Emma gonzalez, Florida Activists Take On Gun Laws


this is Emma gonzalez. she's gonna make the difference and take all your assault guns.

say something nice about her.

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>some stupid cunt gonna make a bunch of noise

do they ever do anything else?

So, Mexico has these "Gun laws", right?
What's your crime rate again?
if the US wanted to solve gun crimes, we'd send all our Mexicans back.

was her head shaved before or after the shooting?
every girl i knew in high school who had a shaved head was a horrible person
clearly having a mental breakdown and the media is having a field day putting her on camera.

terrible situation for the gal desu. hope she comes to her senses and/or gets out of the public eye so she can sort herself.

Make US like Mexico! NOT!

just because she shaved her head doesn't mean she is a bad person user.

but did she do it before or after??

man, I want to fuck this dyke

>she's gonna make the difference and take all your assault guns.

Before. I live a few miles from the shooting and this cunt was on local news the next day saying how we dont need guns. Literally everything she said was factually incorrect and or did not make sense.

Pretty much what says. Florida isnt the gunshine state for a reason. We may be flooded with nigs and spics, but even the furthest left Puerto Rican I know, has a gun on his nightstand..

bring back gorepoasting boys

>Las Vegas
>metal detectors
>x ray machines
>Michael Bloomberg pays for
>the March for Our Lives

yep. she is definitely THAT kind of girl in high school.

commander cody, the time has come exectute order 66.

I want to nut on her head

She'll be dead before she steps into my driveway

just means she's a dyke

I bet she had an awesome Bat Mitzvah.

you need to take her back juan

huu huuuu bring back kick the normies out

I'm pretty sure she just needs to get pozzed by a nigger and left in a gutter somewhere like what would happen to her in Africa or London UK


Why is someone that isn't a citizen weighing in on American politics?

>say something nice about her
The shooter missed one.

it's really weird to me how that isn't a person.
like, it kind of looks like a person, and I know that it was a person before, but something changed, and now it's more like a glove or a shoe. that's really really weird.
I can see why some people start killing other people now; they want to witness the change from person to glove.
it's not for me.

She has splendid radio face.

1000000% false flag

Feminism is a bio weapon

Looks like a dude desu

Clam digger

Look at those eyes. She’s a psychopath who loves the attention

Did you just assume Xers gender?

You're whats wrong with society.


be newer

Stillo plento o roomo lefto.

buh bye o


lol this stupid whore mentioned how Japan has no mass shootings but seems to ignore 30 people dying or getting wounded in a massive stabbing spree at a retirement home like 2 years ago

i've been here longer than you, newfag.
this is my board of peace.

GO back to shithole juarez

hurrr so brave and powerful

You know now I hope theres another one of these events.


How are there so many Mexicans in America? Like where do they all even come from?

>I hope theres another one of these events.

Due to the availability of firearms in the US more massacres are a certainty. There is no need to hope, just wait.

Just bad looking


there's nothing wrong having a spanish last name in a country with half of the cities and towns have spanish names too.

Shame she was not shot.

Do not reply to troll threads.
Sage, Report, Move on.

Shes cute in this pic. I mean, shame shes a dyke whore parasite, but shes still kinda cute.

March for our lives is a Soros money play.
Same company was sued for trying to force people to sign up for Obamacare before the signup deadline or they would be fined

"The case against Kobeni Inc. and its president, Yair Shalev, is the first the agency has brought alleging ACA-related fraud. According to the FTC’s complaint, from at least May 2013 through August 2013, the defendants sent consumers email with statements such as" ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2014/01/ftc-charges-email-spammer-tricking-consumers-phony-information


Registrant Contact

Name: Registration Private

Admin Street: 14455 N. Hayden Road
Admin City: Scottsdale
Admin State/Province: Arizona
Admin Postal Code: 85260
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.4806242599
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax: +1.4806242598
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email: [email protected]


Look to Israel for the cause of the problems.

“Hell hath no fury like an ass-kicked liberal”


Dis bitch a retard

>say something nice about her.
Looks flammable.

