For the first time AfD is now the second strongest party in Germany

For the first time AfD is now the second strongest party in Germany

What are your thoughts on this Cred Forums?

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*kackt in den Faden*

Alternative for dick? Hehe


Still not enough, get your shit together faster germany

t. your neighbor

Bümp for jüstice. Gott mit euch!

afd are fashists and racist

You can't live with just 16%.
Damn it, we left Europe and became Euromutts because we trusted you to preserve it. What's with the handing it all over to mudslimes?!

>What are your thoughts on this Cred Forums?

Ja heil! \o

means nothing because of how german fake constitution works but cool i guess. stay in your own country


You need to make it 1st asap. The time for resolving the problem is passing by quickly. After some time, it will become impossible.

Naja bin amol ane rauchn


Are you doing your part, Hamid? What's the situation for Mme Président?

In East Germany the AfD has now 25% and is only 1% from the CDU. We are going to rule Germany in 4 years. That's more % than Hitler or Stalin or Trump got in his first five years.

go back to albanian you subhuman nigger

At least Le Pen did 35 %, not 18%

>Only 5 years old
>2nd strongest party (SPD is 155 years old for comparison)
what did we mean by this


vü spass uezs


>The Fire Rises

>SPD finally not second

The afd is a fucking joke and ruining germany. I cant understand how so many retards could vote for this party.




Ach Ronny

INSA is all but a reliable source
don't ever trust their results whatsoever

Congrats Krauts, keep it up!
Fuck you fake Swiss.

All jokes aside. Like at least half of the afd members and supporters are really fucking stupid. There are plenty of arguments against immigration to be made but all they do is "Muh Kümmeltürken"

They are the only reliable source. They had the exact result for the election 2017 while all other parties had 8-9% for AfD.

I love my Saxony

t. Kümmeltürke

Petry is going to regret her little stunt of leaving the AfD.

Re-Elections when?

Sweet, now only 84% of Germans are gigantic pussies.

If you fix your shit, Germany, I'll literally implode.
Don't you want to see leafland implode? Fix your shit.

you are mutts of everything other than european

It's not like the other polls paint a rosy picture of the SPD with it having >30%. At best they inch out a 5% advantage (also still under 20), even Forsa, run by a literal SPD member, just sees them 3 points ahead.
Their average keeps going down



>What's with the handing it all over to mudslimes?!
Courtesy of the ethnomasochistic propaganda we forced down their throats after WW2. To the extent that the Germans are cucks and not volksstolz it's because we mandated that REMEMBER THE 6 GORILLION GOYIM be tattooed on the inside of the eyelids of every German at birth since 1945

Mfw when middle eastern countries care more about Germany than Germans

>twice as less votes as the leading cucks

Don't know how kraut politics work but seems to me like this means shit.

When the Fourth Reich comes, memeflags will be rounded up and sent to deathcamps on day one

Macron on that pic literally looks like a jew. His nose, his teeth. 100% hebraic.

he's right though

Speech by Poggenburg who talks about sending Turks back, calling them camel drivers and other stuff

Sounds like Göbbels kek

Go to 08:30

that's for sure, the numbers are definitely concerning
but the point still stands, Güllner is infinitely more reliable than those made up numbers made from thin air

Groko wouldn't work in a new election because thay woundn't have 50%

Gott Mit Uns.



Yeah I am not joking I mean their feelings are justified but their arguments are weak.

I guess I want to know how long I have to sneak in

I love his humor

The gap will be even larger once SPD members reject the Grand Coaliton on March 4th!

It's actually quite alarming if you ask me.

Nationalism in Europe (especially Germany) has proved to be quite toxic time and time again and I think that path should be avoided. I completely understand that there's problems with the refugee influx, but the German economy needs migrants if they want to avoid collapse. I think that a more extensive selection process for who they allow into Germany would prove to be a good solution. Closing off borders 100% never ever works. There are millions of immigrants out there who are capable of helping the Germany economy without causing disruption. Color doesn't matter. Ideology does.

