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>Dead homeless man finds peers in Commons as 'a paedophile'

>N.Ireland logjam continues, Sinn Fein to meet PM

>UK to leave CFSP (EU foreign Policy)

>UK to join reformed CFSP (EU military)

>Brendan Cox quits charities over sexual misconduct

>UK pussy out of 'fake news' enquiry in embassy, Trump puissant

>Holyrood in hot water over arms fair (Re: Yemen)

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So? Being pale isn't a good thing, and there is a difference between being white and being pale.



>US climate change outlook worsens after further research

>Five ways India must help its farmers face the threat of climate change

XD. So witty and quintissentislly Scottish :P

Why do they type like that, it's so pointless.

It's like when middle class blacks try and speak grime

1 Follower you know
Royal British Legion

>hates gingers
>hates blondes
>tries to drag his anti-white hatred into a new thread
Just stop.


>UKIP 4%



I'm not anti-white, I'm anti-ginger.

Britain elects

Please don't use the ((((((((((()))))))))))) like that.
Are you implying that science is verboten on Cred Forums?

>Climate change is a Jewish conspiracy

How are UKIP on 4%?


>I'm not anti-white, I'm anti-ginger.
I rest my case.

You're a fucking ginger. Just LOL.

is that nignog ooga booga grunts
made me chuckle

tht's not a
it's over a week old

>via @KantarPublic, 06 - 12 Feb
>Chgs. w/ Nov 2017
from tweet

what the MSM won;t tell you is how many people agree with the leader's ex-waifu on the new pricess

Sometimes I put myself in the shoes of people like this and try to imagine a world with their every whim acted upon. I don't know why I do it.

The average Anglican's IQ is almost a standard deviation above that of the average Poorthener's. Not only that but Anglicans look distinctly different from their poorer counterparts: they're better looking, yes, but I mean phenotype-wise. Brain May, Queen member and Astrophysicist, looks awfully similar to his fellow Anglican, Isaac Newton, does he not? Have you ever seen a lower-class person look like Brian May? No, of course not, because there are irreconcilable genetic differences between Poortheners and Southerners. On that basis, I propose that Poortheners should be classified as a different non-British race. Their culture is different from ours (fine art VS me footie), they speak their own incomprehensible regional dialects, and they're racially different from us. That's enough justification for a divorce in my opinion.



Off to watch Minder
see you tomorrow ..

a lot of you mans need humbling tryna step to me baka -

you've gotta love northern humour


You an idiot it you believe that.
Fossil fuel industry shills just want to jump on the bandwagon.
Look into the (((fossil shills))) and you'll see.

"Whites should have less children because they have a higher carbon footprint in developed countries."
"We need to stop eating meat because it damages the environment."
"We need to design cars to be less aggressive and consume less fuel."
"We should start eating bugs for our source of protein instead, especially in white countries."

It's pretty Jewish lads.

People that write in dialect really annoy me.
>ye mun yak in't dialect so't lads can av a ganders at how unique y'ar
Look how cool I am lads, follow me and retweet please.

You could have prevented this.

>"Whites should have less children because they have a higher carbon footprint in developed countries."
Fake quote. Pretty Jewish lad.

why are poortherners so fucking boring?

t. poortherner

God, you're so fucking retarded. The science of climate change exists independent of idiot lefties and their dumb ideas


What does everyone do about self-defence? I might have too high an opinion of some of you individuals but it seems like a lot of you here would be trained to go if the need arose.

You've seriously never heard that before? Are you new?

didn't labour party ban white people?

Tories are losing? England is truly over?

>Aye its them fokin joos behind tha' climate change conspiricy. me mate daren told me down at tha' pub
>*Drowns in newly flooded cities*

burn all the tories . thats you only chance at survival. why wont you faggots listen. kill them

>implying the Tories aren't the problem

Pretty Jewish putting it in quotes as if that was what I was quoting, don't you think?

this this
this this


pretty resigned to the fact that if any entity wanted to they could fuck me up with technology

even so boxed for a few years and weightlift

If you don't see the climate change agenda as part of anti-white rhetoric I don't know what to tell you. All policies derived from stopping climate change negatively affect whites. Only we give a shit about the environment and bear the guilt for it and the media exploits that.

