JJ Abrams must immediately step aside in favor of a brown, female director for Episode IX

It's time for this cishet white male to live the feminist ideals he claims to support and surrender his position as director of the Star Wars franchise. Clinging to his white privilege and refusing to raise up a woman of color is the highest and most disgusting form of racist, anti-woman bigotry!

I've been saying this for a long time

instead of "get black actors", promote "get black directors". That will hit hollywood where it hurts

There's nothing wrong with J.J Abrams. Also, get fucked you knuckle - dragging chucklehead numbskull because writing this post is gonna fucking make me late for temple.

>jews hate white people

(((star whores))) is dead; rip in piss
georgie lucan 1970-2012

Jews hate everyone

look at all these people (shills) defending white directors. Hollywood will never let a raid happen where people demand black directors because the directors control the media

I hope everyone involved with Star Wars dies so we can finally stop having faggots like OP spam Cred Forums with these gay fucking threads about shitty (((hollywood))) crap

btw is the new "Han Solo" movie out already? I didn't watch any of the new star wars(es) but this one interests me because Han solo was my child herow :3



let blacks and shiksas make the movies.

Fall on his own sword. Live by his own rules.

This is the face of privilege here people.

We need to make this a reality #brownwomendirectors

Its going to be terrible they went back for reshoots and people are still crying about how bad it is.

As a trans-wookie sex fluid brown demi-female druidkin, I agree that the offensive white cis male, JJ Abrams, MUST hand his privileged position to a non-binary non-white person who respects the Expanded Universe and also who can actually write a decent story, at least better than jar jar abrams, which is probably any fucking ni- err, I mean person of color off the street


>most disgusting form of racist, anti-woman bigotry
It's funny those words don't even have anymore meaning to me.

this, we need to empower stronky womyn and poc''s with giving them the reins of media production and direction, just like with video games. the future is female and people of color

Everyone who allowed the term laser sword should be fired. It was the star wars version of Shatner calling all Trekies losers on SNL.

Just pretend like you don't know he's a JEW.

>Mystery boxes
He’s a talented director but his philosophy on story telling is retarded.

We should totally promote this. Petition when?

Jews have the MOST white privilege.

I would support this so I can see starwars explode like the deathstar, it'll be far more glorious then any of it's movies.