Brown people have no future in Europe! All of them will leave one way or the other.
We'll just take away their citizenship and let them swim back to Africa if no one wants to take them back. Fuck them!

Better than nothing

all thats need is to get one of the leaders arrested on some trumpted up "hate speech" charge and have them come out with a book describing their struggles with the (((EU)))

good luck

Holy shit I cannot unsee this now.


>but the German economy needs migrants if they want to avoid collapse.

Thank you for your opinion Mr. Cohen.

Or another German Luca Traini...

Take your time, they are not showing any signs of getting less naive.

and theyre calling us mutts?


im a non white in germany. Could i potentially claim that im a political refugee when i try to GTFO here?

yeah lets just replace all of the germans so they can have pensions
why not increasing fertility of native germans
why do you want to erase germans?
how do you think the economy will function when the average iq becomes 80 eventually
the only immigrants that would fit the requirements would be some east Asians and other white people

HEIL (satire)

There is loads of immigration within Europe. No need to invite all these "doctors and dentists" from Syria and Somalia and so forth.
And Americans are in no position to complain about nationalism in Europe and especially Germany. It's pretty non existent here while those dumb American cunts think their rather shitty country is the best in the world.


>t. retard
They were spot on, within 1% for all.


merkel might have backtracked but is it enough? people are tired of her shit and want an alternative, no matter how stupid and backwards some of their ideas are. the same that happened with trump is happening here. trump might be a brute but he understood that people are fucking tired of politicians lying and pushing their leftie multi-culti agenda.


Doesn't matter, you losers will get Merkel reelected eitherway

the LKA is knocking on your door

Or we could fix our pyramid scheme system so we're not having to import a new bottom layer every 5 years to keep everything from going to shit, just throwing that idea out there.

Fuckts eich

Kick that bitch Merkel out.

You're welcome, but I'm not a new.

It's not my fault that Germans are having children, and that you people repeatedly vote for socialists. Truth is, your generous welfare systems will collapse in the blink of an eye without the contributions of migrants. Why do you think Europe has become so successful over the centuries? They were founded on immigration because it sparks economic growth. You'd be a fool attempting to reverse something that has been working well in Europe for decades. You'll be begging for immigrants once your socialist programs run out of money.

this is the guy. he's got that hitler rage. you guys need a strong leader like this to uncuck you.

>but the German economy needs migrants if they want to avoid collapse.

>We have to invite strangers into our home instead of fixing our economic system to handle the change in population

Literally the most pathetic argument in inviting migrants but often the most defended

>Truth is, your generous welfare systems will collapse in the blink of an eye without the contributions of migrants.

Good. We don't want a welfare system or any kind of social security. The 21 century is the century of capitalism and individualism. Which is why we need a libertarian society.

Merkel will go to the limit to stay in power somehow.
No matter how big the protest becomes, make no mistake, she'll use military force to somehow survive the full term and import the maximum amount of brown people.
German political parties like AfD should make clear publicly that they view Merkel as a traitor and any law and any citizenship that is granted under her rule will be immediately reversed once she is removed from power.

What us the Modern German’s opinion on Poland.
And by Poland I mean the country and the people that live there, not the low-life degenerate scum that immigrate for the gibs

>but the German economy needs migrants if they want to avoid collapse.
ive been spewing my guts all my life hearing that shitty argument

t. economics graduate


>Increase fertility

They've tried that before, it was the NSDAP.

Immigrants are just as much German as a native born, they are capable of contributing and building the country just as much as an ethnic German, sometimes even more so.

t. delusional wannabe nazi

Check those digits OP your gonna win

Do you even know where you are?

is there anyway to get a translation?

