Purest whites on earth

>purest whites on earth
>most cucked ones

Really makes you think.

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You're not lying.

Protip: If we do something, just do the opposite.

I thought Icelandics were the purest whites.

The irony.

Germanics are just autistic and will follow an ideology to its bitter end. Like how you won't stop shilling the EU until it ends in some kind of catastrophy.

Tanned euromutt mongoloids have never seen a pasty white celt. Sad.

>Germanics are just autistic and will follow an ideology to its bitter end.
Which is what makes them such great tools.

Pale as milk

>purest whites

maybe this but not the purest blondes

Joke's on you, I have been to many slutstation always same thing. gypsy man steal luggage!!

Human accomplishment happened in a small area of Europe that included Denmark but not "the whitest place on Earth" - whatever that means.
It has to do with:
1) A religion that values education and tolerates science because of the faith science will find god (even if it won't).
2) Cities where SOME of the best and brightest of the society can meet and exchange ideas.
3) Having an intelligent enough population where there are enough High IQ people to gather.
The "Nordic" countries can't do that, because they lacked the resources for the large cities and to support a population that had enough high IQ people.

Coming from Germany though? Eh....

Does anyone know who this is?

Pale gingers any day

That's a Jewish meme that was pushed on European people. Memes are persuasive and hard to let go, but that one needs to be let go.

Not sure if you're saying the height of human accomplishment is the western concept of a fuckable woman aka "beauty" or you're just trolling in an effort to divide the goys.

>since the 14th century
>there were no inventions before this, only after
>this is what they do to make themselves feel important

wrong they are not the purest or whitest, they're going to be non white before germany and america, if anything estonia and finland are the whitest, we have the highest concentration of blue eyes in Europe

They are even more cucked they only are lucky they in a island far away

eesti always same color

wtf is this you find that attractive?

whiter than you bruce

All jokes aside, what the fuck happened? How did it get this bad? Swedes used to be badass, fierce, and independent. How did you turn into a nation of such pussies?

I ask out of curiosity and also because it's happening here, albeit more slowly.

come to sweden if you want crossdressing homosexual men on your milk cartons

As a matter of fact almost everything modern society is based on was invented after the 14th century. Agriculture and writing being the most important exceptions.

they put women in power and the result was pic related, more and more swedes will look like this soon

if only you knew

white = soyboys

i was just kidding but that can't be real? I thought AU was an anglo stronghold ?

>it's all apart of their keikaku

Altruism for one's people is a successful evolutionary trait. The problem is when it's weaponized against the native population to instead for for non-natives like has been done. How decent white people compared to other races is a negative trait when intermingling is normalized as other races are not so kind.

That's definitely a big part of it. The more emotionally driven women in power, the worse off a society becomes.

germany is just as bad famalam, and you're closer to turks than anything else - explain that

Amazing, but true even if unintentional.

>Does anyone know who this is?
Isn't it that girl from game of thrones

The subway menstruation art is my favorite

Rose Leslie. From Game of Thrones.

Mediterraneans are the masterrace of whites. Blue eyes and blonde hair=massive redflag

>map of scientific accomplishments
>no Russia
That map is pure garbage taken out of your ass

sometimes I try to scream but all that comes out is 啊啊啊啊啊啊

women always try to one up each other and try to do "good" for attention, only a mentally ill attention seeker would allow subhumans into their country and have a low iq baboon west african as the head of their party

>estonia and finland are the whitest

In literal sense yes, but especially Germanics always use the word "white" refering to Germanic-type of phenotype. Although there are definitely those among Estonians as well.

Makes you think what? That Swedes are cucks? It's always been that way.

It says 97%, not 100%.

dude i thought chinks were only spreading in canada and AU didn't have a lot. This is sad as fuck holy fuck it looks like japan

>we have the highest concentration of inbreeding in Europe
Nothing to be proud of

>generally agreed
goes to the bin

I'd fuck you up boy

you dont watch Game of Thrones?

You have a point I guess

Lol the invasion is real. Atleast your immigrants can run a functioning modern society. Embrace your Asian overlords they're the only thing standing between the Jews and world domination

kek, has a bantu raped your sister and killed your father for land yet?

Wonder why the shills targeted this thread for excessive idiotic shit posts?
More proof Mods don't exists.

Hardly. 1st-cousin marriages have basically always been a taboo here because of the low-level of absolute population size.

Besides, there're about 320 000 Icelanders and they're doing just fine. Very fine actually.

it's okay he's a little slow they don't allow white south africans to go to school there


WAY TOO LATE for that. Thanks to Eurocucks and specifically Germany the path of destruction has been set.

