Is this a shoop lads?

if not why the fuck is clinton analyzing Cred Forums shitposts? anyone know the story behind this if its not fake?

It's a shoop you dump fuck, and you probably made it.

tfw it’s real. Holy shit

This. It's real alright.

big if true

I have the answer.
Go to your kitchen, open your fridge, stick your head in it, and repeatedly slam the door on your head until you’re blessed with with a concussion.
It should make perfect sense when you awake.

be quiet you filthy jew



Bump is this real?

cant find this image on google or tineye

Is she not allowed around computers anymore?



so it is fake,was a pretty good one though

Hello please delete this it's going against my preconceived notions.

t. retard who cant into detecting pixel edits

OP's pic is as legit as it gets

shit shoop, kys

Has this man never pointed at something in his life?


these are as real as a $3 bill or my self esteem

these are obviously faked

Sizable if verifiable