That Germans are letting the kikes railroad them because CDU and SPD are going to lock AfD out of power, effectively dropping the facade and admitting they're controlled opposition.

hat mir jemand einen chart von den wahlumfragen der letzten jahre, nur mal um eine trendlinie reinzusetzen

>libertarian society

So you admit that government borders are immoral and should be abolished? Good we could clear that up. Closing yourself off and restricting the flow of people and capital into your country is the fast track to collapse.

Thoughts on Kurz? He is surpassing my expectations and doesn't hold back with his border control rhetoric. I think he also has a redpilling effect on other leaders like Macron.

in youtube, change subtitle language in settings

About time

what are you even doing here lol. weak troll, go back to shill-school

He's got the fire. Very naughty goy!

Hello comrade
Have you prepped the bull so that we create the brown proletariat for the future?

No, because we need a libertarian society for the German people and that can only happen if we become great again.

there is nothing wrong with interracial relationship


ehh she'll stay in power because the truth is that germany is wealthy and all the white cucks that vote for her are middle and upper middle class.
honestly we are being indoctrinated in socialism and multi culti shit since we are 4 years old, the amount of cucks in germany, sweden, etc... is not surprising.
until shit hits the fan it will stay like this. the younger generation that has to go to school with niggers and goatfuckers are getting redpilled pretty fast though.

You have to go back


I've been struggling to maintain a semblance of intelligence on this board for years now. Succumbing to authoritarian xenophobic garbage is what almost destroyed Europe in the 40s.

You know, for as much as you people claim to love and care about Europe, I find it laughable that you regress into supporting ideologies that proved disastrous for it in the recent past. Modern progressive thinking is the way forward, not archaic doctrines.

But there is something wrong with a muslim majority that will suppress anyone who doesn't follow their rules.

fuck off nazi

kys mountain jew

40% of Germany is literally commies.

based shitskin

Don’t worry, we can always ship you to a polish death camp

For normies, only Linke are commies.

germans will eventually start following a strong leader its in your dna

"Only white Europeans are capable of supporting libertarianism!"

East Asians too I give you that.

Green and SPD aren't the light version?

Libertarians are just as bad as An-Coms and socialists. The ganja has gotten to their heads

“Am I being detained or am I free to go”

When there is a choice is between 2 oppressive ideologies, I choose the one that preserves my countries values and not the one that forces me to follow outdated, religious cults.

Whats so wrong with encouraging birth-rates through tax incentives and imagery. Take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself if it is so good to deplete entire nations of retards of their only functioning members.

yeah, a strong muslim leader kek.
germany for ethnic germans, that's all most people want. we want to preserve out culture and be like japan. i don't understand why we have to hate ourself and our heritage and try to pimp out our women to niggers and shitskins like this. it's fucking depressing. everyone is in this collective delusion and sjw mania.

Sorry mutt but it was you that destoyed your ancestral homeland (as well as my country). Fuck off to your side of the ocean please.


Islam itself is even compatible with libertarianism. The free market is an easy sell to Muslims because they understand the value of trade and traders. The Prophet Muhammed was himself a merchant.

How can you call yourself a libertarian meanwhile you don't support the concept of the state and religion being separate?

I don't know, can't really fault him on anything yet but I fear that he's too much of a jew friend. I also hate the fact that Strache is going to his knees before the jews right now.
We need to push to remove all hate speech laws to be able to attack the degenerates.

The sooner boomers die the better for all of us. These boomers control our countries and every solution they implement brings us one step closer to annihilation.


Propagandizing a population into reproduction is a slippery slope. There's irrefutable evidence of this when looking back at Nazi Germany. Do your research.

thanks but i used the stats from

if the trends are continuing like this:
>SPD under 5% in June/Juli
>AfD will get close to CDU after Juli
>Green 15%
>FDP 12% (maybe more)
>Linke will remain under 15%

Islam isn't a religion though, it's a political concept.

Eh, not as handsome as Hitler, but you krauts need to take what you can get.

