Trudeau cucked by poo, the absolute state of Canada

Trudeau cucked by poo, the absolute state of Canada

He wore his special Star Wars socks for nothing?

He brought his own toilet for nothing?

reminder that Ivanka Trump got royal treatment while nobody gave shit about our soy boy.

Can't believe this is our prime minister.

I have to move to afford a house. Fuck this asshole.

that amount of cultural appropriation makes me cringe

doesn't everyone have to move when they buy a house?

Actually, the way he was received is according to protocol, by a junior minister (minister of agriculture in this case). When the PM goes himself to receive guests, like Putin or Obama, he's actually breaking protocol, and that's why it makes headlines. There are very few country heads for which the PM breaks protocol, so it shouldn't be seen as a snub.

That said, idiot Trudeau supports Khalistanis in Canada, who want the state of Punjab as a separate nation for Sikhs. Because of this support, many Chief Ministers (like Governor's of states) have refused to meet him and it's probably the reason the PM didn't go the extra mile in his reception.


isnt it better if theyre in canada than your country though?

Imagine being Canadian

I can't. It sounds awful


Houses in Canadian cities are expensive as fuck, and most jobs in Canada are in the cities

Rake could not descend soon enough.

What kind of retarded cosplay does he have his family involved in?

This. Also, isn't your PM in Iran or something? The world doesn't revolve around Justin Castro.

the day he got elected was the day we became the least serious country in the world

I'm making assumption here, but I'm quite sure canadian sikhs are actively shilling for their patriots back home. Here the kurds living in Finland are both shilling for their country project and chimping out against Turkey (they've been having long anti-turk demonstration in Helsinki almost all current year now) all the time.


When you cave and dress up like the people you're trying to impress and mimic them, that's straight up mockery. A man will never respect a person who doesn't hold to their own ideologies.

Wow seems like things are actually a bit more complicated than the headline...

Every minute is pain

Modi doesn't respect him. Tradeau is a cuck.

Imagine being his kid, I would call my dad a faggot if he made me do this kind of thing.

>having wife
>having 3 kids
>having stable family

I never respected him until now.

Iranian president was visiting India where they signed a deal for handing over a port in Iran to India. India can use that port to access Central Asia and Afghanistan. Iranian leader was received very warmly.

>tfw your parents are multicultural cucks who get no respect at all but are too retarded to see it.

Imagine living in a country that’s going to be non-white in a century.

Not defending Canadians btw, you all and your idiotic manchild of a president should all neck yourself.

Lol, that's just because they hate toilet paper, and Trudeau is an ass wipe

He poo'd in India's only undesignated shitting street

Ah. In any case, he had work to do. Fuck Trudeau.

Indians are idiots, desu and they'll probably lap it up. There's no concept of cultural appropriation here, if you dress up like us or try to imitate us we'll see it as a compliment.

What a bunch of fucking tools.

hehe hey look at me quize I'm soooorry. Can I fuck your dog? *Blows his brains out*

>be Canadian
>don't get shot

>posts photo of American jew

What the fuck are they wearing?

Ceremonial Street Shitting outfits, hand-crafted from the rags harvested from dead bodies floating down the Ganges.

>be canadian
>die of poor medical care and flu

unless you live in a major metro area anyways

FFS. What a fucking cuck. No wonder no one respects this retard. He has no selfrespect.