Oh you can tell from her eyes fag? Fuck off

Somehow I feel though that the reason you get alot of crazy spic bitches that support this leftist BS is because of the converso blood. You can take the religion out of the jew, but you cant remove the need to trick and pull fuckery

It absolutely does. No woman shaves her head to be a beacon of hope and kindness.

Imagine if 18 year old women ran the world. Wew.

Ugly asf

wow, never knew adolescent spics have the power of changing the bill of rights

Ay dios mio!El Goblino!

She's complaining about people bringing up Cruz's social isolation then ridiculing him further saying they weren't surprised. It's clear Cruz suffered social torture his whole life, look at the weird cunt, he's the exact sort of person that gets bullied until they snap

>le 56% face

they day they come for our guns will be the day of the rope. come and get them.

Why did she shave her head?

Anyone call ICE on her yet?

Good acting skills

She looks like a cunt


Bitch is a complete psychopath

So the people here wishing she was shot aren't psychopaths, but somebody speaking out against their friends dying is a psychopath?


Last week: eating Tide Pods for the lulz
This week: saving the world
Next week: I’m off to Cabelas to buy a fancy new Springfield Armory 1911 with my tax reform bonus.

> say something nice about her

She fits the stereotype well.


Fuck off britbong, don't you have something to do like prep your wife's/daughters Muslim bull or bin a knife, oh and pay your TV license you cheeky cunt!!

show me your green card

kek I saw her on he news on the tele and my initial thought was
>el goblino...


Standing in front of a crowd, whipping them into a fuhry about compliance. She is a Nazi, shaved head and all.

I'm not even British.

time for her to go back to gun free mexico.

Or ya know...they can both be psychopaths...

Nice do, Sinead

Another Jewess with a latina name.
No thanks Israel.
We SHOULD be talking about the hawaii missile and quake a few days later.

sneed's fuck and suck

I wonder which ethnicity makes the most money off of those things on the right, couldn't be the chosen people, could it?

sign behind her says: WHINY WHORE?
teen toothing w tat nigaspic and some glob earring idgaf go back to paraguay u non white non male non land owner

I went to school there. She has no friends. She's a sociopath. She just wants this attention.

there is no such thing as an assault gun

Typical Amerimutt.

Please don't take muh assault gun!

That's right. Stay on the internet dismissing everything they say, instead of being on the streets protesting against it making YOUR voices heard.

What's a good boy?! Who's a good boy?! That's right, you are Cred Forums, you are!

Can I get a quick run down on why this little spic boy hates guns

9/11 ?
Trips of truth. Israelis and American Jews have made more attacks on US soil in 20 years than any other "terrorist" organisation.
Just ban assault Jews.

The only thing the school shooter did wrong was let so many get away. Imagine going to that school. Would be hellish.

(((School shootings)))

With that hairstyle, she won't get lice

Well we have that to look forward to at least.

What's Hugh Jackman doing on al jazeera?

I was hoping someone would have shot her in the face when she opened her spic traitor hole, then turned it on the msm newspeople, and broadcast the last moments of the lib pols on their knees begging

Man, that's a good movie

Check her status.......deport her parents or her her friends.
Charge her with aiding and abetting a fugitive.

How frequent are mass stabbings in Japan?

I'd cum on her shaved head, no homo.

>doesn't mean she is a bad person
just ugly as fuck

But you see having guns is why we don't feel the need to. I have no desire to take part in this bullshit. They gave us freedom of speech then they gave us gun rights to protect it. It's not going anywhere. They couldn't do it when Dems controlled everything. They couldn't do it after Sandy Hook. They can't do it now because they don't want to die.


Why are there so many French in Canada? Like where do they all even come from?

The US annexed most of the land area of Mexico about 150 years ago. They got some Mexicans with it. Add to that the fact that the US is right next to Mexico, and they'll get Mexicans showing up just like you and Mexico get Americans.

Woman demands that men fix all the problems. News at 11.


Shut up, Jereb.


Kid's in Florida, which is full of Cuban rightists as a result of Castro noticing that he could give a middle finger to the Americans and purge his country of dissidents without killing anyone if he just let them all go.

>implying a bald left-wing spic that doesn't know anything firearms or the NRA making a difference
I'd like to see her take on PlannedParenthood.