I take my katana with me most places.

I think the issue isn't really denial of climate change but a denial of the causes of climate change. The planet has been in a non-stop climatic fluctuation yet all of a sudden that fluctuation is my fault for driving a car so I should give more shekels to the good merchant to ensure my car makes the earth smile. That's the Jewy part.

>Are you new?
Please don't call me new, child.
I have been using Jew as an insult since I was in school. I was Cred Forums before Cred Forums was invented. Cred Forums is a homo website btw, and I've never understood why unironic Nazis would come here.

The greenhouse effect

Same reasons yardies speak how they do , to sound different to whitey/english

>All policies derived from stopping climate change negatively affect whites.
Because "they" have been pushing the idea that the whole thing is a lefty hoax to keep nationalists out of the climate future discussion. If you were in the discussion the policies would not all be so anti-white.
You just keep on excluding yourself and that will never change.

>caring about climate change as if you'll actually change anything

The planet has been in fluctuation between greenhouse and icehouse for as far back as we can tell. Nothing special about it at all, it preceeded humans and will succeed us. We didn't cause it and we won't end it.

>>caring about climate change as if you'll actually change anything

This, nationalist green party when?
Off course leftist undertaking something would have leftist elements shoe horned it, if a right winger undertook it would be made more beneficial to his interests

You're a trickster who ignores the significance of our contribution.

This is really shit lads. There was a time when these shills were the minority. What happened?

Most nationalists have hard green policies like extending national parks and conservation of our homeland. Your policies for tackling climate change are having less children, eating bugs instead of meat, and driving cuck cars.

I'm pretty sure those changes occur over a much longer period of time than the much faster occuring, man-made effects we're observing now.

>Your policies for tackling climate change are having less children
Bullshit. Read the article. It's brown people that need to be taught to have have less children.

>Cuck cars

Ham cana wonfray hoo mana ban cantay mon
>drowns in own bright orange vomit

Is there a race worse than the scottish?

The American.

Whites had to pay £10 more to get into a concert than blacks. Some agency shut it down and is currently taking them to court for discrimination, but the charge won't hold, and if commie corbyn becomes PM, I imagine there will be no stopping him.

>Read the article.
I did.

>Project Drawdown isn't the only group that has recently tied population growth to climate change. A study published last summer also found that having just one fewer child is a far more effective way for individuals in the developed world to shrink their carbon footprint than, say, recycling or eating less meat.
Your own article is anti-white.

In a hypothetical as long we enforce the borders and kick out the forginers, we can have as many or little children as we want, illegal immigration can be brought to near zero of we had the will, what needs to be done is putting sanctions or something on India and China if they don't reduce their emissions

Why are the Tories the problem?

As retarded and cognitively dissonant Americans are Ive never seen one piss themselves to death

>ignores the significance of our contribution
has no stats to prove 'significance', would be easy to do so if they existed

>This is really shit lads
concern trolling

> these shills were the minority. What happened?
people woke up to the mass produced narratice on muh polar bears and started to look at evidence, then along came climategate, and anyone with open eyes can see the whole scientific industry is corrupted.
shills like you intend to take up the whole spectrum of debate and thus leave no space for dispute, so the disputers/deniers set up in parallel, do their own work and are now overshadowing the old globalist narrative. this movement is grassroots, made up of individuals doing their own research, harder to manipulate, harder to quell

quite simple really lad.
and I won't call you a shill, but everything you've said is shill worthy; no evidence, only emotional snootiness

Also in the said hypothetical state encourage our business to move out of forgien countries

A fox just murdered my next door neighbours chickens and now its been shot.

