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>Dead homeless man finds peers in Commons as 'a paedophile'

>N.Ireland logjam continues, Sinn Fein to meet PM

>UK to leave CFSP (EU foreign Policy)

>UK to join reformed CFSP (EU military)

>Brendan Cox quits charities over sexual misconduct

>UK pussy out of 'fake news' enquiry in embassy, Trump puissant

>Holyrood in hot water over arms fair (Re: Yemen)

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>US climate change outlook worsens after further research

>Five ways India must help its farmers face the threat of climate change

>*****trigger warning: contains statements (of fact btw) that may upset

You can't stop nature lol

Humans caused this.

Humans can stop this.

Yea some humans invented history before they even existed because you know how world was before you saw it.

Please fuck off with that leftist bullshit.

is that new poll supposed to be good?

Please look at that graph again.
That sharp up tick at the end is all from our industrial activity of the last few hundred year..


Labour were polling above 40% recently, I think.



Have you found any proof the Tories are actually going to do this?

fuck off corbcuck

they finally caught honk lads

Reminder that The Sun's article on Corbyn being a communist spy is fake news but I wish it wasn't.


The place is significant to understanding this story.

I think that's fixed it.

8 4,1,1,0,0,0,0,1

You posting in the "Stop the Tories" thread right now?

>"THE SUN!! THE SUN!!! THE SUN!!!!!!!"

My ID has changed.
It's happened in this thread as well.

too white to be him, honk is romanian gypsy , someone post that pic of him

lulu what the fuck do the numbers mean

There are pics? When were they posted?
I might be able to find them in an archive.

Buggin you, sweetie?



when will p*rtherners get a clue

8 5,2,2,0,0,0,0,1
8 5,2,1,1,0,0,0,1

Jesus. Cunts always ruining my numbers..

8 6,2,1,0,1,0,0,1

8 6,2,1,0,0,1,0,1

found them

fucking give it rest with the numbers lulu or take it to the boatyard

>take it to the boatyard
I though this was the boatyard thread.

Everyone seems to be in the other right now.

Why do you hate brexit so much?

Honk says it's not.


This was inevitable.
He should have just posted here.

you forgot "MUH N/A CHESS"

Also I predict a quick shanking in the prison for this lad.

>He should have just posted here.
People should think before they post.

He still should have posted here rather than facebook, would have livened up the place.

Hardly anyone on brit/pol/ even dares troll any more.

Page 9 already? What's happeneing elsewhere?

Disgusting, Rudd will Hang and he will be knighted on the day of the rope


There's another thread but It's just descended into personal arguments.

Can I still troll the metropole from out in the colonies?

Id that happens Brit/pol will be pass users only.
Assuming they can find a VPN that's not been banned.

Pass users don't have to deal with VPN blocks.

Can you bring back the secret to well behaved Muslims.
Singapore seem nice but you have loads.

how so?

May in league with Hiro to get us to buy passes?

Just scan shithole countries for misconfigured routers, you'll have proxies coming out of your ears.

I made a bash script a couple of years ago to do that and within a fortnight it had popped me 10K shells.

>Higher crop yeilds and a habitable Canada will be bad.

When will you fucking idiots realize we're a warm weather species?

Global warming is literally the dumbest alarmism imaginable.

>The world will become more fertile, prosperous, and welcoming to human life
>Please donate to our shill charity to ensure this doesn't happen


Why is Britain such a non white shithole? You think being such a Jewish puppet your Lords and masters would at least let you have guns and decent housing.

How can logging into some shithole router turn it into an proxy for you?

If we can make England a tropical paradise and the rest of the world a searing hellhole I'm all for it.


Gu-guyz? The russia hacking meme wasn't real was it?

It was complete bullshit tovarich.

Cool, buying a Hummer just for you britbong.

>a tropical paradise
Doesn't work like that. Our latitude doesn't change.
We still get shit cold winds from the arctic.

Okay pal, You don't know. That's fine.

It's the elite hacker called 4chinz?
The one who can't explain.

Is pic related Britain's only hope?

>Doesn't work like that. Our latitude doesn't change.
>We still get shit cold winds from the arctic.
I still think we should give it a try.
>Okay pal, You don't know. That's fine.
What do you want me to do, give you a half hour lecture? Because I can't be fucking arsed.

Radio 5 actually once called me "a team of teenage hackers". lel

Bullshit kid. Without proof I could say that.
Anyone can read a fucking manual.

That's fine, you don't have to believe me.

>I still think we should give it a try.
>We should try for the impossible despite warnings of doom.

This is not like Brexit where the prophesy was pure soothsayer speculation.

Wrong. Cred Forums isn't getting banned did you even read the article

>Will social networks be subject to the same laws?
At a debate on child online safety held in January 2017, several industry representatives voiced concerns that the likes of Twitter are massive purveyors of pornographic material, yet are rarely mentioned in government debates. “My concern is that with Twitter, kids are going there; 13-year-olds can get a Twitter account and they allow hardcore imagery on their site without any checks whatsoever,” said David Cooke, director of digital and new media at Mindgeek.