Im going to las vegas tomorrow, can i bring my guns?

cunt doesnt even know what an assault weapon is but she does know how big de'shawns cock is and what pronouns her mentally ill friend prefers.

tl;dr: kids dont know shit


THIS IS HUGE.... Why isn't anyone paying attention to this. Good find!

>make fun of neo-nazis for being skinheads
>"dont make fun of her for being a skinhead!"

>cunt doesnt even know what an assault weapon is

she was in the shooting, nigger.

Shaved head = fucked three different guys in one week

>tfw no Stugg III

>hawaii missile and quake
clicked the word alert instead of test alert
employee not cooperating with investigators
comes 2 weeks after hawaii reinstated its cold war test drills

oh bullshit - another god damned gov op they moved the click monkey and it's not cooperating because it doesn't have to, it is the law

bump for justice

Thats about 5 minutes from where i work, what should i do user?

do you know what is an "assault weapon", pedro?

still doesn't know what an assault weapon is

Not as "in" as some of us would like.

Your right, we should have renamed the Cities to have English names.

probably nothing because that guy proved no actual link between the obamacare company and the march for our lives
i dont see how they're the same people so far

If she just sucked his dick, this wouldn’t have happened. We need comfort women to prevent mass violence.

The former Mexican territories were sparsely populated, California for instance only had 3,000 Mexicans living there.


Hold on, let me just make a call to ICE first.

In the likely case you're from another country going through a proxy, I'd like to thank you, user. Thank you for reinforcing the fact that mexicans are fucking retarded.

Fuck this wetback dyke

is she making that shzzzhzhzzz sound that queer libs do on the mic all the time

She should have shaved her eye brows off and penciled them on like the rest of your kind.

I've always been into chicks with shaved heads (not this beaner) and this thought never once occurred to me.. thanks for the new fetish.

Once upon a time someone claimed 90% of australians on Cred Forums were teenagers and seeing you retards spam this fucking meme in every thread makes me think they were right


Why should anyone listen to this mexican proto-dyke apart from the possibility that he/she/it has a giner?


>she's gonna make the difference and take all your assault guns.

Let her try,nobody touches my assault guns

>plot twist - she's a dreamer


I doubt this female is from muh Paraguay, very few females here are articulate enough to utter a cohesive sentence without mixing some Spanish in

The NRA is run by Fudds and (((lawyers))), your money is better spent with the GOA


are you retarded? did you actually follow both links? they clearly list the same phone number and address (both belonging to a phone / email scammer who has been prosecuted for fraud)

big if true

She wants attention, she wants to profit of this, she wants to be famous, she doesn't care about the people that died at her school, she's probably a popular girl and bullied people yet takes the moral high ground.

She is a SJW and a Bitch

>She wants attention, she wants to profit of this, she wants to be famous, she doesn't care about the people that died at her school, she's probably a popular girl and bullied people yet takes the moral high ground.
bitches will do anything for attention

i like where this is going

>la creatura

Someone make the gf meme

Someone really needs to make the gf meme
>18 years old
>excellent public speaker
>survived mass shooting
>organizing a massive march on Washington
>Democratic politicians would literally suck her dick for an endorsement
>attended well-regarded Florida high school
>cool buzz cut that reminds you of Sigourney Weaver in Alien 3
>melts your heart with hip teen language like "full clapback" that you don't even understand


tfw no gun control activist gf


She's crying thinking of all the Ivy League scholarships she's going to get out of this stunt.

>DACA going bye-bye in 2 weeks
Sorry sweetie, you're going to have to fight for gun control in Mexico. I'm sure the cartels are very sympathetic to your dyke ways.

Eyes are the window of the soul. If you can’t see anything through those windows, they have no soul.

She is profiting of misfortune and she will l make an amazing career out of doing so, I'm peanut butter and jealous.

Fuck it guys I'm becoming a Liberal it's so much easier to profit of it, I just need to be an attention hungry prick with no morals or cognitive dissonance. I'll be meeting you nazi scum in combat at the next protest. It's been a pleasure shitpostig with you all

Won't it be hard to stand out as a virtue signaling cunt in the UK?

