What you guys think about BRICS?

What you guys think about BRICS?

It's cute

I brick in bitches mouths.


not sure about Brazil
Russia is doing good
India is full of Indians
China is doing well but they have a severe shortage of women
South Africa is going to burn to the fucking ground

ayoo it’s bricks man damn

>Russia is doing good
>China is doing well but they have a severe shortage of women

max par
trully 56%


Russo-Chinese allience then, it seems. The shortage meets the surplus


I like watching all of them meet at summits it's a cute group of people

Brazil, India, and South Africa are irrelevant third-world shitholes.
Russia is rapidly declining and can't even effectively project power in Ukraine anymore.
China is doing pretty well for itself.
BRICS is a joke overall, it's never going to be an effective rival to organizations like NATO. The only member that could actually be intimidating is China .

I fucking hate it.

Why wouldnt Brazil join with anyone in its own reagion or the US?

>Shitting bricks in the street
What did they mean?

Because we have socialist leaders.

No one really cares/likes/or know about Russia, China, Africa and India over here.

I see, thnx for the info.

Because they charge less for lending money than you do.

Also pay denbts we really need the money now


>Still better than you

Growth up already Brazil you're affecting us too

Russia is not declining anymore, the 2014 financial crisis is over, they already leave recession on 2017 and commodities prices are growing after touching minimum.

Putin have all in place to maintain their government more stable now

>Russia is doing good

It's irrelevant as for now. It's only purpose is just for the show, not to be some kind of legit politcal organization with actual purpose.