>This, nationalist green party when?


New thread when we're ready to use it.

>what needs to be done is putting sanctions or something on India and China if they don't reduce their emissions
Part of the reason China has such high emissions is we outsourced our manufacturing to them. Nationalism also solves this.

>71 posts in
>Posting a new thread
It'll be archived by the time it's needed you dafty

no it won't

If Rees-Mogg leads the Tories and Corbyn spy drama turns out true Tories jump straight to 60%

Oh shut up calling everyone a shill.

800 years is all it took to return from temperate to glacial. Many more past events have been sudden too, what we are seeing currently is barely anything special when lined up alongside other events.

bit early lad.
but the specter of a right wing green party is often raised, I reckon it would be popular here, and in time among the population.
would be very hard to manufacture though

>low regulation
>high regulation on enviro issues

>supports big business
>supports countryside peace and NIMBY

i don't see it working

>draconian censorship
>will pander to literally every minority for votes knowing they will never come into contact with any of them
>Austerity and Jewish capitalism
>nationalistic unless it will
offend someone

You spoiled it.

>anti-white shill loses an argument
>completely loses its mind

>>completely loses its mind
you can't count?

Did your memory get reset?

What we need to do is
1.completly stop forgien aid(this sorts out the excess population as we starve)
2.shut down our borders and deport the forginers here
3.reduce oil use and the middle East suddenly has no income
4.stop buying pointless shit fromchina live more simple lifes
5. Try to reduce our own energy use

>give me attention
>give me attention

ah fuck off lad

Pretty sure I'm still winning.



Yep, still wining.

>the bot is now stuck in a loop

Serious question:

- Is Brexit still 'not happening', i.e. they're playing for time while running the psyops in the media, and eventually 'the people' will demand a second ref and remain will win and they'll have the excuse to cancel it?

- Or is that plan ^ not really working, and they've sort of resigned themselves to it actually happening and are reluctantly plodding towards it?

There be no seccond ref brexit will just be waterd down to nothing

>starts new thread early to distract from getting btfo
>tries to bump his own thread not knowing that doesn't work
>unable to answer any questions
>spews random numbers as self-defense mechanism
>claims to be an oldfag
>all government agents suddenly flee the thread
Government programmed mongs are so dumb.

fucking love cats man

Showing affection for cats is one of the signs of latent homosexuality.


dumb dogposter

What the fuck is wrong with Poortherners?

Based Southerner blocking off help to a N*rthener

This is GCHQ right now. One person saying something wrong completely ruins them.

Hey, it is the guy that shot that blackbird in his garden a bit ago, it was my first kill. Well I killed again. I shot a dove in the neck while it was sitting in a tree at the bottom of my garden. I shot it once again point blank in the head to make sure it was dead. Here's a pic.

>poortherners are so desperate to protect Muslim rape gangs they’ll target innocent white fathers

What is your problem!?

Prove you're not a bot.

And another, a close up.


Brexit in name only incoming

If something seems off, I can understand getting suspicious.
But that guy is so obviously her dad. They have the exact same fucking face. How much of a retard do you have to be to not see it?

What a waste.


There's geese and 2 more chickens it didn't get to yet. More merciful than having it ripped apart by the fuckers 2 huge Kangal dogs.

Kek , p**rtherners BTFO

Your the one whose programming broke. It's so bad you can't actually distinguish between yourself and other people. You are just broken m8, sorry.

Do you have some new numbers for us to fake-interpret?

