. Fucking retard

Flynn's charge is "lying" to the FBI about not remembering the date of a phone call. Expect this to get dropped. Forgetting isn't a crime.
Gates/Manafort's charges deals with tax evasion from work they did FOR THE CLINTONS.

It's amazing how libshits can't understand that 2012/2013 took place before 2016. If you steal a box of dildos when you're 14 and then forty years later you're managing a political campaign, do I get to charge you both for theft?

Your side will still have to answer for breaking federal election laws, fabricating evidence, and your Russian/Ukrainian/British collusion.

im sitting in the living room of my three bedroom, paid for house, posting on my 72 led.

try again, basement dweller

Sorry you're insane ramblings are hard to decipher. Here I'll try again slowly.
If there was something to find they would have found it half a year and a few million dollars ago

You fucking idiot
>is a lawyer appointed to investigate, and potentially prosecute, a particular case of suspected wrongdoing for which a conflict of interest exists for the usual prosecuting authority.
This has been reinforced by supreme court justices that have thrown out cases because they didn't stay within the confines of the topic of investigation.

If Mueller investigates Russian election meddling and comes back with wire fraud his case will be thrown out.

i guess we will see, won't we?

I thought there might be a discussion going on in this thread because it's >100 posts.
Nope, it's just idot OP blathering in most of them

I'm sure impeaching a president based on unproven claims and inaccurate media headlines is definitely something all of those incredibly corrupt politicians want. That'll go over great with them in the future lmao
That's sarcasm incase you don't get it. They're not impeaching without charges being proven, faggot.

>60 posts in your own shill thread

Goddamn you are pathetic.

sure sweetie, go back outside and play with your friends... oh wait, just keep playin vidya, sorry punkin


Not sure if bait or serious liberal retard.

are you literally parsing crimes? like it's not a big deal?

listen to yourself

>increasingly nervous shareblue shill
I hear starbucks is hiring


where's your thread pussy?

that's what i thought, bitch ass nigguh

>I- Im doing so well I post on Cred Forums from a 72 inch screen!
Lmao you nerd virgins crack me up. Ya that'll get me to believe you're not a failure, an average house and a big tv
Shareblue nerd virgins get out

Hahahaha liberals are sackless noguns faggots.

You’re gonna do the same thing you did last time.


i do what i want nigger

It will make you mad. But the dem base will fucking love it

Not an argument,nerd virgin

>jealous faggot detected

yeah, we live on a lake, we as in, my wife and i.

have you ever been right about anything in your life?

It won't do anything and no one will love it because its not going to happen
Impeachment NEVER EVER nerd virgin

okay hun. sleep tight

i do what i want nigger, learn to read

lets keep waiting then

don jr detected

Oh wow an average house near a lake. Now you're really pretending to be living the high life. Shareblue must pay well lmao
Tell me about your f150 and sweet mustang next

It's sad to see Don Jr's face all over Indian newspapers inviting business men to have dinner and conversation with him. Of course the implicit sell is getting the ear of the president rather than some squatty property company.

Sad that americans are refusing to see what is obvious.

Stfu shariablue nerd virgin

Retard detected

wow, the soiboi butthurt is palpable!

you will never have a house, or a wife, or kids, or a career with a retirement, or really anything other than avocado toast and transgenders!

ta-ta fatherfucker


Study harder, vatnik.


Russian bot poster detected. Trump is a Jew plant. Sheldon Adelson doesn't spend money to lose money. Mnuchin likewise plays for Wall Street bankers, not pleb white trash.

>I know nothing but you're wrong
Teenager posting detected. Go read about Whitewater then kill yourself for being stupid about investigations.

interesting your wife son soyboy bastard is calling other soyboy

7 more years bitch!!!!


Russia is an enemy country. Any American with business ties to Russia who isn't a spy is a traitor.
They'll roll over because Jews don't die for goys.

you're a real math whiz huh?

Says the guy who had a meltdown on election night like all the screamers on YouTube because he never saw his shitty candidate’s asspounding coming, and now he’s still so asshurt he posts fantasy threads on Cred Forums.

Show your flag. The Kremlin can afford proxies in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway plus others.

Russia is the true enemy. Hitler knew this. Russia has always been the enemy and the blowback will be glorious.

Advocating murder is just what a Russian disruption troll would do.

Teflon Don has no worries.
Try your hardest, demons. Not going to work out for you.

>He was so “not rattled” by the asshurt my post caused that he replied twice.

I’m gonna enjoy another day of winning.

>Except for the fact they worked on the Trump presidential campaign and manafort is long time comrade of trumps?
The activities they are being indicted over were done in cooperation with the podesta group, long before they worked for the Trump campaign.

>He has shit all to do with Putin and co..

As if you would know. Vatnik shillnigger. Hitler knew Russia is the true enemy, a nest of Jewry.