If you're gonna do the whole "nazi germany was evil therefore everything they believed in was evil"-thing, you might as well go and turn yourself into a little caged bbc-slut right now. An im still curious as to how you can defend the importation of functional shitskins which is depleting their nations of quality people. Are you going for a global, irreversible, caste-system or something?

It's a religion. Yes, some portions still cling to outdated political and social rules, but its no different than Christianity was a half decade ago. A good amount of the Muslim world is secular and progressive even by western standards. Showing those who are falling behind the times is a great way to enact reform within Islam. Exposing Muslims who struggle with the concept of secularity to Europe is a good way to spark that change, assuming Europeans show them respect....

but every single girl gets a free abitur and not kids

and boom you're like the netherlands with 5 different parties sharing the votes

nice digits
my thoughts are that they needed that muslim traitor to leave a lot sooner and hang anyone else in the party that wants to do the same ASAP before they destroy the lead from within

Who's going to ally with AfD though?

the SPD reminds me of the BTC chart :3

I just looked him up and the Turks/Volksverräter are trying to get him charged with hate speech crimes, lel

I defend it because I believe in human rights. Freedom of movement and the freedom to seek economic opportunity is a human right that is not exclusive to white individuals. The rest of the world would see this compassion and follow suit because of the economic benefits.

The concept of borders will be laughed at in half a decade.

In france front national is the second aswell yet our equivalent of spd and cdu just ally themselves to stay in power

more long time focused

yeah, it will be like weimar again

>The rest of the world would see this compassion and follow suit
And have they? LOL

in this speech he violated every single political correctness/ Hate speech "rule". it was in the news like he said gas the jews or something

nobody, maybe the CDU if they have NO other option

Will greens really keep rising though? I hope not

Impossible. Michel has no say in things like this, we'll get fucked in the ass again and have to smile for the camera

The best part was the applause. He merely said what everyone was thinking.


No. They are rising because they presented themselves well in the coalition negotiation with Merkel and the new party leaders are not from the SJW wing.

No one cares about the details of their ideology, they are a different race and therefore our enemies like they've always been throughout history, full stop.
Same goes for jews. Just because I can agree with some things Muslims do (Conservatism) or jews (hyper tribalism and hatred towards any out group) doesn't mean that I'll ever become their friend or ally.
I will not. They are our opponent and we work towards removing every single one of them from our societies.

I could come over and kill you if you want.

Nice fucking job. You may just uncuck yourself Kek



And I reject human rights and all these freedoms you described because they have led to these catastrophic results.
No, I do not merely reject them, I despise these concepts.

"My struggles with the globalists and new germans"

written by Andre Poggenburg (from prison) 2019

AfD and greens gain in the same amount of % the CDU and SPD falls
but AfD gains more in long term (imo)

CDU/CSU could only rule by the end of 2018 when they ally with greens/SPD/FDP/SPD
with the result that no one will get anything and all will drop again
i hope for a government crisis by the end of the year and new elections a bit later

Obviously not, because xenophobic holdovers like you and the majority of Cred Forums refuse to step into the 21st century.
Luckily, your type is a dying breed.

Once European ethnic homogeneity dwindles, you will see the rest of the world accepting the concept.

No, trust us we will make sure that you have no future in a Western society.

We know you're a kyke or muslim m8, how dense do you think we are? Take your desert cults and fuck off

>Obviously not

Europe is >96% white and we are already rebelling. Good. fucking. luck.

you know the polls are skewed deliberately and oversampled with lefties, right? And many people will be afraid to openly admit they support afd, right?

I reckon they might be up in the 20's

>What are your thoughts on this Cred Forums?

That change is arriving but not fast enough

No becuase you'll be dead before you can get out of here


You claim freedom has led to catastrophic results? Top kek. The exact opposite is true. Hyper nationalism and xenophobia has caused millions of death through its countless wars. Analyze history.

OR we'll just hang you alongside your pet niggers.

so you are envisioning a future where africa is a literal containment zone of bottom of the barrel human material only capable of basic manual labor. Or you might be a genetics-denier - unless you have some secret eugenics scheme up your sleeve.