1. isolationist
2. nationalist
3. anti-oil
4. anti-mass-production
5. modesty

Interesting blend lad. although I don't take the UKIP line that "cutting all foreign aid will stop bad things". I agree that foreign aid is undocumentedly used to fund regime change/ foment dissent etc. but when you align it with "deport all foreigners" I suspect it's just you being a selfish nationalist. remember nationalism is about your community, not just you, that's libertarianism.

but broadly, to reduce our dependence on oil, and foreing nations is a noble goal - but you have to fight the huge status quo bias we have in many spheres.

industrial - dependence on fossil fuelled electricity, transport & products - plastic

geopolitical - dependence on Russian gas, control of OPEC through oil markets

societal - to defeat the amaz0n culture of buying shit, the consumption, and waste with no thought of disposability

I don't think there's a UK ideology close to environmental / economic policy in this manner. There are though grassroots groups; for example, local currencies (Bristol Pound), anti-fracking (Frack Free UK), drug legalisation, Green belt campaigners and so on that form a very loose coalition of interests.
It's a shame that the green party is so shit. Was bound to happen with a bunch of hippies arguing for their own conspiracy theory, but it absorbs, in my humble opinion, far too much of the activist potential of the politically minded citizens.

You cunts see that Matthew Falder giy on the news?

Wew lad


>come home
>fat old fucking Greggnant neighbour's fallen over again
>ambulance parked in my spot
>literally nowhere else to park
I'd be a bit pissed off at the situation as well, luckily I don't drive.

It doesn’t say how they caught him. I bet there was some dodgy stuff

What do you mean by dodgy? I thought it was common knowledge that the dark web has been completely compromised by Feds.


another symptom of the broken society were left with . who can blame them. when i see an ambulence im no longer sad, the idea that im in anyway connected to the person its going to save is lost forever. the battered muslim girl suspected of being possesed by a deamon just isnt my problem

You know it was a paki who wrote the original note in that case?

Yeah but what did they ignore to get him, how did they trace him, etc

Fookin appy fur her. A luv sosij rolls frum greggs two

For what purpose? Go shoot game birds like a normal person instead plinking at whatever lands in your garden.


I didn't. That changes things.

yes, quote from gaurdian
"Falder’s is the first conviction of a “hurtcore” paedophile by British police. Described as the “worst of the worst”, hurtcore is a subculture of paedophilia, which, said the NCA investigator Matthew Long, aims to “hurt the individual to their very core”.

any here fucked up enough to have ever heard of this / know what it means?

>consumption, and waste with no thought of disposability
I might start collecting bags of dog shit hanging from trees and lobbing them at dog walkers for being lazy cunts expecting someone else to clear up after them. Pisses me off. I'd rather they didn't bother picking it up if they're going to leave it hanging from every branch like stinking baubles.

I thought the article was referring to another incident being by a paki

Found the article. Note the media uses events like this to further alienate us from our people when it's really non-whites initiating it.



Why do you lie poortherner?

>Last November, paramedics were told to move their ambulance as they treated a heart attack patient in Dudley. Also that month, another note was left on the windscreen of an ambulance in Small Heath, Birmingham, which read: ‘You may be saving lives but don’t park your van in a stupid place and block my drive’.
>Teaching assistant Hassan Shabbir Ali, 27, later apologised for writing the note ‘in the heat of the moment’.

Complete separate story.

m8 you're just retarded.

user was talking about that original case with the ambulance in reference to the latest incident.

It's fucking scary really. I imagined it being a white who was the perpetrator: subliminal. It's a little saying 'Imagine a paedophile teacher' and people will conjure up a man.

>A “vile” racist who posted about wanting to shoot Muslims in a Facebook rant following terror attacks in Manchester and London has been jailed.

>Drunken Andrew Littlefair, 50, called Islam a “disgusting disease” and said mosques should be burned down and Muslims should be wiped out in a series of posts over four hours.

Good enough for him, can’t have racists complaining about Muslims murdering people, they might get upset.

>another poorthern paedo
When does it end?


Can you not work out what those numbers mean?


Oh, well last time I did it for fun, but then I realized you could eat dove, so rather than just chuck it over someone's fence and move on I watched a 5 minute video on house to de-breast a dove, and I made a bit of a mess, but the end result was pretty good. I wrapped the breast in cling film and put it in the fridge. I'm a quick learner, also I can't go shooting game birds because my mom is a vegetarian. If she knew I shot this bird she would be furious.

