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Just an experiment

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Antarctic bases

Are you a fed?


Extreme trauma from male circumcision causes damage to areas of brain:

Jews destroy the dick of their baby boys so they grow up to be neurotic foot soldiers

Queen Elizabeth II Saxe-Gotha-Coburg is her real name, she is German, a jew, and related to the Rothschild banking clan by blood.

I want OG picture where is it?

Save this while you can

What's on Bouvet island around the Antarctic?
Why is this picture of a Red-Light district with a spiral being associated with it?
Why do the Rothschild's have an island there?

Here you go

Anyone got the mexican standing in front of a tree? That was my favorite alien pic and I never saved it.

No, a concerned citizen






Why do all the sat images of the center of Antarctica look like some kind of abstract art on top of drywall?

at least post the plane, newfag, not derailment images shills use, newfag


-70.13439152, 88.01076235


alphabet internet surveillance trigger words

part 2

part 3

looks like an Ethiopian takin a sheeeeeit