The concept of borders might be laughed at but you do realize that if so, we will all be operating at some level of judaism right? the incentive to stay genetically sound will be much higher because of torn down societal structures that currently insure this (such as borders). tear down borders, get warring factions of neo-jews. The people who are not inclined to this will not achieve any measures of success.

You're turning the genetic filtering mechanisms to 11 and the fresh arrivals and their kin at home are tied on their arms and feet from the start.

Although they are rising, the numbers look way too low for any real changes come elections. How did Hitler win? Did he use coalition, or did he just get a landslide just by being separate?

That 16% la even more impressive when u realize that germans make up only the 81% of Germany.
There is at the very least a good 20% of Germans that had it enough

Yea, I think the silent majority might be a thing here too.

is afd really far right?

the germans are a nation of cattle
look away, keep your mouth shut and go along with the flow
everything is fine as long as you can buy your new iphone or a washing machine so no need for change
and you always need to proof to strangers that you learned from history, so fuck everything which is in your interest

when i go out... (even some of my relatives) still dont get it, the numbers are somewhat real

its probably a thoughtcrime in germany to express support for AfD

have faith

It's an online poll you retard

50% are cuckservatives and 50% are far right

by germany's standards, yes

>35% in a 1vs1

I don't see your argument here. Do you believe that the "millions of dead" is an argument in 2018 that'll make us tremble?

they are cucking very often. might be the conservatives of the party playing good cop.

Yes. They are woke on the JQ.

By German standards only? Their leader literally recited stuff in his speeches that the Nazis said.


Depends on the party wing

50% are national liberals

and 50% are right wing nationalists

Today one guy for example called the holocaust stuff "remembrance-dictatorship".

Just don't chimp out again and try to take over Europe thanks

I'm 100% white, you blithering fool. Just because someone isn't full 1488 doesn't mean they're a jew or POC.

I'm just not a retard who obsessess over trivial matters such as race. As I said earlier.... Color doesn't matter. Ideology does.

I'm pretty sure there's a genuine ethno-nationalist presence in the party. They consider "German" to mean more than nationality/citizenship.

East Europe and Germany should ally

I wouldn't oppose this.

No one cares.

kek imagine leftist faces if this happened, but if they try and do WW2 again this time they will probably just be completely dissolved at the end of it

amazing, its stuff like this that attracts the votes - as it is blatantly true.

>Just don't chimp out again and try to take over Europe thanks
They never wanted to take over Europe in the first place...

Macron is less shit than we were lead to believe, actually. Macron >>> Merkel.

Jews aren't white, dummy

yes sure they were going to give the land back when they were done with it

What could possibly go wrong?
We learned all we need to know about having a successful run from last time. And we can now learn about winning from Trump.
I'm thinking it's going to be ok. Just now getting the needed momentum. You are going to expulse the invaders first though, right?

Soon there will be some center right coalitions in east and southeast germany, they can dick around in the bundesrat quiet a lot actually

Occupying != taking over
In that case, the US/Britain should have taken all of Europe that it got back.

well they do want to start an investigation because they think merkel broke the law several times

The greens, SPD and linke are leftists and they're at almost 40% when combined. CDU is a meme ""conservative"" party that imported 1,5 million migrants, pushed multikulti and then banned burqas to pretend that they're conservative.

It was all part of lebensraum leaf, you can agree with the Nazis on their views of the Jews etc but don't fool yourself they wanted a widespread empire at the expense of the rest of europe, they were concerned with Germany only and their allies were means to the end

Its quite the improvement from 100% leftist parties.

>calls himself white
>drinks watered down beer
you are a disappointment in every aspect of life.

Yeah, I'm sure the immigrants living on welfare will be paying my pensions one day.

>trivial matter

>drinking beer
Mead, brudi

>Color doesn't matter. Ideology does.
people create culture, dumb faggot. your european egalitarian and libertarian values are not possible in a shitskin country.