It’s basically everything horrific under the sun. CP torture, blackmail, self harm.

Absolutely not true

>A “vile” racist who posted about wanting to shoot Northeners in a Cred Forums rant following the shutdown of Gregg's has been jailed.
How long until we're in the docks and the p*ortheners are the jury?

How long did he get?


Calling me a bot when he can't solve a simple puzzle.


He’s going to get murdered in prison, so it’s forever

>He also said: “My granddad didn’t fight and die for this.”

Kek, yes he did you drunken old fool.

Stop bloviating, Satan

Why are we replying to this?
It’s just another dumb p*rtherner, why do we care?


todays redpill


Can a 1pbtid solve the puzzle?

Poortheners won't stop until their dissidents are locked away from hate speech. Then no-one will be able to stop them from demolishing Buckingham Palace and building a string of Gregg's and bookies on it's ashes

>the bot wants me to invest thought into his bullshit
I've invested zero thought into your mind control trigger. Do you think I'm dumb? Set up your beam weapons on me again tonight if you want. You will never win.

is it a rating of how you feel sexually after a wank

>t. cats or homosexuals or homosexual cats

for hate speech*

>Breaking News
>Religious Nuts are Nuts
>More at 6

back to the kennels clifford


Serves him right for not recognising the benefits the denizens of the great desert dealth cult bring to our green and pleasant land.

Stay off the sniff, lad.

Lmao Eddie you sound gay as shit


Hello user. Good guess but not right.

I don't really give a shit. They can do what they want amongst themselves as far as I'm concerned.

How to provoke more witchcraft deaths amongst immigrant populations?

Are Joe has got a lot to answer for.

Watch out lads, Eddie is trying to summon his boyfriend again.

is it the ages of the last 19 girls you shagged

I win brit/pol

No and if it was thee were 41 girls but still a nonce.


>poortherner obsessed with a southerner
>can’t spell
Checks out

you've shagged 41 girls



>government mongs using a sequence of numbers to try and trigger a sexual response
This is the state of our intelligence services. You are all retards.

If you're not a Scouser, Welsh or Irish then GET OUT THIS THREAD

No not really. But of those numbers were counting ages, they would be counting the ages of 41 'conquests'.

that woman is so bloody cute she can say whatever she wants

Morning all!

>being any of those things


She has a nice voice.

stop vague posting

This is why you're almost extinct.

The absolute state of mainlanders

she has a kind face and good features. prime marriage material

Literally nothing of value lost there.

Would you be worried if your soon to be Medieval lecturer was sharing this?-

>vague posting
Hints are meant to be vague. I don't want to spoil the puzzle before 200 posts.

Go back to the start of the thread and read their replies. You aren't talking to a real person. He was trying to push an anti-white environmental message before he short circuited and started doing really weird shit.



Get a job you bum

the sea level is going DOWN not up you fucking prick


tell me or i'll spike your lasagne with jam


I only went to sleep 12 hours ago, give me a break

Brainlets can't figure this out.

>lasagne with jam
And fruit instead of meat or veg.

This is why you can't stop jihadism because you think developing mind control numbers does anything to real people.

I don’t even know where to begin with this shit desu

>you're a brainlet because a sequence of numbers without context is a sequence of numbers without context

845679123021830 -
what now kid heh

>implying my being on Cred Forums isn't voluntary/charity work providing mental-support for people like you

>12 hours
That's awful. Might make you live along time lots of sleep.

Lad, you're talking to an unironic fascist


My numbers have much more context than your single post.
Mine look are far less random as well.

>UKIP 4%

The absolute state of Britain

I've got it to looked forward. Emailed another lecturer last night (he loves Jordan Peterson, civic I know, but he keeps tweeting stuff about muslim rapes and the left ruining the country) to ask whether its worth taking that module. I cant put up with that bollocks.

