Why are millennials poor?

Why are millennials poor?

Boomer here.. I will explain.
First, they are lazy, and expect everything to be handed to them. Second, they fuck around on their phones all day and waste their time on videogames. Third, they don't study anything useful that you can get a job at, and they have horrible money saving skills. Truly a shitty and worthless generation at least in my experiences with them.


Which Germany do they mean? The left or right one?

They play video games all day and are also gay and retarded.

t-thanks mam n dad



I don't think anyone expects anything to be handed too them if they are not faggots. Millennials lack leadership and their ideas are too idealistic for todays world, and that causes them to shut down from the social world (phones and video games). You can't invest money you don't have, and the market is brutal right now for average wadge cucks. They were told the wrong things by parents who didn't care. And this is what you get.

If they work harder and do a better job than native-born americans.. why not? This is the only way America can stay competitive.. to attract hard working people, no matter where they are from.


Lrn2 economics

coz L E F T I S T S C U M

Simple you rube
Young people have not been in the work force as long. Older people have been working longer, worked their way up more, and have more savings/investments

Obviously someone who is 45 is more well off than someone who is 25. Don't be such an autist.

>P.S. statistics show that men earn the most money in their lives during their 50's
It doesn't take rocket science to understand this . .....

they got shafted by their loving parents, if i want to buy a house in swe i have to fork out 10mil to another of my generations boomer parents, the house is worth 1 mil without bubble-o-nomics and shitskin inflation. when i feel down i go to these peoples graves and dance on them, i hate boomers more than anything.

Because their Late Boomer asshole parents told them to go to college and get a degree, or to follow their passions and dreams. Now they have useless education, huge student debt, and are still stuck in the fantasy lie that their parents told them.

Should have gone to trades school and been an electrician, rather than get a Bachelor's of Gender Studies.

Why are young Spaniards such commie faggots if their country was much better off economically under Franco

because Jews run the fed and the banks

>Why are millennials poor?
Because they spend all their money on avocados.

exactly right. Most of us are just checking out of life instead of living it. Because we don't know what to fucking do. If we want to get a job that is worth it we have to work for free for months without a guarantee of a job. If there is a skill that we want to get an apprenticeship in we are told not to bother because those jobs will be obsolete in a few years and will be taken care of by the immigrants.

We need to train a strong work ethic in our children instead of treating them like they are special. We need to bring back workhouses and replace school with a two or three years of reading, writing and basic math. After that is work in a factory until you can earn the right to go to a university or specialize in a trade.

Then we will win over china

fail bait.


Which still cost less than going to the random seafood restaurant in town every weekend, which is what all boomers do.

they "earned the lifestyle" stupid young person! now go compete for a job in the service slave sector


I think the problem is they want the perks of adulthood without the responsibilities. Kids go straight to campus after high school not to learn, but to party and live without mom and dad while still using their money. Its why you see nutjob leftists demanding to be coddled and make campus their home away from home. My sister was expelled after her first semester because of poor performance.
I also had a roommate who made double my paycheck but struggled to pay rent due to going to concerts every week, excessive drug use, and wrecking two cars in a year. He could have very easily just lived at his mother's (she was already buying his groceries) but i imagine he wouldn't be able to get away with half the shit he did under her roof.
Now my current roommate's friends are over every other night with their laptops to play video games on our internet becaus because their parents won't pay for a subscription. Why can't they shell out $40/month themselves? Unemployed aka too lazy to actually get a job, part-time or full. there's no reason they can't find one with their college degrees while I've only ever been between jobs for at most a month since I turned 18 on a high school diploma.
And the only correlation among these examples is that they are all liberals, so there's that.

you can't just import workers you idiot. you have a lower class that would kill to have a job. but you fucking liberals think that you speak for everyone. there is a reason trump won. even if he is a fuckin tool he promised you work. You used to be one of the largest manufacturer in the fucking world. Then you cunts roll over and destroy your own country and say its someone elses job to sort it out. The government wont help you, immigrants wont help you. HELP YOURSELVES PREVAIL AGAIN.

Because of the Jews

You are foolish and don't know how manufacturing works. Even China is automating, Foxconn leading the way.

Germany is far more successful per capita than China. Copy Germany. They generate enough surplus wealth to build factories in the US and around the world. Do likewise.

Silly Russian trying to sow generational divide detected.

America was the only country with productive people that wasn’t bombed so badly during the war. All of Europe and Asia had to rebuild and boomers lived in a country thatnwas miles ahead of the world. Millineals don’t have that advantage. Maybe if trump would get a nucular war going generation x will get comfy life like the boomers.

I was born in 1983 so I just fit in as a "millennial".

I went to Collage and then University (they are two separate things here in the UK) to study Computing and all but failed, mostly due to laziness, mixed in with gaming addiction and some depression. I did a BSc and HND whilst at University, combined with repeating a year I didn't leave till I was 26.

Fortunately I didn't pay a penny for my degree as I was "poor" and this was before tuition fees and the like. I took 1 loan out of £3000 and put it in a savings account.

After failing Uni I was unsure of what to do so I tried joining the Royal Air Force and got in.

I finally learned a little from my collage and university failures and put some effort in. I managed to pass every course with over 80% on my exams.

Due to my lack of social skills and depression I am still one of the lowest ranks in the Royal Air Force, just sitting at SAC Technician.

However I have saved up a load of money and bought my own new build house. It is small, nothing special but it is big enough for a single male and it is better than military accommodation and all the inspection that come with it. I also own my own brand new car.

I will be 35 in March and am still a virgin, never even kissed a girl and been on 1 date.

Am I a failure? Have I done badly? I don't know. All I know is I have a stable job (that I mostly enjoy) and own my own home.

Marijuana and Cigarettes

1. They choose to work shit jobs

2. They choose to go to university instead of joining a trades.

3. The concept of saving is foreign to 95% of us.

4. Why shouldnt I get hammered no less than two nights a week at a bar and get some drugs for hometime wasting no less than 300 bucks a week? Life should be fun! Its a ride enjoy it omgomgomg

Unlike the boomers in the 70s?

That's rich, coming from the generation that turned millennial's into what they are! You fuckers raped Western Countries for your own short tern gain from greedy and vanity, and you mentally damaged your kids beyond compare... Then you have the nerve to whine about something you created!

Considering there wasnt a trade worker shortage nationwide in the 70s? Yeah. I see you are a cringelord who unironically believes millennials have a hard life though lol...

>2. They choose to go to university instead of joining a trade.
This one you can blame on the boomers. Throughout all of their childhood millenials are subjected to the "go to college or you'll work at McD's" schtick, with no emphasis on trades. Infact, all I heard towards the end of high school was how all of these jobs are getting automated, so why bother when your education is obsolete in 10 years. Now our colleges are filled with people that don't belong there, pursuing degrees that mean nothing, making college worth less and less to employers.

Can confirm. My millennial peers aren't growing up, they'd just rather not.
It's all about "experiences", spending money on frivolity.
They've been told that all the things that build society are overrated, overpopulation is a reason to not have children, you should hate yourself due to white supremacy, don't marry because individualism has destroyed marriage, that life is about memes and pets, and that rick and Morty is the epitome of life's meaning.
The mentality that your own happiness is the most important thing is well meaning, but it's led to selfish destruction:
"The world should burn if it makes me happy."
"I should never be sad ever, being happy at all times is the most important thing in life."
"I must display my happiness on social media to indicate I'm living life correctly."
"There's no inherent meaning to life. Let's just eat, drink, and fuck until we die LOL YOLO."
"To garner more attention I must prove victimhood just like the other 'victims' of white supremacy that are pushed on me."

What is the solution anons?