The BBFC's Austin did say the organisation would “ask Twitter to close down an account that had hardcore pornography”, and classed it as an ancillary provider like payment providers, but added that it would not have “the power to compel it and we don't know how Twitter would respond”.

1. Cred Forums is not a social network.
2. Cred Forums has many boards for the explicit purpose of sharing pornography.

You could be sat in St Petersburg. And we could never know.


But it might thaw out New Swabia. Don't you want to see what's there?

>MFW actually connected via laser bounce signal off the moon proxying through SIPRNET and my neighbour's wifi

twitter has many accounts for the explicit purpose of porn and Cred Forums would be classified as a social network or in the same catergory

If you weren't full of shit you would have shown off your epic skills by now.

Frogposter are trolls. I have hundreds. I could WTFM, but then so could the IRA.

No and that is one of the cringiest fucking pictures I've ever seen. Short of a dictator, nothing would reverse demographic decline. PMs, quite simply, don't have enough direct authority to reverse any sort of the issues facing Britain even if they wanted.

Parliament doesn't even hold that power now beyond slowing it down.

Like I said, you don't have to believe me.

But I'll give you one tip. Look for brands of routers with busybox installed.

>muh rusha
They're afraid of Corbyn. Is secretly he /ourguy/?

Took you a long time to look that up.

I bet that porn accounts on twitter make up a relatively insignificant proportion of their total traffic compared to Cred Forums's.

You think I'm sat here eagerly awaiting your next post so I can BTFO you? I'm sat listening to Farage on LBC, drinking beer and smoking joints.

I'm not going to break OPSEC or PERSEC by giving too much away. You're just being annoying now, so well done, IHBT.

That they are out to smear Corbyn by calling him a Russian suggest to me they believe the public take Russia seriously as a threat.

Yeah. 2 mins for a comment 3 with a factoid.
My wet ANN can grab acronyms.

What abotu you, do you think the average normie, the majority of Brits, believe the 'rusha' shit or not?

I'm out of touch with society desu so I don't know... ;_;

And post links.
In the same time. When I'm ready for your reply.

You any good at that kinda stuff?

We could have a scripting contest or something.

I think smart ass lying trolls have been around for a long time. They have always been close to the IRA™.

>I'm out of touch with society desu so I don't know... ;_;
I'm not much better but papers have their fingers on the pulse.
The trolls can't hide thir activity from a smart sysadim.

I'm winning.
Come on brainlet.

>I'm winning.
That a clue to the puzzle not just a taunt.

Nah I'm serious. I could do with an exercise. Think of something and let's see how long it takes to build it.

Here's a little tiny snippet from something of mine, this just searchs continually for machines with port 22 (ssh) and 80 (http) open.
After that it runs wget against the webserver and compares it against known router login pages. If they match, it tries whatever attack I have for that router.

for ((;;))


# random scan of 1000 hosts, check for hosts with ports 22 and 80 both open, and save any that are

exec 1>/dev/null 2>/dev/null;

echo no > results/host_search_finished

nmap -iR 1000 -p 22,80 -oG results/22-80.txt -vv
cat results/22-80.txt |grep open |grep -v closed|grep -v filtered|awk {'print $2'} >results/bothopen.txt

# Set search status to finished, and sleep for 5 seconds to give the parent program a time to read the log files before they get trashed by the loop starting again
echo yes > results/host_search_finished
sleep 5
exec 1>/dev/tty 2>/dev/tty

doubt it, farming is huuuuge there

Ps the wget/compare bit isn't in there, that's just the search part. You can write the rest yourself fag.

>ust searchs continually for machines with port 22
I'm not running a competition that breaks the law.

Hey, this is all purely theoretical officer.

What are you guys thoughts on Gerard Batten the interim UKIP leader? Way better than Bolton. Dare I say... “CANT FLATTEN THE BATTEN”


Did you say honk

Here's a better challenge.

Make a script.that posts here.

No one cares if we have a thread here, on trash if the mods are cunts.

When did you first break the computer misuse act, do you even know?

I know fuck all about him but I think that party is scuppered from the inside now. Anyone who gets to the top will be useless.

I'd love to be proved wrong though.

UKIP was always a one-man show

>Make a script.that posts here.
I can't break captcha. I've heard it's possible though. I'm certainly not paying for a pass to make a botposter.
>When did you first break the computer misuse act, do you even know?
Never of course.
Or was it the late nineties. I forget.


Have you not noticed?

Have you not noticed?

Have you not noticed??

Have you not noticed???

Fucking brainlets.


I've not written anycode yet but I'm aure I could.

You can go o forvvere pretty much.