Literally all of this is predicated on the notion that Trump did something illegal for them to roll over on him for. The fundamental flaw in your thinking is that you assume Trump actually broke the law to begin with. Sure, if Trump were Hillary Clinton, then you should be worried about Manafort, Gates, etc flipping. There is zero evidence of Trump committing any crime. The BEST the hysterical leftists can come up with is money laundering and even there they have legitimately nothing other than circumstantial evidence for a crime that requires absolute rock-solid proof to convict.

Read this and read it slowly so it REALLY sinks in...

Pooniggers ape US slang badly, but you are a Russian so there's really no excuse.

>assuming i'm a hillary supporter

flail harder, simpleton

the problem with your tighty-righties is you have no ability for abstract thought... simply put, your best ideas were stolen from other people.

y'all simply can't fathom the fact that leftists aren't DuhNahld's only detractors.

i hate stuffed-shirt, corporate ass-kissing democraps just as much as i hate closeted pillowbiting republiturds.

parse that however you want, genius

get over yourself, you thin-skinned nancy-boy

Lol, swapping between "these crimes are related!" To " the crimes being unrelated doesn't matter at all!" In the blink of a fucking eye. Leave and take your room temperature IQ with you faggot.

Is that what you think, nerd virgin?
You're forgetting your notes. Leftist and anti Trumps are who you call soyboys. You're supposed to call me a Russian bot

Except in this case you haven't been officially charged or put under investigation when the cop walks up.

nothing to do with trump or russia

>another day of winning
>working the McDonald's drive thru

ftfy, fatty

The nerd virgin is becoming unstable

>you're a liberal faggot who doesn't understand shit like this
I concur with this statement. You provided a clear and honest look on how the rabid left is approaching the whole situation. By rights, imagine if the tables were flipped. We know these pinko fucks are guilty of something. Round them up into camps while we produce a half a dime bag of grass to put them away

>id: KUC

nothing more to add, really

And Im sure you think the broken tail light will appear on the dui charge.

another math genius

I don’t care. Whoever your candidate was (We still know you voted for Hillary even if you held your nose) they lost to mine, and my president is doing an awesome job, and that’s why you’re here making bait threads.

>inb4 he plays it cool again “lol I don’t care. I certainly don’t care enough to go online and try to troll trump supporters. Haha you thought I had a serious political position on anything? Jokes on you flailing storm weenie.”

I thought you faggots hated guns?

>And Im sure you think the broken tail light will appear on the dui charge.
I was pulled over one night for a headlight being out. Guess what? Me coming from the bar totally loaded was the issue. I never heard another peep about the headlight. It was all about 3x the legal limit etc. I got out of it somehow because the cop was in a good mood

russian non-english speaker detected


Interesting to see the media considers plea deals to be an indication of guilt considering how they were handed out like Halloween candy during the Clinton server investigation. I don't remember them asserting this back then.

i do what i want nigger

i cant help but notice you didn't deny being an avocado toast loving soiboi

yeah, an entire thread of me savaging Drumpfers says otherwise, hun

Even if trump does get impeached what are people going to do when we get pence? I dont like trump.but it always seems like people think impeaching himm will make hillary president or some shit. Would pence be any better?

>Everyone that exposes me as a brainlet on the internet is russian

I’m 5’10” 140 lbs lankeyfag. Some serious transference going on in here. Just because you have the “Dad bod” and stay in a cuck shed until it’s time to prep the bull for your bitch feminist partner who “felt like it was about time for a woman president” that doesn’t mean everyone else on Cred Forums does.

>cannot accurately self evaluate proficiency
Dunning, meet Kruger.

you're a cuck faggot who would sell out his countrymen so that some orange corporate albino nigger could spend a hundred million dollars in a single year golfing.

kill yourself, no one will care or miss you

>i thought
there was your first mistake, crocodile dundee

nah, more like every poster who writes like a nigger is russian

sure you are fatty, sure you are

The shareblue nerd virgin is getting hysterical

IIRC, they think Pence would resign because he "helped" Trump become president. Paul Ryan would then also resign but nominate Hillary Clinton before he resigns so she would become the president.

Most liberals hate our country, how should they know enough about it to even realize pence becomes president and not Hillary?

Most of them are just vindictive. Trump winning, FAR worse than the actual policy he is enacting, the greatest sin Trump committed in the left’s eyes by winning the election was the sin of publicly embarrassing and deeply humiliating them.

still doing what i want, niggest of nogs

Lol, brainlet

Thanks for the entertainment OP. I hope someone is paying you for your time, sweety.

want some dressing for that word salad, or is all the black bull jizz from your females enough?

You mad bro?

If you see something, say something.
It's a crime to not report a federal crime.

you don't have to fill anything in but the tip.