Who says he's white?

purest whites are poles and other west slavs

I wish it was like that, but especially here in Helsinki there're tons of non-whites already.

neither have you. mohammad.

afrikaners actually know how to use a pc unlike their bantu counterparts

Dude she really doesn't look like an African apart from the skin more like an abo or something. Were the fuck did they pick her up from
>Also pic related
Miss Sweden. I'm not one to bitch about this but she's not really that beautiful, even for a black chick. If she was a legit beautiful black person I wouldn't see this as blatant virtue signalling

>Miss Sweden

Wrong. That chick was chosen as Miss Helsinki a few years ago.

I have no idea I just know she's a nigger immigrant who rose in power for being "different"

also miss sweden does look like an ape, she's no where near beautiful at all the only reason she won was they don't look like "racists". If a lightskin qt with curly hair and blue eyes won then it would be more reasonable but they let a full blooded ape win. Sicken

Haha liars like you should eat a bullet.

this is the grossest thing i've seen today

nvm i stand corrected that was finland not sweden still pretty gross

Our miss Sweden apparently.

Looks like our average blonde down the street, if I am to be perfectly honest.

I do, Im at season 5 episode 4 I think.

Stannis just left the wall to attack the boltons.

Im on the stannis hype train, no spoil please

She looks like a trap desu.

better than the nigger ape

Empathy is a white trait. For some reason it blew up in the Swedes, the tough men must've all died.

I meant the ape girl.

>average blonde

dude what? people would be all over her if she lived here

99% white rural area

>purest whites on earth
That would be lithuanians

>Amazing, but true even if unintentional.
Yeah the medias never been this frightful of the right wing in decades.
Oops sorry.
With an extremely low population lacking immigrants to mix with your small genetic pool is the reason for blue eyes prevalence. Even if your not blinking your first cousin your definitely blinking a cousin.
>its so bad in iceland they have to have a app to check if your not fucking your cousin.
Well personally I don't find 2nd place all too beautiful myself but that's my own opinion.
>Haha liars like you should eat a bullet.
Why? Cause I mistook one Nordic. Country for another? Its not like you don't group Africa or Asian all together yourself
>same cucks different flags

you're a sick russian man

>muh bloo ayz
Daily reminder.

fair enough

Stay strong soumi brother!


you are not WHITE

>Empathy is a white trait

obviously not

What can I say. I guess we're saturated, kek.

...we shouldn't of put them in office, though.

>he doesn't know about glorious chink nation

Whiter than you, blue-eyed Moogdal Tambuktuk.

what country? USA?

That they need a fuhrer to make them know when to use empathy


Who is she? She is gorgeous.

looks like it

>white people get together and agree that they invented certain inventions and exclude others they don't like.

damn dood

i grew a taste for blonde girls ever since i played with this 13 years old girl

Feminism is a bio weapon

Thanks bro. (Btw it's Suomi.)

so this is what happens before a police shooting wow

I Just visited Tampere. Literally no nogs, they all live inside of ring3


>With an extremely low population lacking immigrants to mix with your small genetic pool is the reason for blue eyes prevalence.

Obviously yes, but being inbred means that the population has some troublesome traits, because of well, inbreeding, which is not the case here.

With your definition all the populations are "inbred" because they have some traits at all.

As for Icelanders, they actively avoid 1st-cousin banging so they're not inbred as I already stated.

Lowest achieving too (no offence, scandibros) whereas the Slavs who many poltards look down on have built a fucking space station, figured out all kinds of complex rocket science and built weapons which can destroy entire cities. I also notice that western whites are the only race pathetic/beta enough to allow and promote feminism and the purest huwhites are the most feminist of all.

anglo genes ladies and gentlemen

This. Swedoids are not white.

>Lowest achieving too


Is that election results? Clearly people are taking this a joke if a literal poo poo party has 15%

>Swedoids are not white.

Who gives a fuck about literal skin colour?

For me "white" means "of European origin". And don't start with the Mongol-bullshit, I'm straight from SS-poster.

yes, that's the only way Swedes would eve be relevant, being part of large group like Euros.

>swedes are swarthy
What did Ben mean by this?