>founded on immigration

gtfo nigger

Watch this, user.

What caused SPD to become so unpopular ? And what is FDP, are they like libertarians ?
jagdsaison eröffnet

Inshallah, honorary

Thank fucking god. About time Germany you start kicking it into high gear. You should know Schultz and Merkel could give less of a fuck about your party and do not care about the future of the German people.

I advise that you just dismiss such arguments immediately in the future.
It is irrelevant if they share our values and how much of our values they share. You don't want to be surrounded by brown and black people.
You don't want your children to marry black people.
You don't want your descendants to look like Africans, even if they had an IQ of 150.
Many white people could get rich easily in Africa because of their superior skills and education, yet almost no one wants to go there.
It's because we can't relate to them and everything about them is alien to us.
What I wrote is the absolute truth and there is no argument that can counter it. Just like you can't debate a man to not love a woman or his child you can't debate someone to stop loving to be around his own people.

lol - they only want to pay less taxes, no other change (on migration/etc.)

>What caused SPD to become so unpopular
they dont have a program for 20 years now
and their last program (agenda 2010) only impoverished a lot of people and created a completely inefficient welfare system
they just stand there like "hello, spd here." and that's it - no one knows what they want or do

>Closing off borders 100% never ever works.
>Implying borders are ever closed 100%
East Germany came close and it worked fine for them

The only known documented official recommendation on the possibility of exploiting (plundering/looting) Soviet economy and its potential resources, in the event of "prolonged war" was filed by General Georg Thomas in "Wirtschafts Führungsstab Ost" or "WiStO"), emphasizing that the exploitation (should occur) was fully prioritized for the survival of the German military campaign in Eastern Front (in event of prolonged war). Not a single official document stating any plan for systematic plundering/looting of Russia. No documented plans for "Mementraum".

East German Socialism was better than what we have today, and I despise the Soviet Union.
At least the East German gov didn't work towards exterminating their own people and replacing them with brown slaves.

No, AFD is center-left libs at best.
>implying that there is anything wrong with fascism

they tried to be multi cultural too but no one except of a few turds from cuba and vietnam came

East Germany is considered the best of the Warsaw Pact for a reason.
Isn't the ruling party in Austria have background with the Fatherland Front, some old Austrian Fascist group.

>you can't debate someone to stop loving to be around his own people.

The difference is liberals, sjws, cucks live in a fucking dream world where it will be ok to live around coloureds if they ever tried... but they never fucking will...and if they did they would last about 5 mins

I actually did some research on that and I could not find a copy of any original Nazi document with such a plan.
All I found was rumours of some guy heard this or that.
Doesn't mean there's no evidence that the Lebensraum plan did exist, I just didn't find it anywhere.
(and yes, the Wikipedia articles about the Lebensraum OST plan make it sound like there's proof but if you dig in and follow the links to citations it's never original sources that are cited)

They're actually not because they can't form a government alone, which is the problem for any non-mainstream party in countries like Germany, Sweden, Italy, etc.

It doesn't matter if they're winning silver if everybody else on the field is willing to gang up on them.

Totally. i see this a lot online. some of us revert to arguing in terms of economics, just like our opponents have argued in the past. they did this because it was the only way foreign people could be beneficial. Now that it becomes obvious that this isnt true, we still keep arguing like that, when the fact of the matter is that it never mattered anyway as they are unwanted not because of economic reasons but because of who they are. No matter what they might do on our soil, it is impeding on us.

they cant do that anymore, you retard. do you see another poll then everyone else?

Really? I don't even consider myself a Holocaust denier, but let's not get off-topic.




Wir brauchen min. 50% um irgentetwas zu erreichen, oder einen Putsch, was noch besser wäre. Also mach dich noch nicht so stolz.

hello r/the_donald. you can leave now, you got your kike puppet into power.

What the hell? As if Hillary was not CFR AIPAC certified kike conspirator number fucking one. Give us a break. We did manage to elect the lesser evil.