>1 post by this id

>a South Asian is british because a 9000 year old mesolithic man had some swarthy features

Why do we entertain this shit? Have we all collectively decided it's easier to warp our perception of reality to avoid questioning recent immigration trends? I don't remember signing up for this.


My numbers are broken.
I must fix them.

I'm surprised the Lib Dems even have 8% desu

take the pledge, lads

Invest in lawnmowers

>'Why can’t a man be a mother?’ she asks. ‘Why do we care so much about what it means to be a 'mother' rather than to be a 'parent'?

>‘By all reasonable estimates, in the near future we will conquer the tyranny of the womb. The question remains if we can also conquer the tyranny of human prejudice, too.’

I think i'm in love lads

Yes. Reality bending is their forte because they are completely incompetent in actual physical reality dealing with actual real things. Government mongs can barely walk straight, they are pathetic. The police now think they are fighting crime by browsing Twitter.

>Her dad's vicar
On a scale of 1-10, how ashamed is he?

>I do not "follow my passion". I bring it with me.
What a pleb.

I carrying my passion with me everywhere. I use it in everything I do. I find it makes an excellent compass.

I think Theresa was the runt of the litter

Gf when

13 hungry mutts, sitting on a shelf
1 sharted far too hard, and then there were twelve

12 hungry mutts, thinking they'll go to heaven
One got diabetus, and there were only eleven

11 hungry mutts, their wives are fucking other men
one tried to stand up to Deshaun and then there were ten

10 hungry mutts, in the walmart line
One went to Detroit and then there nine

9 hungry mutts, in a class on speech-hate
One was poor and broke it's leg and then there were eight

8 hungry mutts, in a 7/11
One drank water in Flint and there were seven

7 hungry mutts, sucking jewish dicks
One swore on TV and then there were six

6 hungry mutts, obese and hardly alive
One got a bad circumcission and then there were five

5 hungry mutts, police have them on the floor
One had a kinder surprise and then there were four

4 hungry mutts, praising Robert E. Lee
One went to Columbine and then there were three

3 hungry mutts, microwaving a shoe
One bought a prostitute and then there were two

2 hungry mutts, playing with a gun
One fought for Israel and then there was one

Her husband is an anglo

there's still hope

Anyone listening to Albion Radio with Woes?

A lot of goalball discussion.

Hmm I wonder which one could be ethnically British. Gee, skin colour is such an ineffective determinant of race, isn't it?

I wonder if anonymongs will ever understand how pathetic and embarrassing it is to gloat at Americans.

Remind me of Mary’s age again?


Having either tory+lab at 78% is the real crime

You're free to fuck off to America anytime, Eddy.

Tf? What does this even mean?


I’m not a Christian and neither is she.
Nice try terrorist.

Back of the net commentary on the social effects or actual game discussion?

neck yourself

fuck lads if i was a bit older and a bit richer I would attempt a dm

big fan already

>reading comprehension
Typical retarded anonymong. Where did I say I liked Americans?

Anyone seen the Shape of Water? Is it any good? Watched Phantom Thread but thought it was shite.

Tbh I don't care about Aisha or anything, just be Muslim in Muslimland and not here

Heard that was a good movie

Brits are so fucked. It's either Tories or Labour and both are absolute trash. Tories might be the lesser of two evils but what hope does the UK have for the future at this rate?

You're just an annoying faggot who likes to split hairs. There is literally nothing wrong with muttposting, poortherner.

Bongs stay fucked lad

It's called "reaction formation", probably the only idea from psychoanalytics that is true, at least on a collective level. Essentially, what it means is that people tend to avoid conclusions that would cause them anxiety or grief by embracing the opposite of those conclusions with great passion. Pretending like something isn't true because you couldn't cope with the truth on a psychological level if you acknowledged the truth.