I get what your saying but
>Inbreeding is the production of offspring from the mating or breeding of individuals or organisms that are closely related genetically.
It doesn't have to be negative to be considered inbreeding.
But a cousin is a cousin. But relative to the rest of the world(aside from Arabs I guess) have a high prevalence of an extremely rare genetic variation, blue eyes, its quite evidence of a small gene pool. Not that that's bad. But diversity it your friend :^)

no its the current polls "what if sunday was elections"
the SPD used to get 40%+ and has given us chancellors like helmut schmidt or willy brandt
oh how the mighty have fallen

Did you miss my post couple of posts above?

Swedes have discovered 2nd most elements in the world and considering there are about 8,5mil. of them nowadays, they are per capita the most succesful chemists on the planet.

Not to mention Volvo, Ikea, Koenigsegg, Nobel-prizes, von Linne and what have you.

Name one Georgian invention.

What the hell. Has the logo always been poo? Were they always a joke party?

Looks like a hapa redhead

>Name one Georgian invention.

>Name one Georgian invention.

Just remembered: Josif Stalin and 20mil. murdered people.

What would the world do without Georgians...

another beautiful red head...but she looks a bit hapa-ish..

Swedes and Germanics in general, tan very easily and if seen in lower latitudes they're often anything but "white".

they are mostly made up of Anglo and Irish thralls. Iceland was a slave colony and they are much less "nordic" than Sweden.

You forgot Beria, utter faggot.

I don't think swedes are technically the purest whites. Either way they are only cucked because the jews are taking advantage of their high trust social factor through instutions and the media. If we had control over those the swedes would be the most based people in the world.

Finns are whiter than Swedes, and 10x more based

Didn't forget cause I've never even heard of him.

So now we have two Georgian mass-murderers.

Iceland was first populated by Norwegians who fled the rule of Harald Hardråde in the 900s. Maybe 90% norwegians, 10% irish monks.

So basically hitler was right?

pls i put it there
also AfD is now superior to SPD so its a pretty big happening over here

Sorry, not Hardråde but Hårfagre (Fairhair).

Whiter in literal sense, but it's true what internet says that Finns have Asian genes in them.

One can see it with naked eye especially in Eastern part of the country.

10 x 0 = 0

> (You)
>pls i put it there
Ah man I just looked at it properly man I feel dumb sorry.
Add is right winged though right? Also how do you guys justify having Merkel able to be prime minister till death.

Yes, that's great, mass murder is great. do you want me to name some nerd pussies?

Some fins look like hapas..Others less so, I've never traveled there but that's the impression i'm getting. Some have very interesting facial features..Like this girl.

>do you want me to name some nerd pussies?

Please do.

I had a co-worker who could've passed as a Central-Asian. He had Finnish name and was from Eastern Finland. I neved bothered to ask him does he know where his family comes from.

Ivane Nikuradze, Aleksandre Nadiradze, Alexandre Kartveli, Vladimir Gigauri, Elephter Andronikashvili. that's all I can think of top of my head.

yeah they are right wing and i cant justify the unlimited chancellor terms

There's a clear contrast compared to these types of features. (i.e. the classical type from roman/greek)

Meh, we don't really care about "muh pink skin is whiter than urz" all that much desu. We Europeans look at each other as fellow Europeans and that's that. We might have our traits here and there but we don't really care about that all that much.

We're mostly worried about our borders.

those are red mate

Balts r the purest whites and they arent cucked

no, superior Brits look down upon you all.

This guy is not from Finland, he's Danish
I wouldn't say that he looks "hapa". But he has strong cheekbones, interesting morphology. Overall, still looks European to me. But again, quite different from the more classical type of european features.

>Anglo scum
>Saying someone else follows an ideology to it's bitter end without pause
Your nation is literally founded on that very principle mr destroyer of Europe


>tfw swedish

lol post that blonde politician with chinky eyes, he is estonian

>yes goyim, argue about who is whiter!
Sage, parsley, thyme and rosemary.

The EU favor Germans the most.

The West overall is doing bad economically except Germany.

they are all in hervanta

>The West overall is doing bad economically except Germany.

>What is Scandinavia
>What is Switzerland
>What is Iceland
>What is Ireland

Fuck off, sandnigger.

Brothers forever.

>The EU favor Germans the most.
It doesn't favor anyone...Not even the Germans. They're shooting themselves in the foot. Destroying their civilisation.
It's the worst thing that has ever happened to the european continent.

Merkel has no children of her own. Most EU politicians don't have children, (i.e. no stake in their country's future) and yet people vote for these traitors.

indeed. However after that Iceland become a hub for British thralls and that is reflected in their genes.
>pic very related

Ireland is not doing well...
Iceland is not really part of the EU
Switzerland have special deal with the EU, they still have the swiss franc. instead of the euro currency.