No beaner bitch is gonna take me away from the stug life

>this is Emma gonzalez. she's gonna make the difference and take all your assault guns.

And just HOW is she or anyone else going to take my guns?

Are they gonna use guns to make me give back my guns, because that would be ironic as fuck.

Not really the UK isn't a SJW infested shithole yet like America. We actually have a culture of hating other races instead of being made up of other races like America.

Russian bots save use from this bean dyke!

Yes you stupid yank, they are going to put a gun to your fat ass head and match into your mum's house and take your guns and your computer with all the CP on it, what part don't you understand?

ugly whore, trump should deport her to gun control mexico

is she mexican?

*Offer not available in London

I really hope she's a permanent american resident

yea it does. Its a sign of mental instability. She will soon go to college, get reamed by over 20 dudes, join every radfem and radical SJW group, scream the loudest, smoke tons of weed and then at 28 be a washed up man hating SJW dyke

Lol :D

Ok, but I thought guns are evil?

But they aren't evil when used to take away guns from the public?

Just trying to wrap my head around the logic.

La creatura

>the UK isn't a SJW infested shithole yet like America. We actually have a culture of hating other races instead of being made up of other races like America.
>P pl please ignore London and the BBC you you mu mutts!

Goblina Americana

Elian had a sex change

surely a 56% mexican millenial lesbian with a shaved head will fix school shootings sit down she'll take it from here

She charged 2 dollars for blowjobs across the border.

Is this before or after the american liberals stop spitting on the 'racist' police and military long enough to convince them it's worth dying to disarm the conservative Trumpers? Or will the left suddenly stop avoiding guns like a literal plague? So many questions.

Should've shaved her face first, wtf

"We call BS!"
Surely change is imminent.

Hope you’re a permanent mexican resident

Fucking la creatura

how to know if CIAniggers are fucking with me because i exposed something?

To be honest, I'm scared. I realize that confiscation is inevitable, and once it passes, TPTB will consolidate global authority once and for all. These are the last days, and I'm not right with God.
>inb4 pussy
A little fear is a healthy thing to have. Don't kid yourselves, our time is almost up.

Can't wait to get my phased plasma rifle in a 40 watt range.


wish them luck!

>if you are a progressive at young Age you've no brain, if you're a conservative at old age you're heartless.

So US students are going to celebrate Hitler's birthday on April 20 by walking out of their mandatory Holocaust classes? Der Fuhrer would be proud!

You're right you're a pussy and physically weak they won't even bring a gun for you they'd just straight up take your gun.
That's literally one small town in London where we keep our foreigners, unlike America where it's literally mostly other races Jews, Mexicans, niggers the list goes on and on. Plus we have actual government parties like UKIP that hates immigrants and his influence what does America have, the weed man green party? Kek
There is literally ten times the percent of niggers in America than the UK you retard. America invented BBC Cuck porn

Hey, just what you see pal!

>That's literally one small town in London where we keep our foreigners
Oh, and that mayor thing. Ignore that.

Stop saying "We" There is a percentage of hard-core southerners who would actually do anything with there guns, the rest of you are pussies, especially you American autists on here

get on a door, and float back to where you came from

This cunt is gunna be bigger than Malala Yousafzai.

Screencap this.

Like I said London, we don't really give a shit about them they are basically a piggy bank of money for the rest of us. And yes just ignore the point I made of America having a higher percentage of niggers, Muslims, Polish etc. And how American is a SJW haven. And how you invented BBC Cuck Porn. And how you are the fattest nation on earth. And how you ate Israels bitch. And how you have millions of kikes who influence your countries future. And how you have gave Israel billions. And how trump your fearless leader is a Jewish rentboy

what kinda brainlet actually watches this clips and thinks its any where near the technology level of Big Dog, literally fooled by movie props.

I heard most of Emma Gonzalez` speech. It sounded like what you'd expect from a 17 year old who knows almost nothing about anything and is emotional from having experienced a traumatic event. She used her speech essentially to bash trump and say they were going to change the laws even though she's not even eligible to vote. As she kept talking I suspected more and more she had been coached.