>Most of them are just vindictive.
This is the first Presidential election most have ever been in. I have a 21 year old cousin who lost her goddamned mind over this. They are ill equipped, and she was really planning on some sort of socialist government. She is a fat load, and has no intent of finding any sort of quality employment. There is a whole mass of these fat and deranged losers. They don't ever shut the fuck up, and they (without experience or self awareness) seem to think they know best.

I am glad they got their shit pushed in honestly. It may be the first time these pitiful fuckers ever have been told no by anyone ever.

They are total junkie degenerates who unironically enjoy avacado toast.

>Most liberals hate our country

listen to yourself, you inarticulate, inept motherfucker

that's like saying most conservative evangelicals in america are fake christians because they supported trump

get a fucking clue, at least before your 14th birthday

Now you're just getting boring

lol, KUC

don't let the door hit you where the lord split you

>yielding fruit
Fruit of the Poisoned Tree after Barry Rice and Comey abused the FISA court.

Your bosses are going to jail shills. So might you.

Stop rambling nerd virgin

Trying to adopt Cred Forums memes is just going to lead to you co-opting our opinions as your own. Looks like it's already happening. Don't worry, you'll be accepted as a useful idiot once you've forgotten you were wrong about trump.

Was that in your shill notes? Tell us some more lines they think fit in here

>tryhard nigger, the post

no, it takes more than a bunch of armchair treason apologists to get me in a lather

slide slide slide slide slide

jidf pls go

>get a fucking clue, at least before your 14th birthday
Woops. You outed yourself kiddo.

The problem is that Trump for you, friendos, is that Trump was already rich going into office. People have been out to try and corner him for some some money his whole life. He's got a ton of god tier lawyers and advisors keeping him personally clean. He's got no reason to do shady shit to get more money.

He's clean. He dindu nuffin.

ill be satisfied when the orange messiah is in an orange jumpsuit where he belongs

Multinational businessmen are shady - news at 11.

god damn dude you fucking owned them lol

well, at least you aren't apologizing for treason in at least one post

I thought you fucked off back to plebbit.
Morrison v. Olson
>However, the jurisdiction that the court decides upon must be demonstrably related to the factual circumstances that gave rise to the Attorney General's request for the appointment of independent counsel in the particular case. Pp. 487 U. S. 678-679.
No fishing expeditions.


outed yourself, kiddo

>be this guy
>think user is actually anonymous
>think he hasn't been reported to the FBI
>be specifically told by his employers to not do what he did because it would be organized crime
>know that employers review posts
>try to not talk about violence anymore
>get fired anyway because they'd rather cut you loose than deal with the shitstorm of an organized crime investigation


orange dindu, heard

Are you OK ShareBlue? You seem like you're having a stroke.

the threat of fear and reprisals is a trait of reichwingers, dipshit.

let them come, and ill be here shitposting again after they leave

Then I guess someone gaining money giving lectures in Russia should be investigated!!!
Tell me, is Obama going to jail?

>mfw i almost responded

Flipping Gates means NOTHING, because anything he has to say relates to Manafort's Ukrainian / Russian activities, which occurred YEARS before Trump ever even announced his candidacy to become President.

OP is shill faggot.

>No fishing expeditions.
Ken Starr would disagree and tell you to suck his pole.

Amen to that brother HH.

I never cried when Obama won. I certainly never burned the American flag over it.

Reality came knocking. It was time to pay the piper, and Trump was the collecting agency.

thank you, sarah huckablyat

back to yahoo, boomer


lol, first time here?

the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly, but they turn.
i'm not even sure why you're still posting, they're going to fire you for advocating violence, that's a big no-no.
that's like day 1, get briefed don't do this or we'll fire you, no-no.

what are you going to put on your resume? do you even have a plan for what to do next?

I'm sure he could still be a paid protestor.

The fucking edge on this kid!

At least you're self aware to a certain degree.

yeah, but they have to sever ties, or they'll risk an organized crime investigation.
you can not pay people to break the law in a hierarchical manner.

>Using the Lewinsky trial as proof of anything
How'd that work out for the Republicans btw?


kill yourself, ivan

Haven't you reached the capitalization and punctuation section of your ESL GED class? Correct usage would give you more credibility shill.

>Trump said no collusion
>this somehow means russia is your new fuckbuddy all of a sudden
Are you mongrelli unironically that retarded?

old enough to be your daddy, little boy

Russian shill.

Commit the crime, do the time.


Enjoy your v& faggot

i'm not concerned; i think you're trash.
just curious what your next step is--you can't list this on a resume.
can you imagine what it'll be like when the feds knock on your employers door to ask about you?
what do you think will happen next?

>How'd that work out for the Republicans btw?
It proved that fishing expeditions are OK even if they last 7 fucking years.