Small economies, overlooked.

Not having children is a separated issue and have nothing to do with the EU.

France can't compete economically, sorry to bring it to you but Germans are superior.

number 1 and 3 need to be DANED right now

Republic of Ireland/GDP per capita
61,606.48 USD (2016)
Source: Jewgle
>Not part of EU
Doesn't matter, neither is Norway or Switzerland and both are extremely well off.

well Scandinavians tend to have some "Asian" features. It is to be expected and not really something out of the ordinary.

Good for you.

The whole point of culture (technology and science included) is that it's something that can be copied. So if a Georgian or a Finn or anyone invents something, others can use it too.

I'm confused, what were we arguing about again?

>Doesn't matter, neither is Norway or Switzerland and both are extremely well off.

There seems to be a pattern here...

Nothing really I guess.

>Not having children is a separated issue and have nothing to do with the EU.
>France can't compete economically, sorry to bring it to you but Germans are superior.

No it's not.
It's not a separate issue.
Merkel has no children. People who have no children have no stake in their country's future. It's basically a conflict of interest vs her own population.

In contrast, This nationalist german politician has 5 children... Do you think it's a coincidence? a woman who has no children doesn't care about her country being invaded by third worlders. a woman with children has to think about her own kid's future.

Yes, Germany is going better economically, but at what price ? The death of their civilisation, They have more jobs, but the additional jobs are mostly part-time. It's hidding a bigger problem. The EU is living on debts.

The entire system is failing because central planning doesn't work, and the eu currency is a political money not a logical, economic one.

Yep, apparently "asian" features are adaptations to extreme cold temperatures, so all the peoples that have adapted to cold tend to have them to some degree.

Are Fennoswede?

You can't say the people that bred the white into another people is somehow less white than the ones being bred.

also Sweden is 100% destroyed, we need to start an adoption program in the US where American anons agree to take in one Swede to preserve the Swedish race. Anyone?

>>Not part of EU
>Doesn't matter, neither is Norway or Switzerland and both are extremely well off.

It does actually...

No, why?

not really. It is just remnants of the pre germanic peoples of Europe.

Who were adapted to extreme cold.

Ireland is because it's a tax heaven. So GDP per capita matter nothing in this case.

1. France have a higher percentage of immigrants.

2. France have retarded subsidies, retarded union, lazy government workers.

3. France have the most centrally planned economy in EU.

You are blaming others for something you do even more.

>well Scandinavians tend to have some "Asian" features. It is to be expected and not really something out of the ordinary.
This actress also..who i think is Swedish, also has these types of features. She doesn't look like the average hapa-mutt, i can see the difference, yet there's something going on with her cheekbones. interesting face..

She's a Spanish/Swedish mix.

Dem cheekbones are one of the cold-adaptations as stated above.

Lithuania is our last hope?

she's 0% swedish

Why are you defending Swedes, you should be concerned about conquering Sweden and impregnating their women with your mongolian seed

>1. France have a higher percentage of immigrants.
>2. France have retarded subsidies, retarded union, lazy government workers.
>3. France have the most centrally planned economy in EU.
>You are blaming others for something you do even more.

Don't get me wrong. I actually agree with you 100%
France has spent 56% of its GDP on public expenditure (which is insane, i think we're in the top 3 in the world, not sure if we're on par with north korea but we're basically crypto communists)...We've surpassed Finland in that department.

The i'm telling you, the point remains..Everyone is losing. Germany is shooting itself in the foot. There's no winners in this EU system. Germans are shooting themselves in the foot. At what price ? their own civilisation

Not exactly, this is what ancient people living in Russia looked like and they were more adapted to cold than modern Siberians, Siberians moved up recently.

Rapace is her husband's name...
her real name is Norén.
What origin is Norén though ? I'm not sure.

As far as I'm concerned I'm defending the truth.

And even though some Finns have asian genes in them I'm not one of them. I look as Aryan as one can be.

The finnish race exists only to guard true scandinavia against the russian invasion

>Not exactly, this is what ancient people living in Russia looked like and they were more adapted to cold than modern Siberians, Siberians

What about this guy ? isn't her russian ?
Look at that face, wtf ? !!
He looks like a caveman mixed with a bit of asian, very odd face.


That has traditionally been the case and now you're paying the price of not-been-into-wars-for-couple-centuries. You don't remember anymore what it is to defend yourselves.

It's possible, but just because you don't look Mongolian doesn't mean that you have 0% East Asian genes. it's just a meme anyway.