The people who push the Cheddar Man meme, plus the people who wrote those shows with black historical figures, understand that Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Africans aren't really British. They understand deep down that a Dutchman with an English great-grandmother who has never been in Britain for more than a few weeks at a time is still more British than a Pakistani who was born and raised in Britain. But to admit that would force them to draw the anxiety-inducing conclusion that Britain needs a solution to get rid of the Pakistanis (bribe-to-leave, deportation, or worse). So instead they pretend really loudly that Pakistanis and Africans and whatnot were always part of Britain ("I can't hear you, lalalalala").

i bet your arse smells nice

That was a mistake, I never usually write it like that.

They're calling them bugmen, basically.

Yanks like any old shite.

Smells peachy. Unfortunately that was not an argument.

>when a leaf understands British politics better than British posters

I'm talking about the Shape of Water

That's because us Leafs are in the exact same predicament.

I would eat peaches off your peachy smells arse



Good that you have a lecturer like that. I’m looking to study history next year, not sure if it's a good idea if I’m going to be told Admiral Nelson was a genderqueer Azerbaijani.

Labour are based despite the lying Blairites.. Corbyn is the only politician in this country who has principles and stands for the common person instead of the capitalist class.

Well you came and you gave without taking
But I sent you away, oh Aarathi
And you kissed me and stopped me from shaking
And I need you today, oh Aarathi

Lefties are bigger one-drop purists than nazis. If so much as one black person steps foot on British soil, that must be proof of Britain's unquestionable heterogeneity.

At least Britain is moving in the right direction in at least one sense with brexit. Canada has gone full "post-national".

>UKIP 4%

You guise are cucked beyond redemption

Shut your gabber Pinko

What a fucking retard you are.

>charging white folk double for hearing a speech
Sounds like trash to me

>t. Mamadou Ali Al Bakayoko

Eddie lives in his car.

Once Jacob Rees-Mogg becomes Prime Minister, all will be well.

The homosexuals will go back in the closet, the women will go back to the kitchens, and there will be smiling white children playing in the streets without having to worry about Pakistani rape gangs.

Has mum started asking for board yet?

Your government is banning porn and you need ID to buy a butter knife. Also you can go to jail for mean tweets against Muslims. Hardly improving my dude.

stop being rude to guests

Don't listen to Eddie, he has "issues" and lives in his car and has piss-cups which he calls mini-bins

Shut up Tory cum guzzler. Why don't you go buy your 30p American Freddos and feel grateful for the opportunity "bucko".

Not what actually happened, but even if it did, good.

Who are you talking about leaf?

Porn is degenerate, any true conservative knows this and will encourage a ban.


>but even if it did, good.
SJW shill fag, KYS.

>you have to be a Tory if you don't support Labour
>Pinko logic

You absolute cunt.

'Get lost', basically.

>telling us to migrate
it's like having tony back in power
fuck off. i'll be here til 310 and proud
*sips pint furtively*

EDL-tier myopia.

Government bot completely BTFO. Get fucked you dumb cunt.

But those aren't even words, what's going here Bongs? English folk can't speak English no more?

My thread won't die.

Ode to Aarathi

Alas our years too far apart
for my mere love to bridge
Your face and skin churn in my heart
that ancient sacrilege

Although you are much smarter than me
my ancestral wisdom tells
it doesn't matter you have a phd
My heart once more it swells

It's Scottish dialect. It's bizarre and when used like this, just a form of digital jockface.

Settlers are known cuckolds

Hmm well I don't get it


Hey Ed, going to the Pig & Pipe tonight?


Has that fixed it?

What happened to my ID?

I haven't cleared my cookies.
Has Cred Forums been changed?

Interesting. Is that the same idea they use to charge anyone critical of gays
with repressed homosexuality themselves? Similar if not, no?


>Awa and boil yer heid ya total numptie
>Away and boil your head you total idiot

Go away and place your head into a pot of boiling water you idiot

>tfw seriously considering going back to study archaeology & anthropology