Force Gastarbeiter to live in barracks and fuck off after the contract is up, seems reasonable

Generalplan Ost is not about the jews or the Holocaust. It's the idea that the Nazis wanted to exterminate Slavs (or make them slaves) and settle Eastern Europe.
I didn't find any original Nazi documents containing such a plan anywhere, even after following every citation on Wikipedia that claims to be proof for such a plan.
If you read this it sounds as if there is tons of documents on that matter, but then it's suddenly: "Nearly all the wartime documentation on Generalplan Ost was deliberately destroyed shortly before Germany's defeat in May 1945, and the full proposal has never been found"

Sooo ... there's not a single document detailing what the Wikipedia article describes in detail.

From what I understand, the FDP are now towing an anti-immigration stance. So now there's 174 seats (~27%) held by anti-immigration parties? And that's a swing from 0% to 27% in one four year election cycle (since the FDP totally collapsed in 2013 and came back from 0 seats.)

This is good.

For the record, personally, if given the power to do so, I would have all Muslims bulldozed into a pit full of burning pigs. Merciless. It would send a good message to others in the world thinking about bullying their way into power.

Hmm. I know they weren't very liking of Slavs, but would they have gone to those lengths?

No, there was really no evidence of such a plan. I guess that's why it doesn't even get mentioned on German history classes.

Another parallel to the 1928 - 1932 cycle:

Centrist parties collapsed while the NDSAP and the Marxists both gained seats (though obviously Hitler's growth was far more explosive.)

This last election, it's only the centrist (well, what passes for it in Germany) CDU/CSU and SPD who lost 105 seats between them. Meanwhile, the other four parties to the right and left all gained seats (again with the right-wing gaining more than the left).

2021 will be interesting. Wonder if we'll see an AfD/FDP coalition.

>muh (((Not real communism))) will reach 40%
>muh AfD wont reach 5%

Remember they spent hundredthousands on commie shitposters and leftist "memes".

hello fellow sachsenmann
>PU over Poland when?

>Immigrants that live off welfare and don't work are the key to having successful welfare programs.

The reason immigrants drive gdp is because once you put them 40k in debt like you do your own citizens you can pretend your economy is growing when it really isn't.

That's all people are to your kike leaders. Debt potential.

You and your people are nothing you medi scum. You're nothing but nigger rape babies and your race has been kaput for centuries. Why would we do anything for you? History has already forgotten you.

krautcucks still vote for merkel? retards shouldn't be able to rule themselves


Its mostly women because muh merkel.
And CDU only has about 23 % CSU is bavarian and is more orientated towards eastern europe and austria politically

This is like when Wikipedia's (((editors))) deleted the articles on Jewish Bolsheviks and Cultural Marxism because "Oh don't worry about it, goy. It didn't happen so there's no need for these articles :^) "

Only boomers vote for CDU

>but the German economy needs
the German economy doesnt need illiterate retards and rapists

>more extensive selection process for who they allow into Germany would prove to be a good solution
no fixing the problems at home is a good solution

>Closing off borders 100% never ever works.
Opening borders 100% never ever works.

>There are millions of immigrants out there who are capable of helping the Germany economy without causing disruption.
And about 99% of those are from Europe not sandniggers

>Color doesn't matter.

>Ideology does.
No your commie shit doesnt matter

they get 5 million votes from retirement homes alone. you can't influence those old fucks anymore. they don't watch tv, don't read, do not surf the internet. the only good thing is that they will die off one by one and with that the support for Muddi will crumble away

I can't tell but I'm more critical of historical information these days.
They taught me in school that Nazis made soap and lampshades from dead jews as if it was a fact and this long after Yad Vashem Memorial and other historians admitted that such a thing did not happen.
So I'm sceptical of every claim as long as no original documents can be presented.


Fuck you fake swiss


verpiss dich

oh boy time to move to a more progressive country then