No, he is tatar and he has gigantism, he is basically deformed.

Memes aside looking through our history and that of our emigrants I'm seriously starting to suspect we have some kind of genetic fault that either causes degeneracy or makes us weak to it. We have very little knowledge of the viking age compared to the Christian one so it's possible the jew god cucked us or we were always like this. It's very demoralizing.

>No, he is tatar and he has gigantism, he is basically deformed.
Tatar ? ok, he still looks very different from the average tatar, but yes, it seems that he has gigantism so that would explain it.

>Rapace was born in Hudiksvall, Sweden. Her mother, Nina Norén (born Kristina Norén; 1954), is a Swedish actress, and her father, Rogelio Durán (10 November 1953 – 4 November 2006), was a Spanish Flamenco singer from Badajoz.[4]

As was said earlier in the thread, she's a spanish/swedish mix.

>As was said earlier in the thread, she's a spanish/swedish mix.

Ah! my mistake...Part Spanish/Swedish.

+1 to this finnanon.
Sweden didn't take part in WW1, didn't even slightly defend itself in WW2 (but didn't stop the Nazis from using their railways up to Narvik, the site of a major battle in Norway's WW2 that would determine the fate of the country) and today they repeat it for the 3rd time.

I've seen Cred Forumsacks post this a lot. Are you aware that it was made by a jew? Same guy who wrote your favorite book

>Are you aware that it was made by a jew? Same guy who wrote your favorite book

And didn't jews also wrote the bible ?

Charles Murray isn't a Jew as far as I'm concerned.

Proof that Murray is a Jew?


>>purest whites on earth
But that's not the Icelandic flag, Mehmet

>Charles Murray isn't a Jew as far as I'm concerned.

But he works for them though.
I don't like Jews, however...They're not all bad.
They are in a delicate position. I can see that they're divided even in Israel. (they also have leftists over there).

It seems that some jews would like to be allied with euro nationalists (out of pure pragmatism because of muslim immigration) but can't because white nationalists are anti-zionist.

But this jew is speaking the truth. (regardless of his end game, at least he's speaking the truth)

>With an extremely low population lacking immigrants to mix with your small genetic pool is the reason for blue eyes prevalence.

The genetic difference between western and eastern Finns is higher than between a a Britt and a German.

what did Denmark ever invent or accomplish?

>American education

I would put Iceland, Finland, Norway before Sweden.

Tyko Brahe comes to mind. And my favourite game-franchise Hitman-series.

still waiting for an answer

HK Andersen was a pretty based author.

if "whitest" means most pre Germanic aka Nordic then that would be false.
Norway, Finland and Iceland are all less genetically Nordic than Sweden.
That being said; fuck you Svensker hilsen Danskjävlen.


You haven't looked hard enough at our history if you ignore literally 800 years of continually fighting wars with everything and everyone around the Baltic Sea when we were CHRISTIAN. Seriously, Swedens history up until the loss of Finland is a history of bloody wars and trying to make the absolute frozen shithole Sweden is climate wise liveable. Weakness is something that has been introduced very recently into the Swedish national character and I blame 60 years of Social Democracy for that. Even the 140~ish years of peace before Social Democracy were marked by absolute hardship and famines were our people endured despite it all.

The "jew god" did not cuck us, Sweden would not exist without christendom. We became weak and complacent because we forgot how hard life is here and we started taking everything for granted and this complete and utter hubris is now biting us in the ass. Thousands even hundreds of thousands of us will die but the Swedes will endure, because enduring hardship is what Swedes do.

Skärp dig karl sluta var en sån jävla fjolla och tro inte på allt som står på Cred Forums om Svärje.

keep waiting mutt. I am not here to give you a history lesson. The very language you write in is infected with old Danish.

thats something that happened before the 14th century. Denmark really hasnt accomplished much as a country, at least in comparison to england france germany and Italy

>Denmark really hasnt accomplished much as a country, at least in comparison to england france germany and Italy
yes? A people who there are fewer in the world than the population of London have not achieved the same as the literal giants of European history. Really niggah? Colour me surprised

>leader of a nation doesn't want to hold and wave her own flag
jfc i'm so fucking tired of this bitch

hang her high

Look at the size of this lass. Absolute unit.

Germany's leaders =\= Germany's people.
And Hitler was great.

2nd from the right is the pinnacle of european female human genetics




A lot of grey eyes too.

> implying dark-featured French women aren't superior

Wew lad.

