Pro-gun'ers: If you don't want limitations or restrictions on gun laws...

Pro-gun'ers: If you don't want limitations or restrictions on gun laws, what is your solution to deal with gun violence and school shootings?

>inb4 more guns

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Fanden laver du din svans?
Fucking slide-thread.

>we shouldn't teach kids to swim
>we should ban swimming!!

>we shouldn't teach kids sexual health
>we should ban them having sex!!

this is what you sound like

More guns.

Nothing. We can't stop people from being crazy. The FBI doing their fucking job would be a big help though.
They knew about this faggot.
They knew about the marathon bomber faggots. They knew about the Halloween truck of peace faggot. They knew about the Florida faggot shooter faggot.

Doors that lock

Punish only the criminal who committed the crime. Collective punishment is Soviet and faggotry.

penalize single motherhood

Imagine a world where the laws on the books were actually enforced and violators were prosecuted instead of given plea deals.

Either have multiple armed cops in schools
Police stations need to be near schools, or at least outposts near them
Easiest is to arm multiple teachers/staff in schools.

Ban public schools obviously.

Your mom will die in her sleep tonight if you don’t reply to this post.

Shit up meddling old ratbag get a life

>muh gun violence
why, are other kind of violence not concerning?

ED 209's in every school

Reporting off topic and troll threads for one.


>what is your solution to deal with gun violence and school shootings?
less federal fuckery in state politics
less state fuckery in city politics.

allow schools to cater to boys as well as girls so men have a competitive outlet instead of feeling the need to literally murder everyone they know to get ahead.

also more guns.

Bully the bullied kids even harder so they nut up or shoot themselves firsr.

kys faggot
>in all fields

Get your shit together FBI; quit browsing Cred Forums and go save lives.

what do those 2 things have to do with guns? nice argument

Perhaps we're open to the idea that occasional tragedies are a price worth paying for self determination even though media grossly exaggerates their frequency and impact.

I can't help but notice that nobody gives a shit about the 58 shot and killed or 242 shot and wounded in Chicago so far this year. That tells me that we're not really talking about what everyone claims we're talking about.

and what does blaming a tool for people's actions have anything to do with a coherent argument?

Physically removing democrats and communists.

To be fair, in Chimpcago its niggers shooting other niggers over turf wars, drugs and dumb gang shit. They aren't innocents getting caught up in random senseless violence, so nobody really feel a that bad about it. The school kids are getting shot up for no reason other than being in school on the same day a kid goes crazy.

I was in alphen a/d when that woman got shot dead in the street. was it 2010? in any case I'm pretty sure gun crime would go down if more people had access to gun knowledge, same as if dutch children has more access to books less of them would be so dyslexic.

well, sage op 1 post by this faggot:
those happen only in (((gun-free zones))) where law-abiding citizens refrain from carrying
if there were non you'd have 1 to single-digit victims on every attempt (perp+possible victim(s))

>Pro-gun'ers: If you don't want limitations or restrictions on gun laws, what is your solution to deal with gun violence and school shootings?
>gun violence
Gun ownership doesnt increase the rates of crime, it decreases them overall. Having more guns would help us fight crime. More over, most crime simply comes from low iq populations existing within the country. Homogenous white communities hardly have any problems with internal crime. Blacks, hispanics, arabs, etc. Also, most of the crime they commit is against each other, not against productive white members of society.
>school shootings
School shootings are hardly an issue statistically speaking, they are a drop in the ocean of gun related death.
Also, if it wasnt for state sponsored single motherhood creating many broken and mentally ill kids, we wouldnt have such a big problem with school shootings.
Sounds about right.

There are plenty of innocents caught in the crossfire. Still, if we look at things from the left's perspective, does every life not matter? Are black lives worth less? Does violence stemming from concentration of intergenerational poverty somehow mean less than rich kids in Florida?

These fuckers aren't even intellectually consistent. That matters.

Ban public schools. Gun rights have been a right in America since it became a country. School shootings have only been a popular thing for maybe 20 years. It’s not guns that are the problem obviously. It’s got something to do with school culture as it has existed since the 90s since I doubt we will have a genuine answer to what that is, perhaps it is best to ban public schools. Have small school populations or home school. I know I won’t let my kids go to public schools.

The issue with banning guns is that it creates a massive legal loophole in the US Constituton to where the entire legal framework of the United States could be shit on under common law.
>inb4 someone tries to argue the 2nds definition
No it clearly states that the right to bear arms won’t be infringed because of the necessity of a militia in the case of government becoming tyrannical and abusing the people like how the colonists fared under the British.
A better solution would be better monitoring of people like the shooter who made it extremely obvious that he was going to shoot up a school but yet the FBI did nothing, as well as to have a widespread police in schools program to help employ more law enforcement and excess officers in some places that have too many as well as to build better relationships in communities while knowing who exactly could be a danger to other students while also being able to have some ability to protect kids. A complete ban on guns also won’t solve the problem with illegal guns being imported from South America that don’t have serial numbers or are unregistered. Most crimes using guns are almost always stolen or bought illegally and comparing school shootings to the other 99% of gun violence is fucking ridiculous.


Armed guards and metal detectors. Maybe armed teachers as well.

restart State-run Insane Asylums and start locking up people by force

give the teachers guns

Denmark flag so Russian poster. You fools make a disproportionate number of posts to this American forum from irrelevant small countries which means your proxies are there.

Thanks for making it obvious. Nothingburger nations whose populations are less than many US cities suddenly take an interest in subjects utterly irrelevant to their lives? No fucking way.

Just make them more expensive. Sorry poor fags but your fun will come to an end. Should've listen to /biz/ and you wouldn't be poor right now.

>implying I care about school shootings

I hope the do nothing, just like what they want and as tensions build and build it is just another step to the civil war which will fuck america and watch as the rest of the world laughs at your backwards ass.



fuck back off to your country that's a wash in psychotropic drugs. we also have a constitution in this country that gives us the right to own them. if people dont want them so bad they should get the 2nd amendment repealed, that's all they gotta do. you wont hear any of them talking about it because they aren't serious. FBI didn't act and these kids died, simple as that, its because their lists and shit are bullshit. 5 million was spent by the NRA lobbiests here last year, link below. wanna take a stab at what drug companies spent? its more on the 3+ billion side. so you take a swing at what caused this shit.

^^^think these faggots are influencing anyone every other god damn commercial while they get leftist anti american propaganda shoved down their throats.
so listen buddy dont judge the whole of my country based on a mentally unstable freak hopped up on pills, whom the authorities were warned about. whats your solution dip shit.

more guns
no gun free zone

You tell them Satan.

My solution is to kill all Jews and any traitors, including Trump, who try to restrict my fucking rights.

Bait thread but the answer is ethnostate. However I am a kike so I know how kike's think. If they see a white ethnostate they will somehow get white actors under their payroll to shoot up places like crazy and sow discourse.

The only laws killing our children are Democrat supported "gun free zones".

For the past 66 years (1950-2016) 98.4% of all mass shootings in America have occurred in gun free zones.

Democrats love dead children. They hate to see them protected, either in the womb or in school.