Then after the radio host took callers and a woman from Calgary Alberta called in and said she was talking on facebook to a guy from Montana once, and she was outraged they were having a raffle there where the prize was a rifle, and the minimum age to purchase a raffle ticket was 6, and the guy straight up told her he's going to own and carry weapons because he is a free man, and when she objected with usual SJW "Muh gun laws" he said she is not a free woman and that he truly feels sorry for her situation.

Completely BTFO'd. It's true. Americans are truly Kings of Kings, the peak of individual freedom and maturity while the rest of the world are mere peasants because of their freedom level.

Remember, if you are not free you are a slave :)

2018 women are insufferable as fuck. This cunt is going to grow up to be a major pain in the balls. Fuck the future.

And how you're our bitch.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of teenage boys and girls hiding under their desks as a heavily armed man-child walks around their school killing. It is the natural manure that obviously needed so that right wing fucks can stroke their metal cocks in fear of being oppressed by their government.

BTFO stands for blown the fuck out. Just say BTFO, retard


>"How's your DACA petition coming along?"
Back to your narco-terror state, Sr. Sinaloa.

But we aren't though? You're more our bitch? We are basically the only country that still tolerates you and you always come crying to us to go to war alongside you because the rest of the world despises you.

Who's the vic?

I am a normie and gore does don't affect me

Or if gore don't affect me it means that i am don't a normie?


Sorry, bruh, but you are. You follow us around and say how high when we say jump.

Nikolas Cruz (shooter) was staying with James Snead / 48 / Army Vet: star-telegram.co...
James Barrett Snead / 48 / Parkland, FL = Military Intelligence Analysis Vet / Central Texas College = Psychology . . . . James Snead claims not to have seen signs that Cruz had problems. Not possible. Deep State Handler

Disgusting attempt at the English language you should be ashamed.

The gods have spoken.

If that's the case that orange prick better hurry his ass up with our trade deal or that will change real quick and your only ally will be your master Israel


Say it with me:



>no digits

You'll wait as long as we say and you'll like it.


The four stooges: The whole lot of 'em!

Proofs or GTFO.

how is no one who been in the shooting inside the school is defending the guns? did someone on Cred Forums could change their views if their live is in danger?

Rip english

We won't wait forever we can easily just trade with our commonwealth slaves India Africa Canada etc of you yanks don't want to repay us for getting trump elected (Brexit) But we will punish you if we don't get trade deal

Nah, she ain't gonna do shit. Typical south Florida lefty. Loud and spanish but no real power because we keep 'em confined to their own districts.

That's it. We're no longer returning your calls. Go cry to Germany.


its that your best answer?


It wasn't an answer. It was a critique of your horrible English.

"Todo la Raza, nada!" is my best guess, at the moment.

so, you dont have an answer for that, i get it.

He's right you did butcher the English language Pablo

>There is literally ten times the percent of niggers in America than the UK you retard.
Wrong. If going by the outdated 2011UK census, America only has 4x (12%) the percent amount of Blacks than you (3%). I doubt your number has gone down in recent years.
>America invented BBC Cuck porn
A Jewish trick

Just kidding. We can never quit you, Britain.

Why nobody talks about KEVLAR vests, or clothing?..In America it should be easy to get Kevlar vests as walking into a Walmart



Damn this was DESTINED to get massive replies.

10/10, Juan

>We only have 4× the amount of niggers as you
>America creating cuck porn Is a Jewish trick

America is truly pathetic please nuke yourselves.

Kevlar's not stopping an AR15 round.


immediately ignored

All of the materials to make better than retail quality vests can be purchased online.

>why dont I see people bragging about having them often

People that put the thought into such a thing tend not to behave like stupid niggers advertising that they have something that the kikes dont want them to have.

I think that's JFK.

>Skinhead dyke mutt reads a script
Why do so many people give a shit about this?

'Cause the establishment is peppering the masses with "This one is/will be different", or words to that effect; they're rubbing it in our faces! Sandy Hook wasn't this overt about it, come to think.

>>my president is THICC

Honestly if you aren't white you have no say on the gun debate, if you are white you only really have a say if your argument is pro gun.

>This is going to be great, I'll just pass this gun confiscation law and then the military will go kill all these conservatives one by one!