>The Nobel Prize
Actually howling that Scandis consider this an achievement of theirs.
Literally is just a bunch of prizes, and the only reason it's popular is because Britain and America have some care about it.
The funny thing, you could have mentioned Alfred Nobel's well known invention of dynamite which was extremely useful in building tunnels, thus improving the productivity of the most important industry of that time - train travel.

she looks like a freaking horse. smoked horseface meat.


Antti Häkkänen?

> round-face women
Not even once.

Actually howling that Scandis consider this an achievement of theirs.

And who's achievement it is then?

He's a Finn.

such as "Do not allow wamyn in the government"?

I know, which is why I asked as a question. People have been getting nationalities wrong everywhere in this thread.. Antti is the only blonde, chinky-eyed politician I can think of.

Oh, I missed the questionmark.

our altruism is what makes us human, all other are non-human filth

In my future, there will be brutalist concrete memorial built as atonement for this incident. Words cast in copper, coated with green patina of aeons passed by, convey a message from a generation long gone: ”never again”

lmao fucking subhuman anglos

norse chads kidnapping anglo women

danke merkel

The (((Bonnier Family))) runs their media. Hardly an ethnic Swedish family if you catch my drift.

If Sweden has to be the sacrifice whites worldwide need to wake up, so be it. Very sad though. They have a proud history going back to Gustav Adolphus and being the masters of northern Europe. They're a wealthy, industrious, yet naive people who fell so hard for the Jewish poison.

>northern Europe

Yeah, lets pretend like Italy didnt single handedly advance European civilization, technology, art from 1500-1700. While Germany/France/England were busy waging internal religious wars, civil wars, colonialism, and major foreign wars, Italy was busy with the likes of Galileo and Davinci.

Sadly Cred Forums can only see skin color and try to fit their narrative around their narrow world view.

shame on you.

Next time youre in Rome/Florence, go check out what real civilization looks like.

wtf man ... are there no more beautiful women in Helsinki ???

If you look closely at the given map you'll see that the drawn border covers Northern and Central Italy.

Some user posted the picture of the runner-up of that competition somewhere in the thread. So yes there are, but the judges want to be pc as fuck.

Scandinavians aren't white they are snow niggers

I want that fat slug to die

Icelanders are germans in denial

This is why women shouldn't be allowed in politics.
She is menopausal and got emotionally triggered by that flag.

If we take all the opinions on whiteness on Cred Forums we can only conclude that no one is white.

You're like 5% nigger by default, so you wouldn't know

such beauty soon to be lost. may god have mercy on sweden

SAAB Dynamics, Bofors

wine. first wine in world was made by us . snow nigger

Jewry Fried Chicken?

You means leftist. Leftists are doing this .Now go get fucked muhammed :)


Quite a convincing list for the LAST 8000 YEARS.

They are more anankastic than autistic.

far as i am cncerned my nation has been fighting different invaders and peoples for last 8000 years. we didn't time for advancing chemistry or astronomy only improviments we made were based on war or food .

I literally look just like him.

Helsinki is a swirling cesspool of filth.

The most cancerous hipsters and the most cancerous jews live there.

*we didn"t have time

>my nation has been fighting different invaders and peoples for last 8000 years

Unlike all the other peoples on the planet. Everywhere else it's been peace and peace only.

You've just described an average Finn.

ABBA, Swedish House Mafia, we supplied the wehrmacht with iron ore, best medical care in the world, safest streets in the world, our national football (soccer) team played the german national team in Berlin during high intensity war campaigns abroad, we were neutral with the third reich, we fought the russians with the finns, in fact, basically everyone in charge of Finland at that time had strong connections with Sweden, we were considered a higher class of people, not that we're much for classes and all that around here, but yeah, all high ranking military commanders were swedes pretty much, Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim himself was a fennoswede, perhaps one of the greatest military leaders of all time whoms buddies included Adolf Hitler himself, in fact, Adolf came to visit Mannerheim in Finland on Mannerheim's birthday, ate cake and talked shit about the filthy commies, also, from that occasion we have the one and only unofficial recording of Adolf Hitler speaking, basically the only recording he's making conversation, unofficial dialog contra scripted and rehersed monologue

Stop lieing Sven, you were playing Table Tennis while world was in flames.

I am a georgian, german, azeri and french mutt, with pale white skin, bright hair and +20 cm height than average in my country. Russian empire truly makes wonders

Jan Ove Waldner would like a word with you, Pekka

You increased my autism by ten folded origamis.

>leddit format

sry senpai