>I've not written anycode yet but I'm aure I could.
All you need is google and a lot of time. Anyone can do it.

I'm mean to automate that.
Christ you are slow.

You you smoke weed?

You using a Cred Forums pass or OCR?

Or blessed by kek?

>typing captcha manually.
Ok I am officially unimpressed.

Or some other magic?

Not being asked every time.

I hear you can use OCR with legacy captcha pretty well, but I've never bothered looking it up and learning it. I have no need or desire to spam Cred Forums.



Also there used to be a bug with audio captchas but I think they patched that.


once man waiting for the time is boring

So now I've shown you can you make it smart guy?

>29 18,6,4,6,4,0,0,1,2,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,2,0,2

not asked again

Hey this is pretty good.

maybe i am just blessed by kek
not asked again

test 1

Nope, it asked m

are you having to do buses everytime/

e second time. but not that time

I'm still not being asked.

I cancelled captcha and it just let me post without next time lol.

Thanks for the tip.

Although it made me do one this time.

I guess there's something there.

It even lets me go if i'm a bit too late.
I can;t beleive you haven't noticed these things.
How many hours aday do you spend on Cred Forums roughly?
approve on click

The idea on it is good.very smart.
It knows I'm a reall person typing. It think
but also when I jjust paste.

Not as many recently as I used to, usually only a few hours a day now.

But like I said, I've never felt like I wanted to fuck over Cred Forums so never tried to fuck with it.

does the code know if a script is just is not confimred

again grey

OK I just figured it out. Thanks dude.

This is insane. Don't let everyone know this kek.

I'm not being asked at all.

Yep, completely on board now.

>Don't let everyone know this kek
I wouldn't try and black hat with it mate.
It proves they have eyes.
asked me that time
easy buildings

Loads of time to edit once your done.




20 seconds

You had any more thoughts about the puzzle?

>39 18,6,4,6,4,0,0,1,2,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,2,0,2

Dude I'm stoned my reactions aren't great.
You can defeat timer as well as captcha tho?

Also my internet is going over a cantenna pointed at a building about 400 metres away.

I get a greyed out box most times.
Waiting for the timer to count down between posts.

>Also my internet is going over a cantenna pointed at a building about 400 metres away.
lol yeah alright vlad

will it be grey?
yes it is

like magic again

Brits, is it true that half of your Parliament are unelected aristocrats?
If so, what the hell?

had to wait 4 secs that time
grey again
maybe it is just kek?

Lads has anyone ever removed a skin tag?

The half that has no real legislative power, yes.

heat is fucking gay, cold kills niggers

Our lower chamber is yes, they can't introduce laws and such, but sometimes block pants on head retarded ones.

No, it's not true.
The House of Lords, our seconds chamber, is by appointment, but he hereditary nature has ended.

The government of the day appoints Lords, many from the ranks of senior MPs. Many were once elected to the Commons but some like Alan Sugar are business men.

>Good well sourced answer. Auto approved. with a single click.

kek don't care anout that though

question is - can it tell if you hack it?
>grey again
It's not just me is it?
Still grey.
Can it tell when I change to two fingers perhaps?
Still grey.

What is going on with this?

Maybe it works better in slow threads. I don't know.


That's illustrated brilliantly in the clip where Mogg meets ALi G. Ali G introduces him as Lord Reese-Mogg and he replies "No, that's my father. I am a commoner like you."

wife is flip

In our very British way we have lords floating around who are part of the house of Lords.
We just wait for them to die off.



not this time
love to know how this works

That one was do7uble
But this is grey slow and tollerant so long as I keep typing badly but choreently in English with only one finger sloppilly.


You not follow the convo?
The tick box.

For the Turing rat test.






Will you be watching Rowan Cheshire try and get a Team GB medal in the halfpipe final tonight, brit/pol/?


that would mean changing the channel
is it on now?

why post that?

I wouldn't half pipe her.

>"a warm weather species"
>"A... species"
>Flag is american
checks out.


day light hours
recycle or die

And now I see why she's being shilled so much by the media. I should've known!


haha yeah take that christians! haha long live ramadan



dude this is my thread
don't be such a faggot

hold the fuck on
>go round few times a year with smol bin bag to collect the plastic bottles and crisp bags that end up scattered under the brush by the wind due to occasional careless wankers
>due also in part to lazy arse josé neglecting his jerb, having low standards, and having to go back
>go outside to find that everyday is bastardised crimbo day due to regular deliberate decoration of designated shitting trees by folks who can't slipknot a poo bag onto a dog lead
>due also in part to local imported shitskin underclass refusing to at least *pretend* they should earn welfare benefits, would refrain from crying hate crime if proposed jerb involves the arsehole of a dog, and wouldn't demand many goat arsehole gibs afterwards to make up for the injustice
yet somehow /WE/ wuz heathen savages?!!
nigger i kill u