We're not pussies like the Limeys. Here is a more accurate prediction on how things would actually go: Liberals pass gun confiscation law. Instead of sitting quietly in their homes waiting for the police to come take their guns one by one, people on the right join militias as civil war begins. Leftards cheer. Then they realize that this isn't a civil war between the military and gun owners. It's a civil war between gun owners and THEM. Militias start picking off gun control supporters one by one. Chicago can't even stop 300 homicides, you think any city will be able to stop an intentional militia-led guerilla war against gun confiscation supporters? A few celebrities will get picked off and the rest will be forced to go in hiding. Same with gun-grabbing judges and politicians. Their kids will have to stop going to school, their wives won't be able to leave the house. Tough luck for the random gun grabbers on Twitter, they've got nowhere to hide. After a bloody few years liberals finally realize that no one is going to fight this war for them, and the law gets rescinded.

Is this really what you want? It's not even your country, so maybe. But I don't think this gun confiscation war is going to go the way you think it will.

>let's give up our rights because of statistically insignificant events that are overhyped by the media as happening every day right down your street

Underrated post

No. No one gave us these rights. They are inalienable.

Something nice? I like buzz cuts on women and I'd definitely fuck her in the ass.

If you lost friends and peers in a violent act, now is not the time to smile.


is the girl on the left the one that said there was a second shooter and she was with Cruz and said "we thought you'd be the shooter" when she heard gunshots? is it the same girl pol?


Destroying society is easy it’s trivial even... you don’t technically even need guns.. you just need the will.. fire alone can do the job but arms does make it easier

When white men decide to Bring down society it will come down..

A small band of armed men can take out a power grid and disable an entire city


I am hopeful that at least their political leaders will realize how stupid this is long before it comes to that (or will lose elections by trying to run on this). But it's just baffling watching liberals game out their fantasy of how this works and it always ends up being "I sit in my house laughing while a bunch of redneck cops and military people go shoot guns for me at a bunch of redneck gun owners." It is never the more realistic "the rednecks who have spent the last 20 years out in the woods training for this declare me the enemy and decide to come to my house one night and blow my brains all over the wall, then disappear into the darkness. Then the police who can't solve a basic gang shooting also can't solve my own shooting."

They know gun owners won't just sit around and take this because their gun confiscation fantasy always involves a fight between the military and the gun owners. In our last civil war entire cities were burned to the ground. When Rodney King was beaten half the city of LA was burned, and that wasn't that long ago. Why they think they'll be exempt from the violence they're pushing for is a mystery.

La goblina


she is a teenager and has no brain or mind of her own. her opinion does not matter. fuck yourself you stupid mexican.

How did they id him so fast while he wore a gas mask?

Eat shit wetback supporter

yes you are our bitch, if our country goes down so will every other one. if you guys go down, no one will give a fuck.

Is this bitch even legal?


Cause white people aren't doing anything

This is why we can not give Amnesty for DACA people. They have to go back.

μολὼν λαβέ you dyke cunt.

If she's got a cunt it's a her in my book.

legal for what? why does this matter?

Who cares what a high school student has to say? I don’t care about your gun opinion if you’ve only been driving for two years.

Anti 2A gun thread#85

gee I wonder where Mexico is getting their guns... could it be a crazy gun happy neighbor that has no issue selling guns to psychos cus muh 2nd mendment .


She is a figurehead. A puppet to disguise the donors of this "grassroots" shitshow.

>gee I wonder where Mexico is getting their guns

from obongo and cia niggers

someone post a link to her tumblr

she is a bad person. not actually as ugly as Cred Forums is making her out to be though

She looks like the average Paco you see in the street

>Quintesential american mutt
>La creatura

I'm sure that she would have no problem killing anyone who didn't give in to her demands. That's evil. It sucks that everybody from the school to the FBI failed to stop the gingersnap from doing what he did. But this thot wants to punish everyone else who didn't do shit. Fuck her, "From My Cold Dead Hands!"

I want to rub my cum into her buzzcut

ex military is bad news 100% of the time. also if you look into this story cruz was supossed to inherit 800,000 dollars. where does that money go now?

I can already tell what she'll look like in college.

She’s like 14 and so wise...