>yfw im no shill
your petty concerns mean nothing to me, you obviously support the manchurian candidate, meaning you are also in essence a traitor.

be mad forever

>How long can we expect this presidency to last?
With Flynn flipping, Mulller probably knows what happened, now he's building cases.

So far, we're maybe 1/4 way through. We've got "troll army", but we still have
>Kushner, i.e. collusion between Cambridge Analytica and Russia
>the money trail between Trump and Russia
>the collusion to get Russia to release the hacked DNC emails
>the attempted coverup and obstruction of justice
So maybe more like 1/6 through.

The real question, is what's he going to go for next? Probably Kushner, since he has to get non-Trump people first to keep Donnie from flipping out. But after that, who knows. He may do all the presidential-level charges at once, or start with the money trail.

Mueller's charged and flipped a bunch of people in less than a year. Everyone knows what he's investigating, i.e. DNC hacking at Trump-Russia connections. This isn't very fishing-expedition-y by any means.

thanks, traitor

which is it, that the FBI is corrupt and not to be trusted, because they want to dethrone your mango messiah, or they will come save you from big bad me?

you faggots are laughable cowards

So you're saying the Russia investigation is the Democrat's Lewinsky investigation?
That's pretty hilarious. So you chucklefucks admit this is going nowhere and is just a waste of time.
The Democrats are blowing all of their political clout on an investigation that will do nothing.

I hope you guys are cool with SNAP funds being used to build the wall kek. Because that's where this is going.


is this a shareblue thread or someshit?

This whole thread sounds like paid faggots acting like this shit shows trump has done anything wrong

here's the reality faggots, your precious spics are going to get deported and trump wll finish out his term, possibly running again. Your party has been getting bent over and fucked nonstop since he took office and all you've been doing is shitposting "MUELLER!!!" MUH RUSSIA while everyone that's sane is wondering how long you are going to cling to looking like fucking nutjobs

are you some kind of autisitic retard who repeats himself ad nauseum?

your posts come across that way, you scared little faggot

Its crazy my parents were saying this yesterday...i was like wtf hillary's team were the ones dabbling with russia

oh, you're right. I should have reported you to the secret service too.



Says the manlet posting 104 times because fuck Drumpf. You're one sad case

We're more than a year in. The only charges related to Russia have to do with shit posting on Facebook. And were symbolic indictments because the guys are in fucking Russia.

cool, i hope you are doing so through a proxy

stay mad, soiboi

I haven't committed any crimes.
I have nothing to worry about.
you on the other hand...

I hope you are following through with this.

i honestly haven't stopped laughing at you yet, holup while i get done

>I hope you are following through with this.
Girls, girls. You are both pretty ok? Quit getting your labia in a knot.

oh look, pussy faggot is posting from the library and his phone at the same time!

wow, look at that autist go!

Imagine being this retarded, and Manafort is getting jail but for helping the Podestas in Ukrania.

saged for being a nigger.

oh shit i've seen it all now, a fucking namefag border-bro

bengazi was the opposite you dumb fuck and you came up with NOTHING.

>We're more than a year in.
Pretty sure Mueller was appointed in May?
>The only charges related to Russia have to do with shit posting on Facebook
and people working as unregistered agents for the Russia-backed regine in Ukraine.

Also, relative to how long these sorts of investigations usually take, this one is going very quickly. This is one of the things you Russians really need to understand about our legal system.

here's the phone number to report the crime of threatening the life of the president to the secret service.
you'll be redirected to the appropriate field office. I just did, and I hope you do the same.

So you've moved from saying Mueller's investigation is going to get thrown out to saying it's a waste of time if nobody gets booted from office? Were those goalposts heavy?

you're a freedom hating nigger and a faggot

at least i'm not a felon.

Most folks at the FBI are straight, honest, and hardworking people. It's the politically motivated elites we hate.

not yet, but after i get your ass for wrongful prosecution, it will be

Thank you

bootlicking thread sliding faggots

You can do your part by reporting criminals.

>bengazi was the opposite you dumb fuck and you came up with NOTHING.
You may have quoted the wrong thread. Dumb Fuck.

Treason lmaoo

lets talk about this

>Your party has been getting bent over and fucked nonstop since he took office
Yeah, that's why Obamacare is safe red states are finally starting to expand medicaid with "muh work requirements".

So far he's done high profile arrests of some illegals and passed a big tax cut for the super-rich at everyone else's expense. And signed a deficit-increasing budget.

Immigration is still stalemated in Congress, what with plenty of GOPfags wanting to keep their cheap labor, the infrastructure plan is a non-starter unless Elon gets behind it, and that's about it.

The only thing he has to run on with respect to the white working class is arresting more illegals, which I'm not sure will be enough. The strong economy helps, though, but I think the anti-populist tax and spending policies and the continued bad behavior have shot Trump in the foot with the rust belt swing states that elected him.